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Rangel Evades Questions As Well As He Avoids Taxes

The Washington Post, unwittingly, illustrates how spineless the mainstream media has become in the intro to an article about Rep. Charlie Rangel. Emphasis mine.

Rep. Charles B. Rangel (D-N.Y.) isn't interested in talking about his tax troubles and the ethical questions they've raised in Congress.

Reporters accosted him Monday as he strolled to the podium for a news conference outside a Manhattan subway station, but Rangel, 79, ducked his head and kept moving.

"Let me thank you all for coming on this beautiful day," he began when it was his turn at the podium to tout the new subway entrance at 96th and Broadway. "And I would hate to see anyone attempt to mar this with questions that are not related to this exciting event."

Everyone obliged, except a guy driving by in his car.

"Charlie, pay your taxes! Come on, Charlie, pay your taxes!" the passerby shouted.

Do you think if Rangel was a Republican "everyone" would have obliged? Probably not...

In other news Congressman John Carter is on the House floor right now introducing a resolution to strip Rangel of his Chairmanship, not that it will get anywhere...


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Comments (15)

How about appointing Him a ... (Below threshold)

How about appointing Him a spot in a 4 by 4 cell along with the rest of the Obama tax cheat administration.

"Most ETHICAL Congress, eve... (Below threshold)

"Most ETHICAL Congress, ever!"

Time for Andrew Breitbart t... (Below threshold)

Time for Andrew Breitbart to create another web site, Big Bias.

It'll be nice to hear Congr... (Below threshold)

It'll be nice to hear Congress in mid-November 2010 saying "Jeez - WTF just happened?"

Wasnt it this rangle the nu... (Below threshold)

Wasnt it this rangle the numbskull who called tax cuts RACSIST like a typical liberal demacratic idiot?

We all know that if he had ... (Below threshold)

We all know that if he had an R after his name he would be in jail, same for the rest of the congress and cabinet, since he has that allowance called a D after his name he gets get out of jail free cards which he has been using at a pretty good rate lately. It sucks that I can't get the same allowances cut for Little Timmy Geitner and Rangel, if I mess up on my tax forms the IRS is sending me letters 60 days after filing and assessing me interest and making threats. mpw

Another day, another reason... (Below threshold)

Another day, another reason to be proud to live in NY.

Anybody who critisizes and ... (Below threshold)

Anybody who critisizes and Democrat for any reason even if he two times his wife or cheats on his taxes and no matter what color his skin is is a RACIST. Now shut up.

Where are the lib moron's l... (Below threshold)

Where are the lib moron's like rascist stevie to defend this assclown?

Really. I don't know why th... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

Really. I don't know why this is even being discussed because NANCY PELOSI made it very clear that we should let the "process proceed". End of questions.

"She who will be obeyed" has spoken. Period.

(Anyone else hear that they are planning to get rid of Rangel, put NY Gov. Paterson up for his seat, and insert, uhm, "elect" Cuomo as Gov? ..... Paterson not qualified to govern NY State but he'd be a fine Congressman. Ha!)

I hope someone has enough c... (Below threshold)

I hope someone has enough common sense to make Rangle a front and center poster child.

Charles Ranguile.. Love em'... (Below threshold)

Charles Ranguile.. Love em' or hate em' He still cheats.

Tell it like it is.<p... (Below threshold)

Tell it like it is.

It's not just the D after his name that protects Rangle from prosecution.

The color of his skin, and the race card thereof, protects the corrupt content of his character from any negative consequences.

The color of his skin also ensures his re-election in Harlem.

So what protects Dodd? They... (Below threshold)

So what protects Dodd? They used to say that Bill Clinton was Teflon Willy, what is dummy Dodd, nobody seriously looks at his loan arrangements, his deal in Ireland and the rest of his financial "arrangements" and he keeps getting reelected (lets hope the next one is his last campaign). mpw

Chucky Wrangle cant pick a ... (Below threshold)

Chucky Wrangle cant pick a more nastier memeber of the LEGION OF DOOM






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