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Emmy Award Winning CBS News Producer Behind Letterman Blackmail Scandal

Earlier we reported on the extortion attempt that David Letterman faced. The scandal just gets so much juicier. The person behind the blackmail attempt is an Emmy award winning producer for CBS New's 48 Hours. His name is Robert Halderman, but professionally he goes by Joe Halderman. Here's a bio from a documentary he did for Showtime.

As the writer, producer and director of Three Days in September, Joe Halderman has drawn on the skills gained in his career in journalism. For more than 25 years, Halderman has been shooting, writing and producing news pieces. His work has taken him around the world, reporting on events from 75 different countries. Based in London for 12 years, he has also spent many months in the Soviet Union, and later Russia. Halderman has witnessed war firsthand, covering conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Bosnia and Lebanon. Halderman has been acknowledged for his work with seven Emmy awards and one Columbia Dupont award. He has two children and lives in Norwalk, Connecticut.

Apparently he also lives with one of the Late Show female staffers who slept with Letterman...

Update: Joe Halderman revealed...


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Comments (10)

static1.firedoglake.com/1/f... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:


Wow, Adrian, even for you t... (Below threshold)

Wow, Adrian, even for you that's weak.

For one horrible minute I t... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

For one horrible minute I thought Joe *Haldeman* was involved, then I saw the "r" and breathed a sigh of relief. . .

Oh my! All the mean spirite... (Below threshold)

Oh my! All the mean spirited jokes about Bristol Palin, and even Clinton and this schlug, who hasn't been funny in years has been harrassing his women staff for decades. The hypocrisy of the left in full view. ww

On the other hand, at least... (Below threshold)

On the other hand, at least he didn't cave into the blackmail. Doesn't make him a better person for what he has done or what he has said (stone meet glass house). But way to spit in that blackmailers face by exposing it yourself.

I don't know about that, Ju... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

I don't know about that, JustRuss. There was no way he could have paid $2mil and kept it quiet. It would have come out anyway.

He came out because he had no other choice.

On a side note, isn't a boss having sex with the hired help a well understood offense that you get fired for? And he admitted to being a Serial Harasser. (Well, after Lewinski it lost some of its sting, but still...)

Are there any statements from feminists or NOW?

What is "Joel's" born faith... (Below threshold)

What is "Joel's" born faith? All the original reports--before media got hold of his booking data--indicated he was Robert JOE Halderman. Letterman did a pretty smarmy and presumably accurate on-air whining impression of Joel's plaintive personal plea.

Its sick when people do the... (Below threshold)

Its sick when people do these type of things I hope that everything works out for him and his wife.

How are you going to walk i... (Below threshold)

How are you going to walk into a bank and expect to cash a 2 million dollar check?? bad move, idiot deserved to get caught.

i honestly don't understand... (Below threshold)

i honestly don't understand why Letterman's involvement with Birkitt is supposed to be so scandalous -- they were both consenting adults






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