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Chicago Out for 2016 Olympics in the First Round

So, the Chicago politicians who have turned their city into a virtual sewer through corruption and cronyism will not be rewarded with the opportunity to do the same with the Olympics:

Despite four years, millions of dollars in planning and a last-ditch pitch from President Obama, the Chicago 2016 Olympic bid ultimately fell short.

The City of Chicago was eliminated in the first round of voting, before any host city was selected.

An expert called it the "biggest shock in IOC history."

A disappointed USOC President Larry Probst left the venue and refused to comment, saying the Chicago delegation would respond later.

Supporters gathered in Chicago were equally shocked. Many left the rally in Daley Plaza tears.

Tokyo was also eliminated in the first round.

Even the president's star billing wasn't enough to put Chicago over the top in what some experts said was the tightest race for the Games in its history.

It wasn't that tight for Chicago. It was eliminated in the first round. And Michelle sacrificed so much.


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Obiwan Obama: May the FARCE... (Below threshold)

Obiwan Obama: May the FARCE be with you always.

Wonder how he'll pay off hi... (Below threshold)

Wonder how he'll pay off his homies now?

Gotta love the Drudge headl... (Below threshold)

Gotta love the Drudge headline.


CHICAGO IS OUT !??... (Below threshold)


Emm mm mm!... (Below threshold)

Emm mm mm!

Rush:When you go a... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:


When you go around telling the world that the US sucks, what do you expect?

not just out in the 1st Rou... (Below threshold)

not just out in the 1st Round...out FIRST in the 1st Round.

Chicago got the LOWEST number of votes. Madrid got more. Frankly, it looks like after Obama showed up that Kandahar would have gotten more!

Now, of course, the White House will spin this as a "victory for the under-priveleged of Rio", or some such. Obama will wind up declaring: "I secretly told them I WANTED Rio to win...to help the poor people there".

hide & watch

Valerie Jarrett is going to... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Valerie Jarrett is going to have top find another way to unload all her slum properties now.

But WooHoo! They didn't pick us!

Congrats to Rio who was just selected.

Even the Olympics don't wan... (Below threshold)

Even the Olympics don't want to be around the corrupt Obama tribe, or was his attempt at bribery to obvious (Low ball bid). I guess the Obama conn game was seen through.

With as corrupt as the Olympics committes of the past have been, I don't see how they could not get along.

Maybe Illinois, being knowm... (Below threshold)

Maybe Illinois, being knowm as "The State of Corruption", with Chicago it's "Capitol", had something to do with the IOC decision.

Poor Mickey (Daley) Mouse.

'How the f#$% does this hel... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

'How the f#$% does this help my children!'

Yea! America lost! <p... (Below threshold)

Yea! America lost!

Kim, have you ever been to Chicago?

Once again we find the righ... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

Once again we find the right celebrating the fact that America lost out in one way or another!

Celebrating USA's loss...

Once again -- celebrating USA's loss...

Think about that - they are Celebrating USA's loss.

How disgusting.

Videos showing kids being b... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Videos showing kids being beaten to death in the street of Chicago this last week probably did a good job to sink it.

Add to that Obama insulting France, England, Germany, Poland and Czech Republic meant that we wouldn't get much European support especially with Juan Antonio Samaranche making his dying wish for it to be in Madrid killing whatever was left.

Rio would get all the South American votes and Tokyo would get the Asian votes if you believe in regional bias.

Ultimately the finances of Chicago are really shaky and I doubt that this would have come in anywhere close to on budget and the tax payers would have been screwed.

Obama did the city no favors with a lack luster performance. When he was asked about international access to the US and visa approval he gave a non-answer but did manage once more to apologize for the US. He looked weak, disengaged and dishonest.

When the Chicago committee came out of the presentation a British reporter could be heard asking - Do you think that the IOC had gotten tired of President Obama?

The bloom is off that rose.

I'm hearing thsi bid cost $... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

I'm hearing thsi bid cost $48 million. Anyone confirm that? That would have gone a long way here in Illinois. City's broke, County's broke. The State's broke.

Steve - I'm from Chicago. ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Steve - I'm from Chicago. No one in my family wanted it here. I'm the only conservative in the family living here. Everyone else voted for Obama.

The citizens didn't want it. The city government is almost as corrupt as the current white house. Daley and Obama cronies would stand to make millions and tax payers would have been left holding the bag.

This is not bashing the US. Obama was the ass apologizing once more to the IOC this morning. If anything I'm glad this egomaniac won't be mugging on TV about how HE brought the Olympics to Chicago.

Pretzel, I heard on a news ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Pretzel, I heard on a news show it was $70 mil. I guess we'll find out.

'Barack, the IOC is just not that into you.'

Michelle's sacrifice commen... (Below threshold)

Michelle's sacrifice comment got me - what egos these two have. I'm glad Chicago lost out!

Poor Daly, he and his buddy... (Below threshold)

Poor Daly, he and his buddy's probably have to go home now and cancel all those orders for new cars, homes, mistresses, "vacant" city property.....life is so cruel.

Hell, we dodged a bullet he... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Hell, we dodged a bullet here.
With the cronyism and corruption in Chitown, plus the general corruption of the IOC; we'd have spent billions and got millions in return.

City's broke, County's b... (Below threshold)
jim m:

City's broke, County's broke. The State's broke.

And they're all run by Democrats. The Mayor has been Dem for 78 years so has the county and the state legislature.

Mmm, Mmm, Mmmm.

I hope this failure leaves ... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

I hope this failure leaves a mark. To the idiot who thinks we are rooting against America, no just Chicago and its corruption. If you want respect, act respectable. When our campus bullshitter goes overseas for such a obvious move to reward his cronies, instead of fulfilling the job he was elected to do, it will leave a mark. One term and out. Unless the Republicans can impeach him after 2010.

I, for one, am glad the Oly... (Below threshold)
James H:

I, for one, am glad the Olympics are not in the United States. The Games are a modern white elephant. In theory, it's an honor to host them. In practice, they eat you out of house and home.

GarandFan - Daley's corrupt... (Below threshold)
jim m:

GarandFan - Daley's corrupt but the one thing I'll give him is that he's really faithful to his wife.

And as we see in Obama he corruption in Chicago does not have a single locus. It is everywhere. There are many people all on the make it starts at the Ward Committeeman and goes all the way to the Governor.

What is scary about this wh... (Below threshold)

What is scary about this whole thing is not the money Chicago and Illinois spent on trying to get the games here, an argument can be made that it was an investment that could have, potentially, earned the city/state many times more with tourism dollars. No, the scary part is we just had a sitting president of the United States, the most powerful country on earth and arguably world history, just go hat in hand begging a bunch of 3rd world deginerates to allow us to host!!

I'm personally anti-politician, both the R's and D's are doing everything they can to ruin our country, imo...BUT what this man just did is de-meen the office to a new low, not even the king of recent greasy executives, Slick Willy himself, would have stooped to this. The fact that his "sacrifice" on the behalf of Chicago fell short is, I feel, telling evidence of the growing disenchantment with him. When the same 2 bit, 3rd and 2nd world slugs, you have been apologizing to for almost a year, reject you...it's time to re-think your position Mr. President.

Most heads of state go to m... (Below threshold)

Most heads of state go to make bids for their country to get the games. It happened this year and it happens every year - Brazil's president went, so did Spain's. (Spain actually sent their king and prime minister)

Don't act surprised. Sounds like people here actually wish Chicago wasn't part of the USA. Wonderful, beautiful city.

Wonder if that video of tho... (Below threshold)

Wonder if that video of those gangs beating that kid with the railroad tie anything to do with the vote? Maybe this will hit the corrupt Chicago political machine with a clue stick along side the head, that they were not any good. I doubt it.

Where have you been for the... (Below threshold)

Where have you been for the last 8 years Steve Green?

"Once again we find the right celebrating the fact that America lost out in one way or another!
Celebrating USA's loss...

Once again -- celebrating USA's loss...

Think about that - they are Celebrating USA's loss.

How disgusting."

The only people with more contempt for the USA than radical Muslim terrorists are the left wing liberals.

This is Obama's loss, not A... (Below threshold)

This is Obama's loss, not America's.

Epic fail.

and after all the sacrifice... (Below threshold)

and after all the sacrifices that Michelle made, too...

If this is the right wing c... (Below threshold)
jim m:

If this is the right wing celebrating the US's loss (it isn't) then at least it is in an arena where the only thing that gets hurt is the pocket book of the politician.

When the left celebrates the US's loss we have thousands of people dead in the street. The left celebrates when our soldiers are killed.

I'm sorry I don't feel bad the a bad idea got soundly rejected and that Obama and Daley got their egos severely bruised.

The left are unashamed of their people like Ward Churchill celebrating the deaths of Americans and their politicians comparing our military to the Nazi SS and the Khmer Rouge.

Frankly I think the right comes off better by comparison.

It's Bush's fault.... (Below threshold)

It's Bush's fault.

It wasn't about the Olympic... (Below threshold)
Bloody Stupid Johnson:

It wasn't about the Olympics and it wasn't about America or the presidency. It wasn't even about Chicago.

It was about Barack Obama going to Copenhagen not as a head of state lobbying the IOC, but as the God-President telling the IOC how it was going to be.

The IOC disagreed (which obviously proves they're racist). This decision is Leonidas' spear proving that Xerxes can indeed bleed.

It's not a victory for the right wing; it's a growing-up moment for Barack Obama and his worshippers. If they're wise they will get the message.

I doubt they will.

Sounds like people here ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Sounds like people here actually wish Chicago wasn't part of the USA. Wonderful, beautiful city.

No. People are just glad to see Chicago not get the Olympics. I don't think this is against Chicago. I agree that it's a great town.

But the city is corrupt. Daley sold off the parking meter business in a deal that nobody was allowed to read (sound familiar?) and his cronies made millions and the city is taking a loss. Parking costs are so high that businesses are closing down because no one can afford to park and go inside.

Obama would have been insufferable and Michelle (I've never been proud of my country) Obama's performance was ridiculous as well.

The fact hat foreign reporters are now asking if people are tired of his posturing should make the point clear. His act is getting very old very quickly. He can fly to Copenhagen, but he can't pick up the phone and call his hand picked general in Afghanistan and he can't even walk down the hallway to meet with his cabinet.

If Obama wants people to think of him as an effective president, perhaps he should think about actually doing the job for a little while.

Since he has made his presidency all about image and doesn't actually bother with the governing part, this loss is his loss. It's about the image stupid, because there isn't anything else to this president but that.

I really feel sorry for the... (Below threshold)

I really feel sorry for the citizens of Chicago. This is probably the first time most of them have witnessed a vote being done without a pre-stuffed ballot box. It's gotta be a terrible blow to their belief system.

A failure of Olympic propor... (Below threshold)

A failure of Olympic proportions.


When you look up "Epic Fail... (Below threshold)

When you look up "Epic Fail" in the dictionary, you see this event.

arrrrrrrrrrrrgh!I ... (Below threshold)


I just watched David Axelrod explain Obama's Copenhagen trip like this:
"This trip wasn't just to lobby the IOC, it also gave the President a chance to talk with General McChrystl"

HOW? (I hear you ask)

Because the General was in London...and Obama was in Copenhagen. They didn't MEET, mind you...but since they were closer geographically it apparently made the phone conncetion better!

I am NOT making this up! THAT is the White House spin...he went to Copenhagen to focus on Afghanistan!

There is the inescapable co... (Below threshold)

There is the inescapable conclusion that no one in the White House has the slightest clue what they are doing.

Wittle Stevie is outraged..... (Below threshold)

Wittle Stevie is outraged....so funny. What will his mommy think?

Not outraged - disgusted at... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

Not outraged - disgusted at my fellow Americans who hate Barack Oabama so much they want our country to fail.

That's a pretty big hate. There's no love of country there.

<a href="http://www.jsonlin... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:
Steve, you're joking right... (Below threshold)

Steve, you're joking right?

I mean, it's hard to believe that anyone is that naive/ignorant to think that people who disagree with holding an event in the most corrupt city in the US, in 2016, which would cost at least a billion, and which most Chicagoans disagree with, is akin to hating America?

Dude, step away from the kool aid/bong/tofu or whatever it is you are OD'ing on.

Just shows that the IOC is ... (Below threshold)
Bob T:

Just shows that the IOC is part of the vast right wing conspiracy. And racist too!

That's sooooo precious Stev... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

That's sooooo precious Steve Green, coming from someone who wanted America to lose a war an all... but the simple fact of the matter is that anytime Obama fails America WINS!

And really, loosing the opportunity to host the Olympics once again? Like that's even that big of a deal? Come on. Seriously.

Why would losing the Olympi... (Below threshold)

Why would losing the Olympics be a failure for the country?

It may be a failure for Ritchie Daley and his cronies who were counting on gouging the Federal Treasury for 'shovel-ready' projects and the Illinois taxpayers to subsidize insider land-speculators.

It was a failure for Obama and his wife, who thought that their 'popularity' and 'charisma' would get the Olympic Committee to overlook a slick multimedia presentation that had no real answers to support how the city could build the venues without massive cost overruns.

Obama was selling snake oil, and the 'rubes' weren't buying it.

It's just another example, ... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

It's just another example, GianniD. Pretty disgusting, but that's just my opinion.

The Olympics make money for the host country. That's why the competition is so intense.

We invested millions trying to get the Olympics here. Failing is nothing to celebrate. Right wing blogs did their best to demonize Chicago and make it fail and now are celebrating that failure.

I find that disgusting. You don't. It's a free country.

I just banned all of Denmar... (Below threshold)
Charles Johnson:

I just banned all of Denmark.

I heard "Chicago will not p... (Below threshold)
Maureen Dowd:

I heard "Chicago will not participate, BOY".

To the Evil Liberal up thre... (Below threshold)

To the Evil Liberal up thread.

Really after years and years of celebrating gleefully the set backs for *Bush* in Iraq and Afghanistan and doing countdowns of military dead like a New Year's Eve party would break out when we hit 3,000.

You never saw it as a defeat for *America* and there were lives lost., your hatred of President Buh was so all encompassing that you *gleed* over every set back.

So transparent.

I get it-Obama losing FACE is so much more important to you, that's the only way you could be making the analogy you just did.

Obama should have given the... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Obama should have given the speech I wrote for him earlier this week...

typo:make that *Pr... (Below threshold)


make that *President Bush*.

Steve in the US at least; n... (Below threshold)

Steve in the US at least; no city has made a profit off of the Olympics since LA in 1984. Most of the time they are a complete nightmare financially, even Salt Lake City which only managed to do as well as it did because Mitt Romney was brought in to put it back on track.

Chicago would have wasted tax payer money for sub par facilities that would be useless to the average Chicago residents, because it is a corrupt town.

Not only did we not want to see Chicago rewarded for its corruption and lawlessness (Murder Rate hello?) but we did not want to see money wasted on the games when we are already on the brink of complete financial disaster.

PS. Keynsian Economics DONT WORK!

Not outraged - disgusted... (Below threshold)

Not outraged - disgusted at my fellow Americans who hate Barack Oabama so much they want our country to fail.

That's a pretty big hate. There's no love of country there.

You are so full of it, like you felt anything like that for the past eight years in a way more important struggle.

Who do you think you are fooling?

Not any Republican here.

Olympics do not make money ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Olympics do not make money for the host nation that is why the IOC was all over Chicago to provide a guarantee that the government would cover the costs.

Most lose money. Atlanta was very successful and made money,but the IOC was disgusted by the crass commercialism.

Steve - this is not about wanting America to fail. It is about wanting the Olympic bid to fail when it was from a corrupt city like Chicago and when there were scores of Democrat cronies lined up with their hands out (Valerie Jarrett for one) expecting to make millions in personal gain. Chicago has not demonstrated that it can pull off anything like the Olympics and both the city and state are deeply in debt and the County is nearly insolvent. The Dems are raising taxes at an ever increasing rate and this promised even higher taxes.

Some polls showed as much as 60% of the Chicago public against the bid.

So it isn't about America it's about a bad idea and about an egotistical president getting set down in a very appropriate way.

Chicago dodged a bullet, St... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Chicago dodged a bullet, Steve.

London 2012 could cost £20billion... TEN times original budget, ex-Olympics chief predicts

The London Olympics could leave taxpayers facing a final bill of £20billion ? ten times the original budget, the man once charged with staging the Games claimed yesterday.

Jack Lemley, the former 2012 chief, accused
Mayor of London Ken Livingstone of "suppressing" the true cost to win public backing for the bid.

The former chairman of the Olympic Delivery Authority said it was clear from "very early on" that he was working to a budget of "well over £12billion"


When London won the Games in 2005, the total cost was estimated at £2.4billion and later revised upwards to £3.3billion.

Last year, Olympics Minister Tessa Jowell told the Commons that this had risen to £9.3billion, including a contingency fund of £2.7billion.

Mr Lemley, who left the ODA in October 2006, described that figure as "ridiculous" and insisted he was "positive" the final bill would top £20billion.


The real loser in this char... (Below threshold)

The real loser in this charade was not the City of Chicago. It was not any monetary gain that could have resulted in the US. It was not even the Obamas. The real loser in this situation was the prestige of the Office of the President. And that is a loss that affects everyone in the US.

I have always been taught that you never bet anything you cannot afford to lose. Obama bet the prestige of the office of the President of the United States for the purpose of bringing home the gold to pay back some Chicago cronies for the support given him during the campaign.

And now he has brought back with him more than just the failure of not getting the games but he has also brought back a tarnish on the office he holds. It is a tarnish that is there for a simple reason - his own arrogance and hubris.

Oh, and I have been to Chic... (Below threshold)

Oh, and I have been to Chicago, lived there for over a year. It isn't all that and a bag of chips. It is dirtier and scarier than other major cities I have been in around the world including Sydney, Singapore, Dubai, Honolulu, Jacksonville, Kansas City, St Louis, Denver, Houston, San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Chicago is no shining jewel of America. It reminds me very much of Hong Kong with less people and cars on the correct side of the road (most of the time).

The other issue in Chicago ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

The other issue in Chicago is that the Mayor's office is under perpetual investigation and many believe it is only a matter of time before he gets caught like so many of his officials and goes up the river.

Many Chicagoans saw this as a big ego trip for he mayor and that this was more about him and him providing some kind of crowning glory to his tenure as mayor than actually benefiting the city. A lot of the things that need to be done do not require the excuse of the Olympics to do them.

many of he facilities would have been built in crappy areas of the south side (you know close to where kids get their brain beat out of them on the way home from school). They would have bulldozed one of the better South Side parks for a new Olympic stadium that would serve no purpose once the games were over as there would be no tenant for the stadium afterward.

In fact a number of parks would have been turned into stadiums for this boondoggle. One thing that makes Chicago a great city is the parks and they would have been replaced with worthless abandoned stadiums instead. In fact there would have hardly been a major park that would not have been destroyed by turning it into Olympic sized tennis facilities or field hockey fields. How many black kids from the south side play field hockey? Not many. good thing we would take away their park and give them an empty field hockey stadium then isn't it.

It was a dumb idea to glorify a corrupt government.

Praise God it's over.

JustRuss - Having grown up ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

JustRuss - Having grown up in the Chicago area I have to agree. Chicago is not as dirty as New York but it is not remotely as clean as many cities I have seen.

The lake front is the best part of the city and that is why most of the venues are near by.

This bid was stupid from start to finish.

I'll note that the modern pentathlon would have been set at a venue outside the city because Mayor Daley's gun ban hasn't been overturned by the Supreme court yet.

If Obama had been lobbying ... (Below threshold)

If Obama had been lobbying for any other American city other than the one he obviously has so much personally invested in, I'd tend to agree with the trolls that this is a loss for America. But by hawking his own city to the IOC, our Narcissist-in-Chief has succeeded yet again in making something to be all about him. Never mind Chicago's notorious corruption and the millions of dollars of Olympic funds that would be skimmed and scammed into the pockets of various Daley machine cronies and officials, it was a terrible idea for the president to put forward his home town as a candidate, so transparently venal and obviously self-serving. This is Obama's failure and Obama's alone, and he deserves to bear the brunt of it.

Poor Stevie, still shilling... (Below threshold)

Poor Stevie, still shilling the leftest mantra "You want our country to fail".

No, bone head, we want Barry's SOCIALIST POLICY'S AND INCOME REDISTRIBUTION POLICIES to fail. It's got nothing to do with the country, and everything to do with Barry and Company doing their best to SCREW THE COUNTRY.

How's those Obamanomics working out for ya?
Great "Stimulus" package isnt' it? Joey Biden says he's ASTONISHED at how well it's doing.

Steve Green how would you d... (Below threshold)

Steve Green how would you describe this statement?

I have a confession: I have at times, as the war has unfolded, secretly wished for things to go wrong. Wished for the Iraqis to be more nationalistic, to resist longer. Wished for the Arab world to rise up in rage. Wished for all the things we feared would happen. I'm not alone: A number of serious, intelligent, morally sensitive people who oppose the war have told me they have had identical feelings.
I do have one complaint. No... (Below threshold)

I do have one complaint. Now I don't get to coin the term "Obamalympics"

Sad face...

In retrospect and hearing h... (Below threshold)
jim m:

In retrospect and hearing how this bid unraveled it's hard to see how it would have been successful.

Media here in the US abetted this ego trip to Copenhagen by putting forth the impression that with Obama on board the thing was in the bag. Apparently the only thing in the bag was, as always, the media. Now they are spinning furiously on how it doesn't reflect negatively on him.

But Obama ends up the biggest loser, because he is perceived as having put the prestige of his presidency on the line. Like in many things he makes it about himself (as Michelle made it about herself in her presentation). People in other nations are seeing him as having gone begging and come up empty. Just as he has done with Iran and its nuke program and Russia by axing the missile shield in order to get their help with Iran.

Foreign allies are calling him weak. UK press refers to him as "President Pantywaist". His influence is waning fast with everyone but the state run media here at home.

Most heads of state go t... (Below threshold)

Most heads of state go to make bids for their country to get the games. It happened this year and it happens every year - Brazil's president went, so did Spain's. (Spain actually sent their king and prime minister)

Don't act surprised. Sounds like people here actually wish Chicago wasn't part of the USA. Wonderful, beautiful city.

Jp2, no offense guy but that IS the freakin problem! The U.S. is NOT "other" courntries. We are not some small, homogeneous, country with a miniscule population of people who share some kind of cultural identity with a long history of being trod upon. We are the shining beacon on the hill, the epitome of what is right with Western civilization!

I know this atitude is not popular, and many on the left deride it as the core of our diplomatic problems, but it is also the same reason why a vast majority of the people on this planet, if they had their way, would either come here or fashion their country on our model.

Presidents DO NOT attend such things, especially hat's in hand, without it being taken care of early by diplomats. The POTUS is a symbol as much as it is an elected office, and for this man to think his cult of personality extends to even this mundane of events, is such a crushing blow to the office it is almost unbearable. Believe me I don't care who is in office, this is diplorable and beneath respect.


In retrospect and ... (Below threshold)
In retrospect and heari.ng how this bid unraveled it's hard to see how it would have been successful.

Let me rephrase that fer ya:

In retrospect and seeing how obama wasted time and money it's hard to see how it would have been successful.

Lets be honest, all cities have be pimping for the games for months if not years. 99.9 percent of what went into the decision process was long over BEFORE obama left U.S. shores.

His speech was meaningless, as were the other three.

Quote of the Day:"... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Quote of the Day:

"Am I the only one embarrassed by the Conservative reaction over losing the Olympic bid?"
~Peggy Noonan

s green - "The Olympics... (Below threshold)

s green - "The Olympics make money for the host country. That's why the competition is so intense."

I see your as misinformed about sport as you are on political matters.

"There has never been an Olympic Games that has made a profit," says Robert Barney, director of the International Centre for Olympic Studies at the University of Western Ontario. Barney is also co-author of Selling the Five Rings: The International Olympic Committee and the Rise of Olympic Commercialism.
Want more?

From Forbes:

For many host cities, the curse has overshadowed the blessing. At least four (Sydney, Montreal, Barcelona and Athens) are still paying off debt taken on to finance the games, due mainly to splurging on sports venues that don't have much after life. While Atlanta's Turner Field is now home to baseball's Braves, Sydney's SuperDome, has plunged into receivership.
Sydney taxpayers shell out $100 million annually for upkeep on a new rail system that hasn't been heavily used since the 2000 Olympics, while Barcelona is populated with a host of arenas left over from 1992 that now sit mostly empty. Athens, meanwhile, laid out $12 billion to bring the Games "back to their roots" in 2004, a whopping 5% of Greece's GDP. Upkeep on venues built for baseball, basketball and other sports carries a $100 million annual price tag, and a $144 million sailing facility now goes mostly unused.
Will you forget pretending you know anything at all?

Rory, you are right on the ... (Below threshold)

Rory, you are right on the money. The lefties like Stevie have a very selective memory. Their hatred for Bush was so great, they were counting the dead. Going through Walter Reed to look and gawk at the amputees. Why are they not there now? What has changed?

I am happy only because Obama received another dose of humility today. When america rose up and said no to healthcare reform, he was shocked. Now his "personal appearance" did nothing. France even said Obama is arrogant. France. So, our president could use some humility. He acts like the messiah the press says he is. ww

Most of the time t... (Below threshold)
Most of the time they are a complete nightmare financially, even Salt Lake City which only managed to do as well as it did because Mitt Romney was brought in to put it back on track.

The left tried their damnest to discredit Mitt Romney, because he took charge and made the games a success. The accusations ran the gamut from abusing his wife, molesting his children, sleeping with the staff, taking kickbacks from the State of Utah and the city of Salt Lake and the worst one, bribing officials of the USOC. None of the charges were true, but the media ran with them, anyway, without checking the facts.

The same with the Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta. NBC News actually accused Richard Jewel of planting that bomb, when he was trying to help with the investigation. I don't think that other guy did it either. It was an Islamic terrorist that did the deed and the Clintoons needed a scapegoat to cover their asses.

Deke -You are dead... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Deke -

You are dead on with your comments about the presidency. There once was a great deal of power and mystique to the office. Dem presidents seem to want to make the president of the US to be equivalent to the president of Albania in power and prestige.

Our president shouldn't be putting his prestige at risk over something as ephemeral as the Olympics. But at the same time he should not be using the UN Security Council like some high school demonstration to spout his Utopian vision for the world's future. He should have used the power of the position to hammer our enemies like Iran.

He thinks being president is about cocktails and wagyu beef. Unfortunately for us the office is about using the power of the presidency to advance the interests of the US above the interests of anyone else. He isn't president of the world he's supposed to be president of he US. The problem is that he thinks he is the former.

Chicago's a nice town. I'll miss it when I leave. The Olympics would have been an unmitigated disaster here.

Did Barry blame Bush yet?</... (Below threshold)

Did Barry blame Bush yet?

Not outraged - disgusted... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Not outraged - disgusted at my fellow Americans who hate Barack Oabama so much they want our country to fail.

That's right Steve. Just explain to me how rooting for Chicago to lose the Olympics is exactly like rooting for our troops to lose in Iraq.

So not wanting a new swimming facility on the south side is just like wanting to see a whole lot of body bags coming home. Get some perspective idiot.

So McChrystal got 25 minute... (Below threshold)
jim m:

So McChrystal got 25 minutes with Obama n the tarmac.

President clueless never ceases to amaze. He spent more time schilling for Chicago than he did dealing with a pressing military issue the resolution of which could mean the lives of 100's if not 1000's of soldiers.

Yeah. He's got his priorities straight. Well, at least he was able to apologize for our visa and border policies so he won't find the trip a total loss.

"That's right Steve. Jus... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

"That's right Steve. Just explain to me how rooting for Chicago to lose the Olympics is exactly like rooting for our troops to lose in Iraq."

I never said it was the equivalent -- because it isn't.

The right's hopes and prayers (and cheers) that our country will fail is disgusting nonetheless.

Making up straw man arguments is just childish.

Steve Green: Are you crazy?... (Below threshold)

Steve Green: Are you crazy? I for one do not want the olympics in Chicago. The reason: Obama is the center of the biggest scam ever pulled on America. Do we want the whole world watching while he treats my country like a pile of cow dung? You are as sick as he is.

s green - The right's h... (Below threshold)

s green - The right's hopes and prayers (and cheers) that our country will fail is disgusting nonetheless.

Well I agree with one thing, "making up straw man arguments is just childish." Until you show me a specific quote claiming that you've constructed a fine example yourself.

And BTW, no acknowledgment of how out of touch you are about Olympics and the "cash" they produce for the host city?

Making up straw man argu... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Making up straw man arguments is just childish

Yeah, sorta like saying that desiring Chicago's failure is desiring the failure of the US.

Even when Chicago not getting the Olympics can be very reasonably argued to be in the best interest of the city and state.

Best line seen so far: "Oba... (Below threshold)

Best line seen so far: "Obama just got a gold medal in the Men's Political Capital Throw."

Steve. . .I don't think you... (Below threshold)

Steve. . .I don't think you even remotely understand what a straw man argument is.

That would be presenting and 'defeating' a weakened version of the opponent's argument. if anything, this is the complete opposite of a straw man> We are providing a much STRONGER version of what you are claiming which was indisputably owned by the left, and really can't be questioned that it was, in that they were actively cheering for the US to lose a war where deaths were involved.

So in this case, we are presenting a STRONGER version of what you are claiming and asking you to defend it.

You fail at logical fallacies, Steve.

One thing is clear. When i... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

One thing is clear. When it comes to selling crappy products Obama is no Billy Mays.

Not entirely fair, Mac. He... (Below threshold)

Not entirely fair, Mac. He somehow managed to sell himself into office. ..

One thing is clear. When... (Below threshold)
jim m:

One thing is clear. When it comes to selling crappy products Obama is no Billy Mays.

I'd rather have Oxyclean than the summer Olympics in Chicago. It's cheaper and I don't have to destroy the city park system to get it.

Well, I'm out. And remember... (Below threshold)
Steve "Red" Green:

Well, I'm out. And remember, if the ladies don't find ya handsome, they should at least find ya handy.

Thanks Steve. But Red Gree... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Thanks Steve. But Red Green was intentionally funny.

Best thing that's happened ... (Below threshold)

Best thing that's happened in years in Chicago. We hadn't even been selected and the City spent $85 million to buy the abandoned Michael Reese Hospital, hard by the Olympic site and then quietly approved another $11 million in no-bid contracts for demolition. No-bid contracts, as usual. Among the dozens of subcontractors to be used, as usual, 45% was required to go to minority owned firms, most of whom were campaign contributors. And the politicians were just getting warmed up.

If you want an understanding of how corrupt Chicago politics is, go look up the scurvy details of the sale of Chicago's parking meter system. William Blair, investment bankers, got the project, on a no-bid contract. Blair proposed and defined the project, determined the value of the parking system, and chose the vendor, which got the job, you guessed it, on a no-bid contract. A week later, it was admitted that the parking system was worth twice the $1 billion price tag Blair set.

And nobody goes to jail. Nobody writes about it. Nobody reports it. And everybody gets reelected. The ghost of Big Bill Thompson, the Patron Saint of Chicago politics, is laughing his ass off.

Nolympics? That's a good thing.

WildWillie-I am... (Below threshold)


I am happy only because Obama received another dose of humility today.
I feel the same way-you have to hope he learned a lesson, maybe in time to do the right thing by General McChrystal.

America doesn't like losing and he got a piece of that handed to him today-by the IOC.

Bobdog - I guarantee that t... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Bobdog - I guarantee that the $85M they spent on the Michael Reese campus was not included in the $100M price tag for the Olympic bid I have heard bandied about on the news today.

Just from a pure political ... (Below threshold)

Just from a pure political science perspective, is anyone else amazed at how poorly Obama is being advised? Seriously, regardless of whether or not you agree with anything Obama says or does, how does he continue to put himself in a position to demonstrate overt weakness, obvious hubris or blatant ignorance within the first 9 months in office? It's remarkable how much bad advice he is getting from his staff. Rahm Emanuel is worthless as is Axelrod, Jarrett and Summers. I never thought I would live to say this but Hillary Clinton is the only one in this administration with any balls to do what needs to be done. He better start listening to her.

Dee - No I think that Obama... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Dee - No I think that Obama has a big enough ego that he does not see his own errors and mistakes, but that he sees others who think he has made mistakes as being in the wrong. He's right and everyone else is just not smart enough to see it.

Dee -"how does ... (Below threshold)

Dee -

"how does he continue to put himself in a position to demonstrate overt weakness, obvious hubris or blatant ignorance within the first 9 months in office?"

Because he's likely never been in a situation where people wouldn't cover for him or cut him some slack when he was being an idiot. Everyone's done what they could to grease the skids for him - and when he slid into the White House, all of a sudden that grease turned to sand. He could no longer get by on image alone - there had to be substance, thought, and introspection supporting the smooth exterior.

And there isn't. You don't see how 'wonderful' his grades were in college. He has no talent for leadership - though he's charismatic as hell. He has no understanding of 'real life' outside his union & progressive supported world, and he's never run a business or had to make payroll. He even seems to believe you can tax the country into prosperity - but the bill keeps getting larger, and larger, and larger...

We're screwed, if he doesn't get a clue. But right now he's surrounded by syncophants who're telling him he's wonderful and magnificent and the smartest world leader around - why would he trade those for someone who'd tell him what he doesn't want to hear?

jim m - You're right. Micha... (Below threshold)

jim m - You're right. Michael Reese wasn't included in the reported cost. The contracts for demolition were let in July. The property purchase happened before that, but I'm not clear about the timing. What is clear is that the property was intended for Olympic construction all along.

That kinda illustrates my point. With Chicago politicians, you hear about what you're supposed to hear. Inconvenient details are not disclosed. What is also clear is that the city spent over $100 million, all on no-bid contracts, for property and demolition. There was no other reason for the city to spend this money except in anticipation of Olympic use.

We'll never know whose relatives were involved in the subcontracting, but it's a safe bet that somebody made some money on the deal. In Chicago, there usually is.

Why do Steve Green and jp2 ... (Below threshold)

Why do Steve Green and jp2 hate people of color? The Olympics were selected on the basis of merit -- why would you deny Brazil its victory, when impartial international judges determined that Rio deserved to get the Games?

We conservatives aren't celebrating that America lost, we're rejoicing that a deserving developing country succeeded. Why must you white racist left-wingers once again disparage the achievements of people of color?

Ohh boo hooooss! oh boo hoo... (Below threshold)

Ohh boo hooooss! oh boo hoo hoo hoo! What a sad turn of events for his hindness, oh boo hooooo! We must move on Chithugo and look to a brighter tomorrow..I know, I know, Oh booooo hoooos are hard to supress. Oh booo hooooo..

Remember when questioning s... (Below threshold)

Remember when questioning someone's patriotism was supposed to be a bad thing? Now it's the only defense the left has for Obama's failure at getting the Olympics to Chicago.

Change you can believe in.

I believe #85 was a parody,... (Below threshold)
Dr Carlo Lombardi:

I believe #85 was a parody, snarky sock puppet.

Jlawson,While I ha... (Below threshold)
jim m:


While I have never seen him in person he does not strike me as so charismatic. What he does strike me as is as a typical arrogant, self important academic that likes to hear himself talk and uses sophisticated language to make himself sound more intelligent than he erally is. Very much like the people my brother works with. Oh, perhaps that's because my brother is a professor at the University of Chicago.






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