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So This is What Obama's Madam Tussauds Wax Sculpture Will Look Like

Check out this compressed video of all the pictures Obama took with foreign dignitaries at the UN this week, and pay particular attention to his smile, head position, and posture. They don't change at all for the 130 photos that were taken. The only thing I could see shift from image to image was the thumb on his left hand. How did Obama stand and smile so consistently that everything about him, especially his facial expression, look frozen? On the one hand it's really amazing that he can do that for every single person who got his picture taken with him, but on the other hand, it's kind of freaky. I remember when my husband and I stood for our wedding photos. My smile muscles began to give out about three-quarters of the way through. But not this guy. He's a trooper. Or a wax sculpture.

Hat tip: Hot Air

Update: Bookworm wondered if this video was photoshopped but then checked the original photos from the State Department's Flickr page. They're real alright.


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Comments (29)

Thanks, Kim. I think this p... (Below threshold)
Victory is Ours:

Thanks, Kim. I think this proves without a doubt that Obama is a socialist Muslim radical. So glad you've brought this to light.


It is freaky how Obama is i... (Below threshold)

It is freaky how Obama is identical in expression.

Not so surprising is how the troll is also identical in all its expressions.

"...it's kind of freaky>'</... (Below threshold)

"...it's kind of freaky>'

Nah, for a politician it's called 'stock in trade'. Just takes a lot of practice, and not be bothered by staring in the mirror, hour on hour. Actually very easy for a narcissist to do. Matter of fact, probably His favorite pastime, next to listening to re-runs of His own speeches.

You know, the speed of the ... (Below threshold)

You know, the speed of the video is just about perfect to make Obama look like a bobble-head doll.

Oh wait...

It's amazing the things peo... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

It's amazing the things people find to do with their time. No this doesn't prove Barack is a socialist - just a plastic banana. Everything about him is choreographed and manufactured. Fake books, fake news conferences, fake smile, fake sincerity... the list goes on.

Maybe he had a taxidermist ... (Below threshold)

Maybe he had a taxidermist working with him on these photoshoots.

Do all community activists ... (Below threshold)

Do all community activists learn how to do this?

Manchurian Candidate.... (Below threshold)

Manchurian Candidate.

Reminds me of that guy in t... (Below threshold)

Reminds me of that guy in the "natural male enhancement" commercials.

"Reminds me of that guy in ... (Below threshold)

"Reminds me of that guy in the "natural male enhancement" commercials."

Hahahahaha!!! Gasp! Wheezeee! Snort!

If his lips got any tighter... (Below threshold)

If his lips got any tighter He'd be a shoe in for Pelosi!

If his car salesman shtick ... (Below threshold)

If his car salesman shtick gets any cheaper He's gonna have to trade it in for a clunker minus the cash.

He wants too tax! But He ca... (Below threshold)

He wants too tax! But He can keep the wax!

Where is Waxman when You ne... (Below threshold)

Where is Waxman when You need him?? Oh, I see. Screwing Obamas lips again!

"So This is What ... (Below threshold)

"So This is What Obama's Madam Tussauds Wax Sculpture Will Look Like"

Do we have to front him a speaking fee.. Or can we pay with wax??

If I looked so shitass dumb... (Below threshold)

If I looked so shitass dumbfucked before the cameras .. I would sue ACORN for every dollar I GOT!

I can do a much better job ... (Below threshold)

I can do a much better job than House of wax on many of their statues. I also noticed the Ronald Reagan did not look anything like him at the NY museum. Check out our bigbronze.com web site or our allclassics.com gallery of statues, sculpture, mascots and fountains

ExRat #9 - That is just too... (Below threshold)

ExRat #9 - That is just too funny!!! He sure looks like him. I hate the commercial, and I hate the liar in chief.

Finally something Obongo is... (Below threshold)

Finally something Obongo is good at besides reading a teleprompter. His presidential qualifications keep on climbing......

Does the wife have the same... (Below threshold)

Does the wife have the same talent?

SMILIN BOB!! the Enzyte G-D... (Below threshold)

SMILIN BOB!! the Enzyte G-D. I'm gonna laugh all friggin day about this. Damn funny. Thanks gang.

HA HA HA H HA HAWE... (Below threshold)



BHO shouldn't waste his tim... (Below threshold)

BHO shouldn't waste his time on these pictures; the WH staff can just Photoshop his image into the picture. To paraphrase VP Agnew, if you've seen one photo, you've seen them all.

If his lips move, it's only... (Below threshold)

If his lips move, it's only because he's lying.

Ha ha ha ha ha

Its the Zoolander President... (Below threshold)

Its the Zoolander President ...

That's his Magnum pose ...

I wonder how many hours he had to practice in front of a mirror to be able to hit that pose everytime ...

Maybe he should have spent some of those hours learning economics or history ... I think we would all be better served if he was alittle less photogenic and alittle less ignorant ...

Save these photos. They'll ... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Save these photos. They'll save time when we starting printing the "wanted" posters in 2012.

Could it be that Obomber's ... (Below threshold)

Could it be that Obomber's just a freakin' dummy?

He does phoney well!... (Below threshold)

He does phoney well!

This may be a bit of photo ... (Below threshold)

This may be a bit of photo trickery, but even if it's not, how hard can it be to smile exactly the same a hundred times in a row?






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