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Obama Throws The Dalai Lama Under The Bus

From The Washington Post,

In an attempt to gain favor with China, the United States pressured Tibetan representatives to postpone a meeting between the Dalai Lama and President Obama until after Obama's summit with his Chinese counterpart, Hu Jintao, scheduled for next month, according to diplomats, government officials and other sources familiar with the talks.

For the first time since 1991, the Tibetan spiritual leader will visit Washington this week and not meet with the president. Since 1991, he has been here 10 times. Most times the meetings have been "drop-in" visits at the White House. The last time he was here, in 2007, however, George W. Bush became the first sitting president to meet with him publicly, at a ceremony at the Capitol in which he awarded the Dalai Lama the Congressional Gold Medal, Congress's highest civilian award.

The Dalai Lama can get right in line behind the Prime Minster of Britain, Gordon Brown whose at 5 snubs an counting...


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Comments (24)

You would think that Barack... (Below threshold)

You would think that Barack Obama might like to have a discussion with the Dalai Lama about how to approach the world in a non violent way. Maybe he could give Obama some advice......well maybe not, the Dalai Lama's thinking is so very old, even before Ghandi.

I can see Barry not wanting... (Below threshold)

I can see Barry not wanting to piss off the Chinese right now (so much for the HIGH MORAL GROUND). Barry wants the Chinese to help lean on the Iranians, and possibly pick up another couple trillion of our debt to further his programs. It remains to be seen if the Chinese will be willing to help (or at what cost?). Iran's September DEADLINE, has become October's DEADLINE. (Wonder what October's DEADLINE will become?). Were I the Taiwanese right now, I'd be really worried if Barry told me "No worries, I've got your back".

Lots of progressives revere... (Below threshold)

Lots of progressives revere the Dali Lama. Free Tibet, and all that. To snub him like this won't sit well with them.

Obama is a case study in wh... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Obama is a case study in what happens to progressives when they are forced to accept the limitations of reality. The Chinese are bad actors in many ways, but we have sold ourselves to them in return for cheap and inferior consumer goods. That wouldn't happen if trade deficits were limited by law to no more than 50% of the annual trade volume for a given nation. Once the limit is reached there can be no more imports from that nation until they buy more of our goods. That's really what free trade is about, not selling the security of the nation for beads and trinkets. Now we have sold out Tibet and soon we'll sell out Twain. The downfall of the U.S. as a world power was made in china.

Mac Lorry brings up a good ... (Below threshold)
Mike G in Corvallis:

Mac Lorry brings up a good point. Soon the Beijing government will give Taiwan an ultimatum: assimilate peacefully or be assimilated by force. And Obama won't do a damned thing about it, because (1) China holds all the cards as far as our trade debt is concerned, and (2) he kind of agrees with them amyway.

The Chinese aren't unaware of our politics, so look for this to happen in early 2011 or early 2013.

If it happens, it will be b... (Below threshold)

If it happens, it will be before the end of 2012. Even the Chinese know we're not stupid enough (well, most of us) to give Barry a second term.

This is just part of the <b... (Below threshold)
jim m:

This is just part of the Fierce Moral Urgency (tm) of sucking up to our enemies.

And yes, this gives the PRC pretty much the green light to steam roll everyone else in the region. My take is that Obama would prefer to see he Communist Chinese take over Taiwan and pretty much just about anyone else.

Obama's former office mate, Mike Klonsky, is a Maoist that has made frequent trips to Beijing and has been feted by the party there. Klonsky founded the Communist Party (Marxist/Leninist) here in the US at their behest and with their support. I'm betting Obama does pretty much whatever they tell him to.

Bad news for President Obam... (Below threshold)

Bad news for President Obama - we all know what this means...

When he dies...on his death bed... he will NOT receive total consciousness.

"When he dies...on his deat... (Below threshold)

"When he dies...on his death bed... he will NOT receive total consciousness."

LMAOROTF! Thread winner!

I am more favorable to the ... (Below threshold)

I am more favorable to the Chinese government - Nancy Reagan liked it too - than most American's I meet.

Thinking China is going to release Tibet or even change policies there because of foreign chatter is IMO completely unsupported by any evidence or experience.

Our diplomacy must recognize that and work to influence them where we might get results.

OTOH dissing the Dalai Lama is an unnecessary gesture; a no-win game. His visits to world leaders are pro forma. It doesn't mean O endorses him. Or that Bush or Clinton did.

The President is said to have a Thanksgiving Turkey every year. But we don't think that endorses the Pilgrims religion.

We don't even think it means the President likes turkey.

...dissing the Dalai Lam... (Below threshold)
jim m:

...dissing the Dalai Lama is an unnecessary gesture

But Obama specializes in unnecessary insults. Who can keep up with the insults to our 3 biggest European allies, England, France and Germany? He could have informed the Poles and the Czechs before announcing that he was going to drop the missile shield.

Obama with his "Smarter, more Intelligent" diplomacy is rapidly driving off our allies and when we do run into real trouble we will stand all alone.

Either he's too stupid to realize that he is seriously damaging the nation, or he's so stupid he's doing it on purpose.

jim: I don't disagree. He u... (Below threshold)

jim: I don't disagree. He unnecessarily offended UK (or at least Brown) more than once.

The Poles like(d) us a lot and helped more than anyone. Yet he infuriated them with the anti-missile termination. The Czechs weren't as helpful but they were friendly and took the same political shaft too.

Sarkozy in France strikes me as the sharpest leader in Europe. He joined us in tough talk about Iran. Now we seem to have left him out there alone; the last chapter on that isn't written.

I could go on. But why. Before the election I wrote that a President couldn't do to much to wreck the US domestically but he could wreck us overseas within months.

Because the POTUS controls foreign policy and military operations he can ruin us by not helping friends or even cooperating with them.

If you wanted to do that a year ago you would start by dumping Israel and the UK. And you would shut Columbia out of the trade pact.

NATO is a great ally on paper but in practice it is almost worthless because it only commits to defense of member nations. Helping outside of those borders is decidedly optional.

And those in NATO aren't going to go on much longer losing a few troops and spending millions to support us in AF unless O makes up his G-D mind about whether we fight or not.

They will go home. Some have, more will. And I won't blame them.

And the AF government, such as it is, won't stick either if we don't fight. They will flee, fold, or settle for what they can salvage the moment they suspect we aren't reliable.

The WH certainly finds time to complain about the AF army, their elections, and their President. We are poisoning that well, we need them with us or we lose.

The Georgia fiasco that made us to look like idiots happened under Bush. It was a bad idea to appear to allied with a small nation which you couldn't help if sparks fly.

Since I am back to Bush. I think that the Polish/Czech anti-missile deployment was a bad idea from the start.

O should have canceled it. But sensibly. He should have got on the damn plane, went over there, and shown them why we were going to ease out of the program. Give their pols some cover. Telling them by phone, at night, was disgusting.

I really do not believe O's idea of converting or at least calming our enemies can work. But it can leave us friendless. Japan and South Korea have to be nervous. Australia must think we are insane. And IMO Pakistan and Central Asia will go fundamentalist if we ditch AF.

The OUTRAGE! from th... (Below threshold)

The OUTRAGE! from the Left over this is...um...where?

Gunga lunga falunga!... (Below threshold)

Gunga lunga falunga!

I just figure it is obamboz... (Below threshold)
Glenn Cassel AMH1(AW) USN Retired:

I just figure it is obambozo's love for himself that is the major impediment here. In other works the self centered bastard has that Me thing down to a fine art. So in my book, that makes him lower than whale shit.

What a bunch of misinformat... (Below threshold)
JC Hammer:

What a bunch of misinformation. But please continue with it as your base really believes it. Really, get a fricking life and worry about DJ not having a job.

#16.Knock knock, hel... (Below threshold)

Knock knock, helllooo?
I believe this post was something like 90% reprint of a WaPo piece. If it is disinformation, maybe you could take it up with them next time.

"What a bunch of misinforma... (Below threshold)

"What a bunch of misinformation."

Care to point it out? Or just passing by to drop off another load of horse shit? As usual.

"Our diplomacy must reco... (Below threshold)

"Our diplomacy must recognize that and work to influence them where we might get results."

I'm glad you posted again to clarify that. The real issue is that Obama is going about it all wrong in every aspect. Dissing allies to work with those who are assuredly not allies will leave us with two things: those who are not allies will remain the same (and laugh at you in a language you don't understand) and those who ARE allies will leave you to your own devices should your plans go badly.

Maybe the Obama administrat... (Below threshold)

Maybe the Obama administration can send him a DVD of The Golden Child (Region 1 encoded, of course) as a consolation prize!

China is the next world pow... (Below threshold)

China is the next world power..hell yeah keep them happy Obama!

Oyster: Trivial point. I ... (Below threshold)

Oyster: Trivial point. I didn't post AGAIN to clarify this:

"Our diplomacy must recognize that and work to influence them where we might get results."

That was in my first comment.

But I certainly botched this:

"I am more favorable to the Chinese government - Nancy Reagan liked it too - than most American's I meet."

It first said:

"I am more favorable to the Chinese Reds - Nancy Reagan liked them too - than most American's I meet."

When I did my usual fast edit I changed Reds to government w/o noticing it made the part about Nancy Reagan meaningless. (she loved red and got a dinner service of Chinese Red dishes for the White House)

About Tibet: The history of that region may as well have been written by tossing books into a Cuisinart. But it is certain that most Chinese consider it a possession going back centuries.

At times they attempted to formally incorporate it into China itself but I am unsure how Red China classifies it today - possession or province.

In the West, when we say, "well the Red Chinese invaded Tibet, a neighboring and independent nation" we miss the point.

To the Chinese Tibet was not an independent anything.

And before the Reds arrived the old Kuomintang and before that the Chinese emperors had the same policy but were too weak to enforce it.

I think China would have been better off to have recognized Tibet as a nation after 1949. But they didn't. And now it a matter of saving face as well as their sincere belief that they should have Tibet.

It is an unhappy land but I see no prospect of softening China's viewpoint or loosening their grip.

I'm glad to have visited yo... (Below threshold)
Kids Music:

I'm glad to have visited your blog and good to know you! I find it interesting and informative.

U.S. is fearful of China an... (Below threshold)

U.S. is fearful of China and so cannot afford to make china unhappy. If they do then China will give United States a spanking they will never forget. So it make sense to disrespect a good person like Dalai Lama. Its the oldest story, US is not a country which is all about good...it just keep trying to sell everyone that they are all about good....no they actually are all about MONEY!!






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