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Oh, That's Why They Call It Dope!

Let's just say you're a budding young entrepeneur, cultivating a growing clientele in the field of recreational pharmacology. And you have managed to get your foot in the door at a local sandwich franchise, with a dedicated clientele. But that foot in the door gets pushed out one day, when your dedicated (but not too loyal) clientele takes your merchandise, then slams the door and refuses to pay for your merchandise. So, what do you do?

Well, if you're more concerned with settling scores and establishing that you don't tolerate being crossed than in... well, common sense and self-preservation, you tell the cops that those no-good jerks at D'Angelo took your pot without paying you for it.

Especially if you're 17.

I've been to that mall countless times, but I don't recall ever sampling the wares of that particular establishment. On the other hand, I never asked for my sandwich to come with "the special oregano..."


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"Righteous indignation" can... (Below threshold)

"Righteous indignation" can lead to funny situations with dopers. When working the front desk one evening, had a young guy come in screaming about "bogus" drug dealers. He threw a baggie of "coke" on the desk that he'd just purchased at a house in town. The "coke" was powdered sugar. He got busted and the two clowns at the house got busted....and they actually had some real stuff to sell, they just figured they'd rip this guy off.

A late friend (RIP) was ass... (Below threshold)

A late friend (RIP) was assistant principle at a junior high school in the South SF Bay Area. One day an eighth grader came into the admin office stating that he had been robbed and demanding the police be called. Seems he hid his stash (weed) in a downspout and some foul fiend took it. Young man wouldn't take no for an answer sooooo the cops were called. Kids dad was really upset when he had to go to down to cop central and get the kid.






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