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Balloon Boy, Falcon Henne, "You Said We Did This For The Show"

The moral of the story is don't let your six-year old be interviewed on live TV if you've not coached him in avoiding spilling the beans on the your publicity stunt...

At least Wolf Blitzer did manage to ask a followup question on the kids answer. The dad sort of does a FAIL on the response...


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Comments (8)

/snickersPublicity... (Below threshold)


Publicity whores...

C'mon folks, this is FRAUD.... (Below threshold)

C'mon folks, this is FRAUD. Send them the bill from all the authorities who had to you resources to respond to this mess.

Which is the bigger fail? ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Which is the bigger fail? This guy or the media who fell for his stunt?

I hope he has a good lawyer. I'll bet he needs one shortly.

Agreed, send these assholes... (Below threshold)

Agreed, send these assholes a bill for everything it cost.

"He cowels down..."<... (Below threshold)

"He cowels down..."

You'd think they would've rehearsed their interviews better.

Falze, most 6 year old b... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

Falze, most 6 year old boys don't "rehearse" that well.

If anyone died due to Emerg... (Below threshold)

If anyone died due to Emergency personnel being tied up by this hoax, there will be a massive lawsuit and this idiot will lose everything.

I am glad the boy is O.K. b... (Below threshold)

I am glad the boy is O.K. but I hope it was not a publicity stunt.






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