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My 2010 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

In awarding their Peace Prize this year, the Nobel selection committee indisputably revealed to the world that their most important selection criterion is idealism.

In the spirit of this important revelation, I would like to nominate this young lady for the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize:

I've never seen anyone with such a perfect combination of raw idealism and cluelessness, and such a strong sense of left-wing political priorities. Her vision of a better world should be rewarded, shoudn't it?


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Comments (25)

She's like, so totally righ... (Below threshold)

She's like, so totally right!

If this is typical of Calif... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

If this is typical of California voters then there's little wonder why Californian is a failed state. I like the part about the land being free and that the east cost uses slaves. Thing is, she doesn't even have a clue about how ignorant she is. She would make a good Jay walk candidate on the Leno show.

Man, I watched her once sev... (Below threshold)

Man, I watched her once several months ago and I felt my intelligence slipping till I killed it off, no way will I listen to such inanity again.

To say that she's clueless is an insult to clueless people everywhere so yes, I too would give her the prize because it makes as much sense as giving it to 'The Won'.

I could only listen to a li... (Below threshold)

I could only listen to a little,I just don't have enough neurons left to burn.


This prevalent personality ... (Below threshold)

This prevalent personality type in CA is a large part of why I returned to the PRNJ in 1997. But NJ is on the same path as CA, so I've had to vote with my feet again.

A prime example of Kaliforn... (Below threshold)

A prime example of Kalifornia's education system.

please understand that this... (Below threshold)

please understand that this woman does NOT represent the "average" resident of Santa Cruz.

She represents the intelligentsia!!

She is at the top of the food chain for that enclave. And yes, elites of her ilk are indeed sweeping through and infesting every aspect of life in the once Golden State.

ALL arguments based on reality fail miserably against these people. Imagine trying to debate the potential for economic collpase based on current trends and having her explain that there will be NO collapse, because "the machines will make things for us".


Most of the O's czars think... (Below threshold)
recovering liberal democrat:

Most of the O's czars think the same way as she does about America. In fact she would be a perfect candidate for "Free Food" czar or "Free Land" czar, "Free Car" czar or how about Treasury "Free Money" czar. Lots of free money being passed out there for no good reason.

Santa Cruz must have a bunc... (Below threshold)

Santa Cruz must have a bunch of weirdos from SAN FRANFREAKSHOW there

It's been my experience tha... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

It's been my experience that brain dead people are invariably peaceful. Nominations close February 1, 2010... someone please, submit this video to the committee along with her name and address.

Hang on! There's a nugget ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Hang on! There's a nugget of truth in there if you listen closely: "If the rent was lowered, there would be people who would really have their own businesses..."

Translated into normal human speech: If we lower the cost of doing business there would be more businesses in town. In other words if you lower the tax rates it would promote business development and improve the economy.

Meanwhile...I'm moving to the east coast where apparently I can still own slaves according to this lady.

I can feel my IQ lowering s... (Below threshold)

I can feel my IQ lowering second by second as I listen

I have to say, I admire you... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

I have to say, I admire your fortitude Jim. You're right of course, but how did you manage to maintain your focus until she reached that statement?


but how did you manage t... (Below threshold)
jim m:

but how did you manage to maintain your focus until she reached that statement?

Frankly she wasn't that much worse than my sister-in-law (BS Anthropology, Brandeis Univ). Last we talked I was regaled with how cell phone towers are killing untold millions of birds that circle the flashing red lights like moths until they die from exhaustion, and how vegan was the best lifestyle (she's not even a real vegetarian) amongst other things.

I have built up immunity to stupid.

I didn't know VIO had such ... (Below threshold)

I didn't know VIO had such big boobies.


And so like, Booosh the jew... (Below threshold)

And so like, Booosh the jew did it and like I "voted for that AYCORN guy with the big ears and like..Its so Kool to live in Kalifran and like Ahnold knows best and that Hussein dude rocks and where's My roach clip and the sky is so off blue today and i had free sex last night and ......"

That was me clapping at the... (Below threshold)

That was me clapping at the end.

Was that REAL?She ha... (Below threshold)

Was that REAL?
She has made me a Liberal.
We need the Nanny state to take action now.
The Government has to pass a law to prevent her from breading.
Her words cause brain cell death, so she can only talk in public places when no one functional hearing is around.
We need to provide her with free health care so she can get a brain transplant.

She's not dangerous. Yes, ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

She's not dangerous. Yes, she's old enough to vote, but does she know that? Could she remember when election day is and be able to find a polling place? I doubt it.

She'll be too busy looking for free food and land, and decrying the slave trade that still exists in the eastern half of this nation (and China).

Actually, I wonder if she has seen this online and whether she has the presence of mind to be embarrassed by her display.

When it is said that the co... (Below threshold)

When it is said that the counter was tilted on its side and all the nuts fell into California, that wasn't just a figure of speech.

Tina S., is that you?... (Below threshold)

Tina S., is that you?

"The Government has to p... (Below threshold)

"The Government has to pass a law to prevent her from breading."

I sure wouldn't trust her to fry anything...

Sorry, I was distracted by ... (Below threshold)

Sorry, I was distracted by the little blonde girl two rows back. It is obvious that she isn't buying into that malarky.

I wanna get me one of them ... (Below threshold)

I wanna get me one of them "vegie trees"

OMG! That was like so aweso... (Below threshold)

OMG! That was like so awesome - and it was like free!






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