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So President Obama Says We Have Something Better

President Obama said it's ok if we scrap the missile defense system that we have spent billions of dollars developing, testing, and perfecting because we have something better.

Really? I call bullshit.

There is nothing better than our current missile defense system. We know it works because we have tested it over and over again. We have spent many years and billions of dollars publicly testing and perfecting our land based missile defense system. We tested it publicly as a show of force so all hostiles knew what our capabilities were. It sent a message that we could shoot down anything they shot at us or our allies.

And we have just dismantled it in Europe.

So we have something better? Why haven't we read anything in the news that we were testing a new mobile missile defense shield? That's because Obama pulled the entire idea out of his butt at the last minute, which is why we are just hearing about it now. He had to say something, anything to explain why he is scrapping this defense system, and admitting that he wants to appease Vladimir Putin wouldn't go over well with 75% of the American public.

And this new system that he says is so wonderful won't be phased in for another two years and won't be fully operational until 2020. I bet we'll see all kinds of delays on top of that, too.

Why are we abandoning something we know works now for something that will take an additional 2-11 years to implement?

If he wants to invest in a mobile missile defense shield, then fine. But you do not dismantle the defense shield and leave yourself and your allies exposed for years while you figure out how the the new system will work. Here's the realty: we have never tested any missile defense systems from ships. We have no idea how well it will work.

Michael Goldfarb at The Weekly Standard has much more:

The White House has put out a "fact sheet" on their policy of Russian appeasement/missile defense surrender. The fact sheet says that the new approach -- focusing on SM-3 and sea-based systems (presumably in Turkey) -- will "augment our current protection of the U.S. homeland against long-range ballistic missile threats." That is a lie. This system will provide zero, nada, zilch protection to the U.S. homeland, providing only defense against short- and medium-range missiles to Europe.

The fact sheet says this system will protect "our Allies in Europe sooner and more comprehensively than the previous program, and involves more flexible and survivable systems." That is a lie. The system that was being placed in Poland is already operational in Alaska. These new plans will now take years of negotations to implement and will necessarily be less survivable as they will not be underground.

The fact sheet says that "The Czech Republic and Poland, as close, strategic and steadfast Allies of the United States, will be central to our continued consultations with NATO Allies on our defense against the growing ballistic missile threat." That is a lie. The Czechs and Poles get a midnight phone call from the president while Tauscher is already in the air. They were not consulted with and have been given no assurances -- because the president is selling them out.

The fact sheet says, "We also welcome Russian cooperation to bring its missile defense capabilities into a broader defense of our common strategic interests." If that's true, our president is totally clueless about Russian capabilities and intentions -- even Bush, who looked into Putin's soul, was not so delusional as to think U.S. missile defense could be dependent on Russian good will and cooperation. How long til the Russians threaten to throw us out of our "joint" missile defense facilities in order to coerce us into staying out of an attack on Georgia or some other democratic state in their near abroad.

This is a decision based purely on ideology and the good soldiers on the JCS and and at the Pentagon have no choice but to go along for the ride. At least the president ought to be honest about what this means and stop the smears of missile defense.


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Comments (43)

I'm guessing it's Windows 7... (Below threshold)

I'm guessing it's Windows 7 or the new iPod Touch.

I hope Israel realizes they... (Below threshold)

I hope Israel realizes they're next.

Kim, the really FUNNY PART ... (Below threshold)

Kim, the really FUNNY PART is that this is coming from the Democrats. The same people who said Reagan was CRAZY for proposing it.

Given how far the system has come since that time, with all it's trails and errors, Barry and the Wiz Kids believe that their "new and improved" system will be on line by 2015? Of course they can "believe" that. THEY WILL BE OUT OF OFFICE IN 2012!

Pssst... obama, you just bo... (Below threshold)

Pssst... obama, you just bought a pig in a poke.

"Coming soon to a theater near you," the company said in a slide presentation on its would-be new SM-3 "ashore" interceptor missile."

How soon? According to Raytheon "as soon as 2013."

And this is better than an already tested system that could be deployed with-in a couple years or less if approved to do so?

And as I suggested in the other thread it would also mean from 2-5 Aegis Cruisers would have to be permanently deployed to the region to maintain 24/7 365 days a year coverage.

And they wouldn't be alone, at minimum a modified task force to include a Carrier, refueling ships, and other supply ships would be required to maintain a constant presence.

Obama is clueless, but what do you expect from someone who thinks pie-in-the-sky BS about a world without nucs and desires to work towards that goal.

Obama is a Russian plant.</... (Below threshold)

Obama is a Russian plant.

OK, so now can we get some ... (Below threshold)

OK, so now can we get some Eastern European girl to give him a blow job so we can impeach him and end all this nightmare?

Damn, I long for the lewins... (Below threshold)

Damn, I long for the lewinsky days.

I hope Israel realizes t... (Below threshold)

I hope Israel realizes they're next.

There was an op-ed/opinion piece in the WSJ that talked about Obama policies keep pushing Israel closer and closer to the brink of an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities.


Indirectly, this sort of scaling down of our defense system is just another signal to the Israelis that this administration doesn't 'have the Israelis back'.

"...just another signal to ... (Below threshold)

"...just another signal to the Israelis that this administration doesn't 'have the Israelis back'."

To be forewarned is to be forearmed. The Israelis already know where they stand with Barry. The Poles and Czechs just found out.

Thats it. You right wingnut... (Below threshold)

Thats it. You right wingnuts are just off the deep end. Not only are you a bunch of racists....your a bunch of Xenophobes!!

Thats right. I pulled the xenophobe card. Got you shaking now don't I?



When did Congress authorize... (Below threshold)

When did Congress authorize and fund this new missle system??????

Did BHO just obligate the treasury to purchase a system the Congress has not budgeted for??

I did that once and personally purchased a film for the USN (my own money) cause I failed to get proper authorization first. (Ouch!!!)

When did Congress authorize... (Below threshold)

When did Congress authorize and fund this new missle system??????

It's still in development. Has not been deployed. But that's okay, in 6 months Barry will forget that he even mentioned it.

The Poles and the Czechs know they just got hosed. Again.

If the Republicans can mana... (Below threshold)
Not Always Right:

If the Republicans can manage to take back both houses of the Congress then I hope they will have the fortitude to begin impeachment hearings on this sorry excuse for a president.

"If the Republicans can... (Below threshold)

"If the Republicans can manage to take back both houses of the Congress then I hope they will have the fortitude to begin impeachment hearings on this sorry excuse for a president."

Yeah, just what we need, another political circus.

Based on what?

Lem'me guess you're a "birther?" (and an idiot)

Not Always Right:S... (Below threshold)

Not Always Right:

Stupidity is not grounds for impeachment.

Um, I guess I missed the pa... (Below threshold)
The Atom Bomb of Loving Kindness:

Um, I guess I missed the part where AEGIS was designed to be used for shooting down missiles. My understanding was that the current missile defence system was largely derived from AEGIS.

However, the main thrust of the post is obviously correct. The was not a considered action to serve AMERICA's interest, but rather designed to serve the new Sovie errrr Russian Empire's interests.

God help the Poles, Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians, Czecks, Slovaks, Ukrainians, and others living in the shadow of the resurgent Russian bear. I doubt Obama would help them.
They threw off the benevolent rule of the vanguard of the worker's proletariat, after all.

Summer of 1968 for the Czec... (Below threshold)

Summer of 1968 for the Czechs all over again. They were hosed by the Johnson Administration then. Before that, they were hosed by Neville Chamberlain, who sold them down the river to Hitler. The same with the Poles. Wonder who Barry will sell out next? The Baltic States? We all know that Russia would dearly love to have the old Soviet Empire back at all costs.

Yep, Lithuanians, Latvians,... (Below threshold)

Yep, Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians have got to wonder if "Barry's got their back" right now. Georgian's got screwed, Israeli's are getting screwed, Brit's are pissed off, Hondurans got screwed, Poles and Czechs just got screwed.

Hey Japan! Feeling uncomfortable?

No wonder Barry's looking for new "friends". He's fucking over all the old ones.

Garandfan, I am willing to ... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Garandfan, I am willing to bet if interested parties were to snoop around Obama's past or his current operation, one could find much stuff that would qualify as high crimes and misdemeanors.

It's just like when he ran ... (Below threshold)

It's just like when he ran for POTUS and claimed he had a healthcare plan that 'avoided the extremes'. As we found out, his 'plan' was a total fabrication and that he actually supported the nationalization of the US healthcare system. If it wasn't for the massive resistance of the public, we would've had something similar to what the Poles and Czechs are now facing....Potential disaster.

Call me a 'racist', but Obama's a LIAR!

This whole sell out just re... (Below threshold)

This whole sell out just reminds me that every flag officer over 2 stars is just a political creature. They serve at the whim of the President and if they want to stay in and advance in rank, they toe the political line. That's crap. So much for Honor, Duty, Country.

Kim, I sure know that our d... (Below threshold)
JC Hammer:

Kim, I sure know that our defense dept will keep you informed of everything in our arsenal, RIGHT?

Same as everyone else, no matter what party they belong to. So what else is important that you want to speak about, with real facts? What about Diaper Vitter missing his vote on his bill? Is that important to you?

What about "Duke Cunnigham" setting in jail and drawing his pension, at the taxpayers expense? What no out rage about that? WHY?

Wake up girl, both parties are crooks, and they are all the same. Start bitching about how we the taxpayers are getting screwed by both parties. CAN YOU DO THAT?

"What about "Duke Cunnig... (Below threshold)

"What about "Duke Cunnigham" setting in jail and drawing his pension, at the taxpayers expense? What no out rage about that? WHY?"



Just so we're clear on that, 'k? What you might think is important is a minor political sideshow of no lasting import. Speaking for myself only, if this blog doesn't get outraged over what you want it to - I suggest Blogger.Com. You can roll your own and try to sell it to folks who have your sense of perspective.

I do agree we're getting screwed by both sides. We're a bit more than a year out from the mid-terms - I'm waiting to see which party decides they want to at least try to use some lube and maybe kiss us. But it wouldn't break my heart if they were all kicked out.

Re "Kim, I sure know that our defense dept will keep you informed of everything in our arsenal, RIGHT?" - there aren't any real secrets as far as weapons platforms go any more, the secrets are in capabilities and performance. We've been visibly testing and improving our ABM systems over the last couple of decades. We've HAD to be visible with it - you cannot easily hide a full-up test launch of an IRBM or ICBM on our long-range missile test ranges. We got away with hiding the Manhattan Project - but that was almost 70 years ago. Now, things are a LOT more open in some aspects and the media (spit) has no compunction over leaking ANYTHING.

Obama's being a friggin' genius here. He's effectively delayed the ABM system for 5 to 10 years. He's quietly let Russia know that Europe isn't worth a commitment to defend it. He's glommed onto the money for THAT program, and has promised to make something 'better' - but that money's likely going to disappear with nothing to show for it.

I'm thinking Obama knows exactly what he's doing and what his goals are. The problem is - we don't. We've got ideas, we're drawing conclusions based on what he says and what he does - but whether they're right or wrong time will tell.

Divert and Conquer: ... (Below threshold)

Divert and Conquer:
The Liberal Agenda for Decades

Dear American,

Intelligence is brutal when calculated with intent. True intelligence manipulates itself into illiterate disguise. The diversions of this administration since January 20th have bounced conservatism into a frenzy of defense after defense leaving it exhausted.

The architected deconstruction and reconstruction of America is being preformed effortlessly without retribution through decades of diversion. The Presidency of Obama is the final stage of its evolution.

Barack Obama, not the architect, the Martyr of this systematic strategy in the first phase of the acquisition of America spent 2.3 trillion dollars of tax payer money acquiring control of the financial market. The result being an unconstitutional Government run banking system. Subservient banks now answer to a Czar reporting directly to the White House absent congressional oversight.

Currently 32 Czars act as the underbosses to the king. They have the ability to negotiate and write policy unlike the sixteen in the Bush administration. These Czars are the vital reality Democrats now rejoice in. When acquisitions are made the left of congress diverts public interest to controversial issues. The Czars, free of public scrutiny move forward agenda.

A second stimulus package was introduced when America begin to question the banking takeover and shortly after the Czar was named. Immediately this package created a new controversy diverting Americans from scrutiny. A quick 130 billion dollar acquisition of the automobile industry was offered as an alternative and America jumped to accept. Americans were relieved at the price tag and agreed quickly to avoid the 1 trillion dollar second stimulus proposal.

Unemployment numbers continued to rise and backlash from the Automobile Industry takeover begin as attention turned back to the first stimulus. After quickly injecting a liberal Supreme Court Justice the failsafe of this design was implemented. Healthcare, an age old debate that has no chance to succeed confirmed by a century of attempts was called up. Instantly it took the spot light. A full injection of conservative attention brought a nation to uproar. Just as quick quietly the Czars went back to work firming up their newly acquired industries.

A country baffled by these and other well thought out implemented strategies are twisted in confusion hanging on the ropes swinging at air. The "Big Picture" struggles to linger in the minds of Americans manipulated by the Obama system. They have been successfully diverted and conquered intentionally with every move.

At the cost of 880 billion dollars Healthcare may or may not be Obama's intent. If desired its acquisition will be confirmed by a soon to come bill on Gun Control, Abortion, or any other issue big enough to divert and except the headline, "Congress makes a deal and passes healthcare". Americans will learn the news coming home from their Abortion march on D.C. bringing the receipt of America to over 3.3 trillion dollars. At least we don't come cheap, however the irony we are purchasing ourselves is baffling. If, however there are multiple smaller venues of control Obama seeks he will allow this current diversion to resonate till its last breath.

The fact is Obama is the ultimate diversion. He, the decided martyr will exhaust himself for those he has proven his allegiance to and whom secured his position. In the end he will be destroyed, however his once liberal then socialist party will have diverted and conquered enough agenda to now be the new dominant and powerful Communist party of the once United States of America.

Intelligence is brutal and conservatives with due diligence would be wise to respect it. They are not idiots. Quite the contrary, they have been planning this for decades. They have diverted and conquered the conservative movement into a reactive mob. Validated through the dumbing down of the young and impoverished, the acceptance and support of the radical, the delusion of minority and their rights, and in every quiet corner of America subtle evolution of the deconstruction of morality and character. A revolution has begun. It is not conservatism nor reform. It is the systematic deconstruction of America and it has been going on for decades. When will America wake up?

Source: Editorial: 091509/0100

Brock Ventura
[email protected]

The One has a Herd of Unico... (Below threshold)

The One has a Herd of Unicorns set aside for just for the task of Missile interception. They are special unicorns with wings....

The better thing we have is... (Below threshold)

The better thing we have is to make everyone love us. It's the way to go. obama is a fucking moron.

I seem to remember a time w... (Below threshold)

I seem to remember a time when I was assured that the Obama Adiministration would effortlessly cleave through the morass of international politics and make us loved again after the bumbling of Bush.
Seems like a funny joke now.

So will he go to Prague or ... (Below threshold)
Elroy Jetson:

So will he go to Prague or Warsaw and explain this new policy? I don't think so.

The Atom Bomb of Loving Kin... (Below threshold)

The Atom Bomb of Loving Kindness - "Um, I guess I missed the part where AEGIS was designed to be used for shooting down missiles. My understanding was that the current missile defence system was largely derived from AEGIS."

Um, yes I guess you did.

"AEGIS Combat Systems (Baseline 6 Phase III) is the designation for the computer suite resulting from consolidation of the previous Phase II baseline with variations designed to introduce Tactical Ballistic Missile Defense (TBMD) and Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC) in in-service ships. B/L 6 Phase 3 upgrades included embarked helicopters, Fiber Optics as applied to Data Multiplexing (FODMS), implementation of affordability initiatives, adjunct computers for all AWS elements, CEC for DDGs, and Battle Force Tactical Trainer (BFTT), Advanced Display System, Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile (ESSM) Identification (ID) upgrades Phase 1, Advanced TOMAHAWK Weapon System (ATWCS) Phase II, Fire Control System Upgrades, and the Joint Maritime Command Information System (JMCIS). B/L 6 Phase 3 was introduced on DDG 85-90 and as of 2008 was being backfit onto DDGs 79-84.

The AN/SPY-1 radar is the primary sensor used in the AEGIS system, would you care to guess when it was first deployed and what it was designed for?

Nevermind, you may embarrass yourself.

AN/SPY-1 radar was installed in the test ship, USS Norton Sound (AVM 1) in 1973 it was tested and deployed to the Bearing Sea and in vicinity of Russia to track missile launches of that nation.

Since I know little about m... (Below threshold)

Since I know little about missile defense systems and a whole lot more about human nature, I'd like to ask one simple obvious question:

If Russia is so concerned about us deploying a missile defense system to protect countries they once owned and ruled - to the point that they're willing to rattle sabers over it - then why are they now so happy that we're trading that system for a "smarter, safer, and swifter" one?

The answer is as obvious to me as the question. Please tell me if I'm missing something.

Depends on the answer you c... (Below threshold)

Depends on the answer you came up with, Oyster. Personally, I think the 'smarter, swifter, safer' project is going to be quietly cancelled in a year.

Well Lawson, I think that R... (Below threshold)

Well Lawson, I think that Russia isn't worried about it because it doesn't exist yet or it does and it's not so smart, safe or swift or they already have something to counter it. What does Russia know that we don't?

Why would I be happy that my neighbor is taking down a wooden privacy fence I took issue with, if I knew he was putting up electrified barbed-wire with motion detectors?

Excellent point Oyster (no.... (Below threshold)

Excellent point Oyster (no. 30).

I'd pay to see Gibbs or Obama trying to answer that one.

Your privacy fence analogy ... (Below threshold)

Your privacy fence analogy works pretty well, you just forgot the team of surveyors who were getting ready to 'tweak' the property lines a little... like to the OTHER side of your lot.

The Aegis fleets will have ... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

The Aegis fleets will have to reside on the Black Sea to protect Europe. This will be at the leave of the Turks and Ukranians.

The damage !Bam can do today abroad without Donk support is more frightening than that he can accomplish here, in coming years, with their short-lived assent.

This product's shelf-life is plummeting.

Obama is almost as good a l... (Below threshold)

Obama is almost as good a liar as Clinton. Of course he sold our allies out so GE can do some hefty business with Russia. A real peach this guy is. ww

What else can we ever expec... (Below threshold)

What else can we ever expect from this commie slimepig weaken our defenses so we can be a open target for terrorists by far BARACK OBAMA is the all time worse president in its over 200 year history

Marc; yeah I know all that.... (Below threshold)
The Atom Bomb of Loving Kindness:

Marc; yeah I know all that. I pre-com'ed CG-61 USS Monterey. I just missed the part where it was mentioned in the original post. What I read there was, "Here's the realty: we have never tested any missile defense systems from ships." And I call BS on that statement. We HAVE tested missile defense from ships, and it's called AEGIS. It works very well. It was designed to find, track, engage, and destroy both high altitude and sea-skimming supersonic conventional and nuclear anti-ship missiles.
I think for at least some of the recent ABM defense tests the missiles that were launched (SM-3ER iirc) were launched from AEGIS capable ships.
AEGIS also could have applications for catching speeders on the Jersey turnpike, it's just that damn good.

When you are trying to bank... (Below threshold)

When you are trying to bankrupt the country what better way?

I hope this the right move ... (Below threshold)

I hope this the right move in the right direction for our country.

Chris,It isn't.<br /... (Below threshold)
The Atom Bomb of Loving Kindness:

It isn't.
Unless you're Russian or would like to one day be Russian.
Then, it is.

'BARACK OBAMA is the all ti... (Below threshold)

'BARACK OBAMA is the all time worse president in its over 200 year history"

37. Posted by Flu-Bird | September 18, 2009 12:26 PM | Score: 2 (2 votes cast)

Yeah, but Hes aiming way higher.

once again...no weapons of ... (Below threshold)

once again...no weapons of mass destruction...again..?






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