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Senator Bob Menendez Vindicates Congressman Joe Wilson

It took just one week for a major power player in the Democratic caucus to agree with Representative Joe Wilson ( R-SC) . According to The Hill:

Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) is putting Democrats in a bind by seeking to let illegal immigrants benefit from the healthcare overhaul.

Menendez, the only Hispanic senator, has considerable leverage with Democrats because he may represent the deciding vote on the Senate Finance Committee set to mark up the legislation next week. He's also the party's campaign committee chairman, giving him added influence.

Menendez said he is withholding his support for the bill until his concerns about immigration and other matters are addressed.

His objections come one week after President Barack Obama staunchly disputed GOP accusations that the healthcare proposal would aid illegal immigrants - prompting the now-famous "You lie!" outburst from Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.).

The absurdity and irony of the Democrat reaction to Wilson's outburst has not been lost on the electorate. The party of Harry Reid and Pete Stark simply can't put on the cloak of decorum and then declare angry Republicans out of order. Voters know this. But the irony of the Wilson affair is that his outburst had the effect of not only filling the Republican's campaign coffers but also outing a prominent liberal Democrat like Menendez, who apparently agrees with the Son of the Confederacy from South Carolina. Does that make Menendez a racist?


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Anyone with 1/2 a brain cou... (Below threshold)

Anyone with 1/2 a brain could have figured out ObamaCare would cover illegals. That's why NOTHING about ObamaCare was mentioned by the Hispanic Caucus. Until an enforcement and verification system was put into the bill.

Now isn't that odd? But Barry NEVER lies.

Having concerns about the a... (Below threshold)

Having concerns about the amount of enforcement of a bill, does not mean you are agreeing the President lied.

For the umpteenth bajillionth time, there is a difference between "There's not enough enforcement!" and "You lie!"

I am just saying.

<a href="http://www.washing... (Below threshold)
Pssssst!.........HE LIED!..... (Below threshold)

Pssssst!.........HE LIED!.................

Before Wilson called Obama ... (Below threshold)

Before Wilson called Obama out there was zero, nada, none, zilch, enforcement in the bill. "Not enough" does not equal zero. Obama may not have lied but what he said and what was in the bill at the time was so close to a lie that it gets Lies mail sometimes.

I yelled at lest 7 times th... (Below threshold)

I yelled at lest 7 times that Obama was lieiing during his speech as I packed to go to washington DC for the march! Thank you Joe for saying it to his face! I felt better!

So let me get this straight... (Below threshold)

So let me get this straight...

a president that wants an all inclusive health care bill capable of covering all Americans and health care reform to stabilise the spiralling future deficit increases health care will bring in unchecked (68 Trillion dollars worth by 2050 if unchecked) is a liar?

Yet a president that you had in office for eight years that presided over the destruction of your economic model, the near failure of the western capitalist model, the transfer of economic might from US to Chinese markets, a president who sent you into Iraq over 9/11, the two of which had nothing to do with each other AT ALL, was a whiter than white angel deserving of two terms??

In brief, you people screwed yourselves long before today. Obama has restored some of your standing in the world but your country`s time at the top spot over all is coming to an end, amd as much as you, I, or anyone may want to believe other wise, like the fall of so many empires before, there's not much to be done about it other than accept, adjust, and adapt.

Luke - UK.






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