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The Real Stealth Attack on Private Insurance

Jeffery H. Anderson at NRO's Critical Condition blog notes a few things about the Baucus bill that should cause everyone concern:

It would reduce Americans' liberty by requiring them to buy health insurance and fining them if they don't.

It would ruin private insurance by requiring insurers to cover all comers at the same premium. In doing so, it would thereby give people -- especially the young and healthy -- a colossal incentive not to buy insurance (despite the fines), knowing that, anytime they get sick, they can buy "insurance" at that point, and can do so at the same premium as if they'd been paying into the insurance pool all along. The combination of insurers having to cover people with expensive preexisting conditions at premiums that won't cover those people's costs, and of millions opting out because they can opt back in with no penalty at any point, would cause everyone else's insurance premiums to skyrocket. This, not the "public option," is the real stealth attack on private insurance.

The bill would cost nearly $1 trillion over ten years and would provide federal government subsidies -- not tax-breaks, but actual subsidies -- to families making up to $88,000 a year (400 percent of poverty). If, with inflation, the poverty-rate rises three percent a year, then by 2014 the federal government would be subsidizing those making over $100,000.

According to the CBO, the bill would be paid for through a roughly even mix of tax-increases and "savings" squeezed out of Medicare. The tax-increases would total $354 billion over ten years. The Medicare cuts are either fanciful, in which case the bill would cause deficits to explode, or else they are real, in which case seniors will be the ones to explode. Seniors had no problem making themselves heard at the August town-hall protests, but President Obama and Senator Baucus seem to have turned a deaf ear.

With this knowledge, is it any wonder Baucus presented this bill to America on Wednesday with no one by his side? As Huckabee said on Fox the other night, it is in a way a bipartisan bill in that large numbers of both parties hate it.


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But...but...but...Barry say... (Below threshold)

But...but...but...Barry says that it won't increase the deficit ONE DIME. Hahahahaha!!!!

I'm not having any of it. ... (Below threshold)

I'm not having any of it. Not paying any bullshit fines, either; if they want it, they can come and try to take it.

If they want to try some IRS wage garnishment bullshit, fine, I'll just work for cash.

"In a truly free society... (Below threshold)

"In a truly free society no one can be forced to have health insurance"

- Arlen Specter

Yet it's the only way to make so-called "universal care" work.

But Obama and the Democrats are not about to let things like the Constitution get in their way.

Who knew. Baucus really di... (Below threshold)

Who knew. Baucus really did get bipartisan consensus. "It sucks".

It would reduce Am... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
It would reduce Americans' liberty by requiring them to buy health insurance and fining them if they don't.

As opposed to...

...millions opting out because they can opt back in with no penalty at any point...

There is no opting out because everyone is required to buy health insurance. If Anderson didn't see the obviously inconsistency in his own statement then I'm not sure I need to pay too much attention to what else he has to say.

The Baucus bill is an honest bill and it shows just what it would take to cover most Americans with health insurance they can afford while not adding to the Federal deficit. As such, no one likes it. Obama can't sign a bill that taxes the high end health plans of union workers, and many liberals demand a public option, and conservatives don't like the idea of forcing people to buy health insurance.

For Democrats to pass a healthcare bill they first have to find a way to hide the costs from the American people.

Does anyone believe all the... (Below threshold)

Does anyone believe all the taxes dumped on the insurance companies via the Baucus bill won't be passed on to the consumers via higher policy rates?

Besides Baucus, his sycophants I mean.

Off topic, but still related to insurance, how many people will hit the unemployment line as a result of obama blatant attempt to completely take over the student loan industry from banks and other lenders?

Does anyone believe all the... (Below threshold)

Does anyone believe all the taxes dumped on the insurance companies via the Baucus bill won't be passed on to the consumers via higher policy rates?

Doesn't matter. The Magical Unicorn of Congress will not let them pass on the costs. Same with forcing insurance companies taking people with pre-existing conditions. No additional charge. NO ONE IN CONGRESS HAS A CLUE ABOUT STATISTICAL USAGE IN SETTING RATES. Because ALL insurance companies are EVIL and CHARGE AS MUCH AS THEY CAN.

And that Magic Unicorn is going to wring $500 BILLION in waste and fraud out of Medicare. Just you watch. Any time now. Soon. Real soon.

Guess what's going to happen when all those extra taxes are foisted on insurance companies, medical labs, prosthetic manufacturers, etc. If they can, they'll jack up their prices, if they can't THEY'LL GO OUT OF BUSINESS. Which is what Barry and Company want in the first place.

Maggie, please, can you tro... (Below threshold)

Maggie, please, can you troll hammer jacksmith? Pasting identical comments on multiple blogs does not constitute contribution to the debate

Punk in aisle #8, clean-up ... (Below threshold)

Punk in aisle #8, clean-up crew to aisle 8!

GrandFan - "Because ALL... (Below threshold)

GrandFan - "Because ALL insurance companies are EVIL and CHARGE AS MUCH AS THEY CAN

Sooooo "evil" health insurance companies average less than a 3 percent return (that maens profits you nitwits!) on their investment.

Marc - the rate of return i... (Below threshold)

Marc - the rate of return is not a fact the "progressives" want widely known. My point was that "progressives" spill out the garbage that insurance companies "just make up high rates" out of thin air because they can and because the EVIL CEO's can then get more MONEY.

jacksmith - Working Class
You're off your meds again, aren't you?

you silly Republicans...whe... (Below threshold)
hillbilly oe:

you silly Republicans...when we have a emergency room/ems system that let's you young bullet-proof uninsured folks die when you get injured, then we can talk "free markets"...as it is now, everyone has healthcare, oneway or another, but only some of us are paying for it! You can go die now.






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