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Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

Former Gitmo detainees, that is.

From the AP:

[B]y a 224-193 vote, the House stood by a Democratic plan to allow suspected enemy combatants held at the controversial Guantanamo facility to be shipped to U.S. soil--but only to be prosecuted for their suspected crimes.

The Guantanamo restrictions were attached by House-Senate negotiators on a $42.8 billion homeland security appropriations bill.

President Barack Obama has ordered the facility closed in January but has yet to offer a plan to meet his deadline.

Democratic leaders had to push hard to win the vote because many Democrats two weeks ago had cast a nonbinding but politically safe vote against any Guantanamo detainee transfers. But several Democrats from swing districts said they saw little political risk on Thursday's vote.

"It's a non-issue. Inside the beltway stuff," said first-term Rep. Dan Maffai, D-N.Y. "People care about jobs, the economy, health care."

"I haven't had one person ask me about Guantanamo," said Rep. Baron Hill, D-Ind. He added that he does "not in the least" fear it as an issue in next year's elections.

Got that?

Terrorism is "inside the beltway" stuff now. No real Americans are interested in it. It's basically a dead issue relegated to the dustbin of history. And whether it's because they feel that you actually don't care one way or the other about this issue or it's because they're trying desperately to convince you of that fact, your Congressmen are giddy with the freedom of voting their consciences....which of course means that Guantanamo should close immediately and the combatants detained there prosecuted as if this was just any other criminal proceeding.

As if 9/11 was just another sunny morning.

It's tough meet Obama's mandate to end the "War on Terror" when there's an inconvenient "War on Terror" going on, don't you know. Got to eliminate the visuals before Americans will forget how perilously close to annihilation we all came on that day, and how close we all remain today to an Islamic movement which fetishizes our violent destruction. And this forgetting is important, right? As Mr. Maffai suggests, those in control of our government right now cannot afford for Americans to be the least bit distracted from the real objective of this Administration---the complete socialization of our economy.

Terrorism just gets in the way.

Once again, we are opting not to acknowledge a war which our opponent is all too eagerly promoting around the world.

Which worked out brilliantly for us last time.


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Comments (5)

Terrorism is inside the bel... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Terrorism is inside the beltway? Wait until some Islamic lunatic floats a nuke up the Hudson or Potomac. With Obama letting every crack pot dictatorship build their own nukes it's just a matter of time.

Actually I think the Dems a... (Below threshold)

Actually I think the Dems are right about this being an "inside the beltway" issue. Right now. And likely to stay that way as long as Barry and Co keep using the tactics that Bush used to keep us safe for eight years. I predict that sooner or later Barry will listen to his lefty pals and then we're in trouble.

Spread that fear. It's all ... (Below threshold)
cat007 Author Profile Page:

Spread that fear. It's all you've got. If you don't have people scared to death they might think straight and realize you have nothing for them. Nobody's going to escape, and you know it. Making people's lives better is what we should be about. It's too bad you can't find some way to help.

It's not about fear you imb... (Below threshold)
jim m:

It's not about fear you imbecile. Obama is failing in dealing with the radical Islamic terrorists. He is giving up in Afghanistan which will give them a great recruiting boost.Ignorant libs said that Bush with his war was a recruiting boost, but nobody wants to join a losing cause. Bush was killing those scumbags right and left. Obama is giving up and they will look like heroes because of him.

Obama is also letting Iran get a nuke. He is stopping Israel from stopping them. Soon they will have one and it is only a question of whether they decide to use it first on the civilian population of Israel or if they sell one to Al Qaida to use on us. Take your pick. People are concerned for a reason.

Obama is weak. Everyone from the President of France to Russia has said so publicly. He is mocked by newspapers in Britain, the middle east and the far east. He has shown himself to be fatally weak and willing to surrender anything in return for the flimsiest promise of peace. He's dangerously naive.

It's too bad you can't ... (Below threshold)

It's too bad you can't find some way to help.

The way to help is to create jobs, Cat007.

To do that, you need businesses. Jobs don't magically appear, after all.

Businesses need money so they can hire people.

Washington believes it's more effective to take the money that businesses would normally use to hire people, lose roughly a quarter of it in administrative overhead, then pass it out to unions and syncophantic followers of the Democratic Party.

This is supposed to create jobs - but somehow it's just not doing that. Could it be that it might have been better to leave the money with the businesses so they could actually HIRE people? If that had happened, if the regulatory environment were stable, if businesses didn't have 'cap and trade' looming over them like a temporarily frozen tidal wave that they're not sure is going to thaw or not - maybe they'd be a bit more inclined to take risks and hire people.

But as it is, Obama's 'saving' the economy. Looks to me like he's got a different definition of 'save' that most people.






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