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Congress Gives Itself A Raise

The people's business can wait...

(Politico) Congress is on the verge of giving itself a bump in its annual budget - even as local governments, families and businesses across the country are tightening their belts in the worst recession in decades.

Under a House-Senate conference measure, approved by the House last week and poised for passage in the Senate on Wednesday, spending for the legislative branch will increase 5.8 percent this year, boosting Capitol Hill's annual budget to $4.7 billion.

By D.C. standards that nearly qualifies as belt tightening. The fact that is how Democrats are trying to spin it should let you know how far removed from reality they are.


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Comments (16)

Dump them all and start ove... (Below threshold)

Dump them all and start over. We might lose one or two good ones, but frankly that's a price I'm willing to pay.

The Government is too damn ... (Below threshold)

The Government is too damn broke to give Social Security recipients a COLA raise, but Congress can give itself an pay raise. What am I missing here? Seems to me like Congress should be voting themselves a pay decrease for its ineptitude , but we all know that will never happen. Not as long as the current crop of asses are in there. Those bastards need a pay raise like i need an extra hole in my head.

Is that congressional pay r... (Below threshold)
James H:

Is that congressional pay raises or office budgets?

Pay cut? How about "No pay... (Below threshold)

Pay cut? How about "No pay whatsoever until the budget is balanced"

Its a stimulus package.... (Below threshold)

Its a stimulus package.

And if it doesn't work, we'll need to increase it.

And if it does, we'd best do more of the same.

Got the same locally. "Dro... (Below threshold)

Got the same locally. "Drought" conditions, so we use LESS water. We use LESS water, they jack up the rates because "revenue is down".

The latest is, rates have to go up again to get people to conserve even more. And, by the way, we want to increase our workers retirement pay by 25%.

Hello? Hello? Is anyone there? Hello?

This is sick. ... (Below threshold)

This is sick.

Miserble bunch of wretches ... (Below threshold)

Miserble bunch of wretches realy think they deserve raises even after what their doing to this nation and its citizens they all deserve to be voted clean out of the country

I'm surprised they didn't s... (Below threshold)

I'm surprised they didn't spend some time to give Roman Polanski a medal.

Gotta love it - Social Secu... (Below threshold)

Gotta love it - Social Security recipients get no COLA, but Congress' employees get one.

Indeed, I cannot begin to imagine why anyone could conceive of the notion that the government might ration health care to the elderly to pay for more stuff for younger people. Where on earth did such an idea ever come from?

And come 2010, a bunch of t... (Below threshold)

And come 2010, a bunch of these assholes will be out in the street, crying "What did we do wrong?"

What is all this COLA whini... (Below threshold)
George Author Profile Page:

What is all this COLA whining?

If Social Security recipients got a true COLA for 2010, it might actually be a cut in benefits if we experience deflation as many economists suspect.

No inflation; no cost of living increase.

Social Security COLA has nothing to do with Congress giving itself a raise.

Ummm...did you read the sto... (Below threshold)

Ummm...did you read the story, george? The Social Security non-COLA is completely relevant because they're giving their staff a COLA (the post title is misleading, they're giving themselves more money to spend, not raises, with this bill).

George, I don't th... (Below threshold)


I don't think anyone is claiming they're directly linked. The idea is that if SS Recipients don't need a COLA increase, neither does Congress.

I am a 100% DISABLED AMERIC... (Below threshold)
Larry J. Cate Sr.:

I am a 100% DISABLED AMERICAN VETERAN they give us pennys when they deceide to. I think that they need to give us the same raises that they give themselves and that they should receive their medical care at a Veterans Hospital just like they make us do.

Dose anyone know the AMOUNT... (Below threshold)
Marvin A Farmer Jr:

Dose anyone know the AMOUNT of their 2009 pay raise. Thanks






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