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Author Tryouts - Round Two

Last December we had a very successful new author tryout period. The whole process went (in my opinion) very well and we ended up adding a few new authors to the site.

It's now time for a new round of author tryouts. This time I'm looking for a very specific type of author.

The profile of the type of author I'm searching for is someone who is a news junkies and always wants to be up on the top stories of the day. It doesn't hurt if you've got a good eye for stories that should be more popular. In blogosphere terms, the author(s) I'm searching for may be a bit more linker than thinker, but they should also be interested in taking a story and finding a unique angle to it - which requires some sleuthing and writing skill.

This time the auditions will be for one or two days per prospective author, rather than all at once. I'll be looking at quality, quantity, and resonance with the community. A successful tryout will provide readers with thought provoking, timely content that generates discussion and/or blogopshere buzz.

Any Wizbang reader interested in a tryout should send me an e-mail at kevin at our domain name. While commenters and readers are encouraged to contact me, others who may blog (or have blogged) elsewhere are welcome.

Update: We've got four candidates lined up. Applications will be continued to be accepted through this weekend. Tryouts will start this weekend or early next week.


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Comments (4)

I wish I had the time for i... (Below threshold)

I wish I had the time for it.
I hope you find someone interesting to fit it.

I suggest you recruit bryan... (Below threshold)

I suggest you recruit bryanD. He oughta liven up this blog real good.

What's the gig pay? Good be... (Below threshold)
Anon Y. Mous:

What's the gig pay? Good bennies?

"I suggest you recruit brya... (Below threshold)

"I suggest you recruit bryanD. He oughta liven up this blog real good."


Seeing as he hi-jacks threads already, most posts eventually degrade enough to turn out about him anyway.







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