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Past Their Expiration Date

Recently, I talked about how Pat Buchanan really, really has outlived whatever usefulness he might have ever had. Well, I seem to have struck on a theme, because in the past week, two other political figures have come up in the news who also are well past their "best if sold by" date.

First up, someone at The Daily Beast must have found the stash of the good drugs, because they seem to think that, should the Massachusetts legislature once again rewrite the law to benefit Democrats and screw Republicans and let the governor once again have the power to fill United States Senate vacancies, the ideal replacement for Ted Kennedy would be Michael Dukakis.

Yeah, I forgot he was still alive, too. Although to be fair, the classic question "how can you tell?" seems to apply.

Dukakis. Somehow, the author wants to tie that possibility in to Congressman Joe Wilson's outburst at Obama's address to Congress. Well, if you're concerned about people having too much passion in Congress, sending the legendarily bloodless Dukakis makes a certain amount of sense.

And then, Jimmy Carter (remember him? I wish I didn't) chose to chime in on current politics by saying that most of the criticism of President Obama is racist in origin. This was unwelcome news to the Obama administration, which was hoarding that particular race card for a really important time, so they quickly distanced himself from Carter's frothings.

Poor, poor Jimmy. Even John McCain says he was one of the worst presidents of the 20th century, and getting McCain to say something bad about a Democrat is a truly Herculean task.

But Carter's outburst should come as no surprise. He laid now for about a decade after getting tossed out on his ass in 1980, but he's been a pain in the ass for every president since Clinton. Somehow he has convinced himself that "beating Gerald Ford two years after Watergate" granted him some sort of lifetime license of moral superiority and relevance.

Carter, Dukakis, Buchanan... it's certainly clear that there is a downside in the progress in medical technology and the extending of the useful human lifespan.


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Jimmah Carter's outburst pu... (Below threshold)

Jimmah Carter's outburst put a screaming halt to the "RACIST!" canard. When the 'worst president of the 20th century' says conservatives who oppose Obama are "RACIST!", liberal people began to realize how ridiculous it sounded. Couple that with the fact that conservatives were not cowed by the appellation; they've pulled it back with the realization of how little sting it actually carries now. As you pointed out, they need to conserve that for a "real emergency". However, I think they will also find 'that dog won't hunt' if they try to play it again in the future. Hard to scream RACIST! when you've got a Black man in the WH and a Black man running DOJ. The diehard Obamabots will buy it, but it appears that they comprise only 12% of the electorate.

The race card stings in a d... (Below threshold)

The race card stings in a different way now.

People have had enough of being falsely accused of racism and aren't going to stand for it any more.

So see, Jimmy had a real pu... (Below threshold)

So see, Jimmy had a real purpose in life after all.

I believe you included an e... (Below threshold)

I believe you included an extra word in your final sentence w.r.t. to these 3 individuals - 'useful' ?

To my mind, at least, Dukak... (Below threshold)
James H:

To my mind, at least, Dukakis appeals strictly as a caretaker senator until the next election.

Keep in mind Dukakis is 76 ... (Below threshold)

Keep in mind Dukakis is 76 years old now, especially when you say "caretaker". Probably better to just stuff Splash and prop him up in a chair. Everyone already knows how he'd vote.

What a sick joke to play on... (Below threshold)

What a sick joke to play on the People of Mass. The socialist's are scraping the bottom of the barrel for sludge to replace uncle pickled. Looks like they've found some.

914 - Hey, on the bright si... (Below threshold)

914 - Hey, on the bright side at least it's not another Kennedy. Just a clone.

The Left has already forgot... (Below threshold)

The Left has already forgotten about Alinsky.

Rule 11: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it. Don't try to attack abstract corporations or bureaucracies. Identify a responsible individual. Ignore attempts to shift or spread the blame.

Previously, when the Left played the race card they followed Rule 11 and made it a personal attack. Now we have individuals playing the race card, not against individuals but against general groups.

Nobody wants to be seen defending a racist for fear of being called a racist themselves. When played against individuals or small groups it is effective in peeling them away from the herd.

Most people are NOT racist anymore. So if the charge is used too much or too broadly, it is no longer effective.

When Jimmy Carter says that most people who oppose Obama are racist, then the racism charge is no longer personalized.

Look at the polls, it ts the majority of Americans who oppose Obamacare. The racism charge is not targeting individuals, it is painting the majority of Americans as racist.

What that means is the average American hears Jimmy Carter and says "Wait a minute. Is he talking about me? I don't feel comfortable with Obamacare. But, I'm not a racist."
The charge is not peeling people from the herd anymore.

Also, look at the last line of Rule 11.

Ignore attempts to shift or spread the blame.

Ironically,it is the healthcare debate that has been personalized into Obamacare. And its the racism charge that looks like the attempt to shift or spread the blame.

Damn, I wish I had read this book 20 years ago. Alinksy's book could be on par with Sun Tzu or Miyamoto Musashi.

Liberals (progressives as t... (Below threshold)

Liberals (progressives as they like to be called now) also hate rule #5. They do not like ridicule when it's aimed at them.

[email protected], Great observation.<... (Below threshold)

[email protected], Great observation.

"" ... John (McCRainman) sa... (Below threshold)

"" ... John (McCRainman) says (Carping Cartah) was one of the worst "presidents" of the 20th century ... ""

Only one of, eh?

So Mr McCRainman's a fool AND a liar.



"914 - Hey, on the bright s... (Below threshold)

"914 - Hey, on the bright side at least it's not another Kennedy. Just a clone."

Clone? In that case they scraped the river bottom for some matching DNA.

Brian always has a really c... (Below threshold)

Brian always has a really cool comeback. Now if only he was intelligible.


Pat is the most vital comme... (Below threshold)

Pat is the most vital commentator on tv. his books are always best sellers, even "the unneccesary war" which is like 500 pages long and an exceedingly dry argument about ww2. and he was the only person on tv or in the press who really came out strong against the iraq war, which added many years to his career.

He the most honest commentator, which is why he's so controversial. I don't agree with him on everything but I admire him for being honest and value him espeically for his antiwar views. without him the anti war movement would have literally no one speaking for us except for when they deign to allow Ron Paul on for like a minute.

check out his stuff at







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