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In The Tank For Obama: CNN Fact Check's SNL

Some things are just so assinie you think they're cleverly executed satire. Unfortunately this video is not one of them. CNN is worried the Saturday Night Live dared run a sketch mocking Obama as failing to deliver on any of his campaign promises. They then spend 4 minutes trying to say SNL is wrong...

First it's comedy, so fact checking it is silly. Second they fail to mention that the skit when through a list of about 20 promises Obama hasn't even sniffed at fulfilling.

It's not news, it's CNN...

Update (Lorie): Yahoo did the same thing and there is an excellent point by point fisking of it at Bookworm Room.


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Comments (30)

Barak and CNN... The gifts ... (Below threshold)

Barak and CNN... The gifts that keep on fibbing. mmmmm mmm mmm..

The one thing that CNN real... (Below threshold)

The one thing that CNN really got wrong is that while SNL is a comedy show, CNN is really THE joke as news program

Someone refresh my memory, ... (Below threshold)

Someone refresh my memory, last year during the campaign(s), did CNN ever fact check an SNL skit concerning a candidate or the president?

What about for the 7 years preceding last year?

Yup, that's what I thought.

Wolf's ratings are far funnier then the SNL skit, perhaps someone at CNN might want to clue him into the cable news 'situation'.


Wolf Blitzkrieg, the man wh... (Below threshold)

Wolf Blitzkrieg, the man who couldn't tell the difference between a tank and a Tonka truck in BOTH Gulf wars attempting to "fact check" someone else is just plain snort-worthy.

Wolf got his a$$ handed to ... (Below threshold)

Wolf got his a$$ handed to him by Andy Richter on jeopardy.


Besides a self proclaimed l... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Besides a self proclaimed liberal, King picked the faux Libertarian Penn Jillette (of Penn and Teller) to balance the panel. I say faux Libertarian because the liberal complained about being out flanked on the left by some of Penn's statements. And just to show how far left the liberal was, she said that Obama has kept us safe longer than Bush. The logic, if you can call it that, is that by this point in Bush's first term we had been attacked (9/11). She also blames Bush for the mess in Afghanistan totally ignoring the fact that the left touted Afghanistan as the "good" war for the last 8 years.

The problem for CNN and Democrats in particular is that Obama's shtick is wearing thin and there's nothing behind it except an empty suit. Some of the folks at SNL are coming to realize just how funny that is given the near mystical qualities ascribed to Obama during his campaign. Of course, thinking Americans know how dangerous having such a weak President is for our nation.

Hey CNN..Are you [email protected]*%ING ki... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

Hey CNN..Are you [email protected]*%ING kidding me?????

I am not at all suprised.<b... (Below threshold)

I am not at all suprised.
Reading this (and feeling exactly like Pretzel Logic does) I recalled an interview with Chris Wallace. Talking about the Obama administration and the media, Wallace stated:

"These guys, everything is personal. I got to tell you though"

"They are the biggest bunch of crybabies I have dealt with in my 30 years in Washington"

"They constantly are on the phone, or emailing me complaining, well, you had this guest...Or you did this thing. I mean, they are working the umps all the time. I think it works for the others. It doesn't work with me."

It obviously worked for Blitzer/CNN.

Some famous quotes come to ... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Some famous quotes come to mind:

"[CNN] doth protest too much, methinks"


"the sting in any retort is the truth"

This is just another example of the the commies being stung by the truth and over reacting. Nothing new.

Later this week, CNN is goi... (Below threshold)

Later this week, CNN is going to be breaking a story proving that Obama didn't really make himself up like The Joker.

NewsBusters: CNN Fact Ch... (Below threshold)
I might actually watch SNL ... (Below threshold)

I might actually watch SNL again if they promise this week to do a skit on Wolf Blitzer fact checking them.

Hank has it exactly right. ... (Below threshold)

Hank has it exactly right. Obama probably does take this stuff personally. I would not be surprised at all to find out someone at the Whitehouse mentioned the skit and suggested it might need some fact-checking.

There is one thing that the Obama Administration is doing that is making me very happy. Traditional news media is destroying itself to carry this President's water... and not fast enough as far as I'm concerned.

At least the 10,000 people ... (Below threshold)

At least the 10,000 people still watching CNN weren't led astray by that SNL skit, which they hadn't seen anyway.

CNN just did a segment fact... (Below threshold)
Dr Carlo Lombardi:

CNN just did a segment fact checking Bud Abbot. It turns out there was no "Who", "What", "I Don't Know" or "Naturally" on his baseball team.
Seriously, is there anyone who doubts that Emanual or Axelrod contacted a producer at CNN and told him to do this?

What is this tendency for l... (Below threshold)

What is this tendency for libs to constantly make fools of themselves? Is a missing component of liberalism a sense of humor?

This administration takes i... (Below threshold)

This administration takes itself way too seriously. How many more "fact checking" MSM reports are we going to get each time some comedian spoofs The One?

At least we'll be able to put together a list of all those "reporters" David Axelrod has on speed dial.

Conservatives and non-moonb... (Below threshold)

Conservatives and non-moonbat liberals know that a comedy skit is just a comedy skit, but apparently there is a sizable portion of the voting public who actually GET their "facts" from SNL skits.

After the 2008 election a poll was conducted on the impact of the anti-Palin/McCain SNL skits in the election turnout.

"The 'SNL effect' absolutely impacted the election," said Mike abadie, FirstView researcher. "We saw that 10 percent of voters said they were influenced by the skits. At the same time, the data shows that 59 percent of those who saw the skits voted for Obama and 39 percent voted for McCain."

Soooooo the 'fact-check' was clearly in need for the Obama administration, considering that 10% of the dumbest people in America are clearly constituents of liberals.

"At least the 10,000 people... (Below threshold)

"At least the 10,000 people still watching CNN weren't led astray by that SNL skit, which they hadn't seen anyway."

Yeah, I saw the replay and Penn's critiquing Bamses following in Booshes mistakes. The SNL skit was completely accurate accept for the guy playing Obama told the truth way more than He ever does.

Maybe SNL could fact-check ... (Below threshold)

Maybe SNL could fact-check CNN this week. Wouldn't that be "special"!

Well, at least we now know ... (Below threshold)

Well, at least we now know the answer to the question: "Why aren't any of the comedians joking about Obama?" Their false answer ("Because he's just not funny.") was ridiculous on its face (c'mon, the guy tried to get into his office through a window!) - it's good to know the real reason.

MSNBC released it's usual torrent of 'fact checks' this morning, disproving nearly everything said by Jerry Seinfeld and "Larry the Cable Guy" in their shows last evening in Portland and Montgomery, respectively, about Supreme Commander Obama as well as announcing a White House lawsuit against Rush Limbaugh for making fun of Mrs. Supreme Commander's taste in shoes...

It should, however, be very interesting to see how Hollywood reacts. Will it bow down before the Won and pretend nothing is wrong, everything is great, the Won is flawless...or will this open the floodgates?

CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC -... (Below threshold)

CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC - they are all jokes. No one, absolutely no one, should be watching these openly left-wing news stations.

If all of us stop watching them, then one or more of them will go under. What a celebration that would be!

There is something about th... (Below threshold)
Andrew X:

There is something about the SNL skit that I have yet to see anyone mention.

Many have noted how Fred Armisen did very little to capture Obama's mannerisms. He just wore the make-up and sat in an Oval office set, and occasionally hinted at Obama's cadence, but, and you notice this when you hear audio only, he's not really trying to "do" Obama.

So here's the thing. I haven't searched for video, but I remember clearly when SNL was doing up the debates, with Armisen and Amy Pohler's very good Hillary Clinton.

And I know that Armisen did do Obama fairly well, the cadences, the halting speech, the rather smug undertone, the whole thing. (The satiric target then was Hillary and the obsequious press)

So Armisen is quite capable of "doing" Obama, it's just that, in what is being touted as SNL's first fairly serious poke at Obama, he chose (chose?) not to.

What's up with that?

Does anyone remember those skits from the campaign, or have links to them? I'm commenting from memory, but I am pretty sure that a comparison of other Armisen/Obama skits would be rather..... interesting.

"If all of us stop watching... (Below threshold)

"If all of us stop watching them, then one or more of them will go under. What a celebration that would be"

Yes it would be nice if that happened.. Unfortunately the self appointed narcissist in chief would no doubt bail them out with our future sweat equity to keep them afloat.

Hell, even Sindy Sheehan is protesting his ass! Keep it up Cindy!

Andrew X, I noticed the sam... (Below threshold)

Andrew X, I noticed the same thing. I remember that same sketch and Fred Armisen did a MUCH better job of impersonating Obama.

Eric -Agreed.... (Below threshold)
Andrew X:

Eric -


So...... What's up with that?? Gotta wonder if there is something interesting to that. An attempt to "pull the punch" if you will, or render it less effective, or less Internet viral?

Did Armisen make that choice? Or someone else mayhaps?

(I hate hate hate the whole "conspiracy" bugaboo, 99% of them are just nonsense. But this is just a bit.....odd.)

Andrew I noticed the same t... (Below threshold)

Andrew I noticed the same thing, the skit could have been so much better had he actually used his talent like in the past to play Obama.

My guess is they knew the WH was likely to cry wolf, pun intended, so were trying to go as easy as possible, to minimize that and the heat NBC\GE would take.

Do real people still watch ... (Below threshold)
Surelock Homes:

Do real people still watch CNN?

I can't believe CNN actuall... (Below threshold)
Ken in Miami:

I can't believe CNN actually wasted 3 minutes 47 seconds of airtime plus the research and sat link time to analyze a SNL skit.
When a network personality goes after a historically left leaning comedy show for having fun with "their" guy that's about as paranoid as it gets. Can't wait to see what they do when Southpark and Family Guy chime in.
BTW, I've been watching SNL since the night they signed on.

Unbelievable. Well, what w... (Below threshold)

Unbelievable. Well, what would one expect from an "entertainment correspondent" as this in the tank Kareen Wynter is credited.

Love the "mugshot" pic of the SNL comic with his name in big block letters, seemingly as if to identify him clearly for his crime of knocking the anointed one.

But even more blatantly stupid is the segue into more video clips to embarrass Sarah Palin, accomplished by this trick: Kareen says, "Still, Adair says the sketch won't resonate with the audience as much as this: [extended Tina Fey clip w/flute in hand trying to perform at debate]." Adair is apparently now a good expert not only on fact-checking but on what resonates with the American people. Making fun of Obama - NO! Does not resonate dammit.

Making fun of Sarah Palin - oh yeah, that resonates big time, Wynter reports Adair to say.

And this is the excuse to yet again roll video of Tina Fey trying her damndest to embarrass Sarah Palin.

And of course to Kareen Wynter Tina Fey swinging a flute around is a "dead-on" impersonation of Palin. Yeah, no need to fact check that I guess. Palin had a flute. Dead-on man!

The whole thing is so incredibly stupid it makes me glad I don't watch CNN and glad that I already tell everyone I know to start finding real journalism sources on the net, not lame, tame non-journalism on cable.






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