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Rush on Leno and My Kid on Taxes

If you caught Rush Limbaugh on Jay Leno last night you know that Rush gave a great little lesson on capitalism. I don't have the section transcribed, but Leno was talking about excessive corporate compensation for those who don't "deserve" it, Wall Street, the bailouts, etc. It is amazing to me that so many have bought into the idea that someone who earned their money legally should not be entitled to keep it if they are not "deserving." The very thought is chilling. I mean who is going to decide who is deserving? How much of their money should they have taken from them, in taxes, forced government mandates, etc.? Instead of school children singing praises to Obama they should be learning some basics about how the government and the economy work.

Last night driving my nine-year-old daughter to a school event, we passed a new community center that has not opened yet. We started talking about whether or not it might have a pool, or a gym or what else might be hidden behind the cool modern glass facade. My daughter asked if it would cost a lot to go to it. I told her since it is a community center (it is adjacent to a city park) that it would most likely be free, like the park is.

My daughter told me it was not free -- that if the city built it then we all paid for it with our tax money. I asked her how she knew that and she said last year her third grade teacher explained to the class that their families all paid her through their taxes and that when the teacher paid her taxes she was even paying part of her own salary. I am thankful that my child is learning something so fundamental and valuable in her public school. I was especially impressed that she took that lesson and applied it to the community center we were talking about. I just wish the same thing could be said for all the schools in the country.

Update: In my latest column at American Issues Project, I look at the way economic news is reported. That is part of the reason Americans don't understand the economy better. They get a lot of misinformation and spin in the day to day reports they get on economic issues. You can read the column at AIP.


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Comments (21)

Where the heck did that aud... (Below threshold)

Where the heck did that audience come from? They agreed with Rush, they applauded and showed they did not want obama's agenda.....where did they come from?

He's fat !!!!Hahahah... (Below threshold)
Troll Template Timmy:

He's fat !!!!

Rush is a great teacher. He... (Below threshold)

Rush is a great teacher. He can explain conservatism and capitalism so even liberals can understand. He is that good. ww

I love to hear these entert... (Below threshold)

I love to hear these entertainers regurgitate the popular crying point about these "obscene" salaries on Wall Street but, never anything about the truly obscene amount of "money for nothing" in the entertainment industry.

MMMMM Donuts ....... (Below threshold)

MMMMM Donuts ....

I wondered if Jay didn't in... (Below threshold)

I wondered if Jay didn't intentionally set that up for him. His schtick is becoming more and more centerist lately.

the donuts comment was inte... (Below threshold)

the donuts comment was intended for the Weekend Caption Contest ... my bad

I love to hear these ent... (Below threshold)

I love to hear these entertainers regurgitate the popular crying point about these "obscene" salaries on Wall Street but, never anything about the truly obscene amount of "money for nothing" in the entertainment industry.

That's because those entertainers have TALENT - not like those sorry folks on Wall Street who just have education and experience...

"The tension at B. Bernice ... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

"The tension at B. Bernice Young Elementary School escalated to such a degree Thursday that the school was placed temporarily on lockdown after its principal received death threats over a YouTube video that showed nearly 20 children being taught songs lauding the president, though back-to-school night events continuing as planned Thursday night at the school."

Got to admit, Leno castigat... (Below threshold)

Got to admit, Leno castigating others for 'obscene' paychecks smacks of hypocrisy. How does Jay justify his own 'obscene' paycheck?

I watched the show last nig... (Below threshold)

I watched the show last night ONLY because Rush was on it. I don't think Leno is becoming more centrist, the rest of the show was abysmal, with a faux news report making snarky remarks about the insured vs. uninsured, etc. However, Rush owned Leno from start to finish. When Leno started in on the corporate compensation, all I could think of was . . . Pot, meet kettle....

Got to admit, Leno castigat... (Below threshold)

Got to admit, Leno castigating others for 'obscene' paychecks smacks of hypocrisy. How does Jay justify his own 'obscene' paycheck?

10. Posted by GarandFan | September 25, 2009 11:06 AM

Took the words right out of my keyboard.

You got to love America. A ... (Below threshold)

You got to love America. A place where even dense fools like Leno can make a fortune.

First time watching Leno's ... (Below threshold)

First time watching Leno's new show. Maaaannn it was bad. He seems to be forcing jokes, writing is really bad, and the production isn't near as smooth as his old show.

I think he's a genuinely good guy and very funny but this show won't last.

Just ignore him people.... (Below threshold)

Just ignore him people.

If last nights monologue wa... (Below threshold)

If last nights monologue was 'the best' he could do, he won't last long.

Normally don't bother - but... (Below threshold)

Normally don't bother - but the video was pretty funny. BTW, anyone else watch the second part, where Rush ran over Gore TWICE with a hybrid car?

I think that Leno's taking a page from the Brit Top Gear program, with guests seeing how well they can do on a racecourse. Pretty funny stuff, I must admit...

I agree that it's great you... (Below threshold)

I agree that it's great your teacher explained the way she is paid to your daughter. What I don't agree with, however, is the information she probably left out. Not only are we paying her salary via our taxes, but we are also paying for several of the benefits she will receive as a member of the public sector that we will not.

Granted, teachers are great and vital to this great nation, but the difference between the private sector and the public sector benefits are outrageous and unfair.

I just joined The Free Enterprise Nation because I have had enough and I am looking for some representation as the private sector. Join us too.


If Leno gets bailed out fro... (Below threshold)

If Leno gets bailed out from the public coffers, people would gripe about his compensation.

You should go and personall... (Below threshold)

You should go and personally thank your daughter's teacher.

It looks as tho NBC doesn't... (Below threshold)

It looks as tho NBC doesn't want to share. The video was pulled from Youtube.






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