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Timing Is Everything: Letterman and Palin

Remember when David Letterman made that tasteless, classless comment about Sarah Palin's daughter Willow last summer? The one where he joked that Palin's fourteen year old daughter was knocked up by Yankees star Alex Rodriguez?

The timing and nature of the Letterman apologia takes on an entirely different meaning with today's news release that Letterman, in an attempt to defend himself from extortion attempts, has admitted to sexual relationships with several of his staffers:

In an uncharacteristically personal revelation for David Letterman, the host took to his "Late Show" stage Thursday to admit that he was the victim of an extortion attempt -- and acknowledge that he has had sexual relations with more than one staff member.

According to a press release sent by Letterman's PR reps, the host first received a package three weeks ago from someone who claimed to have information about alleged sexual relations he has had with female employees of the "Late Show."

The individual threatened to go public with the allegations unless Letterman paid the person $2 million.

As part of the testimony, Letterman admitted that he had engaged in sexual relationships with staff members.

Letterman is seemingly learning that sexual harrassment and libel can be detrimental to a career. The irony is rich, particularly in light of those aspiring politicians struck down by the Leftwing celebrity media for running while Republican. Sort of like driving while black....the profiling can be a pain in the ass. So, I wonder if David Letterman was engaged in this sexual harassment while he was making jokes about Willow Palin? There should, after all, be some historical record of the hypocrisy at work here....particularly during Not Rape Rape Week.


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Do you secretly wish that P... (Below threshold)

Do you secretly wish that Palin's 14 year old was the target of the joke? Kind of creepy.

Just a little projection go... (Below threshold)

Just a little projection goes a long way Dave, doesn't it. Dave must have forgotten a cardinal rule: don't shtup the staff. mpw

There's a 20-year age diffe... (Below threshold)

There's a 20-year age difference between Alex Rodriguez & Willow Palin. I wonder how much younger than Letterman those staffers were?

Wow! sounds like all kinds ... (Below threshold)
JC Hammer:

Wow! sounds like all kinds of people have sex problems, from both political parties and the left and right media. So what's the big deal about this?

How about real problems that is facing the American people, like no jobs, no insurance, no homes, etc. And what about all the people that had BDS and the bunch of people that now have ODS.

Time to wake up people, no matter what political party is in power, the average taxpayer is going to get screwed. First we have to pay off all the money President Bush borrowed and spent, and then we have to pay off all the money Obama is spending. Bend over here it comes again.

Do you secretly wi... (Below threshold)
Do you secretly wish that Palin's 14 year old was the target of the joke?

Do you secretly wish that nobody knew the 14-year-old was the one at the game he was talking about?

Jim, have you met Wizbang's... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

Jim, have you met Wizbang's regular apologist for idiocy? jp2 has a stellar record, he has never posted anything remotely intelligent, not even by accident.

His usual forte though is posting links that prove the exact opposite of his argument. Today it was just drive-by stupid.

Letterman is a scuzzball, through and through. He sees nothing wrong at all with using his position to extort favors from others. It's a common trait among lockstep leftist voters to excuse such behavior on their own end and condemn it on the other. Oddly enough, most independents and conservative folks condemn the behavior no matter who is doing it.

I specify "leftist" because time was Democrats supported and passed legislation against sexual harassment in the workplace. Apparently the current crop thinks there was an addendum in invisible ink excusing their own kind.

You know, I don't feel the ... (Below threshold)

You know, I don't feel the least bit sorry for that humorless twit.
He's a hypocrite and I hope that his sordid tale makes all the tabloids.
It's the kind of exposure that build humility in your failings, or in his case use of underlings.

After reading this story ab... (Below threshold)

After reading this story about David Letterman, it is easier to believe Hollywood's jihad like defense of Roman Polanski. There might be a normal media celebrity. somewhere.

I love Variety's take on th... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

I love Variety's take on this - Hey, this might be good for his ratings.

I guess it helps if you can't smell it when you're standing in.

How much do you wanna bet t... (Below threshold)

How much do you wanna bet that the MSM hushes this up ASAP? Look at the barrels of ink and pixels, they wasted trying to pin something like this on Bill O'Reilly and it was not even true.

Come on people. It's clear... (Below threshold)

Come on people. It's clear that many of you you don't think much of Letterman et al., but do you honestly believe that the writers sat down and said to each other 'Hey, I bet people would think a joke about pedophilia in Sarah Palin's family would be really funny!!'? Seriously? Think about that for a second. That's some really, really heavy stuff to lay on another human being.

Isn't it far more plausible that they screwed up which sister was along on the trip? That it was, as they contend, intended to be a shot at the clearly sexually active, abstinence-only-educated 18-year-old in the family of holier than thou's? That's a stupid joke, too, but it's not remotely close to what you are accusing him/them of.

Please note also that Letterman presented a very gracious apology, taking full responsibility.

"It's not your fault that it was misunderstood, it's my fault," Letterman said, getting applause from the audience. "So I would like to apologize, especially to the two daughters involved, Bristol and Willow, and also to the governor and her family and everybody else who was outraged by the joke. I'm sorry about it and I'll try to do better in the future. Thank you very much."

DavidL: Can you post a set ... (Below threshold)

DavidL: Can you post a set of links to "Hollywood's jihad like defense" of Polanski? I'd be very interested to hear the arguments.

Thanks in advance.

"Please note also that Lett... (Below threshold)

"Please note also that Letterman presented a very gracious apology, taking full responsibility."

BULLSHIT! It reads nice, but he's delivery said it all. "Screw you!"

Letterman likes to think he and his writers are "hip". Yet they put together a joke, showing they were unaware of who was at the game and how old they were. In other words, the writers AND LETTERMAN were fucking stupid.

As for Letterman's dalliances with multiple co-workers. Does he expect sympathy? He's just a dirty old man. That's what happens when you let the little head do all the thinking for the big head.

Stupid > Intentional pedoph... (Below threshold)

Stupid > Intentional pedophile joke. That's my only point. I'm certainly not disputing that it was a stupid mistake (as evidenced by my earlier post).

You want to be angry at Letterman and all his 'hip' writers, that's super. Seriously. Get down with your bad self. Just make sure you are getting spun up about stuff that they actually say and do on purpose. I'm sure you'll still find plenty of fodder but you also get the fun of accepting an apology without feeling the need to read anything into the delivery.

That last post should read ... (Below threshold)

That last post should read that "stupid does not equal intentional pedophile joke". Not sure what happened to the leading less than sign. Sorry!

Came back to check on thing... (Below threshold)

Came back to check on things...

Post 11: "Hey, let's not casually accuse a guy of making deliberate pedophilia jokes when there might be a reasonable alternate explanation". Result: Negative score.

Post 12: "Hey, can I have some more information on an assertion". Result: Negative score.

Post 15: "Hey, let me correct a typo in my last post". Result: Negative score.

Wow. Just wow.

ELTV - "but do you hone... (Below threshold)

ELTV - "but do you honestly believe that the writers sat down and said to each other 'Hey, I bet people would think a joke about pedophilia in Sarah Palin's family would be really funny!!'?

So what do you believe, that it was off the cuff and made up as he stood there on stage?

The reality is the writers, at letterman's insistence or not, decided to take a cheap shot at Palin and never dreamed of the pedophilia angle.

How does that change the end result? How does that make them, and letterman, stupid beyond compare?

"Came back to check on thin... (Below threshold)

"Came back to check on things..."

Another negative score, just for fun. Congrats, you're 4 for 4.

The joke Letterman made abo... (Below threshold)

The joke Letterman made about Palin's daughter was intended for the knocked up one, so lets not spin that fact. It is tasteless to go after anyone's children but a conservative, republican, vice presidential candidate with an unwed, pregnant teenager is a joke waiting to happen.(I'm not saying its right but come on). He apologized for that like he apologized for this, the only problem is then I understood why he apologized. What did he do that was so wrong? No one filed any sexual harrassment charges, he wasn't married,we don't know if him and his girlfriend were together at the time, and the women were over 18. At least he wasn't married at the time like these politicians who are cheating on their wives.

Really, char? Since the jok... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

Really, char? Since the joke was aimed at Palin's attendance at a Yankee's game, seems it was aimed at the daughter who was actually at the game with her.

If you assume--and it's not... (Below threshold)

If you assume--and it's not an unreasonable assumption--that having a sexual relationship with an employee is inherently sexual harassment, then you must surely conclude that Sen. John Ensign is guilty of both sexual harassment and trying to pay off his victim. Right?

I think I hear Sarah Palin ... (Below threshold)

I think I hear Sarah Palin crying out, "David Letterman's chickens....have come home....to roost!"
Ha ha ha!






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