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Rio de Janeiro Gets 2016 Olympics

The International Olympic Committee has awarded the 2016 Summer Olympics to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. These are the first Olympics ever awarded to a South American country.

Rio beat our Madrid in the final round of voting. Tokyo was eliminated in the second round, lasting one round longer than former front runner Chicago, which was the first city eliminated.

I, for one, look forward to high definition coverage of the local culture... (Don't click through if you don't want to see bikini's)



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I love the Drudge headline,... (Below threshold)

I love the Drudge headline,

"The Ego Has Landed!"

Heh, just another carbon lo... (Below threshold)

Heh, just another carbon loaded vacation for the dithering idiot and Chewbaca.

Chicago would have won if O... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Chicago would have won if Obama had stayed in Washington. The defacto leader of the free world showing up turned off many on the Olympic committee as was apparent by Chicago's forth place finish. With the world economy still reeling and the U.S. fighting two wars it was inappropriate for Obama to show up. The man still doesn't know when to stay out of issues.

But baby!... (Below threshold)

But baby!

As with everything else, th... (Below threshold)

As with everything else, the more visible Barry is..........................

Are you aware that some peo... (Below threshold)

Are you aware that some people read this blog at work? And in homes with kids?

>Are you aware that some pe... (Below threshold)

>Are you aware that some people read this blog at work? And in homes with kids?

Heh... welcome newbie.

BTW Kev, I think I should come out of retirement and become the official Olympic 2016 correspondent. I'm bring back plenty of pix is Wizbang will just fly me down there....

You know, it took me only 6... (Below threshold)

You know, it took me only 6 years to get that first college degree.....I think I can get the second one in photo-journalism in less than that, if I apply myself. Just in time for the Rio-lympics!! Yeah, that's the ticket!!

Chakademus,Glad I ... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


Glad I don't work where you do...


I'm actually pretty happy R... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

I'm actually pretty happy Rio got it. Nice to see a nation in South America get the Olympics.

Thankfully, the "Summer" Ol... (Below threshold)

Thankfully, the "Summer" Olympics will be held in Rio's "winter". That will cut ten to fifteen degrees Fahrenheit from the daily highs, and be a bit more bearable for most of the northern European athletes. I just hope the host nation will provide security for any athletes that want to sample some of the local hot spots. Rio is NOT a safe city in most places, and after dark it's worse. It could be worse - Brazil could have asked for the games to be held in Sao Paulo.

Figures those dirty old men... (Below threshold)

Figures those dirty old men from the IOC would pick Rio. BTW, when will the MSM start calling the IOC a bunch of "RACISTS!". After all, did they not OPPOSE Barry's wishes?

Congratulations to Rio de J... (Below threshold)

Congratulations to Rio de Janeiro for bringing the Olympics to South America for the first time.

Wonder what is more dangero... (Below threshold)

Wonder what is more dangerous, Rio at night Chicago anytime, or mocking the corrupt Chicago political machine?

Karma is a beautiful thing.... (Below threshold)

Karma is a beautiful thing.

Sorry, Chicago. Nolympics f... (Below threshold)

Sorry, Chicago. Nolympics for you.

I live there, and it's just fine with me.

Are you aware that... (Below threshold)
Are you aware that some people read this blog at work? And in homes with kids?

I thought Kevin gave us fair warning concerning the "below the fold" content.

What a <a href="http://www.... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

What a place is this River of January.

Re: #11 - "Thankfully, the ... (Below threshold)

Re: #11 - "Thankfully, the "Summer" Olympics will be held in Rio's "winter"".

Sydney did a great job with the Summer Games in 2000. If they schedule things right, it will take place in their early spring, not winter.

Re: #7 - Stay retired, please.

"As with everything else, t... (Below threshold)

"As with everything else, the more visible Barry is.........................."

............The more He fails.....

Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Are you aware that some ... (Below threshold)

Are you aware that some people read this blog at work?

Are you aware that your company likely has a policy that forbids you from visiting blogs at work?

"Are you aware that som... (Below threshold)

"Are you aware that some people read this blog at work? And in homes with kids?"

Are you aware every G-Damn beach in America shows more skin than the picture you're crying about?

914 -Wasn't there ... (Below threshold)

914 -

Wasn't there a Clairol commercial like that? "The closer he gets, the better you look"?

Obama's not the AntiChrist - he's the Anti-Clairol!

I'd love to go there!... (Below threshold)

I'd love to go there!

Havnt watch the olyimpics i... (Below threshold)

Havnt watch the olyimpics in years and i doubt if i ever will

Rio is nice to visit but be... (Below threshold)

Rio is nice to visit but beware even in the day. My wife and her friend went out for a stroll and walked under a pedestrian overpass. Someone overhead dropped some mao mustard on them. Immediately two others, a man and woman came up to help wipe off the supposed droppings. All the while taking wallets and belongings from purses and pockets. They used the credit cards before they could get back to the hotel. The hotel concierge just said it happens all the time.

Hey, maybe they can get a j... (Below threshold)

Hey, maybe they can get a judge to unseal those Portugal-Brazil divorce papers...

Rio gets the Olympics; Mich... (Below threshold)

Rio gets the Olympics; Michelle, Oprah and
Valerie get a jet-set trip in fine style,
Obama gets the shaft....and the taxpayers
foot the bill. Hope, Change and "let's
enjoy it babe, we run the show." Frederick
Douglass probably wouldn't condone the
arrogance displayed by the "one we have
been waiting for." Humility isn't in the
Obama lexicon. I hope he stays out of the
limelight for a week at least...if he can.

Aw comeon maw please?... (Below threshold)

Aw comeon maw please?

"Havnt watch the olyimpics ... (Below threshold)

"Havnt watch the olyimpics in years and i doubt if i ever will"

Me either...Since 1980.

"Wasn't there a Clairol commercial like that? "The closer he gets, the better you look"?"

I think Your right....Probably Farrah Fawcett in it or something? The Anti-Clairol? He aint getting that close.... The Anti-Business! Now thats right on par.

Well the don't blame Barry ... (Below threshold)

Well the don't blame Barry mantra has started, Obama's Chicago politics as usual replacement: Burris, claimed it was Bush's fault Chicago didn't get the Olympics. It would have been a good venue, but the graft, corruption and general misconduct would have made the Olympics a huge loss for the city. mpw

RIO was where they held tha... (Below threshold)

RIO was where they held that rediculous 1992 earth summit with various natives proforming pagan ceramonies and green wackos gathered with the famous sttae of CHRIST THE REDEMER looks over it all

This is an obvious decision... (Below threshold)

This is an obvious decision...who would choose Chicago over Rio De Janero?? wtf






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