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T.O. a No Go Vs N.O.

The forth longest streak in the NFL came to an end this afternoon in Ralph Wilson Stadium.

After 185 straight games with a reception, Buffalo Bills' Terrell Owens couldn't catch a cold today.


The last time T.O. was catchless was back on Jan. 4,1997.

Bills quarterback Trent Edwards threw to him 6 times in the 27-7 loss to the New Orleans Saints.

For you Fantasy Footballers, Drew Brees finished 16-of-29 for 172 yards and no touchdown passes which was his worst showing since 2006.

Oh, and another really, really long streak was broken as well... Detriot finally won a game beating the happless Redskins for their first win since Hillary was the front runner for the White House - December 23, 2007.


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3 cheers for Detroit! I'm ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

3 cheers for Detroit! I'm just glad they broke the streak before playing the Bears next week.

Meanwhile, NBC has Keith Olbermann doing insufferable pregame and halftime for Sunday night football. I can hardly watch. I thought this jerk was exiled to MSNBC.

As an old Colts fan, having... (Below threshold)

As an old Colts fan, having the Redskins drop to the lions is pleasant.

Not that I have anything against the 'Skins - just their fans. :)

T.O. should be number 2 on the all-time list. I think he passed up Art Monk. Jerry Rice is out there in untouchable territory.

Watch out Buffalo. You're ... (Below threshold)
MDr Author Profile Page:

Watch out Buffalo. You're soon to find out - it's all about TO.






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