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To hell with the U.S. economy, it's all about pleasing Copenhagen

Just ask John Kerry:

Democratic U.S. senators pushing legislation on global warming said on Tuesday they were making progress in winning support for the controversial measure, which is expected to begin moving through a key Senate committee sometime in November.

"We will make our best effort and we will advance this ball and Copenhagen will know we're not fooling around," Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry told Reuters in an interview.

In early December, an international meeting convenes in Copenhagen to try to reach an agreement on the next steps for reducing greenhouse gas pollution that is blamed for global climate change.

As the leading carbon dioxide polluter in the developed world, the United States is seen as key to the success of the Copenhagen meeting, where developing countries will want to see that Washington is making progress toward controlling dangerous emissions.

That sampling of Senatorial wisdom while unbelievable cold rules much of the US.

Global warming my arse.

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It's all about the narrativ... (Below threshold)

It's all about the narrative, Rick - if you can get the proles to voluntarily wear their chains, it's a lot easier than if you have to force them.

So, I click the link and I ... (Below threshold)

So, I click the link and I find that also working to get this legislation moving forward is Lindsey Graham and Barbara Boxer. Sigh. It's always the same idiots.

By including the clever qua... (Below threshold)

By including the clever qualifier "developed" in the phrase "leading carbon dioxide polluter in the developed world", the list automatically excludes China and India. India, in fact, is now proposing that the US contribute $140 billion ANNUALLY to atone for our sins of the past. India and China, of course, are exempt from Kyoto, although they are among the world's worst polluters.


Nobody seems to have noticed the economic arithmetic. Even without Healthcare or Cap and Trade, let alone the second Stimulus bill being warmed up in Washington, these Reparation Payments for Politicomorphic Global Warming, we've reached a tipping point. The interest in our national debt will shortly exceed personal income tax receipts of $905 Billion.

It's the same thing as running up a credit card bill so large that the minimum payments exceed your paycheck, and then going on one more big shopping spree. Neither one is sustainable, and neither one is sane.

Eventually, the credit card company will trigger the Default Interest Rate and accelerate the loan. The same thing is already happening to our currency and is going to get worse. The apparent rise in stock prices is largely due to the decline in the value of the dollar, and it won't last. Real Unemployment is at least 17% (some say 19%) and will not decline any time soon.

This is nuts, folks. Our first - and probably last - real opportunity to reverse this madness is next November's midterm elections, a year from now. I hate to sound apocryphal, but if we don't, we are headed for an economic death spiral, and I'm not kidding at all. Hyperinflation is a distinct possibility. If you're over 50, you should give that a think. The implications are huge.

It remains to be seen just how much more irresponsible Congress can be before we get there. This is about our economic survival, and the Democrats in Congress is on one last big shopping spree before they lose power.

The term is malfeasance.

Well the UN says that the U... (Below threshold)

Well the UN says that the US must cease ALL carbon emissions by 2020. Every other nation, not so much. Do those idiots read what they write?

The ironic part is that the... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

The ironic part is that the left screamed "Theocracy!" all through President Bush's tenure, and then they take power and want to pass this legislation that is sure to do further, and potentially irreparable, harm to our economy while being entirely based on religious beliefs.

Yes, anthropogenic climate change is based on beliefs and is therefore a religion not science which is based on fact and the scientific method.

"Well the UN says that the ... (Below threshold)
Nancy's Nazi:

"Well the UN says that the US must cease ALL carbon emissions by 2020. Every other nation, not so much. Do those idiots read what they write?"

Well, let's ask John Conyers.

"Well the UN says that the ... (Below threshold)

"Well the UN says that the US must cease ALL carbon emissions by 2020. Every other nation, not so much. Do those idiots read what they write"

Apparently not. They are advocating their own deaths. I however choose to continue breathing.

Frankly i hope next year a ... (Below threshold)

Frankly i hope next year a lot of liberal demacratic heads roll as voters send these crooks back to the far planet where they come from






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