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A Headline for Jay Leno?

This sounds like a candidate for Jay Leno's headlines if the story itself weren't so terrifying.

Insane killer escapes on field trip to county fair

Seriously. That's a real headline, which leads to the question: who was the genius who thought it was a good idea to take a criminally insane killer to the county fair?!


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Maybe it was the genius who... (Below threshold)
Walter Cronanty:

Maybe it was the genius who took him on his first "field trip":
"In 1991, Paul walked away during a day trip to a Washington lake and was later captured. He attacked a sheriff's deputy in the jail booking area, knocking him unconscious, and was convicted of first-degree escape and second-degree assault."

Just another example of 'li... (Below threshold)

Just another example of 'liberal group think'. In another article it was also disclosed that he was given $50 in spending money. How long did it take him to get to a Greyhound station?

Gotta love those Washington liberals. Seems like there's a contest on the West Coast, which state can be the most liberal. San Francisco has given amnesty to illegals and coddled juvenile offenders, refusing to turn them over to ICE. Well, whata ya know. One turns around and murders a father and his two adult sons. Hey, no biggy!

The family sues San Francisco authorities who passed and implemented the policy IN VIOLATION OF FEDERAL LAW. The case is about to be thrown out of court. Sovereign immunity.
TRANSLATION: We can do any damned stupid thing we want, and you can't sue us!

You know it seems to me, th... (Below threshold)

You know it seems to me, that sanctuary cities like San Francisco need to be excluded from the health care plan until they shape up and follow the law.

This was a pilot program for the 22,000 inmates they will be releasing soon in Kalifornia. They wanted to show that these people, even insane killers, were not a threat to society.

And it worked right?

I wonder if Soros bought hi... (Below threshold)

I wonder if Soros bought him a ticket for DC (see next thread).






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