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The New GOP.COM, They're Kidding, Right?


Calling the Chairman's blog "What Up?," really?

What the hell are they thinking? Forced cool (not that it is) is really mind boggling. Calling the Chairman's blog "What Up?" is an insult to my intelligence. Michael Steele is black; he knows it, I know it, and most everyone else who has watched cable news in the last 6 months knows it. Other than butchering the English language, why is it necessary to give the blog an Urban Dictionary friendly name? Is it to be hip, or to ever so subliminally infer that the Chairman of the GOP has street cred, because he's black?

That's just first one of many, many problems. Here's a run down which the left has been delightfully compiling all day...

Think Progress
New York Daily News
Add the face of your choice to the GOP masthead - Comic Booth

And I'll let you in on the next way the site will be exploited by Internet mischief makers - posting photos of scandal ridden Republicans and waiting to see how long it will take before they're removed. Here's Ted Haggard...

So now that the first day failings are evident, the bigger question is just what the hell this mess is supposed to be?

All the disembodied "O" faces (you know this is coming) just get creepy after a while. Who are they, and why should I care that their faces are grabbing so much screen real estate? The site needs to decide if it's going to be some sort of history lesson on GOP hero's from the 1800's or a social media network. If it's the latter how about ditching the floating heads and go right to the meat and potatoes?

If they're going to be a Republican social media hub then surely they'll want to tap the conservative blogosphere, right? Wrong... Nothing there invites outsiders in nor insiders out.

Anyway, maybe they'll get things sorted out eventually, but right out of the gate things don't look very good...

(Note: As of this evening Steele's blog has been renamed)


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I THOUGHT GOMER WAS DEAD??... (Below threshold)


Also embarrassing: I'm pret... (Below threshold)

Also embarrassing: I'm pretty sure the party tried to claim Jackie Robinson today. Peak Wingnut hasn't come close to fruition.

The GOP establishment is cu... (Below threshold)

The GOP establishment is currently being outshined by the conservative outsiders Palin, Bachman, the Cheneys, Limbaugh, Beck, etc.

This 'website' is a perfect demonstration of how truly inept the GOP establishment is.

Let's hope enough conservatives take advantage of the 2010 election opportunites, especially in the primaries.

jp2, that's in the link at ... (Below threshold)
Kevin Author Profile Page:

jp2, that's in the link at Think Progress. The number of screwups were too numerous list and address...

And that's why I don't self... (Below threshold)

And that's why I don't self-identify as a Republican. They're so friggin' inept at their marketing that it's laughable.

But when it comes to a choice between the Democrats and Republicans - then there's no choice at all. Democrats have a nice road paved out with good intentions - and you know where it leads. Republicans will let you go to hell in your own fashion - of the two, I'll make my own choices, thank you kindly...

The new name isn't any bett... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

The new name isn't any better in my book.

Mr. Steele, this isn't a [email protected]#$ing GAME!!!!!!!!!!

It's like the last time one... (Below threshold)

It's like the last time one of their telemarketers called me up and I explained why it was going to be a cold day in hell before I contributed to the RNC again, they can go pound sand until they start *LISTENING* and *ENACTING*.

Feeble attempts like that should be laughed off the net, its poorly thought out in design and implementation.

They should change it to "W... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

They should change it to "What's up, Doc" if they want to be cool with the toon demographic.

When they launched the site... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

When they launched the site they accidently posted the passwords.

Also, look at the "Heroes" section under "Learn."

The whole thing seems odd. Not that all of those people aren't genuine heroes, but many seem only tenuously tied to the Republican Party. Honestly, I would think that there are many, many, many people of equal and/or greater accomplishment that would be more strongly identified with the Republican Party. It's like they were grasping for straws when there was no need to.

It's one thing to be shot a... (Below threshold)
recovering liberal democrat:

It's one thing to be shot at by liberals. That's normal. But, do you have to load the gun for them???

You'd almost think the thin... (Below threshold)

You'd almost think the thing is a joke site, but the WhoIs information points to the following...

Republican National Committee
[email protected]
310 First Street SE
Washington, DC 20003
Phone: 202-863-8500
Fax: 202-863-8851

Wow. That's an ugly site, IMHO. Your mileage may vary, of course.

What's the target audience?... (Below threshold)

What's the target audience? People without internet access?

Good post, Kevin. The GOP a... (Below threshold)

Good post, Kevin. The GOP and Steele have jumped 10,000 sharks, but we all know that.

The key to the GOP response to life's trevails (as embodied in the website) seems to be contained in that olde Petula Clark anthem from 1964, "Downtown". You should google the lyrics about a place "you can go when you're feeling low---DOWNTOWN!"

Let Michael's teeth be your guide.

Just a friendly reminder fr... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Just a friendly reminder from the GOP that they are every bit as incompetent as the Dems.

Steele was obviously feeling the need to remind conservatives that he is a hopeless failure as Chairman of the Party. This is what you get when you select a RINO who's main focus is kissing the media's ass. He doesn't have a clue.

I suppose the good news is that there has to be some limit on how much he can embarrass himself and insult his own base.

Well I dont know what up? B... (Below threshold)

Well I dont know what up? But I know what down.. The DOW Jones, the jobs outlook, the economy, global temperatures.

"I guess I can always forget all My troubles, forget all My care's, and go Chi-town, every thugs waiting for ..Chi-town, a drive by is waiting for Me...."

What I sent the GOP as feed... (Below threshold)
jim m:

What I sent the GOP as feedback on their site:

This site is pathetic. The faces concept is creepy and already being mocked widely on the internet.

Stop trying to seem cool to your teenage children and act like competent adults.

Michael Steele's column "What Up" is a prime example of how the party has an incredible tin ear for what the people want. I'm not interested in supporting a pack of fools trying to appear hip enough to be on MTV.

The GOP is supposed to be a party of ideas. A party that believes in this country's historic values of self responsibility, family values and hard work. Instead the public face of the GOP (especially the party leadership) is one of self serving jellyfish who seek media approval over following their own convictions.

Grow up and start acting like professionals.

Man I hate when I agree wit... (Below threshold)

Man I hate when I agree with the Libs but the site is Terrible and will surely drive away voters.

I wouldnt imagine too many ... (Below threshold)

I wouldnt imagine too many ACORN ad libem voters would be privy to internet access? Unless its a free urban taxpayer funded scamula.

I'll leave critique about t... (Below threshold)

I'll leave critique about the sites aesthetics aside.

The big problem for me is that the site is trying to do two things. 1. rebrand the party 2. Create a GOP social network

Some basic problems.

1- You can' rebrand anything unless you state what your brand promise is - What does it mean to be a Republican? What should be the first thing that pops into people's head when the word Republican gets used? You cant sell the party unless the party stands for something. The Dem's brand promise is 'Progress'. Obama's is 'Hope and Change'. I don't see much besides "We're not Democrats", and that's buried in the About section.

2- Under MyGOP | Find Others, only myself and two other people have signed up for the state of New York. Really?? What ever happened to the vaunted GOP database? They're trying to start the social network FROM SCRATCH?? Oy ve.

3- Why am I here? Not in the existential sense, but in the why am I surfing the site? Facebook let me keep up with my friends and family. We self generate and disseminate content through Facebook. I read wizbang because it keeps me informed and I enjoy its commentary. At GOP.com, whats in it for me?

What's in it for you?... (Below threshold)
jim m:

What's in it for you?

Why you get to read blogs from a bunch of clueless nitwits who are leading the party in its pursuit of media approbation.

You get to listen to Steele tell conservative leaders to shut up so he can lead the party into insignificance.

You get to listen to the party explain how they cannot put together a convincing message that even its most moderate members like Snowe will believe. Meanwhile they will continue to exclude and work to silence the very conservatives who are capable of articulating those arguments.

You get ring side seats for watching exactly how unprofessional and inept the GOP party apparatus is.

There are good things to the GOP, but few of them reside in the party leadership. Hence why I consider myself a conservative and not a republican.






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