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Jack Prize

Well, I reckon I'm casting my lot with the Taliban. I come not to praise Obama for being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, I come to mock him.

You know there's something rotten in Oslo when the White House spin machine is forced into action after Obama's selection was announced.

If Archie Griffith was Barack Obama he would have been nominated at halftime of the first game his freshman year, won the Heisman after the eighth game of the season, and quite possibly taken home four of the distinctive trophies.

On the plus side, the Nobel committee's affirmative action Peace Prize award makes Obama's wise Latina affirmative action SCOTUS selection seem well qualified by comparison.

At least Michael Moore actually completed and released his anti-Bush cinematic diatribe before the global and Hollywood elite festooned him with gilded trophies.

The timing couldn't have been worse. Thanks to Obama and the Keystone Kongress' ineptitude, his $1.4 million Nobel award won't even be taxed at an appropriately confiscatory rate.

The Nobel Prize is a clear demonstration of the enormous international goodwill Obama has been granted. Unfortunately it will all be expended ensuring Michelle receives some similar honor to compensate her for the sacrifice of traveling to Norwegia for the award ceremony and missing her weekly Bunco game.

Jimmy Carter and Al Gore are delighted another American will now be mentioned when considering "the most insufferable living Nobel Peace Prize winner."

Mohamed ElBaradei and Jimmy Carter (again?) are delighted another Nobel Peace Prize winner sees Israel as the biggest impediment to peace in the Middle East.

But Albert Lutuli, Martin Luther King, Jr., Desmond Mpilo Tutu, Nelson Mandela, Kofi Annan, Wangari Muta Maathai dismayed to find out their awards have been revoked so Barack Obama can also be the "historic first African-American winner of the Nobel Peace Prize."

The dish of ribbon candy in the Oval Office where Churchill's bust used to sit can finally be replaced with something tasteful.

First US Nobel Peace Laureate who takes more pride in his jump shot than his country. Carter, of course, doesn't play basketball.

On an unrelated note, is there a huge crossover audience between college football/NASCAR fans and Desperate Housewives? Seems like The View running ads for Dick Cheney commemorative plates to me...

Just because the Nobel Prize makes Time Magazine's Man Person Sentient Being of the Year look like a booger doesn't mean Time won't be awarding it to Obama again.

The award has been a boon for renewable energy. Alfred Nobel's corpse was connected to a generator before the announcement and is now spinning at a rate sufficient to output two terawatts of electricity daily.

Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus are delighted about slipping to #2 on lists of "Most Undeserved Award Recipients."

Half-hearted Saturday Night Live needling aside, comedians sticking to the assertion there's nothing funny about Barack Obama. Does anyone really believe SNL's lampooning was about humor rather than an attempt to chide Obama into following through on his obligations to the left?

Now that he's won the Nobel Prize, Obama should have a much easier time convincing committed foes of America like Iran and North Korea to disarm than he's had rushing through his domestic agenda with a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate and a 70 seat advantage in the House.

US military strategy abroad and terrorist detainment/rendition policies are virtually indistinguishable today vs. January 19th. Funny thing since Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for not being George W. Bush.

Who can dispute Obama's contributions vis-a-vis peace and civil unrest in Honduras? Ditto Iran. It's pretty clear what kind of peace the Nobel committee is advocating - the peace of tyranny.

The title of this piece is my little contribution to Cockney Rhyming Slang. I think you'll all be pleasantly surprised when you decipher it.


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Comments (15)

We have to give Obama one t... (Below threshold)

We have to give Obama one thing: at least he didn't fly to Oslo to lobby for getting the Nobel Farce Prize.

Not going to cut him slack for accepting it or the justifications his lackeys offer for him having earned it, though

"We have to give Obama one ... (Below threshold)

"We have to give Obama one thing: at least he didn't fly to Oslo to lobby for getting the Nobel Farce Prize."

Nah, just had Rahm write up the nomination for him.

The absolute funny part is now even the libs are wondering "WTF!" and realize 'he hasn't DONE anything'. And Michael Moore, that hugely intellectual liberal par excellance believes Barry should get it just for being elected President.

Your list of african americ... (Below threshold)

Your list of african americans mostly isn't

"U.S. military strategy ... (Below threshold)
John S:

"U.S. military strategy abroad and terrorist detainment/rendition policies are virtually indistinguishable today vs. January 19th."

Wrong. Today we are losing that battle on all fronts.

if this country survives to... (Below threshold)

if this country survives to November 2012, and actually holds elections, then the backlash against this empty suit with his wall full of awards he didn't remotely deserve, will be enormous.

Of course, by then he'll have dozens of Olympic Gold Medals, Cy Young Awards, and NBA & NFL MVP awards as well!

Don't forget he will also b... (Below threshold)

Don't forget he will also be hoisting the Stanley Cup while laughing his ass off that so many people were so stupid to not only elect him, but listen to his BS. He is the most pompous piece of crap that has ever lived (I take that back - he reminds me of Charles Manson because Manson also thinks he's Christ).

He's John Lennon reincarnat... (Below threshold)

He's John Lennon reincarnate.

I wonder if the guy's large... (Below threshold)

I wonder if the guy's large ego is actually a mask for a massive inferiority complex. The White House is constantly whining about the press coverage it receives from Fox News. I guess having all the other networks in the bag isn't enough for The One.

I don't think it's an infer... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I don't think it's an inferiority complex. No, not at all. He has made a point to project himself as intelligent, good looking and successful. He comes off arrogant and self centered. He does not admit to failures, other people pay for those by getting tossed under the bus.

What I do see is a big chip on his shoulder. Both he and Michelle have an enormous sense of entitlement. Whether due to the color of their skin or their education or their positions (which they have gained by leveraging the color of their skin and their affirmative action educations). Look at the church he attended. It was full of anti American and anti white lunatics. He comes from a social circle that believes that it is victimized and excluded while they protest that the handouts they receive for doing nothing aren't big enough.

Inferior, no.

Entitled, yes.

Jesse Jackson speaks about ... (Below threshold)

Jesse Jackson speaks about Obama's Nobel Prize

Some say with surprise
Obama how'd he
get a Peace Prize?
They say how could he have won?
With all his accomplishments
he aint done

Some say the Nobel committee gave him a present
For voting in the U.S. Senate
130 times present
But just in case you missed it
All his accomplishments
I will now list it

How about that bling,
He got that
from a Saudi King
Often he would scored
In a basketball game
15 point or more
Or how can you discount his dreams?
He had
for our Olympic teams
Or what about all the Community organizing he has done
Teaching inner city kids
being chased by gangs how to run

The Liberal Nobel committee Obama they did choose
Look at Bush
all he ever got was a pair of shoes

Ahhhhh, there you have it:<... (Below threshold)

Ahhhhh, there you have it:
The Milli Vanilli administration.

ahh Baron--Unsure ... (Below threshold)

ahh Baron--

Unsure of the "Cockney Rhyming Slang" But i am pretty sure "Jack Prize" has got to be "Jack Sh_t" as in winners have done "jack" to receive this bull award.

and before anyone else says it:
No Sh_t!

I think a better example wo... (Below threshold)

I think a better example would be Terrelle Pryor being enshrined in the next class of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Will he be like Peyton Manning or Ryan Leaf? It does not matter because he is supposed to be the big time leader. Coming into Ohio State, he was to lead them to the promised land. We will see.

Time Magazine I'm sure is u... (Below threshold)

Time Magazine I'm sure is under pressure to NOT put Obama on the cover this year for Person of the Year.

I wish I was there... ... (Below threshold)

I wish I was there...






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