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How To Lose An Election

That's Creigh Deeds, the Democratic candidate for Governor in Virginia, trying to explain how he's going to raise taxes without raising taxes. Deeds was already trailing badly the race. The race in Virginia (as well as the one in New Jersey) are the first test of whether Obama's coat tails still have magic in them for other Democrats not named Obama.

Looks like the answer to that is going to be "no."


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That was hard to watch. I ... (Below threshold)
Elroy Jetson:

That was hard to watch. I almost felt sorry for him. But not really. It was a simple question, "Will you raise taxes on Virginians?" He couldn't answer.

I don't know why dems outsi... (Below threshold)

I don't know why dems outside of CA and the Northeast are even bothering running for reelection. They're all going to be fired no matter what they do, but stupid moves like this will keep the funny coming.

Typical lefty politician: <... (Below threshold)

Typical lefty politician: "I won't raise taxes on ordinary people. I'll raise taxes on evil companies who will pass that expense on to ordinary people who have no choice but to buy their products; like electricity, gas, medicine, groceries, etc. But don't blame me!"

He is trying to thread a ne... (Below threshold)

He is trying to thread a needle with 'I am going to raise taxes on everyone except you.' Fails miserably.

As a graduate of the Hussei... (Below threshold)

As a graduate of the Hussein School of linguistic ballet, Deeds made himself look like a complete idiot.

Maybe Deeds can have The On... (Below threshold)

Maybe Deeds can have The One drop by and give a speech "to make everything clear". HE is, after all, a miracle worker.

The Deed is done!... (Below threshold)

The Deed is done!

DIRTY DEEDS UNDIRT CHEAP!</... (Below threshold)


This would be Obama without a teleprompter rigged to his scrotal area for added ball tenacity.

It's not that Deeds couldn'... (Below threshold)

It's not that Deeds couldn't answer the question. He didn't want to answer the question TRUTHFULLY, so he tried to play with words so that he couldn't be quoted on this.

I guess he just didn't want to see a political ad of himself later saying "Yes, I will raise taxes" so he danced around trying to bluster his way through...

"It depends on what IS is"....






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