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Unbelievable Indoctrination of Children to the Cult of Obama

If before the election we had warned that our children in our schools would be required to learn songs in praise of Barack Hussein Obama, we would have been called paranoid lunatics. Well, it has happened more than once already, but this latest case of Obamadoctrination takes the cake. Just watch the video. The kids are not singing the praises of this great country, or even the President. They are singing the praises of "mmm mmm mmm Barack Hussein Obama."

Michelle Malkin has lots of details. Be sure to read her post with updates.

Update: Worse than the fact that these kids are being told to praise "Barack Hussein Obama" or that all the time on this could have been spent learning math or science or reading or even a decent song, is this one line:

"He said red, yellow, black or white. All are equal in his sight."

Anyone who says those of us critical of this Obama worship are overreacting, read that one line that was taught to schoolchildren. I learned a remarkably similar song when I was a child, but it was in "Sunday" school in church, not in my elementary school -- "Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in his sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world."

This creeps me out beyond belief. If my kids were in this school they would not have stayed there ten minutes after I found out about this. I wonder how those on the left would have reacted had a similar song, except with George Bush as the idol of worship, been taught to their kids in school. Rewind a few weeks and tell me again how those on the right overreacted to the news that Dear Leader was going to be addressing the nation's schoolchildren directly.

Update II: Pierre Legrand thinks back to the school speech and writes about a test posted at Smart Girl Nation that was given in one school which suggests the original content of the President's speech, before the uproar, was very different from what he said in the speech he ended up giving.

Update III: Bookworm makes an excellent point that as bad as this is, at least it is out in the open. For too many years indoctrination has gone on in the public schools where it was not so apparent.

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Wizbangblog! has really gon... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Wizbangblog! has really gone off the deep end ---> fringe.

OMFG! First of all, singing... (Below threshold)

OMFG! First of all, singing a song about a sitting president is disturbing in itself. Second, where are the songs about the other Presidents? Third, having little kids singing out of sync makes for great ambiance at Halloween!

Adrian, it disturbs be greatly that this does not disturb you greatly. What if they were singing about Bush?

If I find out they are doing this to my kindergartner I will be having words with the School Board. Schools need to go back to teaching English (reading, writing, grammar), Math, Science and History. Social Studies is something you should have in College not 7th grade! And oh my god get this bullcrap propaganda out of the classroom!

Awwww, what's the matter, L... (Below threshold)
Adriane Brownie:

Awwww, what's the matter, Little Adrian? Upset that we didn't say how lovely your voice was?

No doubt that HITLER and ST... (Below threshold)

No doubt that HITLER and STALIN had kids singing praises to them

President Obama guide us... (Below threshold)

President Obama guide us. President Obama teach us. President Obama protect us. In your light we thrive. In your mercy we are sheltered. In your wisdom we are humbled. We live only to serve. Our lives are yours

apologies to Terry Goodkind and yes I know the original intent of the devotion was good.... It was just to disturbingly simimlar to pass up.

...typos...need coffee...</... (Below threshold)

...typos...need coffee...

This is so darned disgustin... (Below threshold)

This is so darned disgusting. Praising a communist/nazi as if he were Christ? That teacher needs to be fired. I would have a fit if that were in a school where my child attended. This is so far below the point of being normal. This racist president needs to have his head examined.

Adrian Browne...if you are ... (Below threshold)

Adrian Browne...if you are not appalled by that blatant indoctrination of little schoolchildren in a PUBLIC school, then you are even more screwed up than even I believed.

Fast-forward to 2013...a Republican is President. A similar video surfaces but with the same aged children being taught a song to praise the new President.

How would you feel THEN, Adrian? Appalled...right? And so would EVERY OTHER PERSON here!!!

The "teachers" involved in this child abuse should be fired and prevented from EVER teaching again!

This is.. bizzare.... (Below threshold)

This is.. bizzare.

What's even more bizzare ate the people like Adrian who seem to have no problems at all with it.

Dude, if you're really wanting a cult-of-personality government, with mass-spectacle singing of praises to the Leader - try North Korea, 'k? But I don't think you're going to like all the other baggage that comes with it.

Actually, it is a bit creep... (Below threshold)

Actually, it is a bit creepy. I too learned the song "Jesus Loves The Little Children..." as a kid. The line copied from that song and pasted into a song of adulation about Obama is creepy. You can imagine how the Libs would feel if these kids were caught on tape singing the Christian version. I have a confession to make, though. I was digging through my parents' old 45 collection a couple of months ago and I have also revived a song that was not originally about Obama but fits him pretty well right now. I play it for my moderate friends who voted for Barry. It's Connie Francis' version of "Who's Sorry Now".

Brings to mind another nati... (Below threshold)

Brings to mind another national leader who also had a messiah complex. He also had a propaganda machine fed in part by "artists". He was also interested in the "education" of the jugend. But people get upset when you use that analogy.

Right Adrian?

Barack "He who walks behind... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Barack "He who walks behind the rows" Obama's Children of the Corn.

~Glory...Glory.....Halleluj... (Below threshold)

~Glory...Glory.....Hallelujah...His lies are marching on~

Reminds me of the woman in ... (Below threshold)

Reminds me of the woman in Arizona caught on video having 1st graders repeat after her: "We didn't cross the border, the border crossed us."

Once that video got out, the teacher got tossed on her ass along with the 'open borders advocate' she invited into the classroom.

Where are their star of Dav... (Below threshold)

Where are their star of David patches?

Oh thats right! Silly Me. Those are reserved for the young indoctrinees that missed allah praise rehearsal.

I thought it was unconstitu... (Below threshold)

I thought it was unconstitutional to promote state religion in schools.

And don't even try to tell me that Obama worship isn't a religious mental condition. What else do you call it?

Wonderful little children. ... (Below threshold)
Hugh Grady:

Wonderful little children. Wonderful teachers. Wonderful sentiments.

I really really wish I coul... (Below threshold)

I really really wish I could say this surprises me. There are so many people who just idolize this president. I understand about the first black president. That is very very cool. I personally just wish the honor had gone to a better man.

This just makes my stomach turn and I don't even have kids. I can only imagine what some of you may feel about it.

What could possibly go wron... (Below threshold)
Dr Carlo Lombardi:

What could possibly go wrong with this?

This is not some isolated i... (Below threshold)

This is not some isolated incident.

In the Bible, Jesus calls Himself Alpha and Omega. Here is another youtube clip:

Obama Youth Brigade March In Formation


Listen to them say "Alpha, Omega, Alpha, Omega."

And the clip where the kids sing praise to Obama at the New Jersey school and the clip of kids marching and saying "Alpha, Omega," aren't the only clips at youtube with kids singing praises to Obama. There are others. Sick.

Neever elevate a loser (like Obama) to the level of a God. Never.

This is really disturbing.<... (Below threshold)

This is really disturbing.

Hard to believe some (AB and probably others) don't see that.

It's not surprising stuff l... (Below threshold)

It's not surprising stuff like this is coming from Obamabots. That German guy didn't write or institute all the programs. His loyal followers came up with those. The first hint for the future was the crap immediately following his election. There were whispers about 'revisiting' the 22nd Amendment. And the guy hadn't even been sworn in yet.

Adrian,You think t... (Below threshold)
jim m:


You think this is OK? Substitute George W. Bush for Barrack Hussein Obama and sing that same song.

Would you be saying the same thing if that were the case? Of course not.

Like all liberals, you don't care how you trample the rights of other people because you feel that you know better what is in their best interests. Totalitarian states are built on useful idiots like you, who don't ever exercise their brains to think what the ramifications of their actions are.

So Obama breaks the Hatch act by using the government to pay people millions of dollars through the NEA to promote his agenda, his administration and his policies? You like them so that's OK.

So what that there are different rules for people like Tim Geitner, Charlie Rangel et al who break the law. Party members and friends get breaks? To you that means that you just need to be a better friend of the party.

The Stasi had lots of friends like you in East Germany. They were called informants. They saw no problem in violating the rights and freedoms of others to improve their own lot and using the might of government to do so.

Pople like Adrian Brown and... (Below threshold)

Pople like Adrian Brown and his kind (Obama, Rangel, Pelosi, both Emanuels, etc.) should be grateful a lot of people are against abortion. Just think, if their mother's had decided to abort, we would all be much better off.
My opinion

the response from the Super... (Below threshold)

the response from the Superintendent of Schools for the district this school is in. I emphasized one part:

Dear Burlington Township Families:

Today we became aware of a video that was placed on the internet which has been reported in the media. The video is of a class of students singing a song about President Obama. The activity took place during Black History Month in 2009, which is recognized each February to honor the contributions of African Americans to our country. Our curriculum studies, honors and recognizes those who serve our country. The recording and distribution of the class activity were unauthorized.

If you have any further questions regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact me or Dr. King, Principal of B. Bernice Young School, directly.

Dr. Christopher M. Manno,
Superintendent of Schools

Good old Doctor Manno has NO PROBLEM with any of this...except:
"The recording and distribution of the class activity were unauthorized"

Translation: The crime is NOT what we did to these kids...the CRIME is that we got CAUGHT! From now on, apparently, they will ensure no one records them indoctinating the children!

The people who praise and s... (Below threshold)

The people who praise and sing about Obama...very creepy and cult-like.
I mean come on, even for the people who approve of his background and policies...this man is NO where near great for this kind of worship.

I wonder more about the people who do this rather than even Obama himself.

The recording and distri... (Below threshold)
jim m:

The recording and distribution of the class activity were unauthorized.

Translation: We're sorry that the indoctrination of your children in the belief that Barrack Obama is god incarnate was brought to your attention.

The thought that Obama is t... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

The thought that Obama is trying to indoctrinate children into some political cult is beyond silly.

If anything, it's the anti-Obama/Tea Party movement that's the cult (as evidenced by the mindless repetition of these baseless attacks). Even the people making these accusations don't believe them -- it's just juvenile political hackery.

Thank you Adrian, as our mo... (Below threshold)
Goalpost Movers, Inc.:

Thank you Adrian, as our most valued employee, your bonus check will be in the mail shortly. Have a nice day!

Adrian -Baseless a... (Below threshold)

Adrian -

Baseless attack? WTF?

Fuck, dude, open your fucking EYES! Watch the fucking video!

You'd be pissed - and rightly so, and SO WOULD I - if such a song of praise was raised to Bush. This shit is WRONG, no matter which side does it - and all your handwaving and deflection isn't changing that!

Adrian - Nobody is... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Adrian -

Nobody is saying that Obama is behind it. It is his mindless followers (like yourself) who think that such idol worship is not merely normal, but good and beneficial.

Again I ask if you would be as self satisfied if it were a song praising G.W. Bush?

People ARE saying that he is behind the misuse of the NEA to co-opt art and media organizations to promote himself and his administration in a relatively clear and obvious violation of law.

People ARE saying that he is leading a movement to increase government control of industry, evidenced by the continuing meddling in the financial, auto and health care industries and soon to the energy industry.

People are saying that he is seeking to control media evidenced by his attempts to shut out voices of dissent like Fox, promotion of "localism" for talk radio and "Net Neutrality" for the internet, and offering federal subsidies for print media that fewer and fewer people read.

People ARE saying that he is running his administration like a campaign and running his campaign like a cult of personality.

Perhaps that last one is where you get confused: People are buying into this Obama is our savior BS and some happen to be in a position to push that crap on our children.

Adrian - I think t... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Adrian -

I think the difference that you are so unable to perceive is that you see no problem with this as long as it promotes Obama but would have major issues if such a thing were done for Bush, while I don't think there is a single conservative here who would tolerate either.

I think every conservative here would have a problem with schools teaching mindless obeisance to a president of any party.

You seem to think that we are only complaining because it is Obama and you are so very wrong. This stuff is perverted and disgusting. It's the kind of crap that is used in EVERY thug, totalitarian regime throughout the world. Obama doesn't have to be behind it for it to be wrong. My impression is that he would like to promote this crap but has better sense than to try.

Adrianne you really need to... (Below threshold)

Adrianne you really need to have your ego stroked don't you? Poke people here with a stick for that reaction that gets you off. Pathectic.

I guess this school song is like a victimless crime to you. No harm,no foul. As people here keep saying over and over,if it was about Bush would you sing the same tune?

Of course Obama isn't doing this personally. He can't get away with it. If it happens without his direct knowledge by other people..well..thats another story. He can denounce it or shuffle it off as silly. We all know inside he is loving it.

Good thing more responsible people are out there to show this type of crap. Just hope the administration doesn't try to put someone in charge of regulating the internet or we might miss these things.

Admin,Adrian's com... (Below threshold)


Adrian's comments on this thread are outrageous. He is being inflammatory without any trace of a reasonable defense -- he is saying that Obama indoctrinating children is "beyond silly" but then mentions nothing of what is going on in the video, who made it, etc., and why after watching this video one would be silly to criticize it.

I make a formal motion to ban Adrian Browne.

Adrian would be pissing his... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Adrian would be pissing his pants if this were a song extolling president Bush during his administration. Adrian is simply smug that it's happening in support of his guy.

Adrian, like most libs, doesn't really care about democracy or freedom, but is more interested in his side winning and to that end anything is permissible.

Adriane is just serving as ... (Below threshold)

Adriane is just serving as an example, that yes, asshats like him and the teachers involved, really do exist.

Keep him.

I see no reason to start be... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I see no reason to start being like Charles Johnson and banning people that we disagree with.

Adrian may be an imbecile (he is) and may have no understanding of the difference between freedom and totalitarianism (he doesn't), but he serves to remind us that useful idiots are a plenty here in the US and we need to deal with their ignorance and continue to argue against it.

Adrian stands for a government that wants to squelch dissent. I am sure that he probably took full advantage of the [email protected] email account and reported many people and websites to them.

I do not think that we should stoop to his level.

Nehemiah,Well, banni... (Below threshold)

Well, banning Adrian would continue to draw attention to him which is what I think he wants. If there was a reasonable level of self restraint, not bothering to acknowledge his posts despite their appearance would probably have more of an effect on his ego. Not completely sure, just guessing.

Jim M -"I think... (Below threshold)

Jim M -

"I think every conservative here would have a problem with schools teaching mindless obeisance to a president of any party."

It's not like we can't look around the world and see what such mindless worship does to countries that practice it.

But not to worry - THIS time the Left will do it properly...

I make a formal mo... (Below threshold)
I make a formal motion to ban Adrian Browne.

No, let's not do that. We're not Wizbangblue.

It's decidedly creepy!... (Below threshold)

It's decidedly creepy!

I'd like to say something n... (Below threshold)

I'd like to say something nice about Adrian.....give me a couple of minutes.........

"I make a formal motion to ... (Below threshold)

"I make a formal motion to ban Adrian Browne."

Sorry - I don't agree. Adrian is... a fool, caught up in a fool's dreams. Eventually something will penetrate that dream and Adrian will see reality for what it is, and not as he wishes it to be.

Yo Adrian! You'll love thi... (Below threshold)

Yo Adrian! You'll love this! YOUR leader.

"President Obama's "safe schools czar" is a former schoolteacher who has advocated promoting homosexuality in schools, written about his past drug abuse, expressed his contempt for religion and detailed an incident in which he did not report an underage student who told him he was having sex with older men.
Conservatives are up in arms about the appointment of Kevin Jennings, Obama's director of the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools, saying he is too radical for the job."

Too "radical". Sounds just like the sort of person Barry has been putting in all those "czar" positions.

And if Jennings was in a position where he KNEW of underage child sexual activity with ADULTS, WHY ISN'T HE IN JAIL?

It is dangerous when you el... (Below threshold)

It is dangerous when you elevate some human to god-like. That to me is like mocking God.
Remember the Titanic (even God could not sink it) well guess what happen. Or John Lennon saying he was more popluar than Jesus.
Coming from a person who does believe in the Almighty, I just don't think He likes to be mocked or have some failed human compare to Him.
It is just some people out there are so enralled with this man it appears to be a sickness. I have never seen this kind of behavior except for foreign dictators...like Kim Jong, Hilter etc....weird.

Much as I dislike Obama, I ... (Below threshold)

Much as I dislike Obama, I would have no problem with teaching kids, even little kids, that the President of the United States is the leader of the country.

Things change entirely when the emphasis is on Obama and not the office of the president.

The first example is about citizenship. I wish we did more of it, because the educational system whitewashes or ignores civics, history and economics. An entire generation of people are now idiots who think that People Magazine is heavy reading. Welcome to the Idocracy.

The second is about political indoctrination, and it's wrong. Everybody here (except Adrian, of course) can see it by simply switching presidents. Everybody.

Not to holler "Nazi" in a crowded theater or anything, but one of the things Hitler did after he murdered most of the leadership of the SA was to require German troops to swear an oath of allegiance to him personally. He also created the Hitler Jugend, which turned schoolchildren into spies. The Nazi media were happily controlled by Goebbels. Union thugs were enlisted as enforcers. The party controlled the banking system, manufacturing information, and the legislature. The Nazi party was the new Religion.

No, I don't think that Obama is Hitler. But he seems to have read his book.

If they start handing out armbands to Republicans at the polls next fall, I'm getting out of Dodge.

GarandFan - It isn... (Below threshold)
jim m:

GarandFan -

It isn't what you do it is your loyalty to Dear Leader that matters. So you cheat on your taxes, so you planted bombs and murdered people, so you cover up for child molesters? So what? Are you loyal to Dear Leader? All is forgiven.

This is Adrian's dream world, where it doesn't matter what you do as long as you know the right people. When they made lists of dissidents to send to the Gulags, Stalin's secretary put the names of her neighbors on the list because she wanted their apartment. They went to their deaths, she got more living space. That is what Adrian and his friends support.

OK now this is getting real... (Below threshold)

OK now this is getting really anti-Christ ish.

Adrian, Can you swim... (Below threshold)

Can you swim? After all you're in the deep
end of the pool now.

If nothing else, this story... (Below threshold)

If nothing else, this story highlights the importance of keeping Obama's cult-like following away from the children.

G. - Do you believe Obama i... (Below threshold)

G. - Do you believe Obama is the anti-christ?

Obama, like every President... (Below threshold)
Occam's Beard:

Obama, like every President, is the Chief Executive Officer of the U.S. Government. The President is not the Messiah, he's not your personal savior, he's not your guru, he's not the Buddha, he's not the Bhagwan, he doesn't give meaning to your life. He's the CEO - that's it. Do GE employees worship Jeff Immelt?

That's the perspective everyone should have, and that grownups do have.

Do you believe Obama is ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Do you believe Obama is the anti-christ?

No, but I think he'd like to be.


Fast-forward to 2012: "mmm ... (Below threshold)
Occam's Beard:

Fast-forward to 2012: "mmm mmm mmm Sarah Palin"

Everyone cool with that? I'm not.

If this stuff gets on Fox, ... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

If this stuff gets on Fox, it will be real trouble for Obama. I do not think most of the American people believe this is what we elect our leaders for. Although calling Obama a leader is s stretch.

PeopleAdrien is trol... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Adrien is trolling. Don't fall for it. He has no real content, nothing to add to the discussion.

Oh, he's still a 'team' player; he'll still pull the voting lever for Dem. But he doesn't quite believe that the kooks on his side are really this cultish.

In the back of his tiny mind though, he's beginning to think "Uh oh; these Dems are really making us look bad. I hope they stop acting like worshipful fools."

He's actually beginning to get a little scared that the Obrocko movement really is a cult, and he's lashing out with his comments here to reassure himself. I know for a fact that is what he is thinking.

I think many are confusing ... (Below threshold)

I think many are confusing the right to free speech vs. having a general meeting place of like-minded people in order to further promote their shared interest.

No one would think it laudable to allow a Dem operative or someone whose sole purpose is to interrupt into a let's say Club for Growth or a NRA meeting.

What has happened to this thread? Basically it's become a thread denouncing and making fun of Adrian when he isn't worth the time. Read the thread -- much more important is the indoctrination of children by insane liberals -- that is what should be discussed. Don't go feeling all self-grandiose because you've allowed some liberal to keep hanging around, while important topics such as this cannot be given the serious discussion it merits.

By the way, I'm not saying ban all liberals -- can't you tell the difference between a reasonalbe argument from the left vs. what Adrian is doing on this thread? Can't you tell? He didn't discuss the contents of the video at all, does not defend the video, and all he says is that Wizbang has gone off the deep end and that the Tea Party mvmt is the one that is the cult -- you think getting everyone riled up (correctly, because that is probably his goal) is a good use of our time and discussion?

Oh, I must be the closed-minded rightwing nut, while everyone here is Oh so tolerant -- stop being such damn fools.

"...The recording and distr... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"...The recording and distribution of the class activity were unauthorized.

If you have any further questions regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact me or Dr. King, Principal of B. Bernice Young School, directly.

Dr. Christopher M. Manno,
Superintendent of Schools "

Heh. The 'ACORN defense'.

'Yeah, what we did was indefensible, but but but uh you weren't supposed to see it anyway.'

How much of this shit would keep going on if there wasn't a free and open internet to expose it?

Nehemiah - Adrian presents ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Nehemiah - Adrian presents an easy target. He's aggravating at times, but he also serves up Dem talking points for abuse and ridicule.

I've seen some stupid ass c... (Below threshold)

I've seen some stupid ass comments in my lifetime, but the above is a serious threat to dethrone any of those.

Speaking of brown, I'd rather what you say above by Palin than be buttf**d by Obama, even though he's not particularly large -- you know, that's a myth too. Even though it feels that way raaa, it's not that, it's that you're tight like a good little democrat who well pleases his leaders.

You're fighting a figment o... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

You're fighting a figment of your imagination.
notiz=We can't hear you...

Eric's corollary to Godwin'... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Eric's corollary to Godwin's law has reached it's end point! It took 60 posts for a liberal to call all conservatives racists!

Congrats to raaa for being a complete ass.

Not to fear, there's plenty... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Not to fear, there's plenty of time to come up with rhyming iambs for "Mitt" between now and 2013.

raaa, thank you for your cl... (Below threshold)
Occam's Beard:

raaa, thank you for your closely reasoned analysis. I now realize that I've been wrong all along.

"You're fighting a figment ... (Below threshold)

"You're fighting a figment of your imagination."

Posted by Adrianna Browns...t September 24, 2009 5:39 PM

Im not fighting anything. Just kicking back watching the trainwreck that is the Obama administration rumbling down the tracks.

"You ass clown republicans are SO FU--ING ANGRY that Karl Rove had to back out at the last minute and not STEAL the election for McPalin like they were planning. Even after disenfranchising over 5 million democrat votes, YOU STILL LOST THE ELECTION, WHITE RED NECKS!"

Ha ha ha ha.. What 5 million votes were those?? ha ha ha ha

I guess we should have a wh... (Below threshold)

I guess we should have a white history month so we can teach kids songs about GWB to keep any accusations of indoctrination. We would not want anyone to feel squeamish about their kids singing the praises of GWB.

Shame we only got 5 million off the books. If only we could have gotten rid of all the 8% of fake votes that put Obamao over the top.

Just curious: Are the black... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

Just curious: Are the blacks, Hispanics and Asians who voted for McCain/Palin also "white red necks?"

Unhinged screamers of "racism!!!!" are so cute when they foam at the mouth.

It'll be fun when the GOP elects someone like Bobby Jindal (2nd gen Asian Indian) and we all get to stand back and scream "racism!!!!" at the liberal blacks and whites who refused to vote for him or support his programs. (Or a Palin and we can scream at them "sexism!!!!!" when they don't vote for her or support her.)

And by the way, do these "racism!!!!" poo-flingers remind anyone else of Donald Sutherland's eerie pointed-finger scream at the end of the 1970s version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers?

Well raaa, it's like this..... (Below threshold)

Well raaa, it's like this...........
It doesn't really matter what "color" the US was, is or will become. Brown as you say or red, yellow, black or white. It doesn't result in any change in the laws of economics. Since you mention health care, Obama's fixation on socialist public policy leading to exorbitant deficits will cripple the US and threaten free choice. It's fine by me if you worship him, but there are just some things in life that are color-blind. The laws of sound fiscal and monetary policy are not going to take a break to get all giddy because we have a man of color in the White House. Sorry, raaa, but once one gets past the fact that he is the first black president, Barry just ain't that special.

You know the Obama wreck is... (Below threshold)

You know the Obama wreck is coming when raaa and Adrian make the comments they do.

You'll notice there is no extolling the merits and ACCOMPLISHMENTS of the current administration. You know Adrian, raaa; the one that HAS A MAJORITY in BOTH HOUSES. Let's hear you tout all those SUCCESSFUL programs so far. Try and avoid mentioning COSTS. Try avoid mentioning GROWING DEFICITS.

Off topic, but if it's Indo... (Below threshold)

Off topic, but if it's Indocrination not so much.

The media has practiced Indocrination of a sort (including O'Reilly) by pushing the 60-70,000 number with regards to the alleged crowd count for the tea party.

It was widely reported the DC Fire Department gave that estimate. NOT SO.

If not mistaken adrian in this thread was one that pushed that lie with great gusto.

adrian, does that make you a liar?

"You know Adrian, raaa; the... (Below threshold)

"You know Adrian, raaa; the one that HAS A MAJORITY in BOTH HOUSES. Let's hear you tout all those SUCCESSFUL programs so far. Try and avoid mentioning COSTS. Try avoid mentioning GROWING DEFICITS."

Yes Adrian and raaa, lets hear you brag about the impressive 12% unemployment numbers the one has brought upon us..

raaa - "Meantime, this ... (Below threshold)

raaa - "Meantime, this was recorded for Black History Month and every elementary school I've ever been to has retarded songs like this -- it's what they DO! They're teachers, not composers."

Now that's funny. raa, is that an admission you think obama wrote that song?

If not, just who wrote it?

van jones? the FCC diversity czar?

P.S.,, in case you weren't aware.... you are a USDA Prime Choice ASSHOLE!

I am now truly convinced th... (Below threshold)

I am now truly convinced that the right wing is certifiably nuts! After the reading the lyrics to what the kids were singing i am now 100% sure that conservatives are racists...So lets review the words shall we...
1) All Americans should lend a hand to make America a better place...So conservatives are against doing their part to make our country better? "You betcha ya"
2) Equal work should get equal pay.... Not according to Conservatives....
3) You deserve equal rights no matter what race or color you are.....Well we all know what conservatives think about that "Don't we Boy"
It is truly amazing how selfish and unpatriotic conservatives can be....keep it up, come 2010 y'all will be down to 10 reps in congress...

wil - better check your hea... (Below threshold)

wil - better check your head for skid marks as the point of this post completely sailed over your head and left a mark.

After you realize that fact, maybe you can point to any comment in this thread that clearly states, or even implies what you are claiming.

If not, take your unsubstantiated crapola somewhere else.

Posted by wil | September 2... (Below threshold)

Posted by wil | September 24, 2009 7:03 PM

You make a great sockpuppet.

As Marc points out the issu... (Below threshold)
jim m:

As Marc points out the issue is not in praising and honoring the president, but in making Obama bigger than the presidency and making a cult of personality where the schools are teaching children to sing songs of his greatness.

It's not that anyone disagrees with fairness, equality, etc. but that these are not ideas that originate with Obama or that he is particularly identified with.

Obama's single accomplishment is to be elected president. He was not the first black Senator or even the first black senator from Illinois. His record as a legislator is singularly unremarkable in its lack of accomplishment.

Honor and respect the presidency? Yes

Honor and respect the country? Yes

Sing songs of praise to Barrack Obama? No

Not everyone agrees with him and his policies to indoctrinate school children to think that ideas of fairness, equality and devotion to country originate with him. Dictatorships teach their children to sing songs of worship to the person who leads the country. I do not care to live in one or to live in one that takes on the trappings of one.

"1) All Americans should... (Below threshold)

"1) All Americans should lend a hand to make America a better place...So conservatives are against doing their part to make our country better? "You betcha ya"

2) Equal work should get equal pay.... Not according to Conservatives....

3) You deserve equal rights no matter what race or color you are.....Well we all know what conservatives think about that "Don't we Boy"
It is truly amazing how selfish and unpatriotic conservatives can be....keep it up, come 2010 y'all will be down to 10 reps in congress..."

1) We are doing "our" part by opposing his socialist agenda.

2) What the hell are You talking about??

3) What do us conservatives think about color? I think all colors are unique and beautiful in their own special way.

Now F off You racebaiter.

And we all know where this ... (Below threshold)

And we all know where this goes...

Meiji_manEerie sim... (Below threshold)


Eerie similarities..

I think the parallels to th... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I think the parallels to the young pioneers are a better fit.

Meiji_man, good one. The si... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Meiji_man, good one. The similarities are striking for sure.

The Baron's post above made... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

The Baron's post above made me think of a play on words.

Obama's weapons of ass instruction.


SIG HEIL !!! THUS IT BEGAN ... (Below threshold)
jean buchmiller:


This is only the beginning.... (Below threshold)

This is only the beginning. The lefties think this guy is a god and that he deserves our praise. He is an egomaniac and will certainly not object to being deified. Anyone who objects is obviously a racist and a nut.

We need to make sure and get the good people of this country out to vote in 2010 or we are royally screwed.

<a href="http://www.youtube... (Below threshold)
This is so reminiscent of t... (Below threshold)

This is so reminiscent of the Hitler rein. And this is just one comparison.

Hitler's "rein"?<b... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Hitler's "rein"?

So when is Kurnel Getoffee ... (Below threshold)

So when is Kurnel Getoffee going to lend His tenor swarve to this masterpiece of unplanned gesticular failure?

He's due to Getoffee da plane as soon as the hashish is delivered to the Monkey eared jughead in thief. So He still has plenty 'o' time to make an appearance and dance with the Czar's.

Hey Adrian, get a load of t... (Below threshold)

Hey Adrian, get a load of this:


Another 'promise' under the bus. You keeping track? How many does that make now that have been "adjusted"?

The teacher in the backgrou... (Below threshold)
Flying Pickle:

The teacher in the background seems giddy - perhaps the President is coming to visit her school? I think a simple "Good morning -or afternoon- Mr. President would have been sufficient. I also disagree with brainwashing kids - they get enough now with just the course content. Maybe it's not appropriate, but after listening to the teacher, the word "brown nose" comes to mind.

In my opinion, whats even worse than teaching those kids a song, is the attitude of the school in response to being caught. It wasn't "authorized" to film the song? That's the same elitist nose-in-the-air response that Acorn had when they were caught "being real." Now THEY are suing the folks who caught them on camera.

It's time now to empty the outhouse - the stench is overpowering.

And Adrian, WTF is going on... (Below threshold)

And Adrian, WTF is going on? Has David Frum suddenly become a RACIST?


Sounds like your Hero, Barry is beginning to lose some of his key stalwarts in the media.
How can this be?

I think I will just refer t... (Below threshold)

I think I will just refer to him as "cheatah", from now on.. No offense to the real Cheetah. I just think with them ears and foolish banana grabbing tendencies. Cheatha is more fitting.

Oops! I suppose now he'll appoint a chiquita Czar to oversee His planned banana republic?

The dumbest nation among in... (Below threshold)

The dumbest nation among industrialized countries and falling---- the good ol USA. The American education system is a fraud. 20 Years from now we will loose our influence. Everyone is a racist the degree of it just vary---. There are only two classes you are either rich or poor. The American public believe any lie or theory---- if they don't know they will believe it. Good luck America

Posted by Rock | September ... (Below threshold)

Posted by Rock | September 25, 2009 12:05 AM

"Rock" being short for "DUMB AS A FUCKING...."

Ever notice how funny sockp... (Below threshold)

Ever notice how funny sockpuppets like Rock are when they try to sound like a "bad ass right winger"?

You can call him all kind o... (Below threshold)

You can call him all kind of names at the end of the day what changed in your life--- NOTHING. Will Rush, Glen , Keith and the rest of the extremist of both wings send you a check for your loyalty----- NO. How many schools have they built in your community--- ZERO. Have they volunteered for anything--- NO. Will they volunteer to serve this Nation-- NO. They talk but they cannot walk the talk. Get off your sofa and go work out or do something to benefit you.

Oh, so now you show your tr... (Below threshold)

Oh, so now you show your true colors, huh "Rock"?
Pretty "judgmental" for a liberal who values "diversity". You do value "diversity", don't you Rock? And, not knowing a thing about me, how can you then "judge" me? You appear to have a lot of hostility there "Rock". Your Lord and Master Obama not living up to your expectations, wants and desires? Not enough "free" stuff to grab onto? Why not drag your pathetic fucking ass over to DK or HuffPo? I'm sure they'll invite you into their circle jerk. Might even get a buttfuck or two out of it.

It would seem that the far ... (Below threshold)
J Parker:

It would seem that the far left now has a god. They are so happy that they want to break out in songs of adoration to their new god. They think it is wonderful that little children sing songs of praise to their new god. They strongly believe that anyone who objects is a racist and a right wing nut who should be shouted down and made to shut up. These are people who are in their first flush of enthusiasm regarding their first quasi-religious experience. They would joyfully line up to kiss Barrack Obama's testicles, and they don't understand why everyone else does not feel the same way.
In other words, they are nuts. There are many more of us than there are of them. If we all just take the time to vote in 2010, we can put the brakes on this insanity.

Hey G I am proud to be me. ... (Below threshold)

Hey G I am proud to be me. I know hate and the propagation of it is nothing short of death. Those who hate the black people or the white people are not confident about who they are as a human being. If we were all blind---- I dont think we could hate and judge others. If the Blondes are better or superior than the red heads etc or the light skins are better than the dark skins then was is left---- SO SUPERFICIAL

There is a lot of Rage---- ... (Below threshold)

There is a lot of Rage---- I stil got my gun

"20 Years from now we will ... (Below threshold)

"20 Years from now we will loose our influence"

I dont want influence now or ever... Just leave Me and My family alone.

Let me guess "Rock", off yo... (Below threshold)

Let me guess "Rock", off your meds. Right?
Or do you prefer self-administered "alternate pharmaceuticals"?

Why is most sex predators a... (Below threshold)

Why is most sex predators are white people

"There is a lot of Rage----... (Below threshold)

"There is a lot of Rage---- I stil got my gun"

Big deal. Those that have and know how to use don't usually talk about it.

The rich get away with Murd... (Below threshold)

The rich get away with Murder. They will Rob the wealth of this Nation. Do they care--- NO. If you can exploit it Go for the KILL. The poor do not have any influence--- the middle class will hold the basket of Debt. We will as a country spread democracy with our Guns while we get the oil

"Ever notice how funny sock... (Below threshold)

"Ever notice how funny sockpuppets like Rock are when they try to sound like a "bad ass right winger"

They are even funnier when they take their talents to the next level and screw their blow up puppets into submission.

You will continue to VOTE a... (Below threshold)

You will continue to VOTE and HOPE----- so long as Republicans and Democrats serve their masters--- the Rich people then there is nothing we the people can Do. YOU can March and scream and nothing will change. The rich got us served---- ouch that feels good

Hey "Rock", I'm really real... (Below threshold)

Hey "Rock", I'm really really impressed. You've got all the 'right-wing' jargon down real good. Just like the caricature most libs hold in their head when they try to think what a conservative might say.

Why not take the rest of the night off and go visit Saint Teddy, I hear he's lonely. Everyone's forgotten him already. Or go visit Barry. Whole 4 days at the UN and they still won't worship the ground He walks on.

The message to school Kids-... (Below threshold)

The message to school Kids---- Do not stay in school if you teacher in a conservative or Liberal---- Ask your teacher. We need to divide among ourselves that way there in no indoctrination---- and that is how we beat Obama---- Yeah

"ouch that feels good" ... (Below threshold)

"ouch that feels good"

See! You are a human being and not an ObamaAUTOMATON.

Good luck G--- you aint got... (Below threshold)

Good luck G--- you aint got it in you. RIP to those who gave up something for a greater course--- Word

The message to school Kids:... (Below threshold)

The message to school Kids:

Please don't let "Rock's" literary efforts dissuade you from learning proper spelling and punctuation. Literacy counts in the real world. Affirmative action only gets you so far.

Life is good. Bush, Obama--... (Below threshold)

Life is good. Bush, Obama---- Tony Romo---- you will remain either rich or poor. YOu will still go to work in the morning---- People nothing will change. We owe China more money which is good for the next generation. Nothing comes cheap for the rich people. They got the money. They will ship all the jobs overseas that way they can make more money.

Well "Rock", I'd like to st... (Below threshold)

Well "Rock", I'd like to stay and play with your mind (what little there is) some more, but my show is about to start. Yeah, it's a re-run, but it's got to be more entertaining than you.

Keep up the good fight "tough guy". You've really impressed me. Not.

"Ask your teacher. We need ... (Below threshold)

"Ask your teacher. We need to divide among ourselves that way there in no indoctrination---- and that is how we beat Obama---- Yeah"

Who cares about Obama? Were talkin real lives of our children here!! Thats what is important. Not any president past or present.

Money talks---- you can be ... (Below threshold)

Money talks---- you can be an ass but everybody loves Money

Those who lie and steal wil... (Below threshold)

Those who lie and steal will always prosper---

Ezekiel 3:23

Great rewards to those who wait

"We owe China more money wh... (Below threshold)

"We owe China more money which is good for the next generation. Nothing comes cheap for the rich people. They got the money. They will ship all the jobs overseas that way they can make more money."

I owe China 0.. Never bummed a dime from them.

"They got the money, they will ship all the jobs overseas and that way make more money."

Good for them.. They still die the same as You and Me and cant take it with them.

rook - "They got the mo... (Below threshold)

rook - "They got the money. They will ship all the jobs overseas that way they can make more money."

rook, you're the finest blithering idiot I've come across in a long time.

Here's a dose of reality fer ya, obama wants millions of "green jobs," care to guess where 90 plus percent of the world's solar panels are built?

Would you be distressed to learn they are built in several Asian countries.

How about those fancy new light bulbs that save electricity?

Well bucko, the "old fashioned" type were made in Kentucky. The new ones, outsourced to China among other places, all the Kentucky factories are closed down.

Those giant blades that catch the wind in wind farms... oppsy, they are all made in the EU.

So next time you want to whine about the rich getting by outsourcing think about your love interest obama as he and the nutjobs in congress try to ram thru cap and trade allegedly to create green jobs.

"Those that have and know h... (Below threshold)

"Those that have and know how to use don't usually talk about it."

Says the guy who names himself after a gun. I can't thank you enough for the comic relief.

I'm constantly amazed at ho... (Below threshold)
Big George:

I'm constantly amazed at how the bobbleheads constantly nod and grin at everything Obama does. God forbid an independent coherent thought should cross their minds.

Most can see this for exactly what it is. Just as they saw it with Kim Jong Il, Saddam Hussain, and Adolph Hitler. They also forced school children to sing praises to them.

How twisted can things be when we can't sing "Jesus Loves the Little Children" in school, but replace Jesus with Obama and suddenly it's OK.

Maybe we should teach them to march in tune to Obama also; oh, wait, that has already been done. Praising Obama while calling him the Alpha and the Omega. Sickening.

The slippery slope is slowly picking up speed . . .






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