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Baucus claims Dems have reached 60 votes

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, D-Montana, has told reporters there will be 60 or more senators voting in support of the pending legislation overhauling our health care system. According to the AP, Baucus claims:

"...we are going to pass health care reform legislation this year, and it is why every Democrat will vote for it, and why there will be at least one Republican and maybe a couple more who will vote for it."

If Baucus is correct, this is a significant development because the Democrats will be able to simply ram the bill through instead of needing to wade through the quagmire of the reconciliation process. We don't know at this point whether the so-called public option will be enfolded into the Senate bill. Continued objections by moderate Democrats makes it very likely this bill will include compromises should it incorporate a government-financed option. Such concessions could include leaving the decisions about public options to the states or simply installing "triggers" that would allow for the implementation of government-based plans should insurance companies fail to meet pre-determined guidelines for lowering costs.


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Comments (18)

Such a vote will result in ... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft IIIz:

Such a vote will result in a Republican controlled congress. At which point this thing can and will be dismantled.

Baucus inhabits the same Ne... (Below threshold)

Baucus inhabits the same Never-Never Land as Pelosi. The Dems have put themselves against the wall. They have to produce something. It still remains to be seen what that "something" will be. The voters will decide the outcome in 2010.

Don't be so sure the missin... (Below threshold)

Don't be so sure the missing $14 Billion in stimulus wont show up in about February next year and help bring back a few million Jobs just in time for the mid-terms.

IF this is all a socialist/progressive plan to take over america, then it is a fifty or hundred hear plan that we are just seeing the fruits of. They wouldn't let a little thing like mid-terms stop the agenda. After all they created the economic crisis and you "Never let a crisis go to waste."

"Such a vote will result in... (Below threshold)

"Such a vote will result in a Republican controlled congress. At which point this thing can and will be dismantled."

The Republicans are only slightly less clueless than the Democrats. If we get a Republican controlled congress I don't think the current bunch of Republicans will know what to do...

Possibly Steve...A... (Below threshold)

Possibly Steve...

Again, as I posted here or somewhere.
The line from "Red October, XO to Captain on a torpedo they had fired...

"You arrogant ass, you have killed us."

The Healthcare bill = Loss of enough seats to regain the House and the Senate, NO problem.

Wow!! that's great! already... (Below threshold)

Wow!! that's great! already has 60 votes and not written yet!

Baucus is fooling himself. ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Baucus is fooling himself. He points to his bill which, as awful as it is, has been able to fool 1 or 2 republicans. But the Dem leadership hates the bill and they want the HR3200 mess that has been stalled in the House.

Top Dem leadership says that a public option is mandatory for he final bill. THAT bill will never pass the Senate. So they have announced their intent to pass the Baucus bill in the Senate and HR3200 in the House and then pass HR3200 via reconciliation.

That would be an extremely dishonest way of passing legislation and I fear that the GOP will just roll over rather than stand up to it.

The key take away is that the dems know that what they want in a final bill will never pass and that the public doesn't want it. They will try to pass anything that can sneak through the Senate and then back-door their preferred legislation afterward. This is the new politics of the Democratic party. Deny the legitimate process of government and force your policy on an unwilling public. It will get far worse before it's done.

"It will get far worse b... (Below threshold)

"It will get far worse before it's done."

The worse it gets, the more the Democrats will pay for it in 2010. They are reading their own talking point memos and believing their own propoganda about the economy coming out of the recession and betting their whole wad on that. When unemployment stays above 10% and inflation starts to hit next Summer, the Dems will reap what they are sowing today.

Payback is a Bitch!

If the health care bill is ... (Below threshold)

If the health care bill is passed it will stick. Republicans may possibly get a legislative majority but they will never have a majority wide enough to override an Obama veto. And Obama is not going to allow his signature program to be dismantled by a pen in his own hand. I am hoping the legislation as written will be vulnerable to legal challenge at the Supreme Court.

Then I guess we have to hop... (Below threshold)

Then I guess we have to hope for impeachment based on his involvement in traitorus activity against the US Government and the Constitution.

After that we hope Joey will be a good boy and play along to keep himself out of hot water as a co-conspirator.

Baucus may claim this - but... (Below threshold)

Baucus may claim this - but this creates a REAL problem for the Democrats.

If this passes, and craters - they're royally screwed. And with the current debt, and now Reid's let slip the actual projection of this costing $2 TRILLION...

They can do it - but they'd be screwing themselves solidly if they did.

I agree with #1. Passing th... (Below threshold)

I agree with #1. Passing this bill will help the republicans tremendously take control of congress. No one likes to get the finger especially from elected officials. Baucus, go ahead. Make my day. ww

Even if the GOP were to ret... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Even if the GOP were to retake both houses of congress, they would not have a veto proof majority and dismantling health care wold not be possible. By the time you get both congress and the presidency it will be too late and the GOP historically is so spineless that they would never stand up for anything like principle.

ummm? Obama' will them tran... (Below threshold)

ummm? Obama' will them transparent details be posted for all Americans to read thru this time?
Somehow I dont think so..Same old shit done behind closed doors. S.O.B.s

When can we vote the demacr... (Below threshold)

When can we vote the demacreeps off the island?

It's a mistake to think of ... (Below threshold)

It's a mistake to think of the Healthcare Reform bill, in whatever form emerges, as having much of anything to do with actual healthcare. It is, first and foremost, a rare opportunity to cram a piece of incredibly bad legislation down the throats of those evil Republicans out of sheer partisan spite. Second, it is an enormous power grab by the legislature. Third, it is a utopian experiment, a quick solution to a completely misunderstood problem.

Mostly, it is a rare opportunity to cram a piece of bad legislation down the throats of those evil Republicans. They don't want bipartisan support or participation, bipartisan alternatives, or even bipartisan opinion. They can and probably will pass this turkey any time they want without any Republican votes at all.

So be it, but they won't pull it off without consequences.

Baucus is full of crap. If... (Below threshold)

Baucus is full of crap. If this were true this sucker would have hit the floor already. They're not waiting to vote on a bill just for "fun". The moderates are scared to death and looking for ANY excuse to not vote for this abortion. When McConnell wins in VA and if Christie wins in NJ, this pile o' feces is in even bigger trouble than it already is.

and if they do Louisiana is... (Below threshold)

and if they do Louisiana is gonna have once less Democrat for a Senator.






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