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Abortion Addict?

I don't care where you stand on abortion, this story is just disgusting. From The Daily Mail

A woman has admitted to being 'an abortion addict' after having 15 terminations over 17 years.

Irene Vilar said she had the abortions not from poverty or fear but as an extraordinary act of rebellion against her 'controlling' husband who did not want children.

...The cycle of pregnancies and abortions, which began when she was 16 and ended when she was 33, was also punctuated by several suicide attempts.

Now a successful literary agent with two young daughters, Loretta, five, and Lolita, three, Mrs Vilar has written about her experiences in a memoir, called Impossible Motherhood: Testimony of an Abortion Addict.

Gee, is anyone surprised that she attempted suicide multiple times? Using abortion as a weapon against a controlling husband is just all sorts of sick...


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If the abortions weren't en... (Below threshold)
jim m:

If the abortions weren't enough the multiple suicide attempts ought to clue you in that she's a mental case.

And I just don't get how having an abortion is a way to get back at the husband who doesn't want children. You would think that he would want that because it is certainly helping maintain zero children. By that measure driving the speed limit is an open act of rebellion against the traffic cops.

Pure mental case.

Serial Killer.... (Below threshold)

Serial Killer.

If the control freak didn't... (Below threshold)
JC Hammer:

If the control freak didn't want children, why didn't he get a vasectomy?

It's quite possible that th... (Below threshold)

It's quite possible that this is one of the most pathologically spiteful people on the planet.

If there's nothing repulsiv... (Below threshold)

If there's nothing repulsive about having one abortion, then what's the big deal about having 15? Slippery slopes and all.

The real question is: if he... (Below threshold)

The real question is: if her husband didn't want children, wouldn't it have been more of a rebellion to actually carry them to term?

Hey, on the bright side, th... (Below threshold)

Hey, on the bright side, they were "free". That should be a selling point for ObamaCare.






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