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Sarkozy's Opinion of Barack Obama

***Updated with Video***

I was watching Greta Van Susteren tonight when she brought Jack Kelly, a columnist for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, on the show to talk about the rift that is growing between Nicolas Sarkozy and President Obama. Jack's comments were very troubling. He noted that Sarkozy is greatly concerned about Obama's leadership of the west. This is my transcription of his comments:

I have a friend, one friend who is close to Sarkozy and another who is a member of France's external intelligence agency. And they both say that Sarkozy thinks that President Obama is incredibly naive and grossly egotistical, so egotistical that no one can dent his naiveté. And that he is very worried about what that means for the west because the President of the United States is the leader of the free world and if the President of the United States isn't going to lead the free world it isn't going to be led.

Let the gravity of those comments soak in.

We're dealing with a president who is so arrogant that he actually thinks he can mold the world into what he thinks it should be, which is totally divorced from reality, that those who really do understand the world can't convince him that his view is dangerous and naive.

I was way off in my belief that President Obama would be a terrible president because he was ill prepared for the job. President Obama is far worse than I ever anticipated.

I'm going to try and find the video of Jack Kelly's remarks.

Update: Thanks to Jeff Blogworthy for the link to the video:


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Comments (39)

I was way off in my belief ... (Below threshold)

I was way off in my belief that President Obama would be a terrible president because he was ill prepared for the job. President Obama is far worse than I ever anticipated.
Ditto Kim. Double ditto.

Bwah Hah Hah HahTh... (Below threshold)

Bwah Hah Hah Hah

The secret is getting out, the narcissist idiot is in way over his head.

"And they both say that Sar... (Below threshold)

"And they both say that Sarkozy thinks that President Obama is incredibly naive and grossly egotistical, so egotistical that no one can dent his naiveté."

I'd say that Nikki is pretty perceptive. Now given the ego of the French, it's gotta really be something FOR THEM TO NOTICE IN SOMEONE ELSE.

Amazing. I saw the van Sust... (Below threshold)
Filbert non Susteren:

Amazing. I saw the van Susteren show, went out to look for relevent Sarkozy intel and there you are with an article up and running on the event. If you wish to research an Obama event that is not common knowledge try and track down Obama as he appeared at Magnolia Cemetery, Mount Pleasent, S.C. in April of 2004.

Unfortunately, Kim, your co... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately, Kim, your comments seem strangely familiar (minus profanity and Hitler references) to DU screed about W.

" I was way off in my belie... (Below threshold)

" I was way off in my belief that President Obama would be a terrible president because he was ill prepared for the job. President Obama is far worse than I ever anticipated."

I would say hes probably even worse that that. He's the worst president ever.

Wait, but aren't these the ... (Below threshold)

Wait, but aren't these the same dicks that hated Bush because he was a strong "leader" of the free world. Would these mealymouthed wimps decide if they want a strong American or a pussified one. They could always hold up their end of being leaders in the free world, but that would mean actually protecting yourself and being able to project power throughout the world. It would also mean having the balls to tell two bit dictators to suck eggs and then use force to bury them in their shitholes if they don't follow the rules of common civility. I don't see that happening anytime soon in europe and never with Obama the emasculated.

Some of us knew way before ... (Below threshold)

Some of us knew way before the election that Obama was a pathological narcissist (not curable) and a meglomaniac but the dumb public just can't do any critcal thinking. Results of government school education. Obama is dangerous with his internal rage and his self-worship and will crack in time. Dangerous for America but fun to watch. Popcorn??

So weird that Fox News woul... (Below threshold)

So weird that Fox News would have someone on WHO HAS A FRIEND WHO SAYS HE KNOWS SOMEONE WHO SAYS bad things about Obama.

And Kim takes it. gravely. seriously. What a good little echo.

In the interest of silver l... (Below threshold)

In the interest of silver linings...

Maybe the rest of the "West" will find it necessary to get their collective heads out of their collective a**es.

No more expecting the US to pull their nuts from the fire and then complain that it wasn't done in a sophisticated enough manner.

video of the interview is o... (Below threshold)
epador:U... (Below threshold)


Unfortunately, Kim, your comments seem strangely familiar (minus profanity and Hitler references) to DU screed about W.

Except the basis was Bush's military action against Iraq.

It seems to be par for the course for Europe to condemn any U.S. military engagement. What, I think, is different here that it is not a complaint about the 'aggressive U.S.' but rather that the U.S. is weakening itself - which is unusual, especially given the alleged source (France).

Obama egotistical?... (Below threshold)

Obama egotistical?

Can't be.

He's only written 2 books about himself so far.
And that was before he became president.

Nicolas, baby, come on........ (Below threshold)

Nicolas, baby, come on................
Look at how he handles his domestic agenda. Do you really want him to assert himself as leader of the free world? Hold down the fort until we can correct this mistake.

I've gotten this vibe for a... (Below threshold)

I've gotten this vibe for a long time from him but I've never really had anything to give credence to that vibe... thank you.

And if Jack Kelly, a column... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

And if Jack Kelly, a columnist for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has a friend who has a cousin whose brother-in-law might have heard *something* (an opinion and prediction based on nothing really) well then it must be taken as Gospel!!!!

I, too, never in my wildest... (Below threshold)

I, too, never in my wildest dreams thought Obama would be as bad as it appears he is. If we get another 9/11, Bush's fault. If a hurricane hits, Bush's fault. If our soldiers die in Afghan, Bush's fault. Too many in this country have been bamboozled and the cost will be high.

Obama hear our Cry!<p... (Below threshold)

Obama hear our Cry!

Mmmmm mmm mmmm
Barack Hussein Obama

Yep, it's going to be a fun 3 more years if we make it that long without a total economic meltdown.

JFO/SAUD using proxies to a... (Below threshold)

JFO/SAUD using proxies to access Wizbang after
you/ve been banned is only making the hole
you are digging deeper.
Your time out has now turned into a chill out.

Don't feed this troll.

Not really. I'll always be ... (Below threshold)
Still An Unrepentant Democrat:

Not really. I'll always be back to set the record straight and speak to the truth.

Have a nice day censor.

I knew this about Barry but... (Below threshold)

I knew this about Barry but I did not think the independents and moderates would realize it this quickly. All Obama had was rhetoric and good public speaking skills. No.Other.Experienve. That is how lame our voters have become. ww

For years people on Left co... (Below threshold)

For years people on Left complained about the Bush's arrogance, but I think Bush's ego doesn't hold a candle to Obama's.

It takes a very special level of arrogance to:
1) write two autobiographies before the age of 40
2) While you are running for President of the United States
a) Name your campaign plane O-Force One
b) Create your own presidential seal
c) allow your staff to call you Mr. President even before the election
d) Flip the bird to two of your opponents while on TV and get away with it.
3) Have the need to be on TV weekly
4) So frequently references himself in his speeches that even some in the media are finding it to much.

<a href="http://www.youtube... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

YouTube link to Jack Kelly comments.

This comes as no surprise. ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

This comes as no surprise. Sarkozy has been making disparaging comments about Obama since before the inauguration.

Obama has been called naive by Putin as well. His 'smarter' foreign policy has come off as being "we're so smart we don't have to pay attention to the rest of you pawns". He's snubbed nearly every major ally. Why would we expect that they should feel different?

Says something when a sitti... (Below threshold)

Says something when a sitting president can only meet with his battle field commander only once in 70 days, but meets WEEKLY with the president of the SEIU. Priorities.

jp2, SAUD, Adrian didn't ap... (Below threshold)

jp2, SAUD, Adrian didn't appear to have a problem with news reports that 2 "un-named" McCain campaign workers BELIEVED McCain MIGHT BE having an affair with a female staff member.

Yet they appear to have problems with Kelly's comments. Must be more of that Democratic "nuance".

"President Obama is far wor... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

"President Obama is far worse than I ever anticipated."

In spades. I'd done enough homework to know he was trouble but this is the realization of the most extreme scenarios then tenable.

I think 2010 will convince very many more.

To be fair it is "a friend ... (Below threshold)

To be fair it is "a friend of a guy who works with...blah" and it is France we are talking about. Since when does the Right ce what France thinks?

I'll tell you, Sarkozy is a conservative compared to the past few French Leaders. He is much more level headed when it comes to America than his predecessors.

If Obama were being accused of egomania because he was protecting the US and snubbing the rest of the world like Bush it would be one thing. But our "allies" are imploring us to fix this because they know that where America goes so goes the rest of the free world. Is it any wonder the rest of the world is in the dumps at the exact same time we are?

Grain of salt on this one.

For the libs who are clearl... (Below threshold)
jim m:

For the libs who are clearly missing the point in this:

Obama promised in the campaign that he would have a 'smarter', more intelligent foreign policy and that he would repair the damaged relationships between the US and its allies. The argument was that we were being unsuccessful in Iraq and Afghanistan because other nations were refusing to follow our leadership.

What is becoming more and more obvious is that foreign leaders do not respect Obama. Putin has snubbed him. Minor Russian pols have refused to shake his hand or even acknowledge his presence. He has been criticized by Merkel and our allies seem to be starting to make a distinction between being pro-American and pro-Obama.

He has tried to get other nations to follow the US in its out of control spending and in return he has been soundly repudiated and multiple nations are now acting to move away from the dollar as an international currency of national debt.

He has deeply betrayed our newer eastern European allies. These allies were the first to stand by us after 9/11 and were the first to send troops and other aid to Iraq.

Now Sarkozy is in near open opposition to him. Sarkozy was moving quickly to align France with the US and in supporting our international endeavors. All that has seemingly ended.

When France is saying that you are too naive to lead and too arrogant to recognize your own weakness you have a serious problem. But I too believe that he will be too arrogant to recognize any weakness in himself.

A MAJOR BLUNDER ....<... (Below threshold)
James Raider:


There is a major blunder the MSM seems to have ignored in the negotiating stance with Iran.

Obama gave up a powerful element when he backed off the Europe based missile shield without concessions from Putin.

Russia continues it's rhetoric, and now there is little chance that Iran's leadership will fall into line on the nuclear arms front.


... And forget about sanctions.


He has talked on the phone ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

He has talked on the phone once with his commander in Afghanistan. He has had just 1 cabinet meeting. He has been on TV 3x as much as Clinton or GW. He has traveled around the world to give policy speeches and gone to NY to play model UN with the security council.

He has acted as a fool in snubbing foreign leaders with mindless gaffs of protocol and etiquette.

He doesn't meet with cabinet officials, but meets with SEIU leaders and his czars frequently. He appears on TV with every channel except the one who he is afraid will ask tough questions and then he is still unable to field the softball questions they offer up.

This does not have an appearance of a man who is either equipped or interested in running the nation, but a man in love with the image of himself as president and a man who needs the applause of others. He is still the university adjunct professor who needed to use himself in classroom examples always referring to the "intelligent" and "good looking" Barack Obama. His ego knows no bounds except one: self reflection.

Post 32 by Jim m says it al... (Below threshold)

Post 32 by Jim m says it all and says it well.

And they both say that S... (Below threshold)

And they both say that Sarkozy thinks that President Obama is incredibly naive and grossly egotistical, so egotistical that no one can dent his naiveté.

In other news, the sky is blue and the sun will be rising in the east tomorrow.

I have a little different t... (Below threshold)
MaDr Author Profile Page:

I have a little different take on Obama. I agree he's ill prepared and egotitical. I believe, his primary goal is to make the USA "just another" member of the "world community".

He rejects American exceptionalism. As many have opined, and I concur - he dislikes or hates America (capitalism, our place of prominence in the world, etc). He supports a UN tax on our GDP. He told the UN that America's interest would take a back seat to theirs.

Some of his actions could be construed as purposely weakening the USA. Betraying friends like the Poles & Czechs. Ducking the Brits PM's request for meetings. Announcing plans to unilaterally cut our nuclear arms. Siding with communist and totalitarian regimes (Cuba, Venezuela, etc). We all know how much support we'll receive in return. One could argue that these moves are to be expected as he moves towards his fellow Marxist. Could be, but then that'd just make it a two fer.

MaDr: Good piece. I've been... (Below threshold)

MaDr: Good piece. I've been uncomfortable calling Obama a "communist" or "Marxist" because not only do such epithets sound extreme and over-the-top, they don't really capture the essence of who he is or what his goals are. I think your analysis comes a lot closer to the truth of the matter.

I will never forget or forg... (Below threshold)

I will never forget or forgive the 52% who voted this nightmare into the White House. Those who continue supporting this POTUS and his Marxist policies disgust me.

Regarding the statement by ... (Below threshold)
Filbert non Susteren:

Regarding the statement by Raider reIran/Lack of Russian concessions. We have a problem with mounting the scale of movement against Iran that the seriousness of their nuclear program warrants. Any attack on Iran would have to be done without being condoned by much of the international community. Any disruption of energy resources will cause hardship in user states that would generate a rapid and violent reaction, making military allies for Iran of the very states we wish to have stable relations with. It is not Iran that we should be placing much effort in communicating our feelings regarding the situation and potential outcomes. China, Russia, the Baltic States and several European countries have to be sold on the idea of externally changing the course of Iran's administration. I do not doubt that Iran is much farther along in their effort to project nuclear force than they let on. They have to have the ability to stage a decisive first strike in order to make the risk worth the effort without risking annihilation themselves. Nuts, but there it is. We don't have the right leadership to deal with the situation. France, at this point, is probably sorry they parked their fleet off the coast in order for Washington to get terms at Yorktown.

The problem is that BHO and... (Below threshold)

The problem is that BHO and MSM misread the rest of the world.
During the last 8 years the liberal leaders of Europe have been voted out of office. the French and the Germans are much more conservative which was why BHO was told to pound sand when he went on his tour of Europe.

BHO is rapidly becoming a political anachronism which make the world more dangerous place.

Let's not go crazy here, on... (Below threshold)

Let's not go crazy here, one man's comment does not build a nation; remember what country helped Saddam Hussein! You got it the French, during histories wars, who was never supportive but always reaped the benefits. You got it again the French, just run a search on the French and the campaigns they participated in, take their comments very lightly. A well known man made a comment to me one day; he said if everyone like you, you are doing something very wrong. If people hate you and talk about you, you are doing something very right and holding them in their wrong doings. Not comparing Obama to Jesus Christ because he is a far cry from him. The Masses hated Jesus to the point that they killed him, only after his death did they admit that he was the Christ, after the earthquakes, moon hiding it's self, the temple being damaged and his cloak nearly strangling one of the Roman soldiers. I said that to say this, don't be so eager to jump on the ban wagon of our enemies, France is not the United States friend, no matter what President we have had they have always had something bad to say. It does not matter if we like our leaders or not they are the ones that God has allowed for a season. Once they are eliminated then we say they were for us but then it will be too late to revive them. Never turn on your own country men and our leaders because of what other countries think about them, the other countries are not for us and want to destroy us. So protect and pray for our leaders because they are ours. If you don't believe in prayer then hope for them and support them. A house divided (United States) cannot stand, but unity (the people of the United States) can build a strong house that can withstand the masses (enemies). Just a little something to think about, you who are perfect throw the first stone...... There is not one, no not one that is perfect and have not made terrible mistake's in their lives. Also remember the news reporters bring stories to make news, a wise person will be able to see through the smoke screen, and we do have a nation of wise individuals. Don't fall in the trap of fables (deception) and someone else's idea trap, we can research and think for our selves, not the media thinking and giving suggestive messages (half truths) to us to run with it and kill the entire idea of freedom. Let freedom continue to ring and all of the other nations will continue to envy the Unites States of America because we are a great nation if we do not destroy our selves.






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