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More Bad News For Democrats In 2010

A new Washington Post poll released today spells out the doomsday scenario facing House Democrats in 2010:

The latest Washington Post poll of the Virginia gubernatorial race represents more than bad news for Democratic nominee R. Creigh Deeds. The findings paint a portrait of the electorate that, if replicated elsewhere, stands as a warning sign for President Obama and Democrats who will be running in next year's midterm elections.

The poll shows a lack of enthusiasm among many of the voters who propelled Obama and his party to victory last November, raising troubling questions for the Democrats: Were many of Obama's 2008 energetic supporters one-time participants in the political process who care little about other races? Is Obama's current agenda turning off some voters who backed him last year but now might be looking elsewhere?

The poll shows Democratic candidate Creigh Deeds trailing
Republican nominee Robert F. McDonnell by nine points among likely voters. And that's the good news. Here's the rest of the story:

First, just half of Virginians who say they voted for Obama last November say they are certain to vote in the gubernatorial election. That compares with two-thirds of those who say they backed Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.).

Second, there is a lack of energy in the African American community. Last November, African Americans made up 20 percent of the Virginia electorate, part of a broader surge that saw record numbers turn out nationally. Today, African Americans comprise just 12 percent of the likely gubernatorial electorate.

Third, the poll shows an even sharper falloff in interest among younger voters.

Fourth, the intensity gap between Democrats and Republicans has done a complete reversal.

At least among likely Virginia voters the contrast between Candidate Obama and President Obama is beginning to be get attention. This poll seems to confirm that the so called Obama mandate was indeed a mile wide and an inch deep.


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Comments (13)

It has to be a good thing f... (Below threshold)

It has to be a good thing for America eventually that so many college students who turned out for Obama are finding out all his fine talk and promises meant nothing. Probably it will turn them off to politics for a while but eventually they will get back to it and won't be so easily led the next time. Most young people aren't really dumb; they've just been lied to by their teachers, by the news media and by Hollywood their whole lives.

Had Barack Obama said he wa... (Below threshold)

Had Barack Obama said he was going to quadruple the deficit, double the national debt in ten years, take over the auto industry, the banking industry, try to take control of the internet, hire a truther for green jobs czar, create a shadow government of czars accountable to no one, hire a school safety official who lauds NAMBLA, another for EEOC who thinks a gay agenda should be part of kindergarten and told us he planned to surrender to the Taliban and not support the troops in Afghanistan I suspect the election would have gone differently.

So, if you'll please indulg... (Below threshold)

So, if you'll please indulge me....

Damn that son of a bitch.

Polls don't "confirm" anyth... (Below threshold)
Victory is Ours:

Polls don't "confirm" anything - they predict, and do so without a great deal of reliability.

The proof is in the pudding, and dessert isn't served for 13 months.

A lot can happen betwixt now an then. Sarah Palin can start doing interviews, for example.


Victory is Ours: "The pr... (Below threshold)

Victory is Ours: "The proof is in the pudding, and dessert isn't served for 13 months."

Vic, you really aren't verry bright.

"dessert" is served next month. The Virginia gubernatorial election is November 3, 2009.


Most economists are now pre... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Most economists are now predicting official unemployment numbers will break through 10% and stay there well into 2010. It will be hard for Democrats to defend their bloated stimulus bill and even harder to justify their reasoning for wanting to pass legislation that increases taxes or increases deficit spending. Republicans may well take control of the house in 2010 and make gains in the senate.

The troll @4 is actually te... (Below threshold)

The troll @4 is actually telling the truth, though not the way it thinks.

As to 2010, I think the best case senario would be for the Republicans to make enough gains in both the House and Senate to be able to block any Democrat nonsense, but not quite enough to actually officially control Congress. Let the Democrats keep the mantle, and the responsibilties, and the blame, of 'control' of Congress the way the Republicans had 'control' in 2005 and 2006. Then take Congress in 2012, and in conjunction with President Palin, enact some serious reform.

the only polls VIC believes... (Below threshold)

the only polls VIC believes in are those that show a Democratic lead.

Reminder, 3 gubernatorial races are this Nov. Yeah, it's a long way to Nov 2010. But given the current mood of the country, VIC had better start praying.

Hugh forgot about New Jerse... (Below threshold)

Hugh forgot about New Jersey. The Dems are in the same boat there. John Corzine has run New Jersey totally into the ground. It is the butt of a lot of jokes that have been going around, lately. Corzine is also at least 6-10 points behind his Republican opponent. Corzine is so far behind that Obama is not even campaigning for him. As with Virginia, the election for the Governor is 3.5 weeks away and as that day gets closer, the attack ads against Christie are getting more and more vile. Now the Corizne campaign is calling Christie a fat man. Man what a way to win points with the people.

-"there is a lack of energy... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

-"there is a lack of energy in the African American community."-

Well that was an unfortunate turn of phrase. Who will be the first to whine 'waaaaacist!'?

Stan25 - "Corzine is al... (Below threshold)

Stan25 - "Corzine is also at least 6-10 points behind his Republican opponent."

I just saw a Corzine ad that slamed Christie for getting traffic tickets and not getting points for the infractions and added a sly litttle dig at Christies weight.

Pretty funny stuff, funny is a sad way, when you consider Corzine cost the State thousands of dollars in hospital bills because of injuries caused by not wearing a seat belt in 2007.

The guy is a dickhead and has run the State into bankruptcy.

We might as well get happy ... (Below threshold)

We might as well get happy and optimistic now, cause after Hussein and his congressional minions turn 30 million Mexicans into American voters and stock polling places with Black Panthers and SEIU thugs, democrats might actually GAIN seats next year. The radical left has power now and these America hating, fascist criminals are not about to give it up to citizens not prepared to defend their rights by any means necessary.

Obama could lose a lot of s... (Below threshold)

Obama could lose a lot of supporters and thats good news make the liberals look silly






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