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Liz Cheney Rescues The President

Liz Cheney has offered up an intriguing idea to help President Obama out of the mess the Nobel Peace Prize committee left on his doorstep:

Having refused to not accept the award, Cheney's suggestion may be the only way remaining for the President to disarm his critics. It would demonstrate selflessness and humility while sending a strong statement to the rest of the world. Which is precisely why he won't do it.


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I think there's about as mu... (Below threshold)

I think there's about as much chance of this happening as him sending Holder to the main ACORN offices with a subpoena.

There's a better chance he ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

There's a better chance he sends Bertha Lewis to pick up the award than there is of his doing anything to ever honor our military.

However, I think we should start the pool now on how many times does he say "I" in his acceptance speech.

If he said "I" 56 times in his education speech I'm betting he's close to 100 with this one.

Remember the start up of th... (Below threshold)

Remember the start up of the Iraq war when it wasn't patriotic to be for peace? Where is the patriotism of conservatives? They strike me as being more on the side of the taliban than on ours. Instead of congratulating our president you denigrate him. Could it just be sour grapes? The small mindedness of conservatives never fails to amaze me.

OK Craig, I'll bite. Our p... (Below threshold)

OK Craig, I'll bite. Our patriotism is right up front and center when we stand up to the leftists who are taking away our freedoms. The freedoms so many fought and died for and are stilling fighting and dying for today. It is truly sad when someone who hates America is given an award for cowering and apologizing to our enemies. It is even sadder when that person accepts that award and people, like you, cannot or refuse to admit the harm he is doing our great country. An honest award for peace should go to the men and women who are putting their lives on the line to preserve our freedom and protect not only us but many ungrateful people in forgeign lands not to a President who stomps on the Constitution.

Remember the start... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
Remember the start up of the Iraq war when it wasn't patriotic to be for peace?

That's your first mistake. It's always been patriotic to be for peace through strength. It never fails to amaze me that liberals don't know the difference between that and appeasement.

Instead of congratulating our president you denigrate him.

Congratulate him for what? Having hope and apologizing to the world for America taking charge when no other nation has the guts to act? With one ill-conceived decision the Nobel committee turned a once respected award into the Dumbbell Piece Pries (and yes, I can spell peace prize).

Quote of the Day:"... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Quote of the Day:

"I hope each and every citizen writes an open letter to Noble Prize committee, cc White House, Department of Justice, FBI, congress and state Houses of representatives and state senates, letting all of them know, that this Noble Prize is an embarrassment to this country, it needs to be withdrawn or at the very least actual awarding of the prize needs to be postponed until legal actions on Obama's illegitimacy for presidency are heard on the merits."
~Orly Taitz

Craig - Who's more on the s... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Craig - Who's more on the side of the Taliban, The ones who want to see them wiped out or the ones who are bent on surrendering to them? I'll give you a hint, conservatives don't want to surrender and Obama does. We saw how well appeasement worked for Clinton and Bush41. Appeasement only means a worse conflict later on. Obama is perfectly content to sell our future in return for "Peace in our time."

The Taliban is now striking inside Pakistan. You want them to have nukes? Obama is going to ensure it. Let's see how long it takes for the Taliban to give a nuke to Al Qaida.

Adrian - you must be the only person on the site that actually listens to Orly Taitz. Why don't you go read the European papers they had lots of interesting commentary about how much our president has earned his prize. Everyone knows it's a joke. Even SNL knows it's a joke. Only humorless lefties like you can't see that fact.

it's funny, out of both the... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

it's funny, out of both the sides here, only one side was actively rooting for the taliban to succeed in afghanistan, and one side's politicians declaring iraq as lost. sorry, wasn't our side.

There's a far greater chanc... (Below threshold)

There's a far greater chance that Hussein will demand his prize be retooled of solid gold!

Liz Cheney has a good point... (Below threshold)

Liz Cheney has a good point. How come a Dem couldn't come up with a suggestion as good has hers? Maybe the Dems are only interested in themselves and to hell with the American people. That's the wahy I see it.

There's a far greater ch... (Below threshold)
jim m:

There's a far greater chance that Hussein will demand his prize be retooled of solid gold!

They're not? They used to be. Niels Bohr dissolved his prize for Physics in acid to keep the Nazis from confiscating it. After the war the prize committee had the gold precipitated and reminted the award for him.

Please see Tom Friedman's o... (Below threshold)
Colorado Dem:

Please see Tom Friedman's op-ed in today's NY Times for a better suggestion. He suggests Obama accept the award on behalf of all our military who have kept peace around the world, aided in natural disasters, and so forth. And I heartily disagree with anyone who claims Obama hates America and hates the military. What a crock.

If he doesn't hate America ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

If he doesn't hate America he should probably stop apologizing for its continued existence and start doing something to ensure its future. Deliberately losing a war he said he would support (Afghanistan), declaring that America is no better than any other nation and ruining the reputation of he dollar with his profligate spending are not exactly demonstrating love for this nation.

Oh, and he can tell Michelle (I've never been proud of this country till now) to put a sock in it.

I find it odd that a refere... (Below threshold)

I find it odd that a reference to obama would in a sentence containing the word "Humility"

"And I heartily disagree... (Below threshold)

"And I heartily disagree with anyone who claims Obama hates America and hates the military.

Sure seems that way after The Won talked up his tough Afghanistan bona-fides during the never-ending campaign, but is happily letting our guys swing in the wind and get killed - all while refusing to pay attention to the generals that have proven their capabilities.

As for hating America, he stated such throughout his whirlwind global apology tour. Only self-haters are so free to apologize for existing.

Got it Craig.......if you d... (Below threshold)

Got it Craig.......if you don't salute the President you're not patriotic. If you laugh at a prestigious award given to someone who has accomplished not only nothing as President, but very little in his 48 years, you're not patriotic. If you are repulsed that young school children are taught the words of a song that praises the President, you're not patriotic. If you switch the channel off when some nut job is analyzing a skit as to whether there is total truth and calling it news, you're not patriotic. When those on the left, especially in the media, treat the President as if he walks on water, but he is fumbling through his Presidency as he did through his life, then your not patriotic. The real problem with your thinking is that we the people love our Country, we don't idolize and elevate those who represent us for a few years. We gave up the Kingdom when we left Europe, we don't sing to our leaders. When respect is due, we give it for accomplishments, those accomplishments must be constitutional and support and defend the people of the United States.

There is not a snow balls c... (Below threshold)

There is not a snow balls chance in hell that Obama is not going to Norway with his family and those who surround him, the inner circle.

"There is not a snow bal... (Below threshold)

"There is not a snow balls chance in hell that Obama is not going to Norway with his family and those who surround him, the inner circle."

Maybe The Won will drag along Oafrah and douchebag Daley to make 'em feel better about losing the Olympics.

I think I am falling on lov... (Below threshold)
Dennis D:

I think I am falling on love with Liz Cheney. This brilliant and beautiful lady is the WHOLE PACKAGE.

George Stephanopoulos laugh... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

George Stephanopoulos laughed out loud this morning when Donna Brazile said Obama "deserved" the award. Even Dems think it's a farce.

Or should I say "honest Dems"? Nope, that's an oxymoron.

She is great in interviews ... (Below threshold)
recovering liberal democrat:

She is great in interviews with liberal journalists that try to trap her into answering the way they want her to. She just tells them she doesn't agree with the premise of their stupid question. She gave Juan Williams all he could handle this morning. We need to hear more from her. The "O" will go to the ceremony because the left wants him to stick it in the eye of conservatives but, it will just draw attention again to this undeserved claim to it.

I wonder if Liz thinks that... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

I wonder if Liz thinks that Jimmy Carter should have given the Presidential Medal of Freedom to polio rather than to Jonas Salk?

Good job there Adrian. You... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Good job there Adrian. You really managed to address the issue. Just like a Dem. Can't say anything relevant so they just attack the person.

I suppose that George Stephanopoulos would be laughing at you too because you think BO deserved an award for doing nothing.

Get over it. Both the right and left know that this award was stupid.

I think a certain Nobel ... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

I think a certain Nobel PEACE Prize committee touched a raw nerve.

Colorado Dem #12 - He HATES... (Below threshold)

Colorado Dem #12 - He HATES America. He has proven it. Right now he is "Swinging with the enemy". He is purposely bankrupting our country so we have no way of defending ourselves against a war here at home. That is his mission in life. To destroy America! That is real.

Kathie #16 - You hit it head on. You said everything I would have if I would have thought of it. Good job!

Adrian Browne #22 & 24 - He did nothing, nada, nil to deserve a peace award. We will get over the absurdity of it. Will you ever be mature enough to accept the fact that he is hell-bent on destroying our wonderful country?

The farce continues. What i... (Below threshold)

The farce continues. What is even more helpful is Craig not finding it odd that Obama got an award for what he thinks. That is funny. I don't even think Obama knows that.

And yes, I have watched liberals for 5 decades. Anything military is reprehensible to them. Liberals don't hate the military, they hate the reason they are there. Same difference. ww

He is even less deserving t... (Below threshold)

He is even less deserving than Arafat.

What is even more helpfu... (Below threshold)
jim m:

What is even more helpful is Craig not finding it odd that Obama got an award for what he thinks.

It because liberals think that your intentions count more than your actions.

So what that millions die every year from malaria? Pesticides are icky. Here's a mosquito net for your bed.

So what that welfare rules have brought about a near total destruction of the black family? They were only trying to help.

So what that Polanski drugged and raped a minor? He makes cool movies.

So what that Obama has accomplished nothing in his entire career? Just because he never published as a university professor and the only claim to legislative fame was blocking an anti-infanticide law in Illinois. He's a "clean and articulate African-American".

It's not what you do, it's about how many grievance groups you can belong to and how good your intentions are.

Oslo can keep Him and "chew... (Below threshold)

Oslo can keep Him and "chewy" too.

Krauthammer/Cheney 2012... (Below threshold)

Krauthammer/Cheney 2012






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