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Obama's Health Care Plan Won't Cover Illegals Since There Won't Be Any

There won't be any illegals because he's going to make them all legal so they can get government health care. Presto change-o!

President Obama said this week that his health care plan won't cover illegal immigrants, but argued that's all the more reason to legalize them and ensure they eventually do get coverage.

He also staked out a position that anyone in the country legally should be covered - a major break with the 1996 welfare reform bill, which limited most federal public assistance programs only to citizens and longtime immigrants.

"Even though I do not believe we can extend coverage to those who are here illegally, I also don't simply believe we can simply ignore the fact that our immigration system is broken," Mr. Obama said Wednesday evening in a speech to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute. "That's why I strongly support making sure folks who are here legally have access to affordable, quality health insurance under this plan, just like everybody else.

Has your head exploded yet? It should be obvious to everyone by now that hope and change is nothing but leftist code for bait and switch.

Hat tip: Hot Air

Update: The Democrats have the NERVE to send out an email filled with self-righteous indignation accusing the Republicans of misrepresenting Obama's health care plans. These folks really don't have any shame:

For months, special interests and their Republican allies have been smearing health insurance reform to try to defeat it. Enough! As President Obama said last week, "I will not waste time with those who have made the calculation that it's better politics to kill this plan than improve it... If you misrepresent what's in the plan, we will call you out."

So we're starting a new campaign called "Call 'em out!" When a Republican official violates the public trust by lying about reform, we'll be right there to expose the lies and hold them accountable.


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Obamalala needs a new block... (Below threshold)

Obamalala needs a new block of voters in 2012 more now than ever. It's always about him and his re-election. He is getting desperate which makes me wonder what else he could do that is worse than what he has done thus far. I knew he had the potential to be this bad but, he has surprised me.

If Barry thought the last a... (Below threshold)

If Barry thought the last amnesty attempt was brutal, he's about to learn how really brutal it can be. THE ONE is evidently still under the imprression that what HE wants, HE gets.

What is this death wish Oba... (Below threshold)

What is this death wish Obama and the Dimo party have? Attempt this and it is all over for them.

What if Obama appeared on a... (Below threshold)

What if Obama appeared on all the Sunday morning news programs (except FOX news) and nobody watched him, would he still make a sound?

Obama really doesn't have t... (Below threshold)

Obama really doesn't have the political capital to pull this off.

I doubt he had enough for this issue early in his term.

But what really gets me is that he seems to just bounce around from one issue to another, always campaigning and never accomplishing a thing. Kinda like his background and career.

I'm starting to think that Biden is the smartest one in the White House.

Obama is not smart at all. ... (Below threshold)

Obama is not smart at all.

I have to give Barry credit... (Below threshold)

I have to give Barry credit where credit is due. He really knows how to piss people off.

"I'm starting to think that... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

"I'm starting to think that Biden is the smartest one in the White House."

Oh, a hit, a veritable hit. Good one Hank

How long have we been sayin... (Below threshold)

How long have we been saying (jokingly?) that the Obama solution to illegals and healthcare would be amnesty?

God I hate being right sometimes. Plus, by not wanting illegals to have healthcare I am now a racist again; oh joy!

To be fair, a lot of Democr... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

To be fair, a lot of Democrats & independents aren't buying Obama's garbage either. They can pretend it's the Republicans' fault all they like.

So what's the problem with ... (Below threshold)

So what's the problem with legalizing the people who are already here?

Can we ever trust anything ... (Below threshold)

Can we ever trust anything OBAMA says he is a pathalogical liar

We tried that once, as I re... (Below threshold)

We tried that once, as I recall, when there were merely a couple of million. Now it's closer to 20 million.

Perhaps we should just give amnesty to all those poor folks in prison, while we're at it. It's costing us a fortune to keep them all locked up like that.

And let's stop enforcing our tax laws, since they have already started doing that for politicians like Charlie Rangel, Geithner and others. Do you realize what the IRS costs?

Amnesty for everything, I guess. But if you don't enforce the laws, you implicitly encourage illegal behavior.

Look. We either have laws and enforce them, or we don't. If we don't, drop the pretense and reverse the laws.

What liberals see is 20 million votes on the hoof, along with more people they can tax. It's irresistible, and it's poisonous to our economic system.

Obama is dumb like a fox. ... (Below threshold)

Obama is dumb like a fox. Granting legal status to 20 million "undocumented workers" gets the Democrat Party 20 million votes for the next thirty years...or at least until the new immigrants realize that the Democrats are the real jerks.

"So what's the problem with... (Below threshold)

"So what's the problem with legalizing the people who are already here?"

Yeah, lets do that. And allow all their relatives to come in as well. Of course there will be a lot of paperwork to correct. What with those illegals using ID that is either phony or stolen. But what the heck, it was only 1 law they broke. Or 2. Or 3. But hey, look at all the new voters we'll get!

Here's a different thought. Start using E-verify on Social Security numbers that are being used ALL OVER THE COUNTRY AT THE SAME TIME. Turn those over to ICE, find those people and DEPORT THEM!

Get rid of that bullshit that "we can't FIND them". You can't find anything if your not looking for it!

We were told after the LAST amnesty, NO MORE!
Well the bastards in Washington lied! They want to do it again. SUGGESTION: Lets just have a freaking amnesty every 10 years!

Milton Friedman pointed out... (Below threshold)
Rick Caird:

Milton Friedman pointed out the problem with legalizing the illegals. "You cannot have open borders and a welfare state." Anyone who pushes for amnesty should be forced to also put the cost into the bill.


Kroveechernila:<bloc... (Below threshold)


So what's the problem with legalizing the people who are already here?

I'm guessing you were too young to recall that this was done back in the 80's to help 'fix' the problem with illegal immigration.

The fact that we're still trying to 'fix' the problem is evidence that simply legalizing those who are here illegally isn't a solution.

Should be very helpful for ... (Below threshold)

Should be very helpful for them to point out the lies since so far all they have done is said that is not true, rambled aimlessly and then moved on.

I am VERY interested to hear the left give some facts from the bills since those lying Republicans give sections of the the bill, page numbers etc... and back up their claims with facts.

So far I have yet to have anyone do anything other than throw out emtional reactions and MSNBC talking points to any legitimate question I have asked of them.

Obama is stupid in proposin... (Below threshold)

Obama is stupid in proposing this... his poltical capital in falling fast and the Dims in congress are not go to go along...you see they like their jobs and are not go to sacrifice themselves for an idiot. Talk amnesty all you want and watch your poll numbers implode because in the end it is just talk.

Kroveechernila:The... (Below threshold)


These people by and large broke the law just to get here, there are children who were brought across and are not citizens, but have grown up 99% of their lives in the US. However they are still NOT citizens and if you allow the children to stay you will then argue that they need their parents, who would then be allowed to keep their grandparents who have been here for 40 years or so and are too old to be deported.

Its a snowball effect and in the end you are sending the message that it is perfectly okay to break the law as long as you disagree with it.

There are legal ways to come to the US and to become a citizen, do you know how those people who stood in line and waited to do it the legal way feel? Betrayed at the mention of amnesty, they don't want these people taking their jobs any more than we do.

Does anybody else remember ... (Below threshold)

Does anybody else remember "The Day Without Illegals" from a few years ago?

As a peaceful demonstration illegals and those who supported them stayed home from work and didn't buy a single thing on that day. They wanted to show how they could bring the US Economy to its knees and that we wouldn't be able to survive without them.

I lived in San Diego, CA at the time. On that day..

There were no hideous traffic jams on the way to or from work.

At McDonalds I actually understood the drive through person, and they got my order right the first time, AND I didn't have to wait 15 minutes to get my food.

At Walmart there were usually every lane open with fifteen people in line. On that day there were half the lanes and 2 to 3 person long lines.

In short? IT WAS WONDERFUL! That is why they havent repeated the performance since, and nothing was ever heard on that subject again from La Raza.

Meanwhile, the DYING GOES O... (Below threshold)


Jesus no doubt would approve.

Post #11 - God, how stupid ... (Below threshold)

Post #11 - God, how stupid are you? Do you realize that we need to STOP all illegals coming in then start deporting. They bring the filth and corruption they claim they are fleeing from. They bring the gang violence. It is a total and complete drain on our system. Hows about all you liberal asshats dig into your own pockets and pay for their food, medical, schooling, housing, transportation, entertainment, etc. I AM SICK AND TIRED OF IT!!
Read my lips: I have had enough of my tax dollars being used for these criminal people. I can legally call them criminals because they broke the law by being here. Too many people have closed their eyes to the problems of illegals. To speak out against Mexicans makes me a racist. I guess I am a racist. I think Obama is an intentional idiot and that makes me a racist. His aunt is here illegally, living in Section 8 housing, and on welfare. Now do all you people see why he wants amnesty for all illegals, not just Mexicans? Boy us racist people sure are awful. At least we are honest law-abiding citizens!
NOW - Get the hell out of my country!

The US is one of few countr... (Below threshold)

The US is one of few countries that continues to automatically confer US citizenship on anyone born in the US. In most countries, citizenship is determined by what your parents hold.

Most "illegals" in the US are here for economic reasons only. They send money HOME. They have no interest in becoming citizens. Mexico doesn't have a problem with this as those "illegals" form the 2nd biggest source of income, right behind Mexico's nationalized oil company.

I forgot to mention the fac... (Below threshold)

I forgot to mention the fact that Obama and his sidekicks on the Hill could care less about any Mexicans, all they care about is the votes it will bring in. Take my word for it. Obama and his cronies care only about themselves and the cushy jobs they don't want to lose. By getting 20 million more votes, of course they aren't going to be kicked out of office. Street smart. Looks like his criminal friends taught him well. The only thing is, I would rather work for a living and be proud of MY accomplishments, instead of living off the people who made their money off illegal activities.

Meanwhile, the DYING GOES O... (Below threshold)

Two authors of the Harvard study, Himmelstein and Dr. Steffie Woolhandler are co-founders of the Physicians for a National Health Program, which supports government-backed "single-payer" health coverage.

How convenient.

Hey Highlander!Oba... (Below threshold)

Hey Highlander!

Obama supported a law allowing hospital staff to shove aborted babies into a closet if they were unlucky enough to be born alive.

Do you think Jesus would approve?


Maybe that's WHY they're in... (Below threshold)

Maybe that's WHY they're in favor of a single payer system... 73% of physicians in this country favor either single payer and/or public option reform.

Aw...what do they know?

I think he just really like... (Below threshold)

I think he just really likes pressing peoples buttons doesn't he?In my opinion as an observer of history and human nature and the way this country is simmering right now, I wouldn't give 2 cents for his surviving 4 years in office.This is NOT a veiled threat or any kind of racist crap. Just an opinion on human nature and a really bad possibility. Barack IS an ego-maniacal fruitcake. It just seems that when he doesn't get his way he strikes out at those who dislike his plans for this country.It's like he's purposely trying to find a way to circumvent them and provoke them at the same time.It's like he's trying to provoke a fight. Maybe that's what this weird security force/gestapo he is forming is for.Ida know, just got bad vibes about it all.Anyone else feel this way?

"73% of physicians in this ... (Below threshold)

"73% of physicians in this country favor either single payer and/or public option reform."

Got that from David Axelrod, didn't you.

Another ASSHOLE!

Sorry guys, Barry says to "Call you out" so that's what I'm doing from now on. So go back to DK and join in the circle jerk.

G.1) I hope your w... (Below threshold)


1) I hope your wrong
2) I think you're a troll

In no particular order.

1)I HOPE I'm wrong And <br ... (Below threshold)

1)I HOPE I'm wrong And
2)I'm Not a troll.

Thanks for the shout-out GF... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the shout-out GF! Nice talking to you.

Your thoughtful and reasoned views on healthcare give me reassurance that the thinking side will prevail on this issue eventually.

warmest regards,


G is lying. Yesterday it wa... (Below threshold)

G is lying. Yesterday it was reported that 45% of doctors would quit the profession if Obamacare was passed.

Groucho not G was lying. G ... (Below threshold)

Groucho not G was lying. G is just paranoid.

"Your thoughtful and reason... (Below threshold)

"Your thoughtful and reasoned views on health care give me reassurance that the thinking side will prevail on this issue eventually."

Pack your BULLSHIT groucho and take it elsewhere.
Repetition of DNC talking points is not FACT.

I'M NOT LYING! I'm talking ... (Below threshold)

I'M NOT LYING! I'm talking about trying to bring illegals into the country into a legal status will only inflame emotions here more than he already has. HE knows we don't want illegals getting covered under "Obamacare" or any care. This is just another way to circumvent that. He knows most people want the border closed and illegals sent packing because they are bleeding us. This will just piss people off more. I know he must know that.

Thanks Michael.... (Below threshold)

Thanks Michael.

"This will just piss people... (Below threshold)

"This will just piss people off more."
That's a good thing.

"I know he must know that."
You credit him with too much intelligence.

He's smarter/stupider in so... (Below threshold)

He's smarter/stupider in some ways.

It's a "getya back" at bein... (Below threshold)

It's a "getya back" at being caught lying about illegals getting covered now. he just gonna fix it by slipping them in and trying to give them legal status and thereby getting Dems more votes. Two birds with one stone.He knows it will provoke the right and those in the middle. Just his way at flipping us all off.

Man I've got to to proof re... (Below threshold)

Man I've got to to proof read these better.

Polls are always skewed, th... (Below threshold)

Polls are always skewed, the IBD/TIPP one was run by mail and not considered "scientific" which to me seems to mean they didn't lean it to the left like all the other polls do. MediaMatters tried to debunk the poll which automatically makes me think it is true.

Two-thirds, or 65%, of doctors say they oppose the proposed government expansion plan. This contradicts the administration's claims that doctors are part of an "unprecedented coalition" supporting a medical overhaul.

Nowhere in the Times story does it say doctors as a whole back the overhaul. It says only that the AMA -- the "association representing the nation's physicians" and what "many still regard as the country's premier lobbying force" -- is "lobbying and advertising to win public support for President Obama's sweeping plan."

The AMA [only] represents approximately 18% of physicians and has been hit with a number of defections by members opposed to the AMA's support of Democrats' proposed health care overhaul.

• Four of nine doctors, or 45%, said they "would consider leaving their practice or taking an early retirement" if Congress passes the plan the Democratic majority and White House have in mind.

Okay Okay, so maybe the poll is wrong, maybe there is a 7 percentage point in either direction skew on the results like MM says.

That means there is still more like 50% of respondents that might quite practicing medicine.

Maybe there were a few extremely leading questions in that poll that force a no vote such as "Do you believe that the government can add 47million people to the current system AND increase quality AND lower costs?"


What if you take the 30ish % of doctors who DO oppose a public option according to the Poll cited by the white house? What if they Do decide to quit practicing altogether rather than work as a socialist drone?

Then you are adding 47M or 30M or 45M depending on when the President is quoting the number, people to a Health Care system that just lost a THIRD of its practitioners.

Lets just slow this thing the hell down and do it right rather than going with the first bill to hit the table without enough forethought. Lets talk about it. Republicans for the most part AGREE we need to fix our system. So lets fix it, not take it over and give it to the govt.

"So lets fix it, not take i... (Below threshold)

"So lets fix it, not take it over and give it to the govt."

Barry is not interested in FIXING anything. It's about CONTROL. "We know what's best for you. We will decide. You are easily confused. Let US make the decisions."

The worst leader is the one who does so from the "high moral ground" and "for our own good."

Excellent post by Charles K... (Below threshold)

Excellent post by Charles Krauthammer:
Remember Slick Willie? You'll love The Righteous Redeemer.

"Does He Lie?"

You could sum up this adm... (Below threshold)

You could sum up this administration in two words.

You lie.

HE does Lie and it IS about... (Below threshold)

HE does Lie and it IS about control. so is cap and trade. CONTROL of us and our lives. This guy and the dems want an oligarchy.

justruss - "What if you... (Below threshold)

justruss - "What if you take the 30ish % of doctors who DO oppose a public option according to the Poll cited by the white house? What if they Do decide to quit practicing altogether rather than work as a socialist drone?"

You mean like the nearly 30% against a public option in this poll?

Any who, as long as the call to all someone out is the "soup of the day," lets do so:

obama consistently said the AMA supports his medical plan.

BULLSIT, the organization might but...

The AMA membership has consistently fallen over the last few decades and they now represent less than 20% of all the American doctors.


GrandFan - "Excellent p... (Below threshold)

GrandFan - "Excellent post by Charles Krauthammer:

Ref obama's quote: ""And to prove that I'm serious, there will be a provision in this plan that requires us to come forward with more spending cuts if the savings we promised don't materialize."

Harvard economist Greg Mankiw explains in the article why that's a line of BS but doesn't specifically say aside from what has happened in the past.

The major cost reduction in the Baucus plan, allegedly, is from Medicare.

The Baucus plan creates a commission to figure out how to cut Medicare costs. But that commission still only gets to make recommendations, and Congress still has the power to block them.

Does anyone really think this congress or any in the future will actually make cuts based on the commissions recommendations?

"Does anyone really think t... (Below threshold)

"Does anyone really think this congress or any in the future will actually make cuts based on the commissions recommendations?"

Sure Marc. Just ask jim. Obama never lies! Congress will get right on those recommendations.

Got to admit though, I'm still trying to find this "plan" that Obama keeps talking about. You know, the one "THAT REQUIRES".

I work in a County hospital... (Below threshold)

I work in a County hospital in Texas and the fact is the undocumented people specially women do not pay a cent, we ask for Social Security number if none Title 11 ,our money, covers from surgeries to giving birth diabetic supplies, WICK gives them free food,CHIPS free medical for their kids,but working poor legal residents and US citizens have to pay, THEY WILL GET FREE HEALTH CARE they are already demanding on Spanish TV.

" How long have we been say... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

" How long have we been saying (jokingly?) that the Obama solution to illegals and healthcare would be amnesty?

God I hate being right sometimes. Plus, by not wanting illegals to have healthcare I am now a racist again; oh joy!

9. Posted by JustRuss | September 18, 2009 11:53 AM | "

Not jokingly, JR.

We knew this was coming for months now:

"" Congress has three choices on how to handle the uninsured illegals under socialized Obamacare (assuming they keep their 'promise' that no illegals are covered under their govt healthcare plan):

1. Refuse treatment to the illegals and let them die on the streets outside the hospitals. (yeah, right; like that's gonna happen. I don't want that to happen either.)
2. Grant them all amnesty and viola! They are now citizens and covered under Obamacare. More poor people for the taxpayer to support.
3. Continue letting them illegally access hospitals for their maladies; in which case the taxpayer continues to pay for their free care.

Tell me again why we want to scrap our entire healthcare system?

16. Posted by Les Nessman | August 25, 2009 4:55 PM "

We already knew how Brocko plans to handle illegals- massive amnesty or just ignore them and let them continue to get taxpayer-paid free healthcare.

We saw this coming a mile away.

19. Posted by Les Nessman | September 10, 2009 9:02 AM |"

Question for any Dems here:... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Question for any Dems here: Are you happy with the idea of Barack giving amnesty to 10 or 20 million illegals?

I know we sometimes get sucked into 'team' politics; my team good-your team bad, but are you really happy with illegals getting this?

I wasn't happy with Bush or McCain about this - are you really happy with Obama/Democrat politicians on this?

Don't you think we'll get flooded with even more illegals now?

"Don't you think we'll get ... (Below threshold)

"Don't you think we'll get flooded with even more illegals now?"

Yeah, but that's not really the point - is it?

That 20 million represents one hell of a demographic to be exploited for votes. Whichever party manages to rope 'em in will profit greatly.

If/when it becomes common k... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

If/when it becomes common knowledge that millions of illegals are going to get amnesty- watch for the already large Tea Parties get even bigger. Even blue collar or moderate Democrats will join in. There will be even more anger directed at our government.

This will have serious consequences beyond any healthcare plan. The huge numbers of unemployed Americans are already competing for jobs with the present illegals, as just one example. If they get amnesty, it'll make it that much harder for 'real' citizens to find work. Things could get very ugly, fast.

Our govt is playing a dangerous game.

I think Obama overplayed hi... (Below threshold)

I think Obama overplayed his hand with this one. I can't believe he actually said that. I expect a huge backlash.

I'm thinking Oct 10, the Sa... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

I'm thinking Oct 10, the Saturday before Columbus Day, will be a good time for another march on Washington. Or better, maybe the Saturday after Thanksgiving, if that's not too late.

This time it may be 5 million marching.

Hopefully, it will only need to be as peaceful as the 9/12 march.

There are those of us who t... (Below threshold)

There are those of us who thought Obama would do a good job. I supported him over McCain, and I fully regret it. Obama is a LIAR....it is very clear to me now! I'll vote Republican or Independent.....bring on an experienced, honest individual for 2012!

There are two other aspects... (Below threshold)

There are two other aspects to granting a sprinkle of Holy Water on illegals:

1. Illegals, by definiton, live in a cash-based underground economy and contribute nothing to the public services they consume. Their doctor is the Emergency Room. They pay nothing for the schools their kids enjoy. They file no income taxes, pay no Social Security taxes, pay no state income taxes. Everybody else picks up the tab.

2. Legal immigrants wait years to get into this country, and when they arrive, get social security numbers, pay taxes, and contribute to their communities. They live their lives on the books and can be proud of what they accomplish. Illegal immigrants, on the other hand, live their lives in fear of discovery and fully understand that they are living dishonest and dishonorable lives at somebody else's expense. They can't apply for a legitimate job, they can't legally buy a house. Many of them either live on welfare or work in menial jobs that give no dignity or meaning to their lives, always under the threat of deportation. Their kids end up on the streets, in prison, and are screwed for life. And they do this at the expense of legal immigration applicants who must wait years longer to legitimately be granted access to our country. It's not fair to taxpayers, legal immigrants, and even the illegals themselves.

When they catch an illegal ... (Below threshold)

When they catch an illegal immigrant crossing the border, hand them a acanteen, rifle and some ammo and ship them to Iraq.
Tell them if they want to come to America, then they must serve a tour in the military.
Give them a soldier's pay while they're there and tax them on it. After the tour, they will be allowed to become a citizen since they defended this country.
They will also be registered to be taxed and be a legal patriot.
This action will probably deter illegal immigration and provide a solution for the troops in Iraq and the aliens trying to make a a better life for themselves.
If they refuse to serve, ship them to Iraq anyway, without the canteen, rifle or ammo.

"Many of them either live o... (Below threshold)

"Many of them either live on welfare or work in menial jobs that give no dignity or meaning to their lives, always under the threat of deportation. Their kids end up on the streets, in prison, and are screwed for life."

I don't know where you live or what your experience has been with this population, but this is just an incorrect generalization. Immigrant labor is the backbone of the agricultural industry in my state; without them it would collapse. I know many and, for the most part, they work much harder than most folks can imagine, at least in today's entitlement culture, they are family and community oriented, and they cause no more problems than one would expect from the general population. Their "menial" jobs are ones most Americans today can't, or more likely won't, do. They don't run to the ED for the sniffles or headache like so many others do. It's their only option if they get sick. The reality is that they have become the invisible base that supports and enables the affordability of our relatively opulent society. When we are enjoying our triple deathburger with super sized fries, how many realize that virtually every component is provided by humans working in near slave-like conditions for a wage most of us would be ashamed to pay a babysitter? Who thinks of the yellow and brown-skinned children in sweatshops on the other side of the world when we are stepping out in our new Nikes and GAP finery? We have blocked it out because it ruins the perfect picture.

The immigrant laborers I know would be happy to pay taxes (they DO pay sales tax and some even have payroll tax deductions)and pay a fee for a temporary working permit of some kind. The key is to enable them to continiue to be productive while having a mechanism to separate and get rid of the criminal bloodsucking element.

groucho - Don't you dare su... (Below threshold)

groucho - Don't you dare suggest that illegals do jobs Americans won't do. I am an American (born here) not of mexican descent, and was refused a job (I was asking for min wage) because they could get it "cheaper". That was a job picking strawberries. I had 3 kids to support after my husband walked out on us and disappeared. I needed to support my kids. Illegals took that job away from me. I personally was affected by illegals. Don't you dare stand up for illegals and against Americans. As for paying taxes? They were paid under the table. I am outraged that you would defend lawbreakers.

"This time it may be 5 mill... (Below threshold)

"This time it may be 5 million marching." #57

Maybe you could get a few more people if the central committee members like Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, the entire cast of the anti-Obama network, Caribou Barbie, Joe the P. would show up. I doubt it, though, because they most likely have enough functioning cortical matter above the brainstem to realize it might not be a good thing to be seen hanging out with the pitchfork and torch crowd. I know! Maybe if they wore some kind of disguise, something like a..a... white head covering. Yeah, that's the ticket.

No, they are content to limo back and forth to their insulated soundproof cubicles and continue to shout fire in a crowded theater while throwing up their hands and saying who? me? Laughing all the way to the bank. So long suckas!

Hey, maybe you'll get 100,000 next time. Who knows?

Nice try! Let's see, ya go... (Below threshold)

Nice try! Let's see, ya got "stupid", "communist", the requisite slam against Palin, throw in Joe the Plumber for being dumb enough to ask a smart question, "mobs", "KKK", "corporate stooges". Not bad.

Hey shit-for-brains, didn't you get Nancy's memo about 'dialing back' the rhetoric?

To quote your Lord and Master "We're calling you out!".

Fuck off, ASSHOLE! Oh, and have a nice day!

Groucho - Why don't you res... (Below threshold)

Groucho - Why don't you respond to what I commented on #62? Do you have a problem with someone exposing what is really going on? Are you so sure of what you said you are now silent when questioned? What I am talking about happened in Oxnard, CA in the early '70's. It is a proven fact. I know. Next time, know what you are talking about before you start spewing falsehoods. If that was just an opinion of yours, you need to say it is only an opinion. I speak from facts. I am p*ssed you would dare denigrate America by condoning illegal immigration.

Madalyn, he won't respond b... (Below threshold)

Madalyn, he won't respond because he only regurgitates DNC talking points.

Cmon groucho - I'm calling ... (Below threshold)

Cmon groucho - I'm calling you out. Are you afraid of an old lady? You are:
1. a yellow-bellied spineless piece of crap
2. a big sissy
3. a liar
4. an uninformed liberal
5. and worst yet, considered by some to be human.
Put up or shut up.

Ouch! Is Minister Maggie of... (Below threshold)

Ouch! Is Minister Maggie off today? Profanity-laced tirades on Wizbang? I'm shocked, shocked I say!

Madalyn, what's the point of a name calling contest? What I am talking about is happening every day where I live and work. Just because that reality throws a monkey wrench into your rigid world view doesn't make it untrue. If you can show me where I "denigrated" Americans, please do. It's impossible at this point to put the illegal worker genie back in the bottle. We need to deal with the economic reality that is driving the demand for the labor they provide. How much do you really want to pay for food?

There. Are you happy? Nobody calls me a big sissy and gets away with it.
notiz=groucho keep me out of your posts.

groucho - you denigrated Am... (Below threshold)

groucho - you denigrated Americans when you said they would not do the work the illegals do. That is an outright lie, and slanderous to all those of us who are more than willing to do any honest work for honest pay. You are skirting the truth. I have been a hard worker all my life, as have my children. We all consider any job not too low for us as long as it is honest work. I have cleaned toilets for a living to support my kids. I am not above it. Now, I will accept your apology.
BTW, when was the last time you saw an illegal immigrant paying for the school their large family attends? How about the food their family eats (welfare and food stamps)? How about the house they live in (Section 8)? How about the emergency room they go to when they have "earaches" or "sniffles". Don't get me started on that story, because it would blow your reasoning out of the water. They are a drain on us taxpayers, and I am ashamed of you for not putting us citizens ahead of illegals. You don't sound very patriotic to me.
That is my opinion!

"It's impossible at this po... (Below threshold)

"It's impossible at this point to put the illegal worker genie back in the bottle. We need to deal with the economic reality that is driving the demand for the labor they provide. How much do you really want to pay for food?"

Sure, anything is "impossible" IF YOU DON'T TRY. Paying for food? You stupid freaking ass-hat. You think "illegals" are just migrant farm workers? You ignorant elitist, racist condescending progressive! Try food processing plants, heavy manufacturing, lumbering, construction industry, truck drivers, janitorial workers. You know, JOBS AMERICANS WON'T DO.

Hey GF, you and Madalyn sho... (Below threshold)

Hey GF, you and Madalyn should exchange phone #s or something. I'm sensing some chemistry there. Seriously. You could revel in each others company while misjudging and insulting people you never have to meet face to face. Talk about simpatico! Buena suerte, amigo.

Whats the matter groucho? ... (Below threshold)

Whats the matter groucho? Never knew "illegals" were in other occupations other than migrant farm worker? Don't talk about that over at Daily Kos or the DNC web site do they?

Just trying to educate you. So that you might BEGIN to know what you're talking about.

In future it might be helpful if you respond to commenters questions rather than just run off at the mouth.

It appears that groucho ref... (Below threshold)

It appears that groucho refuses to accept facts. He would rather condemn someone who was willing to work, pay taxes, and support their family, rather than live off taxpayer money. Makes me wonder where his allegiance is.
I guess he finds it funny to attack someone who has integrity. Could be he's lacking in it and doesn't know how to react.
Can't say I want to continue responding to his insutations. He appears to have a very dirty mind.

Should have included I do b... (Below threshold)

Should have included I do believe groucho is really an illegal. He sure sounds like one. "Let me live off taxpayers Give me free housing, food, schooling for my many many kids, pay for my transportation pay for everything I need for myself and my family. I have no respect for borders. I have no respect for laws. Treat me special."

I was prepared to walk away... (Below threshold)

I was prepared to walk away from this hopeless situation, but I think that Madalyn, you need to understand that quotation marks "..." are used to highlight the EXACT words of someone. I've thoroughly reviewed all of my posts on this thread and cannot find the words that you attribute to me. I think those are your words/delusions, not mine. Just trying to help.

Your Pal,


groucho"In future ... (Below threshold)


In future it might be helpful if you respond to commenters questions rather than just run off at the mouth.

Lacking that, you might even ask them to clarify before running off at the mouth.

So Fox was kept out of the ... (Below threshold)
Hound Dog:

So Fox was kept out of the news this weekend as the Pres did the rounds and they cried foul. What a bunch of cry-babies! The Republican News Network does nothing but denigrate the President, foments sedition, hosts the wacko tea-baggers, ignores his public addresses and puts forth the conservative agenda at every turn and are ignored instead by Obama. All of this is done in the name of Fair and Balanced reporting...Why ever could that be? America needs to stop paying lip service to the fringe right wing wackos. And Fox is right at the center of it.

obama will not make it for ... (Below threshold)

obama will not make it for 2012. health plan will not pass, amnesty will not pass. he will not cover illegals but in the same breath he wants to cover illegals. so what s next he is trying to pass health plan so that his next goal is to give illegals amnesty because there are 20 millions illegals and counting. they alll have 4 to 5 kids already and its hard to deport them because of the kid. so they keep on coming. and with the health plan more will come. he told katie curic he would cover illegal aliens kids so now there is going to be an influx from all over south america trying to be on the health plan. they are already bringing all the old people here to be taken care of. they just bring the old parents and asking for food stamps , medicaid for them.

See the CNN story: 47% will... (Below threshold)

See the CNN story: 47% will pay no federal income tax!


I am outraged! I had no idea the problem was this bad. These people are nothing but filthy beggars!!! And, now it's time to start paying for their health-care. Give me a break. I'd rather be mugged, there's more dignity in it.

We need a new political party in this country, the two we've got are nothing but robbing everyone. The republicans are steeling from the middle class and giving to the rich and the democrats are buying votes with our money so this bunch can get a free ride.






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