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Breaking - President Bush fully vindicated, multiple WMD stockpiles found in Iraq

Breaking news from NPR.

Najibullah Zazi "has been indicted in the Eastern District of New York "on a charge of conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction (explosive bombs) against persons or property in the United States," the Justice Department just announced.

I guess we can put the whole "Bush lied, blah blah blah" crap to bed now that Obama's Justice Department has declared high explosives to be weapons of mass destruction. Iraq was, and remains, awash in high explosives. Ipso facto.

Sleep well tonight, Mr. Bush. You'll never get the apologies you're due from the left. But with Obama in the White House it was only a matter of time until the very real threats they mocked for seven years while you strove to protect America would be escalated into narrowly averted WMD attacks.

I'll give Obama credit where he deserves it - once again Americans can feel good about small victories in the War on Terror Steadfast and Forthright Endeavor to Circumvent or Possibly Eliminate Anthropogenic Unnatural Natural Disasters.


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Comments (36)

Dude, this guy is in Denver... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Dude, this guy is in Denver. Hardly Iraq.

Wonder how many laws were v... (Below threshold)

Wonder how many laws were violated to catch this guy. Aren't the Democrats "concerned" about that? Has anyone advised this 'poor man' of his rights? Has he been "waterboarded". Did anyone bother to get search warrants?

Dude, it's the way the Obam... (Below threshold)
ed davis:

Dude, it's the way the Obama administration now includes high explosives in their definition of WMD. Hardly coherent.

Democrats have gotten alot ... (Below threshold)

Democrats have gotten alot more comfortable with the idea of a president lying to them ever since Obama started pushing his health care scheme.

I guess that lets Joe Wilso... (Below threshold)

I guess that lets Joe Wilson (the liar), not Joe Wilson (the town crier), off the hook for his powder cake social now.

Sorry my snark detector mus... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Sorry my snark detector must have been turned off.

"Democrats have gotten alot... (Below threshold)

"Democrats have gotten alot more comfortable with the idea of a president lying to them ever since Obama started pushing his health care scheme."

Even earlier than that I think.. They were comfortable with lying ever since Billyboner confessed to never having sex with that Woman (Ms. Lewinsky), He never asked anyone to lie, ever. Those allegations were false and thus having cleared his good name He had to trudge back into the jizz ridden Oval office and do some more good works for the American People.

Ahhhhhhhh, Bach!... (Below threshold)
ed davis:

Ahhhhhhhh, Bach!

"Democrats have gotten alot... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"Democrats have gotten alot more comfortable with the idea of a president lying to them ever since Obama started pushing his health care scheme."

No. it's that they have no problem with lying in order to achieve their aims. When Obama lies it is a means to an end so it is excused.

I could see why their confu... (Below threshold)

I could see why their confused about WMD. After all, the Global War on Terror is now "Overseas Contingency Operations", and terrorist acts are "man-caused disasters". Still waiting to find out what all those deaths on 9/11 are called now. We once called it "murder" or "an act of war". Guess Barry might call it "vigorous debate". As for 'explosives', that's so yesterday. Democrats want to punch it up a notch according to Buffy.

OK BVO, I can't say I follo... (Below threshold)

OK BVO, I can't say I followed this one. Just so there's no misunderstanding, I thing that BHO is the worst president in recent history, support the war in Iraq (although I have a problem with the horrible job the Bush administration did of explaining the why) but that said...

I don't see the Iraq connection. What did I miss?


PS Ed Davis - AWESOME Radar O'Reilly reference! I've gotten strange looks for throwing down that line more than a few times...

" I thing that BHO is the w... (Below threshold)

" I thing that BHO is the worst president in recent history,s"

I thing You just made the biggest misunderstatement of your life.

I love how they'll change t... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

I love how they'll change terminology to make it work only for what they need it to. the double standards out there are incredible.

Okay, sorry, BVO, but this ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Okay, sorry, BVO, but this is a BIG stretch. What happens in CO, stays in CO. Unless it originated in Iraq, this is hardly a vindication for Bush, or even connected.

And just because some legal asshat attempts to redefine what a WMD is and isn't doesn't mean an "explosive bombs" (geezus, a bomb IS explosive) is a WMD. Come on, this isn't necessary. And there's no need to because...

Bush got that vindication in Sept. '07 when the Israelis bombed a reactor in the desert 90K from the Iraq border....there's ample correlations that can be drawn between that event and Iraq's alleged nonexistent WMD programs (which weren't non existent according the Charlie Deulfer's report).

So let's not present stuff like this as "evidence". It doesn't help our cause; it hurts it.

And if it's satire, file under such.

Crazy is the best the repub... (Below threshold)

Crazy is the best the republicans can come up with? The premise that "President Bush fully vindicated, multiple WMD stockpiles found in Iraq" is pure and crazy fantasy. Try a little harder...your fiction writing skills are lame and are even more 'out-there' than science-fiction.

SAUD, Thistle,Your... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

SAUD, Thistle,

Your beef is with the Obama administration, they're the ones who are classifying explosive bombs as WMD.

Obama admin. says explosives = WMD
Iraq had massive amounts of explosives in 2003
Ergo Iraq had WMD

It's the kind of technically right that lawyerly types and bureaucrats get off on. Don't like it? Take it up with Eric Holder.

You liberal loonies do not ... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

You liberal loonies do not get to decide what words mean. If the Hussein Obama admin, calls what that terrorist who has been charged in NYC with possession of WMD, than the mountains of the same material why would that not be classified as WMD? You all cried how Bush lied, however when it is shown, absolutely, that Obama lies everytime his lips move. You do not seem to notice. Some say the left has a double standard. I say you have no standards whatsoever. Probably the fault of the Jews for beaming high intensity radiation at liberal heads.

"Sooo..." um SAUDW... (Below threshold)

"Sooo..." um SAUD

Were not saying anything of the sort.. Obama is redifining the term to include exsplosives that kill a mere 250,000 at a crack as opposed to anthrax that may kill 6 delivered in the right manor.

"One last question: The "mushroom cloud" Rice was referring to was???????"

Put on hold until Ammabombadinnahjackoff gets his hands on the blueprints Gore is rushing over.

"Perhaps it was the shrooms he and Bush must have been eating when they decided to Invade a country full of artillery shells and bullets.)"

Mor people have died via artillery shells and bullets than all other causes of death combined.

Baron Von Ottomatic...what ... (Below threshold)

Baron Von Ottomatic...what convoluted logic. Your premise is faulty and based on opinion, not fact. Your premise is devoid of any factual information.
Your conjecture is faulty. You cannot simply say anything you want, and because it is published or broadcast somewhere, that doesn't make it true. Repeating the same faulty premise over and over does not make it a fact. It just means that you are really good at repeating things.

"Repeating the same faulty ... (Below threshold)

"Repeating the same faulty premise over and over does not make it a fact."

Does that also apply to you, repeating yourself over and over?

Or are you and SAUD so dense that you don't appreciate irony?

GarandFan,Could you ... (Below threshold)

Could you even define irony? Your side is good at defining things in your own terms, but rarely are your terms based on fact or reality.

Would like for someone defending this ludicrous post "Breaking- President Bush fully vindicated, multiple WMD stockpiles found in Iraq" to reference one fact that can be verified or validated. It can't be done.

"Please clarify for us the ... (Below threshold)
George Kennedy:

"Please clarify for us the supposition that "explosives" is what Bush meant when he spoke of WMDs. Pray tell us oh great sage what Rice meant when she spoke of a mushroom cloud. Further pray tell what Powell was speaking of in the UN?"

A mushroom cloud is self explanatory. WMD'S are any weapons that in the hands of a lunatic can be used to cause mass death and destruction. Thus, explosives are WMD's just ask McVeigh! And if You think a WMD has to be associated with atomic or nuclear capability to be a WMD you are hopelessly lost..

Where specifically are the ... (Below threshold)

Where specifically are the "multiple WMD stockpiles found in Iraq" located? Can you give the coordinates, or even a simple estimation of their location? What Iraqi town are they near?
Need the info so I can call False News so they can broadcast the Bush vindication Tour to all their loyal...followers.
Will be breathlessly awaiting the coordinates!

#25 oops... Im not George K... (Below threshold)

#25 oops... Im not George Kennedy on that one! Ha ha ha ha "Sometimes nothing is a real cool hand." right SAUD.

"Where specifically are the... (Below threshold)

"Where specifically are the "multiple WMD stockpiles found in Iraq" located? Can you give the coordinates, or even a simple estimation of their location? What Iraqi town are they near?
Need the info so I can call False News so they can broadcast the Bush vindication Tour to all their loyal...followers.
Will be breathlessly awaiting the coordinates"

Somewhere in the middle of the desert. Close enough?

Somewhere in the middle of ... (Below threshold)

Somewhere in the middle of the desert is close enough for the Faux News folks and their loyalists...somebody call Neil Cavuto.

<a href="http://www.mnf-ira... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:


There you go, Thistle. Numerous reports of WMDs (as defined by Obama's Justice Department) discovered and destroyed in Iraq.

Now how about you go back and review some of the response on the left to the prosecutions of Jose Padilla and Richard Reid. You know the ones - mocking the idea that the Clouseau-esque shoe bomber (who possessed the same TATP compound as Zazi planned to use) and especially the wannabe dirty bomber Padilla posed a real terrorist threat.

But now every potential terrorist strike we root out is a narrowly averted WMD attack.

Do you get it now? I'm goofing on Obama's JD and the media. Imagine the lampooning Bush's AG would have endured from the media if he was dumb enough to try and sell a conventional explosives = WMD indictment.

This is old news. Just ask ... (Below threshold)
liberal troll:

This is old news. Just ask Rummy, "We know where they are. They're in the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, south and north somewhat."

SAUD: For all your 'leftist... (Below threshold)

SAUD: For all your 'leftist sophistication and intelligence', you failed to grasp the initial point of the thread.

Now it's the fault of others that your little mind could not wrap itself around:

WMD used to = nuclear, chemical and biological weapons

WMD (under Obama) = explosives as well as WMD

Or could it really be that YOU REALLY ARE SO FUCKING STUPID, you don't know the difference?

REPUBLICANS HOLD OBAMA T... (Below threshold)
Tina S:


Our country's stood beside us People have sent us aid. Katrina could not stop us, our hopes will never fade. Congress, Bush and FEMA People across our land Together have come to rebuild us and we join them hand-in-hand!

About 100 young children sang the above lyrics in 2006 at the Bush White House Easter Egg Roll.


Post #15 - "So let me get t... (Below threshold)

Post #15 - "So let me get this straight. Zasi goes to Pakistan to be trained in high explosives and buys the components in the USA. Ergo, Iraq has stockpiles of WMD?"

Post #35 - "Believe me I got his point, that is the original point."


TinaS:Out of curio... (Below threshold)


Out of curiosity, how come the article linked is dated: April 17,2006; but when you click on the related tab (comments), it's dated September 25, 2009?

Given the nation-wide feelings about the Bush Administration/FEMA response - I'd have imagined all kinds of hell breaking loose. I must admit, this rings no bells whatsoever.

Oh my God. Somewhere a vill... (Below threshold)

Oh my God. Somewhere a village is missing a few idiots. The trolls here are so sure of their intellectual superiority, they can't even recognize sarcasm when they see it. Nevermind them BVO, I got it and it made me laugh. After a couple of troll postings I laughed even harder.

Neil has no sense of humor.... (Below threshold)

Neil has no sense of humor...said there were no f'ing WMD found in the desert and to call MSNBC with crank calls for the Bush vindication Tour. So there you have it...not even Fake News will peddle the fake-fact that 'multiple WMD stockpiles were found in Iraq.' Sorry fruitcakes...I tried, but no matter how you squirm and twist, and alibi to justify your crazy premise...it just doesn't pass the laugh test.

"...it just doesn't pass th... (Below threshold)

"...it just doesn't pass the laugh test."

Odd, leftest seem to find the oddest things "funny". Why not this one? I mean "Man-caused disasters" or "Overseas Contingency Plans", it just fits right in.

Thistle,Are you da... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:


Are you daft or just being obtuse? I'm feeling like Mr. Douglas explaining a lawyer joke to Eb, Mr. Kimball, Sam Drucker, and Fred Ziffel here.

I didn't claim explosive bombs are WMDs. Bush didn't claim explosive bombs are WMDs.

Obama's Justice Department made that preposterous claim in seeking an indictment of Zazi. OBAMA'S JUSTICE DEPARTMENT SAID EXPLOSIVE BOMBS ARE WMDs.

So I am goofing on them by taking their new-and-improved definition of WMD to a valid, logical (albeit fallacious by everyone except the Obama JD's definition of WMD) conclusion about Iraq. Deliberately being specious. Making a fucking joke at the expense of Obama and the lickspittle media about a deadly serious matter.

Busting their balls because the duplicitous assholes would have castigated and derided Bush for if he'd been fucktarded enough to put such a ludicrous claim in a terrorism related indictment.

Lighten up, Francis. And thanks for choosing Wizbang!






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