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"..And It's Just 10 Easy Payments Of $100 Billion.."

Something is very wrong when the President of the United States has to resort to what amounts to live infomercials in an attempt to convince the public that one of his inventions is worth buying into.

Instead of his HealthScare bill standing on its own merit, Obama is banking its success on the strength of his charisma alone.

He has just about blown all of his political capitol, and now has to rely on credit provided by a complicit near-extinct media.

For 5 years, we have been subjected to glowing biographies, puff pieces, glamorous pictorials, and tabloid love-fests.

For corn's sake! If the guy so much has a bowel movement, it's reported as breaking news.

For much of his campaign, we were told Obama was one of the most media savvy politicians in history, namely for his "revolutionary" use of the internet. The alternative media is where it's at. Why he would not divert his energies into spreading the word to venues where his material will be discussed by people who actually have the new media's pulse is a tactical error.

Yet, here we are, close to a year into his presidency, and he's about to embark on what's been billed as an "historic" media blitz of FIVE Sunday talk shows. Talk shows held by media outlets whose sole purpose, it seems, is to provide cheerleading for this floundering administration.

Most likely, the only people who watch will consist of the choir to which he preaches. And this will accomplish what??

If he had any character and conviction, he would go on FOX News and answer a few fastballs. Instead he'll get softballs designed for the purpose of setting up a droning dissertation of talking points based on slanted focus group results and regurgitated wonk-speak.

Hardly a formula for advancing The One's cause.

Perhaps his most successful appearance will be on Letterman's late night variety show.

If it will be as successful as his spot on "The Tonight Show," we should expect another gut-busting riff on the Special Olympics.

What a disgrace.


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Comments (32)

And the cult of personality... (Below threshold)

And the cult of personality shows its dark side...

He is preaching to the choir and demonizes everyone that disagrees with him through his subordinates and the lapdog past tense media that created him.

His shtick is tired and worn and isn't convincing anyone, even his most koolaid addled followers.

This will backfire big time... (Below threshold)

This will backfire big time on Obama IF not one of these 5 "news" shows really ask the hard and tough questions in regard to this healthcare pitch. If they take what Obama says without any followup questions, Breitbart has more material to slam the MSM even further and this will occur when he has maximum traffic for his unveiling next week of the next bombshell. This has the potential to be a huge nail in the coffin of the MSM if they offer nothing but softball questions.

Personally, I think the Gui... (Below threshold)

Personally, I think the Guinness people should be contacted. The FIRST time FIVE networks broadcast the same material read off teleprompters by both the "inquiring media" and the "guest". And all will claim "it's totally unscripted".

Yeah, we believe that.

1. "How are you feeling tod... (Below threshold)

1. "How are you feeling today?"

2. "How is your family adjusting to the spot light and life in the white house?"

3. "Many people have been using the word Racist to describe your opposition. Do you believe this is a race issue?"

4. "Do you back the Baucus Bill currently before congress?"

5. "Many detractors site mainly the cost of health insurance reform. How would you respond to those people?"

And typical answers will follow.

1. I'm doing well thank you.

2. They are doing well, now that we got a dog.

3. I believe there is still an undercurrent of racism in this country but I do not believe that all of my opponents are racists.

4. Unfortunately that bill does not contain a public option which is looking more and more like the only way we can possibly fix our current system. I will sign it if it makes it to my desk, but I do not believe that it will have the necessary votes to get that far. I look forward to the next bill being passed within the month.

5. Let me be perfectly clear...Cost should never be considered when human lives are on the line. People are dying every day because they do not have health insurance and many others who could be saving their lives by getting tested early and often are going without, they will be the statistics in a few years.

The opposition like to toss big numbers around to scare the American People. So let me spell it out for you in a way that is easier to understand. It will only cost $100 Billion a year for 10 years, or a little over 8 Billion a month! That's a bargain when you think of the lives that will be saved and the quality of life improvements for every American.

"He has just about blown al... (Below threshold)

"He has just about blown all of his political capitol, and now has to rely on credit provided by a complicit near-extinct media."

Unfortunately for him, the shamestream media has no credit or credibility to lend.

Hes going to have to rely on the prompter to give an emmy winning performance and even that would only woo 39.432% of probable viewers.

Hello!What this me... (Below threshold)


What this means is he is so afraid of losing his base - he needs to reconnect with them on TV. He's not trying to convince independents or conservatives, He's desperately trying not to lose his base. Hehehe.

I know that I will not be o... (Below threshold)

I know that I will not be one of those watching his demise and the further demise of the state run media. I plan on watching something on the History Channel.

I'm paranoid. I'm afraid th... (Below threshold)

I'm paranoid. I'm afraid the Democratic Party puppetmasters are going to use Obama up and then discard him. That's why they can use up all of his credibility for the health care takeover. They're going to use him up, make him a martyr, and blame it on you and me. That's why they're demonizing all opposition to Obama as racism. Thay's why the party leadership is talking about "violence" by the "teabaggers". They are squeezing out the last little bit of Obama's charisma because they'll soon have his martyrdom to use.

Ha, ha, I'm just kidding. Hey birthers, how do you like reading some real crazy talk? Go ahead, top that!

Oink oink oink... (Below threshold)

Oink oink oink

OBAMA MAYS HERE TO TELL YOU... (Below threshold)



5 Sunday talk shows??? Wha... (Below threshold)

5 Sunday talk shows??? What talk shows?

The only thing I ever watch... (Below threshold)
john 2000:

The only thing I ever watch on any of those dopey outlets is sports and I mute the sound. If the game is on radio, I use that for sound. It's great, I get to find out what happens a number of seconds before watching it like a replay video.

I'm so tired of hearing and reading that idiot's name.

"He has just about blow... (Below threshold)

"He has just about blown all of his political capitol, and now has to rely on credit provided by a complicit near-extinct media."

What you missed his other trick he pulled out of the bag?

Michele and her pulling the Gender Card in a speech to women only.

Five talk shows today. Five... (Below threshold)

Five talk shows today. Five point drop in approval polls tomorrow. Keep it up.

I'm betting all 5 shows tak... (Below threshold)

I'm betting all 5 shows take a ratings hit this week. If overexposure over a period of days is any indication, ONE MAN - 5 SHOWS is going to be a farce.

The Chief Bullshitter is st... (Below threshold)

The Chief Bullshitter is starting out great:

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama says requiring people to get health insurance and fining them if they don't would not amount to a backhanded tax increase. "I absolutely reject that notion," the president said.

Telling people to get health insurance is absolutely not a tax increase, Obama told ABC's "This Week."

"What it's saying is, is that we're not going to have other people carrying your burdens for you anymore," said Obama. "Right now everybody in America, just about, has to get auto insurance. Nobody considers that a tax increase."

Oh boy, health insurance is just like car insurance? And this guy was a "teacher"? No wonder our education system is screwed up.

This is the same president, not more that 5 months ago telling people that if they refinanced their home mortgage to a lower rate, THE SAVINGS WAS A TAX REFUND!

And here all this time I thought Joey Biden was the Gaffe Miester.

I'm watching the female ver... (Below threshold)

I'm watching the female version of Obamalala, CEO of ACORN, on Fox. She is not answering the questions put to her by Chris Wallace. She can't even look at Rep. Issa when he is asking her a question about tax payer money going to ACORN with no transparency. And when she "answers" him it is in the third person as though he is not even there. How dare he! She is trying to appear as victim but, she is showing complete disdain for the people of this country. Paybacks are a bitch liberals. When Obamalala gets the boot conservatives will be wanting to look back, just like Holder is doing, to prosecute wrong doing by these groups with ties to him. Her performance was shameful and pathetic.

He has become a joke to eve... (Below threshold)

He has become a joke to everyone but the left, MSM and liberal comedians. The rest of us are LOAO. ww

MPR - "I'm watching the... (Below threshold)

MPR - "I'm watching the female version of Obamalala,"

I missed that wench, but did see a clip where she referred to the ACORN workers fired by saying sometimes you hire "stupid people."

Not only under the bus but they're being called stupid as well. They hit a ACORN jackpot!

"Right now everybody in... (Below threshold)

"Right now everybody in America, just about, has to get auto insurance. Nobody considers that a tax increase."

Guess obama never noticed car insurance is only mandatory If you CHOSE to own and drive a car.

What WILL be a tax increase, by proxy, is the huge taxes on the insurance companies that will roll down hill in the form of higher premiums.

And BTW, he's whining about people paying for those without insurance...

Nitwit, under the Baucus plan lower income people that can't afford insurance with get a "subsidy" via other peoples tax money.

obama is so full of shit he could be recycled into an alturnative fuel.

Odumbo is one of the most a... (Below threshold)

Odumbo is one of the most arrogant, self centered, obnoxious people to ever enter the oval office.

The downfall of the arrogant is always their arrogance.

REPUBLICANS HOLD OBAMA T... (Below threshold)
Tina S:


Not only did the Bush administration create informecrials but they made them look like actual news stories.

Obama's on TV more then Bil... (Below threshold)

Obama's on TV more then Billy Mays.

This guy can't open his mouth without bullcrapping. Inexperience will do that to you. ww

Obama should be commended f... (Below threshold)
Tina S:

Obama should be commended for having the balls to go on 5 different talk shows. I find it bizarre how the right can find a negative slant on a president opening himself to take so many questions from reporters. It also discredits the notion that he can only speek with a teleprompter.

"What it's saying is, is th... (Below threshold)

"What it's saying is, is that we're not going to have other people carrying your burdens for you anymore," said Obama.
So now he is calling for welfare reform?

Tina...Five shows ... (Below threshold)


Five shows with Obamamites. He seems to have decided to skip one morning show. One with the most viewers. One with the most viewers who have the most questions about his plans. He choses to preach to the choir. Takes no balls to do that. Doesn't make much sense to pitch a sale to believers when you need converts.

tina s -"Not only did t... (Below threshold)

tina s -"Not only did the Bush administration create informecrials but they made them look like actual news stories."

Some indictment you have there. obama blasts 5 networks including begging Univision for Christ sakes and Bush... Bush gets caught doing that ONCE and your whining.

BTW Univision is a Hispanic channel, is not going on BET a racist act? Hey I'm just asking.

P.S. tina, you may want to check what obama had to say on Univision. This political/foreign policy neophyte is backing the wrong horse and sided with someone who typifies everything that American IS NOT!

Obama should be commended f... (Below threshold)

Obama should be commended for having the balls to go on 5 different talk shows.

Tina, he'd be commended if he went on FOX.
His "non-appearance" on the MOST WATCHED news channel says a lot about him. HE LIKES PREACHING TO THE CHOIR.


Go drink your kool aid like a nice little girl.

"REPUBLICANS HOLD OBAMA TO ... (Below threshold)


No kathie, it only appears that way because he can't measure up to anything.

Some indictment... (Below threshold)
Tina S:

Some indictment you have there. obama blasts 5 networks including begging Univision for Christ sakes and Bush... Bush gets caught doing that ONCE and your whining.


Shawn was using comedy to compare Obama going on talk shows with creating an infomercial. Obama did not actually create an infomercial. The Bush administration actually made infomercials that looked like real news reports. The Bush administration than distributed them to the networks.

tina s - "The Bush admi... (Below threshold)

tina s - "The Bush administration than distributed them to the networks."

And so? Never said he didn't you mental midget.

The government has been exc... (Below threshold)

The government has been excessively spending taxpayer money and we have had ENOUGH

Join the Free Enterprise Nation to see how you can help us ban together and restructure our nation's unfair distribution of funds and rebuild this economy.







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