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Chicago's Killing Fields

(This video contains disturbing violence.)


That is the only way to describe the creatures that beat young Derrion Albert to death in the bloody streets of a Chicago neighborhood.

Derrion, described as a nice, respectful honor-roll student, was walking home from school when he was accosted by members from rival factions in his neighborhood. (Those factions are normally referred to as "gangs", but you wouldn't know it from some reports.)

Some of these animals punched him. Some kicked. Others bashed his head with 2x4's. All of this caught on a cell phone camera.

Some students claim that members from rival gangs would gather across the street from the school so they could protect their own "homies" when they got out of class. Why these thugs would be allowed to congregate that close to a school is beyond me.

I'm sure Sasha and Malia Obama were never subjected to this type of scenario after school.

The Chicago public school system has about 407,000 students in 666 schools. It is the nation's third-largest school district and has been plagued by violence in recent years. During the 2007-2008 school year, at least 20 students were killed, including 18 by gunfire. The year before, more than 30 students were killed, again most by gun violence. (H/T Michelle Malkin)


It is a wonder how this could have happened in a city where Barack Obama was a community organizer. You would think this type of atmosphere would not exist in the place from which The One hails. A place where he was able to work his magic of social healing, with the likes of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and cuddly William Ayers fighting with him, arm in arm.

In a sad twist of irony, this murder happened just a few feet from the office of a Chicago-based community organization. (That is where some bystanders dragged from the street Darrion's lifeless, bloody body.)

I wonder if Obama will speak up about this episode. He felt strongly enough to yelp about the incident between his most estimable black friend Professor Louis Gates when Cambridge, Massachusetts white Police Officer James Crowley "acted stupidly" during a simple altercation. (His "Beer Summit" was a colossal success.)

So far, there has been nary a peep uttered by Obama concerning this horrid example of black-on-black crime, right in his own backyard.

Then again, Obama wasn't trying to sell Cambridge as the host city for the 2016 Olympics, as he is with his adopted hometown of Chicago. This instance isn't exactly a strong selling point for his presentation in Copenhagen.

This atrocity also happened in the shadow of Obama declaring he wants kids to cut short summer vacations and extend school days, of course, all for the benefit of the children. Never mind how much extra money would be involved with funding the extra teachers, paying the existing ones more (gotta help out those teacher unions), and paying for the energy costs of keeping schools open longer into the hot summer and later into the day.

You know, global warming and all.

Perhaps, if the teachers, and more appropriately, the parents had a stronger sense of personal responsibility to their families, these children would not grow up and be subjected to this type of deranged learning environment in the first place. If I were a parent of a child in a school system situated in a location as dangerous as this, the less time spent there, the safer.

And the next politician who told me that school vouchers weren't a good idea would be out of a job come next election cycle.

Nah. Just expand government and toss more money at the dysfunctional education system. I guess it's just an easier way of providing free day-care, and helping government gain more control over the lives of its citizens.

This type of atmosphere isn't magically created. It stems from decades of social neglect, from the corrupt practices of city government, to the breakdown of responsibility and morals contained within a warped family structure. Children, from one generation to another, are handed down less and less moral aptitude, personal responsibility, and a sense of self respect, while growing up in neighborhoods where teen pregnancy, welfare and fatherless families are the norm. This culminates into an uncivilized society where sad instances like this occur on a frequent basis.

There is hope, though, as it seems the White House now has its priorities straight.

Obama has given his personal approval of the Obama Chia.

Good luck Chicago. You're gonna need it.

Update from Breitbart:

Obama's spokesman Robert Gibbs was asked to comment on the killing a day before the president heads to Copenhagen to woo IOC members on his hometown's Games bid, before Friday's final vote on the venue of the 2016 sporting extravaganza.

"The reports and the video that we have seen on television is among the most shocking that you can ever see, the killing of an honor student ... who's beaten to death is -- is chilling, chilling video," Gibbs said.

Obama discussed the incident in the Oval Office with top advisors on Wednesday, Gibbs said, adding that some kind of policy announcement could be expected shortly.

"This is something that the administration has been working on," Gibbs said.

Re-read that last line.

It's so believable, isn't it?


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Comments (45)

This is disgusting. F*%ckin... (Below threshold)

This is disgusting. F*%cking savages.

How about a little Old Testament justice for these scumbags? What say you Rev. Wright????

Reminds me of the movie "Escape from New York"

I looked at that video yest... (Below threshold)

I looked at that video yesterday...and the kids are all wearing similar clothing so it's hard to tell who is doing what, but it looked to me like the victim was "joining in" the melee, right up until the point he was slammed in the head with a large piece of lumber. The same kid had been running with the group and threw a punch at someone right up until he was hit in the head.

Once he was down, the mob seemed to light upon him and fatally beat him.

With the mindless savagery that was taking place, I'm guessing that the first person to get knocked to the ground would have been lit upon in the same manner by the mob.

I was under the impression that the victim was targeted.

Maybe someone can explain to me where what I saw wasn't what actually happened.

IT DOESN"T MATTER IF HE WAS... (Below threshold)

IT DOESN"T MATTER IF HE WAS AN HONOR ROLL STUDENT! What the HELL is going on in Chicago? Some poor kid was beaten to death!

This is not a left or right issue, this is a family and cultural issue. This is inner city culture, the same that is celebrated by rappers who carry guns with them to go out dancing. This is racism but it is not the fault of "white" people. This is the fault of a system that rewards women for having children out of wedlock. A system that forces poor people, mostly of color, into housing blocks and "projects" because the Government makes it affordable. This is the fault of politicians who want to take care of everybody and remove any personal responsibility from their lives.

Chicago is screwed up beyond recognition; gun laws to prevent law abiding people owning a handgun, but murder rates where handguns are used through the roof. Corruption up and down the ladder of politics.

Yeah, something tells me the Olympics are not coming here.

"I'm sure Sasha and Malia O... (Below threshold)

"I'm sure Sasha and Malia Obama were never subjected to this type of scenario after school."

I am sorry Shawn. I am pretty much on record here as being no fan of the current president. Unfortunately, using this video to make an off handed comment about the presdient's kids, let alone the president, eliminates any impact of your discussion for me. This is very tragic. I will agree that this culture has evolved over decades. The Obama children come from family where there is both a loving mother and father present. And, yes, if I had Obama's means I would make sure that my kids would not be subjected to this - and not apologize to you for it.

"You would think this type ... (Below threshold)

"You would think this type of atmosphere would not exist in the place from which The One hails"

"I'm sure Sasha and Malia Obama were never subjected to this type of scenario after school."

You sicken me. Seriously, the way you choose to make your point (which I fail to really understand beyond the standard "I hate Obama!" rant) sickens me. You're using the death of a child to make a snarky political point. Yeah for you.

"There is hope, though, as it seems the White House now has its priorities straight."

Wait, wait, wait. I thought you were from the States Rights Above All Else party? Aren't Republicans against federal government interfering in the actions of a state? Aren't you the same one who just posted a "Obama Sucks!" rant I'm responding to? You finish up this sickening rant by making the point that while you dislike everything about Obama, you want him to solve Chicago's problems from the Federal level?

God I wish you would just cowboy up and be intellectually honest in your arguments: You hate Obama and everything he'll ever do regardless of outcome. If you were to EVER say that openly and honestly, without wrapping it in a veil of sickening pandering, at least I'd have respect for you ownership of the position.

Truly vile, this post.

Also please tell me that th... (Below threshold)

Also please tell me that the number of school Chicago is NOT actually 666? Please let that be a typo, I really do not want to hear the antichrist rants.

Obama scares the shit out of me, but I have to believe he is not antichrist. There is not an actual person in the bible that holds that title. Who cares how scarily close to the Left Behind version of end time events the Obama administration is. That was just a work of fiction!

SAUD,I resent you dr... (Below threshold)

I resent you drawing conclusions about me based on Shawn's post. You, sir, are an ass.

So Wizbangers, who's going ... (Below threshold)

So Wizbangers, who's going to call for the resignation of Shallow Mallow? If this had been ANY other media channel and if this had been about ANY conservative, you'd be rioting in the streets about this post.

Why not comment on the cont... (Below threshold)

Why not comment on the content rather than Shawn SAUD?

More outraged about Shawn trashing your hero than some poor kid beat to death in one of your socialist paradises?

Says a lot about you.

Sort of a Maureen Dowd-ish,... (Below threshold)

Sort of a Maureen Dowd-ish, Daily Kos type of rant, huh SAUD?

Hypocrites like you are so predictable.

Btw, that "Shallow" bit is so original.

You see something like this... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

You see something like this and you're outraged ...by the blogger?

You definitely need to send your moral compass back to the shop.

And as for the participants in this outrage, they should be tried, convicted, and executed. All of them.

Two last things: 1... (Below threshold)

Two last things:

1. I typed "Shallow" on accident - meant to type Shawn... busy day today. Sorry about that.

2. By "Saud" do you mean "Jake"? I see no Saud in this thread, so I'm confused.

Didn't Barry and his buddy ... (Below threshold)

Didn't Barry and his buddy Ayers 'clean up' the Chicago school system with MILLIONS from the Annenburg Foundation? Or did they just 'clean up'?

As for gangbangers, the gang gives them a sense of identity and 'worth'. You know, things they used to get at home. Discipline is schools is a thing of the past. Don't want to hurt Johnny's 'self-esteem'. In many places you can't even kick the worthless shits out, so they become a drag on everyone else.

And the cycle will continue until enough of the public finally get fed up with it. We're already into '3rd generation' gang members now.

Shots at Obama because of t... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Shots at Obama because of this are a bit of stretch, but not as much as you seem to think. Obama talks about sorting out the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, yet here is his hometown, where he could have shown us whatever magical peace-making abilities he has, and it's as much of a shithole now as it ever was, with the communities he "organized" the very worst of the worst.

GarandFan said: "And the cy... (Below threshold)

GarandFan said: "And the cycle will continue until enough of the public finally get fed up with it. "

You don't think the public is already "fed up with it"?

Once the public reaches this point you think they're not at (i.e. it comes home to a lot more middle and upper class neighborhoods), I'm curious what you'd suggest actually is DONE to fix it? Getting "fed up" isn't a solution.

I'm curious what you'd s... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

I'm curious what you'd suggest actually is DONE to fix it.

I already answered that question. A robust death penalty, quickly (within a year of conviction), vigorously, and dare I say, liberally, applied.

Where's Jeremiah Wright? How about Jesse Jackson? Al Sharpton? Barack Obama? Skip Gates? Any of the other race hustlers? Cat got their tongues? No honkies to shake down, so no interest?

I will be a Wizbanger who c... (Below threshold)

I will be a Wizbanger who calls for an apology! This should not have been politicized or at the very least left the family out of it. Chicago is His town so he should have some ownership of the problem, but by no means is this His fault directly!

Apologize on the senate floor!

"I already answered that qu... (Below threshold)

"I already answered that question. A robust death penalty, quickly (within a year of conviction), vigorously, and dare I say, liberally, applied."

Wow, talk about compassionate conservatism!

So you're advocating the killing of teenagers and younger? (Who were the subjects of this video, as I'm reading it) Because yeah, the "Kill 'em all, let God sort 'em out" approach is so fantastic at actually solving the problem...

If I recall, American has one of the highest crime rate in western countries, and we're one of the only (the only?) with the death penalty. So you're saying that if we used it death penalty MORE it would solve the problem better than it's clearly not solved at all to date?

That's some smart logic!

For those that don't believ... (Below threshold)

For those that don't believe this is a normal occurrence at Chicago public School's dismissals, go here, http://wizbangblog.com/content/2009/09/30/chicagos-killing-fields.php#comments Read how the Police must have 4 and 5 squad cars sitting outside of these schools at dismissal time to try to prevent chaos and mayhem. Ask yourself, would you send your children to theses schools? We know the President won't and yet, he keeps others locked in these dangerous failing schools. Bush was right when he pinned "The soft bigotry of low expectations" on the left.

Soory here's the correct li... (Below threshold)

Soory here's the correct link for Police blog, http://secondcitycop.blogspot.com/2009/09/beating-death-on-tape.html

Today's wizbangblog! headli... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Today's wizbangblog! headline was predicted yesterday:

Michelle Malkin's Still Got Her Google Alerts Set to "Black Teenagers"

No not death penalty unless... (Below threshold)

No not death penalty unless the killing blow can be determined and the perpetrator identified. How about caning? It works well for Singapore, I've been there and there isn't even gum under the park benches.

Public Caning, and give the power of corporal punishment back to the schools. If a student doesn't do their homework make them sit on the floor because a chair is a privelage.

As for what to do to solve it? Well for one thing we can stop spending $40k+ per year on welfare participants (I think its higher but would rahter lowball it). I don't make that much and I work for my money. How about not rewarding single mothers? If the father sticks around and is making enough money to support the family then let him. But if that same father does not stick around then the child must be placed in foster care or an orphanage.

It is true that you should not punish the child for the sins of the parents. But leaving them in an underprivelaged home even with someone who loves them, but without a father figure, and sending them to these schools where gangs and viloence are a way of life is still punishment.

Let the mother stay in the childs life, by working at the childrens home part time to earn her welfare check. And yes oh my god I can't believe i'm saying it, force sterilization after three kids for men AND women in these situations.

I DONT KNOW! But there has to be a solution besides enabling these poor kids to become thugs and welfare leaches.

The whole situation is FRUSTRATING! But you have to agree that government programs are NOT helping these people! Expanding those programs will only make the problem worse! This is what we have to look forward to from a socialist America.

I can't wait for this to re... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I can't wait for this to repeat itself in 2016 with the victim as some German or Japanese Olympics tourist.

No, you cannot hold Obama accountable for this, but it does raise questions about his Secy of Education, who used to run this educational nightmare. It also raises the question of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, which Obama chaired and paid millions of dollars to ideologically based school programs and few if any for actual education. Perhaps things would be better if liberals stopped looking at feel good ideology and concentrated on education that will help these kids find a better life or themselves.

If I recall, American ha... (Below threshold)
jim m:

If I recall, American has one of the highest crime rate in western countries, and we're one of the only (the only?) with the death penalty.

Actually our crime rate has been declining in recent years while those in Europe have been climbing. At the same time we have enacting shall issue carry laws in nearly every state (Illinois being one of the few exceptions) and European nations have been banning handguns.

No the death penalty probably does not have a huge deterrent effect on crime, but it absolutely prevents recidivism.

Unfortunately, Illinois has shown some serious problems in administering justice in that Local DA's and police have broken the laws to get convictions and put innocent people on death row. There is no indication that anyone was executed wrongly, but it remains a big issue. The Chicago PD is up to their ears in that scandal and I am not convinced that they have completely rooted out the problem.

Meanwhile this shows that the gun ban in Chicago is absolutely meaningless. Maybe when he gets back from Copenhagen, Mayor Daley will close all the lumber yards. It's not the weapon it's the people.

This is so unfair. Obi One... (Below threshold)

This is so unfair. Obi One is seeing this, and getting homesick. How the hell do you expect him to complete his packing for Copehagen!

How he yearns for that good old Chi town organizing. Bustin' heads - union style.

I am having a fun time agai... (Below threshold)

I am having a fun time again reading SAUD and Jake's comments oozing with their faux indignation. They are from the party of trashing GW's family, Palin's family and now all of a sudden, you just mention, mention Barry's kids and they "cannot believe it". You guys are clowns. You and the left sold your souls to the devil years ago. You are a vile, reprobate crowd.

Obama is presented as being able to solve everything. It makes sense to tie Barry to the recent problems in Chicago since he has been representing them for years in community orginizing, the state office and senate. Now all of a sudden they had no part in the direction and leadership of this immoral city? Yeah right.

A refresher: For eight years we heard about GW Bush state of Texas having poor grade achievement. Polution, etc. Now the shoe is most definitely on the other foot. You lefties should have never set the example of what can and cannot be discussed. So, take your faux outrage and hang with your own kind. ww

Uh, oh, gotta tip my hat to... (Below threshold)

Uh, oh, gotta tip my hat to the trolls on this one. The presentation of this story - an admittedly disgusting video of urban violence - is an argument based on non sequiturs. The actions of these youths at that time in that situation prove nothing about Obama or his politics. First, the plea here sounds a lot like the equally fallacious leftist argument that the policies of [_______ name of any Republican President] are responsible for homelessness. Obama's "policies" as a CO, legislator or President cannot reasonably be connected to this incident, or, in fact to incidents like it that preceded it and will surely follow it. Second, the trolls are correct. These are criminal acts are a state and local matter. Obama, as President, has nothing to do with the particulars of this case, as he also did not with the Cambridge, Massachusetts incident. Third, no evidence is provided to support the argument that Obama does not sincerely, even if erroneously, believe that extended class time will not produce educational benefits, but comes solely from cynical support for his buddies. Look all this said, I believe that Obama is the necessary catalyst for the now imminent, due to his efforts, and necessary collapse of the Welfare State model of government. But painting him with this broad a brush really is counterproductive. Take a deep breath next time.

I may be way off base, but ... (Below threshold)

I may be way off base, but it seems to me the teen was that murdered, was the target all along. Why do I think this, one may ask? Simple, this teen was an honor student and attended classes all day long. To the gang bangers that hung out on the street corners, this was not cool. In their convoluted world, anyone with an education is suspect and dangerous; they could not recruit him into their world of crime and violence. They also targeted him, because he was too white in their world.

It is fair to tie this murd... (Below threshold)

It is fair to tie this murder to Obama. Black on black violence happens all the time in Chicago. The only surprise to the movers and shakers, the bosses in Chicago is that this made any national news. Obama is one of the bosses from Chicago. He is bringing the Chicago way to all of America.

Left wing ideology is mainly useful as a means to power. You can show a leftist how his government bureaucracy is hurting the poor and he will not change it when change would mean giving up control. That is exactly what happened with welfare dependency. Democratic Senator Daniel Patrick Moynahan spent years trying to get his fellow Democrats to reform welfare. Not until a Republican congress passed it and it was shown to be successful did a Democrat rush forward to take credit. Most Democrats still want to kill welfare reform.

Obama refuses to reform public schools. No matter that more than a few Democratic parents support school vouchers, the Democratic politicians won't allow them since they take power away from the teachers unions. Vouchers work to educate kids but Obama won't consider them.

Jay Guevara -"Y... (Below threshold)

Jay Guevara -

"You see something like this and you're outraged ...by the blogger?"

Of course. The problem is that the problem is being identified - and there's no way it can be blamed on anything BUT the perpetrators... and those who enabled them.

It can't be blamed on racism. This was black-on-black crime.

Something cultural has shifted to the point where tribalism, where gang affliation, is more important than anything else. It's important enough to fight over - and to kill over. There's no cohesion as a community - these guys couldn't have cared less that they were all residents of the same state, or the same nation - or even the same block.

Instead, the affliation is to their turf and their friends - and everyone else is both suspect and prey. Fuel up the mix with cheap booze, a cultural system which emphasizes rapid violence, denigrates education, and rewards a complete lack of restraint, forethought and compassion - and you do end up with savages.

And it's been building for decades in the schools. Self-esteem programs which did nothing but inflate egos, lowering the bar when it came to acceptable standards of dress and behavior, and role models for adult behavior dragged off rap videos on MTV and VH1...

Damn, they couldn't have been fucked over worse if it'd been intentional. Instead, people bent over backwards to give them EVERYTHING they wanted. They didn't want responsibility - they wanted an easy ride. They didn't want to be challenged in school - so it got dumbed down. They didn't want to be told they were doing anything wrong - so any criticism was obviously racially motivated - and effectively silenced.

Instead of leadership which spoke of responsibility and building for the future - as MLK did - you had the race-baiting poverty pimp mouthpieces out to get more from the folks who felt guilt over slavery, because THEIR fame and power were directly tied to making sure blacks were ALWAYS seen as victims, now and forever.

How could they have been any more cruel to the black community? They sold the future to get money and power - and look at what they've helped create.

The left knows they're complicit. Of course they'll be outraged - because if they can be outraged enough, maybe they can deflect the responsibility for what they've created.

Wow, talk about... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Wow, talk about compassionate conservatism!

Compassion towards those who deserve it, not those who in this case do not. Liberals - all liberals - are compassionate toward criminals, and thereby brutalize their victims, and future victims. In case you'd forgotten, as you apparently have: a boy is dead. Someone needs to pay.

So you're advocating the killing of teenagers and younger? (Who were the subjects of this video, as I'm reading it) Because yeah, the "Kill 'em all, let God sort 'em out" approach is so fantastic at actually solving the problem...

Anyone who struck a blow is culpable, and should pay the price.

If I recall, American has one of the highest crime rate in western countries, and we're one of the only (the only?) with the death penalty. So you're saying that if we used it death penalty MORE it would solve the problem better than it's clearly not solved at all to date?

You bet. Check the crime rate in Singapore. Or Malaysia. I'm not advocating that sort of authoritarianism, but ask yourself this: why is their crime rate so low? Because if you're caught, you're absolutely guaranteed harsh punishment, and that damned soon. Who smuggles drugs into Singapore? Only a complete fool. The point, which liberals seem incapable of grasping, is that by making provision for a problem you guarantee its existence.

And let's look at your statement. America doesn't have one of the highest crime rates of Western countries, it has one of the highest murder rates. And why is that? As underscored by this video, we have the black homicide problem, Europe doesn't. According to the CDC, the leading cause of death of black males 15-24 is...homicide. By other black males. Take black males out of our statistics, and the U.S. has a lower crime rate in most categories than European countries.

No the death penalty probably does not have a huge deterrent effect on crime, but it absolutely prevents recidivism.

Let's be precise here: the death penalty as currently practiced probably does not have a huge deterrent effect on crime. When the time between the crime and the death penalty is decades, this is not surprising. In Victorian times, the time was months, at most. If you murdered someone on New Year's Day, and were caught, you'd be unlikely to see the next New Year's. Now that's a deterrent.

"policy announcement"????? ... (Below threshold)

"policy announcement"????? What the eff is that? Will they propose a 5-day waiting period on 2x4's?

JLawson, I agree with you 1... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

JLawson, I agree with you 100%.

RB -Dude, you shou... (Below threshold)

RB -

Dude, you should see the registration paperwork on caulking guns...

Jay G -

Damn thing is, there's not a blessed thing that can be done about it. You're looking at one, maybe two generations that are totally screwed - and that's if the folks who've really screwed 'em reverse their thinking this year and push to try to get people responsible again.

If they don't - they'll just see more of the same. It all really depends on how important the voting block is, over the people inside it.

RB - you forgot the FBI bac... (Below threshold)
jim m:

RB - you forgot the FBI background check for purchases of construction materials.

And yes, the most likely outcome of this is that the offenders get off relatively easy, conservatives are called racists, and laws will be proposed that will make life more difficult for everyone else but the criminals who do these kinds of things.

Stan50....uh, did you even ... (Below threshold)

Stan50....uh, did you even LOOK at the video? Do you see a solitary person being chased by an entire gang?

I don't see that at all. I see a melee of violence. At some point one kid whacks the other kid in the head with a 2 by 4 and the kid goes down. Then the vultures arrive to finish him off.

Once again Unrepentant Demo... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Once again Unrepentant Democrat tries to remove a speck from someone's eye while a log protrudes from his own.

Bush caused hurricane Katrina, killed hundreds.

In case you can't spell it, Google is helpful in completing the phrase for you. Just start typing Bush caused hu.... and let Google type the rest. No mind-sickness here.

That's just one small example.

Now U.D. is practically Ms. Manners and an expert at identifying looniness. Stunning.

I could write a long post about how the left is directly complicit in the killing of this student (not Obama specifically, only to the extent that he is one leftist nut among many) but I am not going to bother. It would just get lost in the noise. The truth hurts.

Jeff -If you take ... (Below threshold)

Jeff -

If you take a look at those top links - they're satire, or pointing out how folks on the left are blaming Bush for environmental policies that allowed Katrina to occur.

Just remember, there were no hurricanes BEFORE Bush! And anyone who suggests otherwise is a wingnut!

Oh, wait... The Galveston Hurricane of 1900

The left doesn't care about the results of their intentions - what's important is that the intentions were ideologically proper, not whether they were sound or practical in the first place.

I have never made such a... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

I have never made such a silly accusation.

I didn't say that you did. I'm saying that if you want to rant about "Stark fucking bat shit crazy... wingnut loons" look to the people standing next to you. They are the rule, not the exception.

JLawson:"Damn, they ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"Damn, they couldn't have been fucked over worse if it'd been intentional."

I've been wondering the same thing for some time now. If someone wanted to harm Blacks (but didn't want to get caught), what would they do differently? Not much.

It's Bizzaro World.

<a href="http://daybydaycar... (Below threshold)
jim m:


today's cartoon nails it.

I live in Texas, I am lice... (Below threshold)

I live in Texas, I am licenced to carry wood. ww

"If someone wanted to ha... (Below threshold)

"If someone wanted to harm Blacks (but didn't want to get caught), what would they do differently?"

I really don't think it's intentional - I believe there's people who really, truely, honestly believe they're doing ALL The Right Things - it's just that no matter how much money is thrown out, things keep getting worse. The more people you train to have an entitlement mentality, the more money you'll need to keep them happy. You're not doing them any favors by just giving them money - but that's what's been done.

You or I would be going "Hmmm. This isn't working - what else might be a factor or what are we overlooking?" They go "It WILL work, we just have to throw enough money at it!"

More money is thrown, things get worse, but the answer is NEVER to do something different - until the situation collapses completely. Then the money's withdrawn, and things go totally pear-shaped.

Look at Detroit. That's Chicago in ten to twenty years.

Nothings changed in chicago... (Below threshold)

Nothings changed in chicago its still as violent as it was in the days of AL CAPONE still corrupt still run by the demacrats and run by ROTTEN RICHARD DAILEY still the WINDBAG CITY

Violence like this does mak... (Below threshold)
Albion Tourgee:

Violence like this does make me sick. But the solution isn't to be like Malaysia or Singapore. What about, when we get it wrong and execute the wrong guy -- like the father in Texas whose kids got killed in a fire that he had nothing to do with starting? Or, check out the story of Tommy Ziegler, on death row in Florida but very probably innocent (see www.libertary.com/books/fatal-flaw) People are not perfect and our justice system is far from perfect, so anytime you execute someone there's a real chance of error -- meaning we have to be careful and slow, and still get it wrong sometimes. So if you want swift, sure punishment of the guilty, you have to be against capital punishment, actually.






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