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Obama On Sunday: Everywhere But Fox

The Obama Message Machine hasn't figured out that all Obama all the time isn't working for ObamaCare. This weekend the President will appear on five Sunday news shows, except Fox:

On Sunday, President Barack Obama will execute what might be called a Modified Full Ginsburg -- appearing on five Sunday morning talk shows to make a pitch for health reform. It's a move few politicians have attempted. Even fewer have been able to stick the landing.

The Full Ginsburg, of course, was named for Monica Lewinsky's lawyer William Ginsburg, who first did the five-fecta of Sunday talk on Feb. 1, 1999. Obama's move is slightly different - swapping in the Spanish-language network Univision for Fox News Channel.

"More isn't always more when it comes to a president's words," said former Clinton White House Press Secretary Dee Dee Myers. "This is something they need to start to be concerned about."

Obama, Myers said, believes that if he has enough time, he can convince anyone of his position on health care reform. "But there's a limit to that," she said. "You cannot convince everyone, even when your argument is indisputably airtight and true. You can't convince people who believe in death panels that there aren't any death panels." (emphasis mine)

It requires a certain level of hubris for an administration to so blithely ignore the over exposure that plagues this President and his policies. Since the Wednesday night Obamacare pep rally, support for the President's healthcare reform initiatives has dropped, consistently. The flash and the sizzle that carried Candidate Obama across the finish line no longer works with an electorate devastated by job losses that continue exceed half a million a month. The political landscape that introduced Candidate Obama now resembles a moonscape. But the White House has failed to take notice and continues to prescribe a regimine of rhetoric for an electorate that clearly covets a job more than a presidential speech.

You would think that the recent buffoonery of Jimmy Carter, in which the Littlest Ex President openly played a race card that the White House dearly wanted to hold for a bigger pot, would have served as a caution to the President against overexposure. But Barrack Obama, whose Presidency was conceived and midwifed by an entertainment industry that doesn't know the meaning of moderation, continues to do the only thing he's trained to do: give a speech and lecture his audience. There is, to borrow a perjorative from the critics of George H. W. Bush's era, a real lack of gravitas in this administration. And balls. But Bush 41's critics are strangely silent now, so deep are they under the spell of Obama.

Voters, however, are paying attention. Conservatives and independents are offended by the racial sermonizing. Moderates see ObamaCare for what it is, an attempt to change a healthcare delivery system that works for them. Cold Warriors see the unilateral missile defense surrender for what it is. Fiscal conservatives of both parties (many of whom are unemployed) see the stimulus spending plan and Cap and Trade for what it is...a political payoff, not a job creator. All of these constituencies know that Fox is one of the very few networks where the President might encounter a difficult question.

Avoidance, evasion and denial are the new hallmarks of an administration only eight months into office.


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Comments (31)

"Obama, Myers said, believe... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"Obama, Myers said, believes that if he has enough time, he can convince anyone of his position on health care reform."

I guess he figures if you tell the lie enough times you will get people to believe you.

gee, retired military, that... (Below threshold)

gee, retired military, that sounds Goebbles' strategy. hmmm?

We need a 24X7 ObamaNetwork, for those that just can't quite get enough of him!

I agree. Enough already wit... (Below threshold)

I agree. Enough already with the constant TV coverage. Get back to work, Mr. President.

Wonder if anyone on those s... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Wonder if anyone on those shows will really pin him down and make him give a detailed explanation of how he will deal with Illegals in his healthcare plan, given that he is floating the idea of Amnesty or Permanent Visa status or whatever g*ddam thing he has planned....

By 2012, his 5000th Preside... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

By 2012, his 5000th Presidential address will be carried only by BET.

Pasadena Closet Conservativ... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Pasadena Closet Conservative, "I agree. Enough already with the constant TV coverage. Get back to work, Mr. President."

No! No! Don't let him do that! When he's "working" it costs all of us. Let the silly bastard go on tv and talk himself horse for all I care. Give him prime time at least once a week and all the Sunday programs from now until 2012. His talk is cheap, it's when he's not talking to us that it costs us.

Rasmussen detected a nice b... (Below threshold)

Rasmussen detected a nice bounce after President Obama's Wednesday speech to the joint congress. It is on this that the weekend blitz is being organized. What the pollsters and the administration fail to take into account is that a sizeable portion of the healthcare bill's opponents were on their way to 9/12 events and were not available to answer poll questions. There may have been no bounce at all.

Barry's EGO will carry the ... (Below threshold)

Barry's EGO will carry the day yet. None can resist The Presence!

Anyone else see "Desperation" in this? If any are watching it will just be Obamabots. That's preaching to the choir.

The MSM corporation bean counters are not going to like it if their prime time Sunday shows tank this weekend. They're already pissed about the prime time he's sucked up all ready, commercial free. I don't see them offering that again anytime soon.

Obama's plan: LIE HARDER!!!... (Below threshold)

Obama's plan: LIE HARDER!!! errm.. I mean TRY.

Obama is a one-trick pony..... (Below threshold)
Gary Author Profile Page:

Obama is a one-trick pony... Alinsky. Pushing ObamaCare the way he is... is pure Alinksy.

Rule #10: "If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive."

The problem is... ObamaCare is a faulty product. All the marketing in the world can't overcome a product that the majority knows is faulty and has no desire to buy. This is especially true when the salesman-in-chief is the Marxist equivalent of Professor Harold Hill.

Wow,I just don't understand... (Below threshold)

Wow,I just don't understand why Obambi doesn't want to go on FOX News on Sunday...could it be that all the other channels have provided pre-selected questions for the canned-response-in- chief? Poor little guy the Big Bad Foxes might just ask him a tough question.

He just doesn't realize he ... (Below threshold)

He just doesn't realize he is a failure yet.

Barry won't go on Fox simpl... (Below threshold)

Barry won't go on Fox simply because they refuse to use his 'script'.

State run media indeed.... (Below threshold)
jim m:

State run media indeed.

Getting an exclusive with the president used to be a really big deal. When the president whores himself out to every news show on the same day he cheapens himself and the office.

One thing is for sure: Fox will have the only original programming this weekend and they will outdraw everyone else. Obama's hate for free speech and civil dissent are showing and it makes him look scared and small.

Of course after this week he probably wanted to focus on health care and not answer any questions about why he betrayed 2 of our better European allies using his "smarter" foreign policy.

I spent my twenties marchin... (Below threshold)

I spent my twenties marching for Civil Rights, my heart singing "Blowing in the wind", and now I have Jimmy Carter telling me I'm a racist because I want to keep my supplimental insurance that will give me more choices then just plain Medicare.

I listened to Rev. Wright tell his friend what America was to him, and I hoped beyond hope that Barack Obama was different. That this country captured his heart as well as his head. And he dismisses us in the style of Chomksy and Soros, he hurts our allies, and kisses up to our avowed enemies.

He is an amateur and those who should know better are amateurs as well, or so it seems. His gift to the Queen, commenting on Honduras before knowing all the facts, not standing up for the Iranian people. The gaffs are too numerous to contemplate in such a short space.

We have the worse recession in 70 years and he thinks spending a trillion dollars is a good answer on Medical care, or socking each family with hugh energy bills for Cap and Trade. Or that all of this chaos he is creating will somehow give people confidence that magically the economy will come springing back. My head is swimming, my money locked away in a safe.

Obama needs to go to a tea party and see the faces of the scared, the angry, and try to understand that we a just plain Americans in a panic. We are Americans who have lost a fortune, our security our independence, who can't loose more. We are drowning, we don't hate you, we just know that you are trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

I've got a word for politic... (Below threshold)
George Author Profile Page:

I've got a word for politicians who can't take questions from Fox News: pussy.

Apparently Fox News is fres... (Below threshold)

Apparently Fox News is fresh out of teleprompters..

As usial the leftists news ... (Below threshold)

As usial the leftists news media are bound and determened to force us to watch OBAMA THE STINKIN ONE a good time to take a sunay drive or go on a picnic

Our work..... (Below threshold)

Our work..

If Obama was really serious... (Below threshold)

If Obama was really serious about trying to get this health care bill through, he would appear on Fox. It's simply a case of ratings and Fox has them. He won't because Fox will ask the questions every other network won't and people will tie the recent lack of coverage by the MSM of the ACORN scandal, which Fox covered from the beginning, and Obamas fear of appearing on Fox as meaning he has something to hide. The other networks won't get a boost in ratings. Nobody trusts the MSM to ask the hard questions or even basic easy ones anymore after ACORN.

You know - I can't think of... (Below threshold)

You know - I can't think of a better way to drum up additional support for your policies than to go on shows watched by people that already support your policies and avoid shows watched by the exact people you want to win over.

It's a breathtaking strategy, truly.

It really doesn't matter ho... (Below threshold)

It really doesn't matter how many channels he appears on when the message is the same tired bullshit over and over that is being rejected by the people he wants to force it on.

He's a trained parrot and the teleprompter he uses to project idea's that others write for him has become a running joke. The possibility that he will be asked a challenging question on one of the past tense media channels approaches 1, which is to say it will never happen because they have to much invested in his success.

2010 & 2012 can't get here soon enough...

Chris Wallace is probably a... (Below threshold)

Chris Wallace is probably a racist. He was just on FOX News saying this administration is "childish" and "petty" for boycotting FOX. Those are obviously racist codewords for black. Portraying Obama as infantile and incompetent just can't be anything but racist. It's not possible Obama and cronies could be, well, a bunch of callow cads, could it, sweetie?

Get BACK to work, Mr. Presi... (Below threshold)

Get BACK to work, Mr. President? Obama has NEVER BEEN to work, so he has no idea how to do it. He's never had a job, affirmative action assured he never had to develop a work ethic or compete for a grade, and there is no work product that he can be measured by, except ACORN. How about just going back to the beach, dude. Go shoot some hoops, play with plastic swords, do some golf. This president thing is beyond Obama's skill and maturity, and his communism is about to create national turmoil that will make Nancy Pelosi cry. When I see Obama on tv, I hear: "Apply directly to the forehead, apply directly to the forehead, apply directly to the forehead...". I guess America had to get a buffoon for president sooner or later.

The REAL QUESTION is "When ... (Below threshold)

The REAL QUESTION is "When will ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN and Telemundo give Barry his only REGULARLY SCHEDULED 'show'?

And what would be that name of that show?
"All Barry, All the time"? "The Miracle Hour"?

Who would be 'regularly appearing'?
Sean Penn, Michael Moore, Rosie O'Donnell, Joy Behar.....

"The REAL QUESTION is "When... (Below threshold)

"The REAL QUESTION is "When will ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN and Telemundo give Barry his only REGULARLY SCHEDULED 'show'?

And what would be that name of that show?
"All Barry, All the time"? "The Miracle Hour"?

Who would be 'regularly appearing'?
Sean Penn, Michael Moore, Rosie O'Donnell, Joy Behar....."

Yes, as well as Fidel,Hugo and that mideast wackjob.

"that mideast wackjob"... (Below threshold)

"that mideast wackjob"

Gee, that's specific ;)

It's already time for Barry... (Below threshold)

It's already time for Barry to go. He's in way over his head as "President", and has none of the qualities necessary to lead this nation. He's also trying to RULE instead of GOVERN. Such actions are un-American, and need to cease. Barry's killing his party, killing the nation, and destroying what a lot of us hold near and dear to our hearts - individual freedom.

Unfortunately, Joe Biden isn't any more capable of leading this nation than a road-killed possum. Neither is Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, or any of the other dozen or so people in the line of succession. There ARE a couple of people who may be capable of leading this nation out of its current problems, but their name isn't a household word - yet.

There has to be a house-cleaning, and it has to be done soon - as in weeks, not years. A wholesale house-cleaning of the crooks, cheats, communists, and other idiots in government NOW will allow this nation to recover from its current problems and move on. Waiting until 2012 may require us to completely rebuild from the ground up - something that will take decades.

This is just another exampl... (Below threshold)

This is just another example of the inexperienced president and his staff. The most watched news channel by far and Obama is not only passing it up but snubbing it. My advice, keep it up.

Obama's words aren't penetrating the independent voters shielf anymore. All you have to do is call people racist for no reason and you lost them forever. Thanks team Obama. ww

I think the "progressives" ... (Below threshold)

I think the "progressives" should did up Teddy, dust him off and have him sit on Barry's lap during all these Sunday shows. Hell, it's a SHOW, at least give the audience some entertainment. They can even rig it so that it looks like Teddy is moving his lips while Barry speaks for him and about how TEDDIE DIED FOR HEALTH CARE REFORM. How Teddy was struck down in his prime by the EVIL insurance companies. How Teddy single-handedly brought the drug companies to their knees and how they stabbed him in the back while he was taking a swig from a bottle....er getting a drink of fresh mountain spring water......after driving his car....er.....
At least make these shows entertaining. Otherwise Barry, BOREDOM will set it. Just like last Wednesday.

Want to bet that this Sunday, EVERYONE on those shows will be reading from a teleprompter?

"Mr....President...hello...thank you...for...joining...us. My...first...unrehearsed....question....is
what...can.....we do....to....help....


"that mideast wackjob"... (Below threshold)

"that mideast wackjob"

Gee, that's specific ;)"

There were too many to list. So I used the broadsweeping insert your own___________ wackjob.






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