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Jay Leno's ACORN Monologue

The ACORN scandal has hit the Jay Leno monologue. The fake commercial at the end is fantastic, and, sadly, right on target:

Hat tip: Instapundit


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Comments (12)

LMAOROTF!!!!Thanks K... (Below threshold)

Thanks Kim!

Won't watch his show, won't... (Below threshold)

Won't watch his show, won't watch him anywhere. Changed the floor cover for my patio because he is their spokesperson. Liberal to the core, sneaky eavesdropping conniver, not funny then, not funny now.

twolaneflashWhen Len... (Below threshold)

When Leno starts doing jokes about Democrats, and says O'Keefe should have gone to Congress to get advice on prostitution and tax cheating...something is changing. From the sound track, the Dems in the audience were not expecting this. The "commercial" is priceless.

Actually Jay Leno is much m... (Below threshold)

Actually Jay Leno is much more "middle of the road" than many other hosts like Letterman. He doesn't just sit in LA he still does stand up shows and Vegas shows all across the US so his ear is a little closer to the ground. If Leno is changing his tune then that means he realizes that the American People are waking up as well.

I am not nearly as shocked at this as I was by John Stewart! I actually laughed my ass off during the Daily Show like I havent in years! Normally I Hate John Stewart and the DS because he claims to be a fake journalist and in the middle but he leans to far to the left. Colbert on the other hand seems to make fun of everyone which I find refreshing.

So If now John Stewart AND Jay Leno are waking up to this you KNOW the people have as well.


Yeah, it was funny as far a... (Below threshold)

Yeah, it was funny as far as it went, but there was nothing in the clip that explicitly tied ACORN to the Democratic Party.

Now that the ACORN scandal is too big to ignore, I suspect this is how it is going to continue to play out in the media. That is, there will be lots of laughing at, and condemnation of, ACORN as a corrupt organization, but the fact that ACORN's help goes almost exclusively to Democrats will be passed over.

Very funny satire.... (Below threshold)
Victory is Ours:

Very funny satire.


Leno is a liberal but he is... (Below threshold)

Leno is a liberal but he is fair. Wherever the joke is he will reach it. ww

Yes Vic, the satire was ind... (Below threshold)

Yes Vic, the satire was indeed funny. I think that was the most honest thing I have ever seen you post.


So where is Adrian Browne t... (Below threshold)

So where is Adrian Browne to tell us there's nothing to this Acorn story, just move along....


Adrian! Yo Adrian!!!

Leno is bus bait.... (Below threshold)

Leno is bus bait.

When you've lost the comedi... (Below threshold)

When you've lost the comedians - you've lost the country.

Until Leno starts doing the... (Below threshold)

Until Leno starts doing the same commentary on Obama and the Democrats that he did on Bush and the Republicans he'll continue to remain a non-entertainment event on my television.






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