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John Kerry, Against Cap And Trade Before He Was For It


Sen. John Kerry (D-France) has awaken from his half decade long slumber to insert his meager intellect into the Cap and Trade debacle. Introducing a Senate companion bill to the House Cap and Trade bill, Kerry said this:

"I don't know what 'cap and trade' means. I don't think the average American does," Kerry told reporters. "This is not a cap-and-trade bill, it's a pollution reduction bill."

Kerry's word choice echoes President Obama's references to "greenhouse gas pollution" and "carbon pollution" in his Tuesday address to the United Nations. Top Obama administration science officials, including Energy Secretary Steven Chu and U.S. EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, have also adopted similar vocabulary in recent months.

As the pair prepare for the next stage of climate maneuvering, Kerry made attempts to reframe the verbiage surrounding the bill and sell its concepts more broadly, insisting it is not a "cap and trade" proposal but a "pollution reduction" bill.

It was quickly pointed out however that the bill contains the very same cap and trade mechanisms as has already been proposed.

Despite the change in rhetoric, it does not appear Kerry and Boxer have stepped away from the basic structure for cap and trade. He said the bill would still have emissions allowances and a marketplace.

He's still a douchenozzle...


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Comments (25)

Kerry has time to work on C... (Below threshold)
MDr Author Profile Page:

Kerry has time to work on Crap & Tax? I thought he was busy advising SCROTUS on the appropriate Afghan strategy. What? Barry is too busy packing for Denmark?

Never mind

Inhoff? Of course he would ... (Below threshold)

Inhoff? Of course he would have something to say about anything that represented change for the better. Since he is a flat earther,I wouldn't expect anything but negative comments from him.

"I don't know what 'cap and... (Below threshold)

"I don't know what 'cap and trade' means. I don't think the average American does,"

He obviously *does* know what "tax them back to the stone age" means though if he supports this bill as his good friend and all around gadfly Sen. Debbie Stabmenow had this to say:"the Senate tax panel would be much more involved in making contributions and changes to the bill than the Ways and Means Committee was on the House side." which can be read as "We crafted new and convoluted measures to extract blood from stone, they'll never know what hit them."

Thanks for nothing Lurch, why don't you and your friends take that bill and go pound sand, it'll be more productive.

Cap and trade by a differen... (Below threshold)

Cap and trade by a different name is still cap and trade. It will still costs Americans thousands of dollars every year and kill millions of jobs. Voice opposition to cap and trade at http://tiny.cc/pxIgi.

It is suddenly much more di... (Below threshold)
George Author Profile Page:

It is suddenly much more difficult to argue that human-originated CO2 is contributing to global warming. It appears that the guys at climateaudit.org (credited with exposing gaping holes in Mann's global warming hockey stick and identifying errors in NASA climate data) have finally been able to acquire raw data that has been denied them for years by the global warming "team." The hockey stick now not only looks wrong, it appears to have been supported only by dishonest cherry-picking of data.

This is a massive direct hit on the claims and credibility of the so-called scientists who could never find the ability to verify the data themselves despite the obvious known fact that the results could never be reproduced.  Nothing could be more embarrassing for Mann; put him on suicide watch.

Best explanation is here (it will lead you to the source):
Quote of the week #20 - ding dong the stick is dead

Kerry's whole problem is th... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

Kerry's whole problem is that his staff didn't tell him it was "cap and TAX"...like all Democrats that he would have understood!

Marv,Manmade Global ... (Below threshold)

Manmade Global Warming/Climate Change or whatever it's now called, is the SCAM OF THE CENTURY. How about the pictures of the Navy Submarine surfaced at the North Pole March 1958? What did the crew encounter at the end of WINTER 40+ years ago? Open water. Climate CHANGES and will continue to CHANGE no matter what humans do.

Why the fixation with a trace greenhouse gas (CO2)? Why not water vapor as that's the predominent one.

I really wish we could find a parallel planet for all the Enviro Whack Jobs to live on. Those folks will not be happy until we're all living in caves, eating grass and drinking rainwater.

Kerry could do his bit to r... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Kerry could do his bit to reduce pollution and just shut his mouth.

Sorry I couldn't get past t... (Below threshold)

Sorry I couldn't get past this: Sen. John Kerry (D-France)- this never gets old! lol

Thanks for making my Tuesday start so well!

"I don't know what 'cap and... (Below threshold)

"I don't know what 'cap and trade' means. I don't think the average American does,"

Just because John Kerry is an idiot, he obviously thinks 'the average American' is one as well.

Poor John. Now that Splash is dead, there's no one to tell him what to think.

Without Co2 there would be ... (Below threshold)

Without Co2 there would be no plant life or any other kind of life on this planet. Plants scrub the air of the excess Co2 and give off life sustaining oxygen so that mammals, like us can breathe. Do these people have any concept of what they are trying to do, or did the brain click off during high school biology classes? Oh I get it now, they skipped biology until the sex part came up.

Do I believe in conservatio... (Below threshold)

Do I believe in conservation, clean air/water and trying to save species from extinction? YES

Do I believe that anything we do now will affect the immediate future of this planet? >NO

I want the air to be clean, and indeed in the last 100 years capitalism has led to people with money paying more attention to the air and the environment. Go to China or any other country and you will see that the poorer they get the crappier the environment is in that area.

But we don't need to completely change our way of life. We need to be more concerned with the amount of trash we generate than what we put into the air. The earth is basically a living organism and it will fix itself over time. There is some evidence of non-biological Oil being created deep in the earth. They are discovering huge oil fields all over the place completely shattering the argument that Oil is finite and we are going to use it all up in our lifetimes.

We can continue to use coal and oil while we explore these new energy sources without worrying about running out. And Global Warming is being debunked more and more each day, thus why the dems are scrambling to get the "climate change" bill passed before everyone realizes it.

If we can get hydrogen to work in cars, or electric batteries that are recharged by solar and wind power generating plants. If we can do all of that and maintain our way of life and not spend a trillion dollars on untested technology. Then we should do it, but we do not need to cut ourselves off of fossil fuel. We need to be drilling!

(D-France) used to be funni... (Below threshold)

(D-France) used to be funnier before France started showing more international backbone than the US.

"John Kerry, Against Cap... (Below threshold)

"John Kerry, Against Cap And Trade Before He Was For It"

And He alledgedly served in Nam too!!

If we can get hydr... (Below threshold)
If we can get hydrogen to work in cars...

I don't understand why anyone would want to use hydrogen in cars. Hydrogen is a very unstable gas that will explode with just a spark. Why do the blimp makers, like Gooodyear use helium?Does the Hindenburg come to mind here? (background here)

The Hindenburg was a hydrogen fill zeppelin that blew up in New Jersey in the 1930s. The cause of this explosion was never determined, but speculation has ranged from a lightning strike, static electricity from the mooring mast and/or sabatoge. After this, helium was the gas of choice in all blimps.

The United States Navy thought about using hydrogen peroxide torpedoes for their subs in the inter-war years, but that was scraped by the Navy after the Hindenburg incident. So having a tank load of hydrogen, in a car, can lead to severe loss of life on the roads, due to explosions.

He's still a douchenozzl... (Below threshold)

He's still a douchenozzle...

You're being far too kind to mr "superhero", Kevin. As a Vietnam vet, I find John Kerry's existence a continuing source of irritation. May he die of six-inch gallstones without pain relief or surgery.

Just looking at the photo (... (Below threshold)

Just looking at the photo (classic Kerry)
Sing it with me...

"He did the mash"
----"He did the Monnnnster Mash"

5. George:The hockey... (Below threshold)

5. George:
The hockey stick appeared to me to be more imagination than real. The findings of McIntyre and similar folks probably won't get much media attention, somewhat because there's math involved, but mostly because of the lefty 'fake but accurate'. If they cherry picked to that extent it appears, it is little more than just making it up.

A little warming from CO2 is real (a few tenths) but catastrophic warming is, as its always been, a hoax.

Don't make fun of Kerry. I... (Below threshold)

Don't make fun of Kerry. It's hard to act "normal". Remember him trudging out of the muck with a dead goose on his shoulder. Off course the press was kept at a distance and from actually SEEING him shoot. Don't they give Oscar's for things like that?

Northeasterners may want to... (Below threshold)

Northeasterners may want to throw an extra boxer or kerry on the fire this winter.


Could someone explain how t... (Below threshold)
Steven M:

Could someone explain how this tax charade "Sets the Controls for the Heart of the Sun".

Probably in the exact same manner it did for Sid Barrett.

John "Why the Long Face" Ke... (Below threshold)

John "Why the Long Face" Kerry - "I don't know what 'cap and trade' means. I don't think the average American does,"

And this is a surprise, some type of insight into this mans, um... er "brain?"

After-all when voting not to allow the full text of the healthcare bill online for 72 hours he all but said us peons were too stupid to read such "arcane" and "legislative language."

2 words and a letter: Fuck u Kerry

"Can I get Me a service med... (Below threshold)

"Can I get Me a service medal here?"

I heard Kerry on Mornin Joe... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

I heard Kerry on Mornin Joe today and he actually mentioned Viet Nam! How that man can still work it in after 40 years just amazes me.

It sounds like something we... (Below threshold)

It sounds like something we need right now, jobs and clean energy.






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