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From The Artist Formerly Known As Ted Kennedy

Ted Kennedy Art.jpg

Apparently Ted Kennedy was an artist, and his prints are more valuable than ever. From the Cape Code Times.

"A lot of people are surprised when they see it. They didn't realize Kennedy painted and that he was pretty good," [Rob] Consalvo said. "People didn't always see the whole man, they saw just the public man, the senator. But he was a gifted athlete, he loved to sing, and he could paint. He had an amazing number of talents - not the least of which was inspiring others."

A tipster sent along his homage to what a Kennedy Chappaquiddick painting may have looked like...


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HEY!! HE MISSED THE PARTY?... (Below threshold)


I was afraid that the passi... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

I was afraid that the passing of Ted Kennedy would mean an end to the jokes surrounding the death of a young woman but no . . .

a proud GOP tradition lives on!

That's right Adrian. The G... (Below threshold)

That's right Adrian. The GOP is EEEEVIL for making jokes about the death of a woman caused by a Democrat.

Adrian do you ever read the... (Below threshold)

Adrian do you ever read the pap you write? Teddy was scum...accept it.

Adrian - Just because Ted i... (Below threshold)

Adrian - Just because Ted is dead does not change the fact that he purposely killed a young woman. By fleeing the scene, he killed her as surely as if he had put a gun to her head and pulled the trigger. That would have been more humane than what he actually did. Quit idolizing that pond scum.

Adrian, aren't you aware th... (Below threshold)

Adrian, aren't you aware that Teddy was fond of Chappaquiddick jokes?

Funny how Oldsmobile never ... (Below threshold)

Funny how Oldsmobile never sought out Teddy to be a celebrity endorser!

That picture would make a g... (Below threshold)

That picture would make a great postage stamp even though the demacreeps wouldnt aprove of it

I notice Teddy's not in the... (Below threshold)

I notice Teddy's not in the picture?? So it must be historically and factually correct.

But with the ego he had, I would have expected him to paint himself pulling that dying girl out of the car or something?

You guys are evil; and I lo... (Below threshold)

You guys are evil; and I love it.

Clearly the picture was pos... (Below threshold)

Clearly the picture was posted upside down, just like you conservatives to immediately assume that is Chappaquiddick instead of a commentary on automobiles and pollution. (can't you see the city dump the vehicle is driving in?)

It's easy, all you have to do is turn your head completely upside down, or easier still, turn over your monitor!

You conservatives are a bunch of idiots and you should be ashamed for making fun of Splash!

Crap! I meant Teddy! You should be ashamed for making fun of Teddy!

*cough* /sarc

p.s.Yes I know the... (Below threshold)


Yes I know the photo above is not the actual artwork in question.

Side note: Teddy's book is top of the NYT list with Glenn Beck right behind. Do you really think it would have sold like that if it had been released say...two months ago?

Artwork and Books, they always sell more and for more after you are dead. Being an artist sucks.

Yellow?? Mary Jo wishes She... (Below threshold)

Yellow?? Mary Jo wishes She would have taken a cab that night!

Adrian:I... (Below threshold)


I was afraid that the passing of Ted Kennedy would mean an end to the jokes surrounding the death of a young woman but no . . .

I agree. People should forget about Mary Jo so we can pretend Ted Kennedy, the Liberal Lion, didn't leave her to die and imagine that he was a decent human being.

"I was afraid that the pass... (Below threshold)

"I was afraid that the passing of Ted Kennedy would mean an end to the jokes surrounding the death of a young woman but no . . ."

Yes, sad to say. But some of us must go on.. And have the common sense to think of others before onesself.

"HEY!! HE MISSED THE PARTY?... (Below threshold)


Hell!! He missed the bridge!






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