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Carly Fiorina To Challenge Barbara Boxer?

Looks like a possibility, if (and that's still a big if) she can win the Republican nomination...


Via Josh Trevino and SacBee.


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May the loose goose sit on ... (Below threshold)

May the loose goose sit on your unripe spruce!

Good f&%cing luck Carly! S... (Below threshold)

Good f&%cing luck Carly! Seriously?

Who cares? short of starri... (Below threshold)

Who cares? short of starring in action movies, Republicans have zero chance of winning state wide elections in California.

do you really think that any Republican can ever overcome the demographic advantages that the Democrats have in California.

Ronald Reagan and the open border Republicans have made California a lock for Democrats. Please do not waste your time and energy working for a candidate with zero chance of winning.

Superdestroyer -Ev... (Below threshold)

Superdestroyer -

Even Democrats are affected by reality - though it's debatable just how much reality it takes to overcome 'reality-based' thinking.

With the state economy tanking and businesses moving out for their survival, eventually all but the hardest-core dems will realize that you don't get money from nothing and nothing is what the Democratic leadership in CA is valiantly striving for...

But is Carly and better the... (Below threshold)

But is Carly and better then Boxer? After all, she has a track record of taking one company to bankruptcy (Lucent) and getting booted out of another (HP). Why don't you just retire before you hurt more people Carly?

Right now, I'd vote for Mic... (Below threshold)

Right now, I'd vote for Mickey Mouse if he were running against Boxer. Oh, sorry, SENATOR Boxer.

I hope she makes it to the ... (Below threshold)
Victory is Ours:

I hope she makes it to the ticket because she hasn't a prayer of winning.


The senate voted not to app... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

The senate voted not to approve and amendment that would solve the water problem in the central valley for farmers by giving them the water they need to grow food for the nation. Boxer is owned by the environmentalists. Fish don't vote.

Chuck DeVore is the Conserv... (Below threshold)
The Exposer:

Chuck DeVore is the Conservative in the race. Carly is just another liberal.

Little ryan and vic only li... (Below threshold)

Little ryan and vic only like women like pelosi or boxer. Real smart women. Next they'll be saying that Carly's daughter was really her grandaughter.

VIC obviously doesn't live ... (Below threshold)

VIC obviously doesn't live in the People's Republic. There was a time when the central valley could be counted on to back Democratic candidates. Given their current economic state (over 40% unemployment) and the fact it was a Democratic legislature that screwed them, I wouldn't count on their votes in the future. I suppose Nancy Pelosi could come out there and explain why the San Francisco Bay Marsh Mouse got $116 MILLION in Stimulus money, but I don't think the farmers will follow her logic.






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