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Child to Obama: "Why do people hate you?"

During the president's latest staged town hall meeting in New Orleans on Thursday, a young child asked Obama why so many people hate him. The question was obviously pre-planned and afforded the president an opportunity deftly handle the "awkward" situation with another narcissistic diatribe about "taking it with a grain of salt" and his being "a pretty tough guy".

This was all cute, but it really got me thinking today about the word "hate". After all, it has become so politicized and, in some cases, even criminalized that its modern meaning has evolved quite a bit from its actual definition:

hate [heyt]

-- verb (used with object)

  1. to dislike intensely or passionately; feel extreme aversion for or hostility toward; detest. To hate the enemy. To hate bigotry.
  2. to be unwilling; dislike: I hate to do it.

I took a few moments and began pondering my own anguish about President Obama's policies and whether my being diametrically opposed to him on just about every issue was tantamount to "hate". As a Christian, I'm supposed to love, right? Well, the love part isn't happening, but I convinced myself that my staunch opposition to him was definitely not hatred.

This evening, I faced the horrible task of having to lay off two of my 28 employees. I own a modest landscaping business down here in Southwest Florida and although I'm surviving much better than my competitors, declining revenues have necessitated this move. I have never had to terminate an employee for non-performance-related issues and feel absolutely awful about this. I spent a few hours networking with some of my contractors in trying to get these men at least some part-time work. One of my foremen observed my efforts and called me a "nice guy".

Unfortunately, our president does not agree. Mr. Obama has made repeated references to business owners as people who "get rich off the backs of others" and "need to start paying their fair share". On my long drive home, I began ruminating about the reasons why I forced to let these two fine employees go. The intentionality of the Obama recession deeply angers me. I understands the economy waxes and wanes, but the willful implementation of policies that everyone knows will deepen and lengthen this time of suffering truly enrage me. We all know simple tax cuts and drastic reductions in spending would kick start our economy. Heck, even Bill Clinton figured that out (with a Republican Congress to assist him). But no... our ideologically driven president is hell-bent on "fundamentally transforming" our great nation, so to hell with the people.

The Obamaconomy hasn't harmed me yet. I've been blessed and I'll get through this. But my two poor former employees, you know... the lower class that this president is fighting for... they're in a bit of a spot right now. Millions more are suffering the same. Again, President Obama knows how to fix it. But he won't do so because he has an alternative course for us.

So, as I reflect on my sentiments toward Barack Obama in the context of the definition of "hate", things do get a bit dicey. As I fully process his position on issues such as the murder of the unborn, his obvious disdain for our military and his clear objective to erode our Constitution and our way of life as a prosperous, capitalistic nation, some hard realities set in. I must confess: I dislike him intensely and passionately. I feel extreme aversion toward him and his ideologies.

There. I said it.


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I started to write a snarky... (Below threshold)

I started to write a snarky political post about this a few minutes ago, and I killed it. It dawned on me that this wasn't a topic for witty banter, but a teachable moment.

You've written an archetypal Best Example that summarizes thousands of similar stories that are taking place on a daily basis, and it's a damned shame. The only thing worse than letting an employee go for a small business owner is the fear of not being able to make payroll, and it will keep you up at night. I've had a small consulting business for 30 years, and I know exactly what you're talking about.

Think about this the next time you see some politician bitching about businesses to pay "their fair share" of taxes, or how we need to raise the minimum wage yet again, or complaining about "cadillac healthcare plans" for employees. The simple Washington math is that a there are many more votes to be had from oppressed employees than there are from business owners. The fact that we alone provide these jobs in the first place doesn't mean spit.

Good article, Alan.

Bravo! Nail head meet hamme... (Below threshold)

Bravo! Nail head meet hammer.

Excellent post.The... (Below threshold)

Excellent post.

There's an old saying among small business owners that "you haven't lived until you've made a payroll". Said another way, Friday's take take on a whole new meaning for the small business owner (and those meanings rarely involve the utterance of "TGIF").

BHO, Pelosi and Reid are strangers to this world.

"Extremely annoyed" does no... (Below threshold)

"Extremely annoyed" does not equal "hate."

Cirby -In the worl... (Below threshold)

Cirby -

In the world of the leftist, anything other than feverent adulation equals hate.

But then, I'm no leftist - so I suspect my dislike of Obama's policies, inexperience, and massive hubris would be seen as 'hate'.

I certainly don't think I hate Obama - but I'll freely admit I dislike a lot of what he's done and what he's trying to do. His complete and total disregard of the staggering debt this country already has (and that he's adding onto with the zeal of a compulsive shopper who just got a new credit card) is astounding - and it seems pretty clear he's got no intention of stopping.

His inexperience in foreign affairs is going to be simply legendary... in the bad sort of way. Sucks to be us - we've got to survive it, and recover after he's out of office.

We've seen how well the VA works, we've seen how well Medicare works, ($200 to $500 BILLION in fraud a year) and how well AmTrak and the Post Office work. Yet somehow we're to believe Government can take over health care and run it effectively, economically, and efficiently?

I'll give him this much - he knows how to run a friggin' campaign, and get elected. Beyond that? He's about as clueless as a second grader exposed to calculus.

We don't 'hate' 'The Won' s... (Below threshold)

We don't 'hate' 'The Won' so much as his policies that are driving this country off a financial cliff.

You clearly described the problem, small businesses that drive the economy are contracting because of lack of demand.

Until the politicians turn 180 degree's from their current policies the economic death spiral will continue.

I stopped being a small bus... (Below threshold)

I stopped being a small business owner in 1995 and had to leave three employees behind and hundreds of patients in a state that continues to decline. Saying goodbye to the loyal employees of over a decade was very hard. Saying goodbye to payroll tax calculations and reporting, workman's comp, local, state and federal forms and regulations, liability insurance - THAT was no fond farewell. My employees all managed to find better work - in government supported jobs, not in private industry. Fortunately they now have moved on or retired, so as the State crumbles they aren't laid off again.

Catholic mindset: Hate the... (Below threshold)

Catholic mindset: Hate the sin, love the sinner. That's the way I feel about our President. I don't hate HIM, but I loathe and despise his policies and what he is doing to the nation I have loved for 67 years!

-"I dislike him intensely a... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

-"I dislike him intensely and passionately. I feel extreme aversion toward him and his ideologies. -"

So you hope he fails!? Gasp! How could you?!
/fake lefty outrage

I hate what he is trying to... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

I hate what he is trying to do, I hate his methods. Communists are always willing to sacrifice many to achieve the goal of totalitarian control. Obama is like a child who is ungrateful for what he has been given. In his ignorance, he believes he knows a better way and since few are calling him on it, he is getting away with it. I do not hate him personally, but I will if he gets his way.

I pray every day for my cou... (Below threshold)

I pray every day for my country and try to convince myself that "You should not attribute to malice what can be more easily attributed to stupidity."

So far I severely dislike the policies of the entire left wing and many many of the "republicans" that are in office at the moment. I do not hate them, for at the moment I have convinced myself that they honestly believe that what they are doing will work and make this situation better.

However more and more I find it harder to convince myself that this is not a "plan" of some sort, specifically designed to remove America from being number one in the world and destroy it at a fundamental level so that it can be remade in a socialist image.

If that happens, I still don't think I will hate these people, only what they have done. Even Hitler I don't "Hate" as a person.

When they come for me and my children or anyone else I love you can bet I will begin to hate the person and not the policy.

Wow. Brilliant article.... (Below threshold)
Mrs. Right:

Wow. Brilliant article.

I own a small business with my husband. Over the past 2 years we've had to let 3 employees go, which was awful.

Watching what's happening to my country is like seeing a catastrophic train accident and standing by helpless, unable to affect the outcome. I hate what He Who Must Not Be Named is doing to our country. I hate the demoralization of America that has been going on since after WWII. I hate the political correctness and bizzarro culture: right is wrong, black is white, up is down. The White House names Fox News an enemy, but the Taliban have a place in Afganistan's future?

When the heck are the sheep out there going to wake up? September 11 wasn't enough? Apparently not. What do we have to lose? Our liberty? Our choices? Our way of life? A few cities? Millions of people? When will they get it? God help me, but I'm really starting to hate the left wing loons.

"When the heck are the shee... (Below threshold)

"When the heck are the sheep out there going to wake up?"

Nov 2, 2010.

"I own a modest landscap... (Below threshold)
Victory is Ours:

"I own a modest landscaping business down here in Southwest Florida and although I'm surviving much better than my competitors, declining revenues have necessitated this move."

Just curious, do you provide health insurance coverage for your employees?

If yes, is it on a par with your own health care coverage?


I wouldn't answer Vic's que... (Below threshold)

I wouldn't answer Vic's question. He childishly is baiting you to come back with put downs and calling you a racist. ww

- " Job Losses Higher Than ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

- " Job Losses Higher Than Reported. "The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) recently announced that they will be making downward benchmark revisions to past monthly nonfarm employment data that casts doubt on the validity of the recent figures as well.
As we will explain, it is highly likely that substantially more jobs are now being lost than is currently reported." " -

seekingalpha via instapundit

I vehemently despise liars ... (Below threshold)

I vehemently despise liars and frauds..

Sue Me.

Vic's day isn't complete un... (Below threshold)

Vic's day isn't complete until he drops a turd in the punchbowl. jp2, SAUD and Adrian Browne will be along any time now.

Les, I came to distrust month-to-month jobless claims a while back, and pay attention only to the longer term charts which level out the dips and spikes. If you recall last July, Obama and all the White House politicos were all moist about a small drop in new jobless claims, bragging about how it was not the beginning of the end, but the end of the beginning, and happy days are here again real soon now.

The next month, there was an unexpected spike, which went right back to the trendline. I think it happened again last month. Watch for a little blip this month.

Now, I trust my government and all that, like a model citizen should. I would never claim that they're cooking the books to make a political happy meal.

But I am suggesting it.

It is not that I hate the P... (Below threshold)

It is not that I hate the President, I dont. It is not that I hate those that support him, I dont.

I hate the media that has been in overdrive for so long trying to deceive the public about the likely outcomes of his Presidency. And I get really angry towards the ostensibly moderate supporters of Obama (mostly non-Democrat Bush haters) for their willing ignorance to how biased their suppliers of news/entertainment are.

Vic,Businesses suc... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:


Businesses such as landscaping companies that have payrolls encompassing almost 50 percent of their revenue cannot possibly provide health care to their employees. But I allow my employees to work as many as 65 hours per week during the busy months, so these men accrue a ton of overtime and many of them are actually above the 90th percentile in overall earnings in this country. Thus it is incumbent upon THEM to procure their health insurance.

If horrific legislation such as the House bill were to ever be passed into law, I would be facing a penalty in the amount of 8 percent of my payroll. That comes to about $72,000 a year straight out of my pocket. Then we face the horrors of Cap-and-Tax legislation that will bury companies that consume energy. Being that an F-550 hybrid isn't on the market yet, my company uses quite a bit of fuel and I am bracing to be whacked yet again.

So what will my business do in response to these dramatically higher taxes? Well, I took the first step yesterday.

Just curious, do you pro... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Just curious, do you provide health insurance coverage for your employees?

If yes, is it on a par with your own health care coverage?

Does it matter? There is no law (yet) requiring an employer provide this.

1. Considering that the employer is paying 1/2 of the employee's social security, medicare taxes, not to mention worker's compensation and unemployment, they should be happy they are actually employed.

2. A moot point if the employer pays for his own insurance out of his own earnings (which he probably does).

So, Vic...do you work hard ... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

So, Vic...do you work hard to be a total dick, or does it come naturally by the grace of God?

So what will my business... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

So what will my business do in response to these dramatically higher taxes? Well, I took the first step yesterday.

Which step...reduce hours or staff?

Pass the increases on to th... (Below threshold)

Pass the increases on to the customers.

Obama is wrecking the natio... (Below threshold)

Obama is wrecking the nation and bootlicking with our enemies he is a traitor






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