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The Kennedy Legacy

Well, Ted Kennedy's been buried for almost a month, and we're getting a glimpse of his legacy. And -- as should be expected -- it's a remarkable conflation of greed, corruption, chicanery, and political maneuverings.

First up, his successor in the United States Senate has been named. Paul Kirk, a former Kennedy aide, DNC chairman, and the executor of Kennedy's estate, was appointed by Governor Deval Patrick yesterday.

And the Massachusetts Republican Party (from their convention in a phone booth) promptly filed suit. They pointed out that, in Massachusetts, laws do not become effective for 90 days after signing unless they are declared an "emergency." And the "emergency" is only recognized if 2/3 of the legislature votes to call it such when the bill is passed -- which did not happen with the bill that gave the governor back the power to fill Senate vacancies.

90 days, of course, would push the appointment back until late December -- and the special election is scheduled for the middle of January.

The Massachusetts Democrats are now arguing that it doesn't really, really require the legally-mandated 2/3 vote to put a law into effect immediately, but just the governor saying it's important.

So, while Mr. Kirk has that to deal with, he also has to start tidying up the multi-million-dollar estate of his old boss. The people of Massachusetts, many of whom are still heartbroken over Ted Kennedy's passing, were consoling themselves with the thought that at least the state would benefit by getting their cut of his estate -- the Bay State has some of the highest estate taxes in the nation. They'd missed out when his mother, Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, passed on -- Ted had her declared a resident of Florida for legal purposes, even though she hadn't left the family's Hyannis compound in well over a decade -- and they were counting on the Lion of Liberalism's hard-earned dollars to help reload the state's empty coffers.

Whoops, not so fast. It would have been too much to declare that Ted was a resident of another state -- after all, he died while holding his Senate seat, but he did once declare himself a resident of Washington, DC for tax purposes, and then paid a fine to avoid having to forfeit his seat -- he still found a way to keep his millions for his greedy heirs and not have to pay his fair share for the privilege of dying. His entire net worth -- last listed as between $15 million and $72.6 million -- will be placed in a trust to benefit his wife, adult children, and other relatives.

Ah, Ted. Your body might have failed you, but your spirit lives on.


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Comments (21)

Kennedy lashed out REPEATED... (Below threshold)

Kennedy lashed out REPEATEDLY from the floor of the Senate against those greedy Republicans...DEMANDING they re-institute the DEATH TAX! (only Teddy didn't call it that, of course)

Kennedy and all the Dems want you and me to pay more taxes, and to give 1/2 or more of everything we earned in life to the Government when we die.

They then hire Estate Lawyers to hide and/or protect all THEIR assets!

Hypocrisy? Nah...couldn't be.

This from a man who wants t... (Below threshold)

This from a man who wants to tax everyone to the max, while hiding and dodging his money to pay less taxes.
And people love him???
I would dislike this man just for the way he treated women...all this just adds to it.

No surprise here. Wealthy ... (Below threshold)

No surprise here. Wealthy Democrats don't pay taxes, that's for the peons. Must be the water in Taxachusetts, the dumb ass voters keep reelecting the same limousine liberals year after year.

Only democrats do estate pl... (Below threshold)
Still An Unrepentant Democrat:

Only democrats do estate planning. Didn't you know that Jay Tea? Only rich Republicans refuse to do that so they can pay as much "death" tax as possible.

How many in holyweird are l... (Below threshold)

How many in holyweird are linning up to make a movie on his life is olliet stone wanting to do it or will it be mikie moore?

Good ol' SAUD - OTHER PEOPL... (Below threshold)


SAUD - still doesn't make it "right". Wasn't Teddy all about 'setting the example'? Wasn't Teddy all about 'sharing the wealth'? Or do you find it hard to accept that Teddy was a hypocrite?

Not that I expect you to answer the question?

"Only democrats do... (Below threshold)
Maryjo kopechne:

"Only democrats do estate planning."

That was'nt estate planning..It was tax evasion.

"Well, Ted Kennedy's been buried for almost a month,"

And we can still smell him.

"$15 million and $72.6 million -- will be placed in a trust to benefit his wife, adult children, and other relatives."

Why was'nt some predicated for Maryjo's children? ...err. Forget I asked.

SAUD...- Republicans... (Below threshold)

- Republicans do Estate Planning too, meanwhile LAMENTING the need to hire lawyers to protect the assets you worked your life for!

- Democrats do Estate Planning while DEMANDING that people pay MORE in life AND death!

That's the hypocrisy part...get it?

Aw, seems we're picking on ... (Below threshold)

Aw, seems we're picking on SAUD again. Guess he's upset because we don't bow our heads and genuflect when the sacred name of Saint Kennedy of Guinness is mentioned.

Others said it already but ... (Below threshold)

Others said it already but I will do so without vitriol in order to actually make the point.

Death Taxes like those in Massachusetts and many many other states "steal" money from grieving widows and children who stand to inherit from ANYONE with money when they die.

Republicans and especially Libertarians HATE these taxes and yes, they do estate planning to try and minimize the impact on their family after they pass.

So do the Democrats, at least the rich ones or the ones who know how to get around the tax laws like Edward Kennedy.

The problem is that these taxes were put in place by Democrats specifically to increase tax revenue to the state when wealthy (republican) people die. However what they always fail to see is that while they find or write in all the tax loopholes to avoid losing half of their estate when they die, and Republicans follow their lead. The people who get hit with these taxes are the middle class and the small business owners.

Edward Kennedy was all about spreading the wealth, take from the rich to feed the poor, when those filthy disgusting rich Republicans die we can steal half their estate to use on welfare and other social programs.

BUT then he finds a way to keep his money out of the governments hands... hmmm... That is the hypocrisy that is rampant in both parties, but most prevalent in the Democrat party.

I wanted to say I would not... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

I wanted to say I would not shit on Kennedys grave if I had the opportunity. On second thought. Yes I would. In day light in front of a crowd. On his head if I knew what direction it lay. He is directly reponsible for the loss of a human life, which he could have prevented. Nothing the Pope could have done for him could make it better. MLK said not to judge a man by the color of his skin but the depth of his character. Kennedy would be found wanting in that regard.

Disgusting and the details ... (Below threshold)

Disgusting and the details should be pointed out on the floor of Congress when they talk about death taxes again. If it was good for Kennedy, it should be good for all American's, not just rich, politically connected ones. It's the same thing with this health care bill. Not a single one of these that are for it would ever on their own sign up for it. Look at all the other tax cheats in Congress and in the Administration. Not a SINGLE ONE of these Democrats lives by the laws that they pass. NOT ONE.

Hypocricy is Kennedy's lega... (Below threshold)

Hypocricy is Kennedy's legacy.

Everything he pushed for he would never have to deal with. But his key legacy is how he screwed up our immigration laws. For example:

The 1965 revamp of the entire immigration system. It ended 40 years of low immigration, exploding annual immigration numbers.

Massive expansion of the refugee programs in the late 1970s, opening up massive loopholes and encouraging more overall immigration.

The 1986 blanket amnesty, followed by The 1990 immigration act, which increased overall immigration by another 35%.

Speaking of immigration:</p... (Below threshold)

Speaking of immigration:

An Albanian man who worked for my cousin, tried to so hard to get his citizenship but couldn't pass the exam. Then he found out he had prostate cancer. So the USA granted him citizenship and now he is on social security diability. He does not have to work anymore. He is in his forties, doing well with his treatment, in fact he took a month long vacation to the old country.
His sister-in-law fell in work, and now she is on social security disability. They are both fairly recent to this country.

And others complain what a terrible country and people we are. Would their old country give them as much????

I hope he can be as honest ... (Below threshold)

I hope he can be as honest and loyal to the American people as our previous Senator, Kennedy!!!

I'm sure the Kennedy estate... (Below threshold)

I'm sure the Kennedy estate will pay the $431K funeral bill that the state taxpayers are on the hook for. I'm sure they'll also chip in and pay for the $20M Kennedy Memorial or whatever Kerry was yapping about too. Man, even in Death Kennedy costs the people!

Always had to laugh when Te... (Below threshold)

Always had to laugh when Teddy trumpeted the 'minimal' cost of universal health care. This is the same con artist who flim-flamed "The Big Dig" in Boston, touting that it would "only cost $2.8 Billion". By the time this 'union only' public works project gets paid off in 2038, it will have cost taxpayers a total of $22 BILLION.
Yeah, Teddy knew how to sell. Barry only wishes he had Teddy's juice.

Kennedy wanted GUN CONTROL ... (Below threshold)

Kennedy wanted GUN CONTROL while still having his armed bodyguards around him

"Kennedy wanted GUN CONTROL... (Below threshold)

"Kennedy wanted GUN CONTROL while still having his armed bodyguards around him"

Rosie O'Donnell and other 'celebrities' push the same tripe. It's okay for them, their lives are 'important'. The world will end without them.

"Kennedy wanted GUN CONTROL... (Below threshold)

"Kennedy wanted GUN CONTROL while still having his armed bodyguards around him"

Yes, but that is attributable to liberal nuance.

It was ok as long as He controlled the trigger. Just like, it was A OK for him to swim the english channel alone on that grim dreary night so long ago..

He controls destiny..Or so, He thought.

Zelsdorf Ragshaft III says ... (Below threshold)

Zelsdorf Ragshaft III says The Swimmer, AKA as most execrable Kennedy of a long line of execrable Kennedys, was directly responsible for the loss of a life.


The Swimmer was responsible for the loss of the lives of the thousands of Americans and British and other nationalities slaughtered by the invading criminal aliens he and his un-and-anti-American ilk incited, encouraged and facilitated> And for those gutlessly murdered by (among the many others he and his gang enabled) the endemically alcoholic pack of bank-robbing, drug and gun-running murderous gangster bastards that so grandiosely calls itself the "i r a."

Which reminds me that my Grandma said I should always say something good about the recently deceased.

So here goes:

Ted Kennedy's dead. Good.






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