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Life On Planet Obama

"Calling 'Em Out: The White House Takes on the Press"

So states the headline from an article at Time.com.

According to administration officials, most notably Anita Dunn, Obama's interim White House Communications Director, the "media" has been just too darn hard on President Obama and his agenda.

As Time explains: "There was never a single moment when White House staff decided the major media outlets were falling down on the job. There were instead several such moments."

Sounds a bit thin considering he dominated the Sunday talk show circuit with no less then five soft-ball interviews in a single day.

To sincere, logical people, "falling down on the job" would mean that they failed to objectively report on the issues and the administration's role in shaping them. However, according to this administration, Big Media has failed at its job of collectively carrying the water for them.

Suggesting that the press has been objectively reporting in an unbiased way regarding this administration is just stupefying. The "babe in the woods" shtick just doesn't fly. Not after years of bowing at the feet of this false-profit.

"...the aha moment came when the Washington Post ran a second op-ed from a Republican politician decrying the "32" alleged czars appointed by the Obama Administration. Nine of those so-called czars, it turned out, were subject to Senate confirmation, making them decidedly unlike the Russian monarchs. "The idea -- that the Washington Post didn't even question it," Dunn says, still marveling at the decision."

Gasp! The Post let a Republican politician contribute an op-ed? Horror of horrors! And as per her admission, 23 of the 32 czars were not subject to confirmation. The nine that were are supposed to justify the whole?

The general in this war is Dunn, 51, a veteran campaign strategist who arrived at the White House in May. She has been a force in Democratic campaigns since the late 1980s and helmed Obama's rapid-response operation during his run. At the White House, she has become a devoted consumer of conservative-media reports and a fierce critic of Fox News, leading the Administration's effort to block officials, including Obama, from appearing on the network.

It would seem to me, if Obama and his cadre were sincere in their beliefs and had any courage of conviction, they would welcome and relish the chance to appear on Fox to promote their agenda and decry their critics. Instead, they avoid Fox like the plague, using such aggressive sounding phrases like "it's a war," "biting attacks," "take no prisoners," and "it's us against them" to describe their new strategy.

Citing another example, Robert Gibbs displayed disbelief at the reporting of Obama's school speech, breathless that the New York Times reported about it on the front page in September. What he fails to realize, or disregards, is that it took the "old" media almost three weeks to even acknowledge that the speech was an issue, let alone an issue of passionate concern among many Americans.

This insistence that they were blind-sided is disingenuous. If not for the new, alternative media, consisting of blogs, talk radio, and Fox News, the original, inappropriate itinerary of the "after-speech workshops" would never have been known. Only after sincere outrage outside the realm of the major media forced the true intent of the subject into the spotlight, did Obama and his handlers can the "suggested after-speech workshop."

The zealots in this administration just cannot fathom the idea that a vast portion of the population doesn't buy into the type of automatic adoration which they believe they naturally deserve. The sense of buyer's remorse has set in. The more Obama pushes, the stronger that feeling gets.

They can paint this reality whatever color they want. It still doesn't change the fact that we, as citizens and organizations, are protected by the first amendment to voice opposition to Obama's radical tendencies.

The more they demonize their critics, the more pathetic Obama becomes. Branding dissenting voices as racists, astro-turf, bigots, and fringe radicals sure doesn't sound like the behavior of a Nobel peace-prize winner.


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Comments (37)

A Chicago street thug will ... (Below threshold)

A Chicago street thug will always remain a Chicago street thug.

Watch 'em backpedal. The la... (Below threshold)

Watch 'em backpedal. The lapdogs I mean.

The baby is getting fussy a... (Below threshold)

The baby is getting fussy again. Whose turn is it to change his diaper?

The zealots in this admi... (Below threshold)
jim m:

The zealots in this administration just cannot fathom the idea that a vast portion of the population doesn't buy into the type of automatic adoration which they believe they naturally deserve.

Libs are the few who still watch network news. They are therefore amazed to hear what is actually happening out in the world.

It's classic Paula Kael syndrome. They don't know anyone who listens to anything other than the network news or NPR and they only read the NYT or WaPo. I think it really does surprise them that the blogosphere has such an impact. No one they know pays any attention to the internet beyond the useful idiots at Kos.

When you live your whole life in the echo chamber that's all you hear.

FOX News is totally biased.... (Below threshold)

FOX News is totally biased. Even FOX News (sometimes) admits that. Besides, Bush couldn't get throught a sentence without whining that everyone in the big bad media was out to get him.

Didn't Nixon teach politici... (Below threshold)

Didn't Nixon teach politicians not to pick fights with news organizations? I've got a feeling that "Anita Dunn, Obama's interim White House Communications Director" is going to be the next one under the bus.

It's also nice to know that Dunn is getting PAID with taxpayer money to MONITOR conservative television and talk radio.

Is someone dusting off "The Fairness Doctrine"?

"It still doesn't change th... (Below threshold)

"It still doesn't change the fact that we, as citizens and organizations, are protected by the first amendment to voice opposition to Obama's radical tendencies."
Not if Obama and his minions have their way. NO FIRST AMENDMENT FOR YOU!!

Fox News can also be called... (Below threshold)
donsmith7777 Author Profile Page:

Fox News can also be called, The Jesus Channel/ GOP TV/ The Glorious Official Republican
Government News Network.

While Fox News has the highest ratings, it's also the same group of people that make up just 20% of America's electorate... the far right-wing of the GOP.

There will always be an audience for the far right and that's Rupert Murdock's Fox News demographic.

Rupert keeps them frothing at the mouth with manufactured fear and GOP talking-points, phony outrage.

Fox is also a right-wing echo chamber.. notice that when "The Wall Street Journal", "The Weekly Standard" people are on Fox News there's never disclosure that these people are all Rupert Murdock employees.

Imagine if MSNBC or CNN did this... I don't know how Fox News gets way with constantly recycling Rupert Murdock's employees (sockpuppets) from his various media properties.

There's hardly a word on the "MSM" about Murdock's world wide (far right-wing) media empire.

Murdock has a lot of influence, example: all of his various sockpuppets, Hannity, Beck, etc, and all of Murdock's worldwide media holdings trash global warming, President Obama and anything else right-wing Rupert Murdock dislikes.

I think that press and especially individual journalists are deathly afraid of Rupert Murdock and what he can do to them professionally.

Rupert Murdock is the new William Randolph Hearst.

Another thing, Sarah Palin, who is a favorite among the Faux News/ Right-wing crowd is getting Rupert Murdock's wingnut welfare.

Palin's (Rupert Murdock's ghostwriter) book publisher is HarperCollins... a wholly owned Rupert
Murdock subsidiary, you 'betcha.

Also, there should be an award given to the guy that writes the ominous, scary music for Fox News... he's obviously a full-time employee.

No seriously... whenever there's a special where Rupert Murdock wants to convince Americans that
Saddam Hussein has WMD, or that Iran/North Korea is going to attack America tomorrow, or a Hannity or Beck segment where they want to scare their right-wing audience (even more) there's always that ominous music to go along with the story.

It's like a scary GOP music video.

Standard lefty fare. In 200... (Below threshold)

Standard lefty fare. In 2004, I was struck by the fact that of the many (dozens, perhaps scores) of Kerry supporters I knew, only one actually made an effort to persuade me to vote for his guy, while the rest suffered from pure BDS. Since either side needs at least a few votes from the other side, it has always seemed to me to be a self-destructive approach.

WOW!, donsmith7777 packed j... (Below threshold)

WOW!, donsmith7777 packed just about every Moonbat anti-FoxNews cliche into one long rambling and incoherent post! again...WOW!

not within shouting distance of reality...but impressive!

It's about time Obama grew ... (Below threshold)
Victory is Ours:

It's about time Obama grew a pair and just said no to the lying scum. There is no reason why the government should play along with Fox News, the GOP Propagandists. This is great news.

They aren't media outliers, they are Media Liars.


"Anita Dunn, Obama's interi... (Below threshold)

"Anita Dunn, Obama's interim White House Communications Director." Interim, as in temporary, a place holder until the 'real' Whitehouse Comunications Director starts.

9 months since the inauguration, plus 2 months between the election and the inauguration, and this administration still isn't staffed.

Codekey guy - Obam... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Codekey guy -

Obama does not believe in the 1st amendment protection of free speech.

His regulatory czar Cass Sunstein wrote a book titled: Democracy and the Problem of Free Speech. In that book Sunstein argued that the first amendment was intended ONLY to apply to political speech and that the government should have broad powers to regulate all other speech. Sunstein believes that the government should run a system for freedom of expression (remember the NEA anyone?), that only through government intervention can there be a useful exchange of ideas and political debate. His solution is to "regulate the marketplace in the interest of promoting attention to issues and diversity of view." Creepy.

While he sort of supports freedom of the print media he does so under the notion that they own the press and therefore can dictate the content of what they print. Unfortunately, he believes that it is OK to confiscate whole editions of newspapers if they print offending articles as has happened on numerous college campuses.

But he doesn't stop there. Government should be able to define what is and is not political speech. He believes that categorizing certain speech as hate speech and outlawing it will improve the political discourse. The bottom line is that government gets to decide who can speak and what they can legally say.

Obama wants to shut you up, and if you won't shut up he wants to put you in jail. The only thing that stops him is a court system still willing to enforce the constitution. How long will that last?

Vic - Funny you should look... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Vic - Funny you should look at it this way since the consensus among virtually every news outlet I have seen(ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN) is that Obama is screwing up by being such a baby about Fox. He is drawing attention to their programming and he is looking childish and weak.

His petulant behavior makes him look unpresidential to the world and I doubt that any world leader is going to be impressed by a man who is afraid of a news outlet.

Sunstein wrote that he beli... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Sunstein wrote that he believes in a "government imposition of a right of reply; a system designed to diminish the power of advertisers over the content of newspapers;...a tax on advertising proceeds; and government subsidies, on a viewpoint-neutral basis, to newspapers that agree to cover substantive issues in a serious way."

In other words, if the government doesn't like how you report the news it will fine you until you either get in line or go out of business.

He's a fascist. So is his employer.

I find it amazing, but not ... (Below threshold)

I find it amazing, but not surprising, that a certain "Constitutional Law Professor" can't wrap his head around the 1st Amendment.

Given the track record of "Harvard" educated men, I think their teaching programs are vastly overrated and overpriced.

"notice that when "The Wall... (Below threshold)

"notice that when "The Wall Street Journal", "The Weekly Standard" people are on Fox News there's never disclosure that these people are all Rupert Murdock employees"

Obviously from someone who doesn't actually watch Fox News. Fox always state during the introduction if someone works for a company that has the same "parent company" of Fox News. In fact they mention the fact if anything to do with the story involves anything along that line including when they are bashing someone actions.
"Fox News gets way with constantly recycling Rupert Murdock's employees (sockpuppets) from his various media properties "

Many of Fox's employees came from CNN and a couple from MSNBC. Obviously just a liberal just repeating talking points that they know nothing about.

"9 months since the inaugur... (Below threshold)

"9 months since the inauguration, plus 2 months between the election and the inauguration, and this administration still isn't staffed"

Yes they are... They are staffed with tax cheats and community agitator rejects. The type's that got pegged the first throw in dodgeball and never got over it.

I hope everyone is not miss... (Below threshold)

I hope everyone is not missing the big point here. This is just the first salvo by the White House in the beginning of a campaign to silence all media that does not agree with their agenda. Look out bloggers this means you too.

Once again, "The Won" has i... (Below threshold)

Once again, "The Won" has initiated a fight against an entity he cannot defeat.

In typically fascist fashion he is deliberately trying to silence his critics through intimidation, good luck with that...

"Never pick a fight when your opponent has unlimited airtime to beat you about the head and shoulders with unpleasant facts about your administration."

Corollary to the one about unlimited ink and newsprint.
c/o Me

In a completely different c... (Below threshold)

In a completely different context today I think I coined a new term that's relevant to the current whining from the White House: Spam-Wah. Instead of absorbing anything it touches it smears everywhere leaving a mess no one can believe.

Hey VIChead, ever hear of t... (Below threshold)
Nancy's Nazi:

Hey VIChead, ever hear of the first amendment to the US Constitution?

Yeah, best shut the "liars" up.

If this was a real war betw... (Below threshold)

If this was a real war between Fox News and the Obama Administration, you would be hearing reports about the September 8th and October 5th "Obama KBC and Eligibility Hearings' in Santa Ana, California.

Unfortunately, the only one covering this story happens to be a 'birther' as well as a 'truther'. (Both derogatory terms meant to ridicule facts and conspiracy theories alike.) An unfortunate coincidence, since one of these beliefs is clearly on the lunatic fringe.

Fox News has been touting their respect for the U.S. Constitution and that is what is really making Obama, his 'true believers' and 'fellow travelers' nervous. Imagine this:

What if Fox News reported that a Citizen Grand Jury has found Obama guilty of TREASON!? (First time for a sitting President of the United States)

What if they reported that Major Cook had his case against Obama's eligibility to issue orders as Commander in Chief dismissed by order of this administration?

What if they reported that Obama's Kenyan Birth Certificate has been entered into evidence, complete with an affidavit from the man that obtained it in Mombassa?

What if they reported that Judge David O. Carter has officially ordered a date certain for a jury trial on Obama's eligibility as a Natural Born Citizen?

What if they reported that Nancy Pelosi illegally submitted forty-nine (49) signed and notarized versions of Obama's Certification of Nomination and only one (1) proper one to the State of Hawaii?

What if they reported that Obama's very first 'Presidential Executive Order' was to seal up all of his records? (Including birth certificate, college and health records.)

What if they reported on his various secret agreements with Islamic radical regimes around the world? (Starting with his cousin Odinga and the Muslims of Kenya and Somalia; as well as Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, to name a few.)

Yes, I think a war with Fox News would look quite different.

Instead, Fox News ha gone way out of their way to be respectful to the Office of the President, to play it 'fair and balanced' by presenting both sides of every issue - and they have chosen, right or wrong - to ignore the Constitutional and Birth Certificate stories.

The Obama administration, by contrast has chosen to embrace deception, manipulation and outright lies. (With CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the main-stream media acting as cheer leaders and looking the other way.)

Maybe if Fox News had more respect for their viewers than they have for the unworthy and questionable 'occupier' of the White House, they would report everything. Maybe they need to remember that respect is not an automatic right and must be earned, even by the President of the United States. What ever happened to "we report, you decide"?

What if Sunnstarr just went... (Below threshold)
Nancy's Nazi:

What if Sunnstarr just went quietly away in a jacket with long sleeves?

Well, I figure when even He... (Below threshold)

Well, I figure when even Helen Thomas accuses the current White House denizen of manipulating the media we definitely have a problem.

Since when is "hard" the sa... (Below threshold)
cat007 Author Profile Page:

Since when is "hard" the same thing as wrong. That's like saying truth and lie mean the same thing. You can twist it any way you want, but the gig is up. Hate radio and Fox news have had their day. All that is left is the crying.

Cat007 -I realize ... (Below threshold)

Cat007 -

I realize it's difficult for you to understand - but disagreement is not the same thing as hate, any more than agreement is the same thing as love.

As far as the Obama White House goes, if you don't love them, you hate them. If you don't agree with their spin, you hate them. If you don't automatically sign off on everything Obama says, no matter how outrageous, counterproductive, expensive or damagaing, you're a hater that needs to be silenced.

No dissent is allowed - and you're okay with that?

Question authority, man! Don't just suck down the party line without thinking!

This group in the White Hou... (Below threshold)

This group in the White House always needs an enemy, don't they? They always need a target to attack.

Chris Wallace was so right; what a bunch of crybabies.

ps. Oyster, great point. When Helen Thomas complains, there is definitely a problem.

Is it just me or does it se... (Below threshold)

Is it just me or does it seem that the President of the United States considers a media company a bigger threat to the country than the people who have vowed to destroy us?

Ain't just you, Eric. ... (Below threshold)

Ain't just you, Eric.

But then, it's all about Obama - anything that threatens HIS self-image is a real threat.

The widdy biddy pwesident i... (Below threshold)

The widdy biddy pwesident is afrwaid of Fox News. What cowards. What sissies. How spoiled can you be. I think it would be better to take them on. That is what a man would do. Not run. OH! Wait! He isn't a man. ww

"Vic - Funny you should ... (Below threshold)
Victory is Ours:

"Vic - Funny you should look at it this way since the consensus among virtually every news outlet I have seen(ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN) is that Obama is screwing up by being such a baby about Fox."

And I form my opinion based on a need and desire to think what the MSM thinks? I don't pay them to think for me, unlike Fox News viewers who need a widdle help understanding the big, bad world out there.

Obama treating Fox News like a a true journalistic entity distorts the dialog.

Everything Dunn said is true.

The administration has in recent months faced a barrage of criticism from Fox News personalities, such as Glenn Beck, as well as critical news stories on controversial now-former administration officials such as environmental adviser Van Jones. Some of the stories have been perfectly valid, such as questions the White House now admits it has about the community activists at ACORN, others -- the president's speech to students last month, for example -- tempests in teapots.

More than two years ago, then-Sen. Obama found himself pushing back against a false story given air time on Fox, that he was raised a Muslim and educated in a madrassa.

In June, President Obama said of Fox, "I've got one television station entirely devoted to attacking my administration... That's a pretty big megaphone. And you'd be hard-pressed, if you watched the entire day, to find a positive story about me on that front."

On CNN, Dunn recalled the Fall of 2008 -- "a time when this country was in two wars, that we had a financial collapse probably more significant than any financial collapse since the Great Depression. If you were a FOX News viewer in the fall election, what you would have seen would have been that the biggest stories and biggest threats facing America were a guy named Bill Ayers and something called ACORN."

Dunn also took issue with Fox News Channel conducting a "fact check" of assistant secretary of Veterans Affairs Tammy Duckworth a week after her appearance on the show and not exactly saturating its airwaves with news about the scandal surrounding Sen. John Ensign, R-Nev.

She also took issue with media coverage in general, saying "we learned over the summer that the mainstream media often will start covering these total inaccuracies as a controversy and that's the way it gets into the press room. That's the way it gets on the front page of 'The New York Times.' We're not going to let that happen and stand by and let people characterize the president's policies in ways that are simply not true."

There is absolutely no reason why the President should play along with Fox. The aren't media outliers - their media outright liars.

Outright lies.


Actually, vic, Dunn is exac... (Below threshold)

Actually, vic, Dunn is exactly wrong. There were more mentions of Ayers and ACORN on CNN than Foxnews. (wish I could find the link again...)

Of course, in the Obama in Wonderland world where a word means exactly what Obama means it to say (and by extension, his toadies), "liar" actually means "someone who tells an inconvenient truth about the One".

And vic, I think you are quite truthful that you don't get your news from the MSM. Why add a layer of filtering to the DNC memos you get?

VIO,Whining really... (Below threshold)


Whining really is unbecoming of a President.
Maybe it's time to dry his eyes and start to show some, you know, leadership.

The Nation, that bastion of... (Below threshold)
jim m:

The Nation, that bastion of right wing propaganda, is calling Obama "The Whiner in Chief"

He's lost this battle with Fox before it even starts. He's making himself look small and stupid with this childish tantrum.

What it does do is highlight his anti-free speech and anti-constitution beliefs. It shows the petty tyrant that he aspires to be.

It makes him look like an idiot while the dollar disintegrates as a viable currency. Foreign central banks used to hold 63% of their reserves in dollars, now it is 37%. He's bitching that his propaganda that the economy is doing great is not being universally reported.

He's a thin skinned cry baby that can't handle someone pointing out that he's a screw up.

Obama wouldn't know the tru... (Below threshold)

Obama wouldn't know the truth if it walked up and introduced itself. He has never told the truth in his life. His criminal friends took over smoothing things for him once the education he recieved courtesy of us taxpayers (affirmative action) was finished. He hired lawyers specifically to ensure his medical and educational records were sealed. It cost him millions. Why? He is hiding a LOT! Don't believe the crap the MSM is spilling. Fox News (Beck and Hannity) are the only ones who aren't afraid of him and his criminal goons. Once a goon, always a goon. Putting lipstick on this pig doesn't fly. He is the biggest whining crybaby I have ever seen in any political office. What a poor excuse for a human.

The whole entire peace priz... (Below threshold)

The whole entire peace prize commity deserves to be sent to THE SPICEMINES OF KESSEL for th rest of their lives at hard labor






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