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NOT RAPE RAPE Press Release on the chilling arrest of Roman Polanski

News Release

September 30, 2009

Media Contact: (800) NOT-RAPE

Extradition and punishment of Roman Polanski for decades old child rape a chilling assault on artistic freedom and integrity.

HOLLYWOOD -- The extradition, sentencing, and punishment of Academy Award winning Director Roman Polanski for drugging and raping a 13 year-old girl would represent a chilling assault on artistic freedom according to the National Organization of Tinseltown Recording Artists & Professional Entertainers Rallying Against Polanski's Extradition.

"To pretend that an Oscar winner should be held to the same standard of justice as a layperson is an insult to the Academy and all of Hollywood. Prosecuting a genius like Roman Polanski - who's been nominated many times for writing and directing classic films like Rosemary's Baby, Chinatown, Tess, and The Pianist - is saddening and outrageous," said NOT RAPE RAPE spokesperson Whoopi Goldberg.

"Treating him like an anonymous frat boy that slipped some freshman girl a roofie is totally irresponsible," Goldberg said, "Oscar winners have carte blanche in this town. He'd already been nominated once, he was the talk of the town. It was only a matter of time."

"When I first arrived in L.A., Martin Balsam and Richard Dreyfuss sodomized me practically every day. I took it like a man. Hell, Timothy Hutton was sodomizing me when Billy Crystal bafflingly called my name as winner of Best Supporting Actress at the 1990 Oscars. It's pretty much a right of passage in Hollywood."

"If you ask, 'Who in this town wants to be sodomized by Roman Polanski?' there's going to be a line around the block."

NOT RAPE RAPE believes any sexual contact that may have occurred between Mr. Polanski and the alleged victim did not constitute rape. No butcher knife was brandished, the alleged victim's clothing was not torn, and the alleged victim was at Mr Polanski's residence with her parents' consent. She drank champagne, took goofballs, and jumped in the Jacuzzi. She wanted it.

The arrest and prosecution of Roman Polanski will have a chilling effect on freedom of expression and artistic license. The creative energy that drives our entertainment industry cannot be understood by average citizens and must not be constrained by the mores of middle America. We're not talking about making snuff films, we're just asking you to turn a blind eye when we ply pre-pubescent girls with pills and alcohol.

We demand Roman Polanski be released immediately.

Joining NOT RAPE RAPE are dozens of filmmakers who signed the "'No Means No,' unless it's someone famous or wealthy or well connected, in which case 'No means Yes - and of course I'm Eighteen, silly!'" petition to demand Mr. Polanski's immediate release. Among the signees are such luminaries as fellow Oscar winners Woody Allen, Jonathon Demme, and Martin Scorsese.

"The forbidden attraction between a man and a young girl was an important subplot of Taxi Driver," says Martin Scorsese. "I kept telling Bobby (DeNiro), 'You know, I wrote this script so you'd have an excuse to plow Jodie (Foster). Listen to how she's begging you for it. She's a freakin' hooker, for Christ's sake. Give it to her.' But Bobby's a method guy. He was her big brother, her avenging angel. No way Travis would do something like that, so Bob wouldn't."

"I'd have hit it. Only God knows why I didn't."

Woody Allen was equally outraged, "I don't understand. What's the big deal? Is it because he didn't marry her?"

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld, Recording artists Jerry Lee Lewis, R. Kelly, Phil Specter, as well as former Congressman Mark Foley have joined NOT RAPE RAPE in demanding Mr Polanski's release.

NOT RAPE RAPE is a not for profit organization committed to ensuring your cultural and intellectual betters are free to live above the law so they may define for you what is and isn't considered art.


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Comments (30)

I read the victims testimon... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

I read the victims testimony. If it were my daughter, Roman would not have to worry about a trial, oscars or food for that matter. Any one who reads that testimony and thinks this rapist should be free belongs at the bottom of a lake.

Let the Hollywood morons co... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Let the Hollywood morons complain as long and as loud as they wish. It will only expose them for what they are: ignorant, amoral losers.

Is it that big a of a surprise that Whoopee Goldberg is a Polanski supporter? The woman who is so pro choice that when her own daughter decided to not abort her child she was disappointed?

Of course child molester Woody Allen is behind him.

All this represents is a slipping of the mask that these elitists wear. They don't actually believe in fairness and equality. They believe in getting their own way and ordering the lives of others to suit their own desires.

If Polanski were a priest they would be calling for his execution. Instead he is a director so they demand his deification.


It's kinda like the "outrag... (Below threshold)

It's kinda like the "outrage" Norman Mailer felt when an ex-con (Jack Abbott) turned "writer", whom Mailer supported for early release, was tried for the murder of a young waiter. Seems the young man took exception to Abbott going outside the restaurant to take a piss, so Abbott cut him up deep wide and frequent. Mailer was incensed that Abbott's creative juices would be stifled by another trip to prison. Mailer felt the murder was 'incidental' to the contributions Abbott could make to society. Of course Mailer didn't invite Abbott to live with him.

I do a LOT of "voting with ... (Below threshold)

I do a LOT of "voting with my wallet" these days.

I will pay to see NO movie with ANYBODY assocaited with it who supports this MONSTER! Period.

I have the list of who has supported him so far...and I will NEVER in my life pay to see one of their movies.

Next...anybody who has NOT repudiated this MONSTER gets the same treatment!

I guess I won't be watching many movies...eh?

The Hollywood crowd is just... (Below threshold)
JC Hammer:

The Hollywood crowd is just like all of our elected critters, they think they are above the law.

I think all the people who ... (Below threshold)

I think all the people who are signing petitions and screaming against Polanski's imprisonment should be declared accessories after the fact and face the same punishment. This kind of BS is what is destroying law and order in our nation. It should not be tolerated.

Well if Hollywood ever wond... (Below threshold)

Well if Hollywood ever wonders why they don't get any money from me anymore, this is another example why. I don't reward bad behavior.

There's one standard for th... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

There's one standard for the elite and another standard for everyone else. An ordinary guy in such a case would be locked up for 20 years. Polanski flees justice, a crime in itself, and Hollywood liberals want the case dismissed.

I can't wait until some reporter asks Obama what he thinks about this case. We'll see if he learned anything from his last "teaching moment."

"Let me be perfectly clear.... (Below threshold)

"Let me be perfectly clear. Mr. Polanski is an international treasure who has contributed much to the arts. In the past 30 years he has been an upstanding person in France with absolutely no evidence that he ever touched another young woman.

"The young woman in question was raised in an age when sex was encouraged and indeed she cheerfuly accepted the drugs and alcohol offered to her. If it is only her age that made this issue rape, let me remind you that this woman is 47 years old and thus does not fall under the statutory rape laws.

"Let us put this issue to rest, we have much more important things to focus on in this nation at this time. Things like getting the Olympic Games to Chicago in 2016, and making certain we reverse the scientifically proven fact of Global Warming. If Mr. Polanski is convicted you can expect me to give him a full pardon, so that he may continue contributing to the art community and so that he can claim the Oscar he won for his body of work."

"Let me be perfectly clear.... (Below threshold)

"Let me be perfectly clear. Mr. Polanski is an international treasure who has contributed much to the arts. In the past 30 years he has been an upstanding person in France with absolutely no evidence that he ever touched another young woman."

Contributed what to what arts? The art of raping a beautiful young child and than fleeing before he got the life ending beating he deserved?


America has a puss filled b... (Below threshold)
puss buster #914:

America has a puss filled blister on its arse called Hollywood.... And all that diseased waste of talent is creating hell on earth.

It must be lanced.

Justrand - "I guess I w... (Below threshold)

Justrand - "I guess I won't be watching many movies...eh?"

I made that decision long ago, 15 years in fact.

The ONLY flic I'll spend cash on since then are kids flics for my 2 daughters.

I worked with a girl who wa... (Below threshold)

I worked with a girl who wanted to be a dancer, when to New York and all that.
She said people in show business are totally amoral.
So I guess they back each other up so they don't feel so disgusted with themselves thinking they are the only one behaving this way.
I think a lot of these show business types have sold their souls to the devil.
I too, don't go to the movies any more, rather read a good book instead.

It is a disgusting commenta... (Below threshold)

It is a disgusting commentary on humanity when Hollywood sets standards. I bet if it came out Polanski was a Republican, we would have a whole differnt attitude.

I stopped going to the movi... (Below threshold)

I stopped going to the movies a long time ago if it had a someone connected to it I didn't care for. I will not give my money to support behavior or attitudes that I do not agree with.

I would suggest letting him... (Below threshold)

I would suggest letting him go on the original sentence (it was only 48 days after all). Just have him serve the time for fleeing the country (which is itself a crime) to avoid serving the time for which he was sentenced as a result of his guilty plea (actually the plea bargain). I have read that the law in California is 5 - 10 years for that crime. I suppose that 10 years is acceptable, though I would prefer that he have to serve 1 day for every day that he was a fugitive (32 years).

Now you're cooking. Make fu... (Below threshold)

Now you're cooking. Make fun of 'em. Use the comments columns in your local papers.

Roman Polanski was speaking... (Below threshold)

Roman Polanski was speaking for most of Hollywood when he said this in 1979.

If I had killed somebody, it wouldn't have had so much appeal to the press, you see? But... f**ing, you see, and the young girls. Judges want to f**k young girls. Juries want to f**k young girls. Everyone wants to f**k young girls!

Sounds like a front desk worker at a ACORN office.

This whole Polanski stuff i... (Below threshold)

This whole Polanski stuff is absolutely disgusting and the people who are defending him are even more disgusting. Hollywood is a filth hole!

And yet...people, voters, let these Hollywood types tell them who they should support for political office like the POTUS.

It's no wonder that the country is in trouble. Look at the vile people that people listen to.

Lord help us all!

How many other children has... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

How many other children has polanski raped?
He has clearly said that he thinks he did nothing wrong in this case.
Does anyone think that was the ONLY one? Child predators are notorious for repeating their crimes.
I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but frankly I admit that I am astonished that Hollywood is so blatant about this.
Has anyone asked T-mobile if they are okay with Whoopie being a spokesperson for their new ad campaign?

It appears Hollywood and Co... (Below threshold)

It appears Hollywood and Congress are all filled with the same type of people. I want this, I want that, too bad if it is against the law. If I want to do it I will. So it's a crime, big deal. It makes me feel good. I want to do it.
Obama is filling the WH with all kinds of criminals and Hollywood is basking in the glow of years long criminality. There are no morals or conscience in Hollywood or in Obama's world. The world is going to hell in a handbasket, and Obama and his kind are giving it one hell of a push.

hey 914?You realiz... (Below threshold)

hey 914?

You realize my post was satire of an upcoming Obama speech right?


Just making sure, I didn't mean to do it so well as to be thought a lefty loony.

Sill no comment from NOW.</... (Below threshold)

Sill no comment from NOW.

Their heads must be exploding.

freedom of Roman Polanski!!... (Below threshold)

freedom of Roman Polanski!!

Yes RUSS, I realize You are... (Below threshold)

Yes RUSS, I realize You are not a leftist loon.

I was commenting on the satire not the satirist.

Good job pegging the lefts abhorrent exscusal of deviant Kennedy like behavior.

"Hollywood has the best mor... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"Hollywood has the best moral compass, because it has compassion," - Harvey Weinstein in defending Polanski.

Indeed. It's the best compass since it will point you in any direction you want to go.

"Indeed. It's the best comp... (Below threshold)

"Indeed. It's the best compass since it will point you in any direction you want to go."

Ah, the Jack Sparrow moral compass.

I got two thirds of the way... (Below threshold)

I got two thirds of the way through this press release before it dawned on me that it wasn't a satire from The Onion.

I'm still shaking my head in disbelief, not that this happens in Hollywood, but that the Hollywood elite community believes that it's just standard, perfectly acceptable behavior. If I understand Goldberg's arguments correctly,

1. Everybody in Hollywood does it,
2. It happened to me, so why not,
3. She was asking for it,
4. Polanski is from Hollywood, so he's entitled.

I think I got that right.

I remember an article from last week where a family sent some baby pictures in to Costco to be developed. There was nothing sexual about them, but included a couple of baby bath time photos. By the time it was all over DCFS had taken their children away and the couple was marked as Registered Sex Offenders.

Everybody's equal in the eyes of the law. It's just that apparently, some folks are more equal than others.

Polanski belongs in prison. He ain't special. So does Woody Allen. Why aren't they treated as registered sex offenders?

Getting harder and harder t... (Below threshold)

Getting harder and harder to tell these Clinically-Narcissistic increasingly-Leni Riefenstahl-like movie savants apart from such other Clinically-Narcissistic Leftard sexual deviants as child-murderer, Hitler, child-mass-rapist, Mao and co-serial-sexual-predators, the entire Cli'ton Crime Family -- et al.

Hollywood lost it long ago.... (Below threshold)
Listen up:

Hollywood lost it long ago. They are all sickos without moral compasses. They are so twisted that I think they are beyond redemption. I do not spend my money to watch their filth no matter if it is labeled drama, comedy or history. Dress it up with special effects or whatever it is still filth. They do not impress me they depress me. I hope the pervert gets big jail time. It is too bad that the other Hollywood scum won't be in there with him.






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