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Because She Says So

Doubling down on her bet that demonizing your opponents is always better than making anything resembling a cohesive argument, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi today reiterated her support of a "public option" being included in whatever health care legislation that ends up bubbling forth from the fetid back rooms of Congress (emphasis mine):

WASHINGTON (AP) - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the case is growing stronger for allowing the government to sell health insurance in competition with private companies.

The California Democrat said Thursday that any doubts about the need for a so-called public option as part of health care overhaul legislation should be laid to rest by recent actions of the health insurance industry.

She was referring to the industry funding a study and ad campaign to attack a health care bill in the Senate.

Although the public option remains unpopular with business groups, conservatives and some moderate Democrats, Pelosi says it is imperative to help middle-class families afford insurance--and will be included in the strongest form possible in the House's health care bill.

The title of that AP article is astounding, isn't it? "Pelosi makes case". What in anything written there by author Erica Werner suggests that anyone is "making a case" for anything? Where I come from (Earth), the term "making a case" implies at least some level of argument. Does Nancy Pelosi really think that she's "arguing" for a government option merely by pointing out that the insurance industry released a report opposing it? Moreover, does Ms. Werner believe that that's what Ms. Pelosi is doing? What's that old saying? "One lies and the other swears to it?" Seems more and more appropriate these days as the "news" falls more and more in line with Democrat talking points.

Reasonable people may disagree over the viability of a "public" health insurance option. Neither Ms. Pelosi, nor her apologist, Ms. Werner, however, offer anything approaching such reasonable disagreement. What they do offer is the lazy alternative of demonizing the health insurance industry for having the audacity to oppose a public option by offering statistics to support their claim. Imagine that. Statistics. We are to jump fully on board the "public option" express because the insurance industry dared to suggest it might be a bad idea. The thing, we are told, speaks for itself.

Not quite.

It should occur to Americans that perhaps one reason for the Democrats remaining fuzzy on the details of their plan to massively intrude on the health care industry is the innate understanding by Democrats that these details are pretty scary to most Americans and should probably be kept hidden as long as possible. Can't say as I blame them, right? If I wanted to rob your house, the last thing I'd want to do is tell you when. The trick for Americans is to be skeptical of what's missing from the "debate" and to bounce the Democrats before the curtain goes up on their carnival.


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Pelosi lives in an alternat... (Below threshold)

Pelosi lives in an alternate universe. She and the others of the extreme left will keep pushing the "public option" which is nothing more than government run health care, and lying through their teeth about the ultimate cost to taxpayers.
It will be interesting to see why kind of health care coverage the members of Congress get once they've driven all the private insurers out of business.

Perhaps Nancy will sponsor a bill to help all of the 10's of thousands who have recently found that they've got defective Chinese drywall in their homes, a problem which is not covered by homeowners insurance. This will give Nancy and Company the "in" they need in order to take over property insurance.

The scariest detail should ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

The scariest detail should be their statements that they want to keep the growth in health care to less than the rate of inflation.

That would mean that they intend to effectively shrink 1/6th of the economy every year for at least the next 10 years. That means fewer jobs in health care and for those of us who know someone who works in the field it means few if any raises.

How Obama expects to grow an economy while shrinking 1/6th of it and taxing the rest of it with Cap and Trade I have no idea. Frankly, I don't think he does expect to grow it and the bottom line is that I don't think he cares if the economy grows or not as long as his social engineering experiments go forward.

Health care, contrary to the policy line of the democrats, IS a productive segment of the economy. It includes manufacturing jobs for equipment, devices and disposables. It includes research jobs. It includes all the administrative jobs that any other normal company has. It's more than just your doctor, your insurance plan and the drug companies.

GarandFan - the problem isn... (Below threshold)
jim m:

GarandFan - the problem isn't with homeowner's insurance it is with the construction industry. THAT is what BO will want to take over. He can force unionization on it too. He plans on forcing unionization on all health care workers why not everywhere?

Lord, please protect us all... (Below threshold)

Lord, please protect us all from all enemys foriegn and domestic.

"How Obama expects to grow ... (Below threshold)

"How Obama expects to grow an economy while shrinking 1/6th of it and taxing the rest of it with Cap and Trade I have no idea."

Completely agree, Jim. The problem is, neither does Obama. I'm starting to think he actually doesn't understand the economic impact of his Liberal Experiments in Social Justice, any more than he understands world affairs.

Worse, I think Congress knows, but they don't care. They just rely on elections every two years to be able to shuck the blame for the previous congress like a snake sheds its skin. Problem is, after it's over, we're still left with the same snake.

These guys think the music will never end.

House Speaker Nanc... (Below threshold)
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the case is growing stronger for allowing the government to sell health insurance
Sung to the tune of "They're Coming to Take Me Away Ha Haaa" by Napoleon XIV
Can you spell "nuclear opti... (Below threshold)

Can you spell "nuclear option?"

Can you spell "Charlie Rangel?"

To be clear, that's spelled "C.R.O.O.K.E.D. A.-H.O.L.E"

Anything out of Pelosi's mo... (Below threshold)
Tom King:

Anything out of Pelosi's mouth has not processed well enough by her brain.

Makes me doubt that Madame Speaker's observation on the public option will ever happen.

They have to pass it via re... (Below threshold)
jim m:

They have to pass it via reconciliation because there are too many communists like Jan Schakowsky in the House who are demanding a 'public option'. But a public option will never pass the senate so they are planning to pass different bills in both houses and then pass the House bill via reconciliation.

The only hope is for he Senate GOP to grow some balls and do what they threatened to do several weeks ago and that is to paralyze the Senate with procedural votes all requiring 60 votes.

I doubt they have what it takes to actually do it.

Too bad. I enjoyed living in a democracy.






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