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Unbelievable Indoctrination of Children

Speaking of unbelievable indoctrination of children, go take a look at who Senator Jim Webb took on a VIP tour of the White House and Washington landmarks. From Michael Goldfarb at TWS: Jim Webb's Weekend with a War Criminal

All I can say is...Why, Jim?


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So a Dem Senator is pals wi... (Below threshold)
jim m:

So a Dem Senator is pals with a foreign general who traffics in children for use as soldiers/cannon fodder?

Maybe they are seeking new horizons for ACORN. Traffic in underage girls for sex slaves and the boys can be used as slave-soldiers. Sounds like a platform policy the Dems can get behind.

Somehow there's got to be m... (Below threshold)

Somehow there's got to be money involved...what else could explain why he took him on a tour of the White House.

Oh, wait a minute, Obama was there wasn't he...

It's all a giant diabolical plot to replace Acorn with a new civilian force! And to top it off he can claim he's "Doing it for the children."


What a bunch of weezils, then again Webb did write a book that involved children...

The dems would blend right ... (Below threshold)

The dems would blend right in at the UN and vice versa.

They weren't forcing childr... (Below threshold)
jim m:

They weren't forcing children to die in combat, they were merely promoting community service.

Well Barry did say to 'judg... (Below threshold)

Well Barry did say to 'judge him by the people around him'.

Community organizers...... (Below threshold)

Community organizers...

Well Barry did say to 'j... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Well Barry did say to 'judge him by the people around him'.

Yes, but the controversial ones keep ending up under the bus.

1. Jim Johnson, who was selected to help B.O. pick a Veep but couldn't escape the fact that he has more mortgage problems than Chris Dodd

2. Samantha Power, foreign policy advisor, who suggested selling out Israel

3. Austan Goolsbee, economic advisor, who continually contradicted every campaign speech The One made regarding NAFTA and economic policy (to keep our now former allies from freaking out)

4. Reverend Jeremiah Wright, spiritual advisor until his anti American rants became public

5. Father Michael Pfleger, spiritual advisor, who made a spittle flecked rant at Trinity Church against Hillary, America and white people.

6. William Ayers, terrorist who was "just a neighbor and not the person who launched Obama's political career

7. His bigoted grandma who became a convenient scapegoat.

8. Van Jones, who became a very inconvenient communist to have around

9. ACORN - who he just doesn't seem to know that much about. Apparently, having erased them from his web site he also erased them from his memory.

and many more...

8. Posted by yly | Septembe... (Below threshold)

8. Posted by yly | September 24, 2009 10:37 PM

Someone needs to get a life.

"8. Posted by yly | Septemb... (Below threshold)

"8. Posted by yly | September 24, 2009 10:37 PM"

What did I miss?

914 - irrelevant spam... (Below threshold)
jim m:

914 - irrelevant spam

"Unbelievable Indoctrinatio... (Below threshold)

"Unbelievable Indoctrination of Children"

Not as unbelievable when You see all the Adrian brownshirts gathering around DNC headquarters like its 1999 or "39" for goodness sakes.

Call Me a prognosticating cynic, but I think Obama sucs.

jim m - "2. Samantha P... (Below threshold)

jim m - "2. Samantha Power, foreign policy advisor, who suggested selling out Israel"

She was tossed for calling Hillery a "monster," (who am I to argue with that) but she has extracted herself from under the obama greyhound, and was appointed senior director for multilateral affairs at the National Security Council in January.

"Unbelievable Indoctrinatio... (Below threshold)
George Kennedy:

"Unbelievable Indoctrination of Children"

It was unbelievable when Hitler did it! Now it's just nuanced with liberal dogoodiness!

It's an unprecedented level... (Below threshold)

It's an unprecedented level of asshattery which will only stretch his already overly- inflated ego. BHO is unaware that his understanding of how our government works is about the same level as those kiddies singing. We're the only ones who see it. As a result, he's set back race relations back about a 150+ years. Is it any wonder that The Knight's Party is growing by leaps and bounds?






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