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The "Stand For Freedom" Rally At The UN


More at Stand For Freedom and Babalu...


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Comments (8)

Just another feel good even... (Below threshold)

Just another feel good event that has absolutely no chance of actually accomplishing anything of value.

Never mind, disregard the above, Ahmadinejad has just resigned as President of Iran because of the protest.

Just another feel good e... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Just another feel good event that has absolutely no chance of actually accomplishing anything of value.

Unfortunately true. UN bureaucrats are so completely insulated from reality that protests of the unwashed are not an issue to them. Back in their home countries they would simply create a famine and starve such opposition into extinction.

Whats with the blockade? We... (Below threshold)

Whats with the blockade? We pay for the damned place. Oh I see.. You need to be a dictator or a molester of the sudanese people to get in.

I know this absolutely noth... (Below threshold)

I know this absolutely nothing to do with the above and I apologize,but I was just watching a little clip of Geithner. Bat ears. Major bat ears. Shave his head bald and he looks just like the monster from the first vampire movie.

I'm sure Immadinnerjacket w... (Below threshold)

I'm sure Immadinnerjacket was impressed. Probably thinking "100 of my best thugs could clear this street in minutes".

What is sad and scary is Ob... (Below threshold)

What is sad and scary is Obamalama thinks he can negotiate with Ghadaffi and Inmydinnerjacket. That is the scary point. Barry is plain not ready for the world stage. All the thugs and dictators love Barry because they know they can use him. ww

If Allmydinnerjacket and Ke... (Below threshold)

If Allmydinnerjacket and Kernel Gudoffee could join the senate they would undoubtedly vote with the dems 106% of the time.

The UN is full of some of t... (Below threshold)

The UN is full of some of the biggist war crinimals around the UN is a VULTURE posing as a DOVE






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