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Bambi Meets Godzilla 2009; President Bambi and Nukes

Somehow I knew this one was coming.

Notice the observation, "In a first for a U.S. president, Obama presided over the 15-member meeting". Yep, that's President Bambi leading the charge to rid the world of nukes. Wattamessiah!!

I mean, it's a given that no thinking person likes nuclear weapons or wants to contemplate the consequences of even a 'minor' nuclear exchange. All leaders in government, religion, or any beneficent social effort would love to see nuclear weapons be removed from the world. So what's wrong with the U.N. Security Council voting to move towards doing just that?


The science behind nuclear weapons is well-established. That's why, for decades after the U.S. and U.S.S.R. both came to the conclusion that an actual nuclear exchange could never be allowed to happen, both sides not only maintained their nuclear stockpile, but created new weapons and delivery systems for them. Because back when adults were in charge, they understood that deterrence was not only the status quo, but a critical mission. If either side reached a point where it held a commanding advantage in such weapons, the temptation to use them in a first strike to eliminate the threat would rise significantly. And even after the Cold War ended, the U.S. and Russia still maintained nuclear stockpiles, because other nations, some of them unstable and belligerent to civilization, possessed or were pursuing nuclear weapons, and the stockpiles of the greater powers was necessary to dissuade the development programs in many countries who otherwise would see their chance to claim territory and regional influence through the threat of nuclear war. Which brings us, of course, to the flies in the soup for even today's naïve contestants.

"North Korea tested a second nuclear weapon this year, and Iran has resisted greater international oversight for its nuclear program. Iran says its nuclear activities are for peaceful purposes, but the United States and other major powers fear they are a cover for a weapons program."

Yeah, and the sun came up in the East this morning. Call me cynical, but I worked in electricity for nearly nine years, and it's just silly to pretend that a breeder reactor in the middle of nowhere, not even connected until very recently to any external delivery grid, much less established step-down distribution stations to industrial factories or metropolitan residential areas, is somehow meant to provide lights and power for ordinary folks. Never mind the fact that heavy-water plants like the ones used by Iran are now used exclusively for weapons-grade plutonium and uranium production. As for North Korea, anyone who thinks Dear Leader would be willing to give up his ambition to possess a nuclear arsenal is in need of a jacket with the sleeves in the back, the kind which tie together to prevent self-injury.

Bambi thinks he can wish the nukes away. He is dangerously wrong in his most recent fallacy.


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Comments (18)

Hes dumber than a box of ro... (Below threshold)

Hes dumber than a box of rocks.

Well, ya see DJ, once all t... (Below threshold)

Well, ya see DJ, once all those nasty nukes are turned into plowshares; IT WILL BE AGAINST THE LAW to make another one. Got it? You'll be PUNISHED for making one. HOW you ask? As Barry would say, er...ah....ummm....er.... Well, we won't have to punish anyone, because NO ONE will make another. You have my word on it.

See? All better now. What a great guy!

DJ, this clown is cracking ... (Below threshold)

DJ, this clown is cracking me up. I think he actually believes this crap. Look at Gadaffi and Iran's loon said at the UN. Bambi actually thinks you can trust these guys. He is not ready for the worlds stage. It is obvious. Too much so. He embarasses me. ww

"He is not ready for the wo... (Below threshold)

"He is not ready for the worlds stage."

Now Barry would simply say "The world is not ready for ME". Nuance.

GarandFan, your good. ;) ww... (Below threshold)

GarandFan, your good. ;) ww

The pertinate question is, ... (Below threshold)

The pertinate question is, when will obama name Dennis Kucinich as the Peace Department Czar?

"when will obama name Denn... (Below threshold)

"when will obama name Dennis Kucinich as the Peace Department Czar?"

Kookspinach will be on the next shuttle as an ambassador czar of peace to mars.

LOL! Every time I hear the... (Below threshold)

LOL! Every time I hear the name Dennis Kucinich, I immediately hear the background theme to "The Twilight Zone". Talk about someone who overcompensates for his short stature!

Obama's goal is clear: to '... (Below threshold)

Obama's goal is clear: to 'level the playing field' and put the USA at risk.

The same goal economically.

Obama said in his speech to... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Obama said in his speech to the UN "I will never apologize for defending the interests of the United States."

I've come to realize that what he means is: "I will never defend the interests of the United States."

Oh, goodie.Now all... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Oh, goodie.

Now all Obama needs to do is get Superman to give an empassioned speech at the UN...

...oh, wait, perhaps Obama IS superman.

Serious question, will he b... (Below threshold)

Serious question, will he be able to disarm us before he is voted out of office? Will the adult that takes over be able to stop the madness?

I don't think that he can c... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I don't think that he can completely disarm us, but he can let enemies get a heck of a lot stronger and do nothing to hinder them which can be far worse.

I am starting to think that... (Below threshold)

I am starting to think that Obama has been crygenically frozen for the last twenty or thirty years.
Lets ignore the sheer insanity of the fact that Obama is negotiating with Russians to reduces their arms stick pile while pretty much ignoring the Iranians and the North Koreans while they build theirs; lets just ignor that piece of foriegn policy brilliance for now.
My real point is that it really seems like Obama was frozen sometime before 1980 and still thinks that he is in the Cold War and it is Russian nukes that we are afraid of. Think about it. He was frozen before he could see how the Carter years worked out (badly), before the fall of communism, before the Iranian Hostage Crisis, and before the rebuttal of Keynsian economics. In this one can see the genesis behind every single one of Obama's domestic and foriegn policy decisions.
He does not kiss up to Iran because he likes dictators; he does it because he thinks the Shah is still in charge. He didn't sell out the Poles because he is trying to demean our allies; he just thinks that they are still part of the Eastern Block. He is not flirting (or fathering illegitimate bastard children) with socialism because he is ignoring all evedence of its failures; he is just from a time where it had not yet had a chance to fail.
Thus we should not castigate Obama for his temporal disconnect but merely treat him like we would a recently unfrozen Brendan Frazure, for that is all he is.
Unless of course my hypothesis is wrong in wich case he is just an arrogent dimwit.

According to Barry's view o... (Below threshold)

According to Barry's view of the world, HE is THE ONE. NONE can withstand the magnificence of his oratory. His tongue is a true lightsaber, slaying all who would oppose Him. His logic is irrefutable, you have but to listen and fall under His spell. He will guide all, He will provide for all. Trust in Him, He is the Way, He is the Truth, He is the Light. Barry would not LIE to you!

Forget all that stuff from the campaign where Barry admitted to no foreign policy experience. That's why Joey Biden was added to the ticket. That's why Joey Biden is at the UN this week in the spotlight ....er.....ah.....

Staylor This is... (Below threshold)


This is all in BHO books. He hung out with whack jobs in College who believed that Unilateral disarmament was the way to peace. He saw USSR as the greater good where everyone had food, shelter and clothing and no one went hungry. The Soviet Union was unlike the evil decadent capitalistic system of America. He understood that it is wrong for Americans to judge other societies since America founded by the committing genocide Native Americans and the stealing of land from Mexico all done by White slave owners. (none of them were sanctified , deified ,intelligent, peaceful and morally superior Europeans)

In other words he is the culmination of years of progressive liberal indoctrination. Remember white man's greed rules a world in need and we all know the Greediest White Men on the plant is the USA and BHO is here to put take us down a notch.
The American arrogance and greed curtail we will seen new age of enlightenment.

Perhaps I should share a ta... (Below threshold)

Perhaps I should share a tattered copy of the Honolulu Star Bulletin with Barry. It's from the day the Japanese surrendered in WWII. Buried on page 3 is a call to scientists around the world TO JOIN TOGETHER TO BAN FUTURE ATOMIC WEAPONS.

No, James, Superman stands ... (Below threshold)

No, James, Superman stands for
truth, justice, and the American way.

Obama is no superman, he hates America
and he lies and cheats constantly.






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