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Is Barack Obama Anti-American?

Bookworm asks this question and then provides the argument why Obama is in fact anti-American. Now in what way does Bookworm say Obama is anti-American? He wants to alter the essence of America, and that essence is steeped in freedom and liberty. Bookworm's analysis is absolutely on target. Here's but a portion:

All the freedoms I've discussed can very quickly be distilled into a single essence, an American essence: American individuals are free from control by and fear of their own government, and the American nation is free from control by other nations.

Barack Obama is anti-American because he wants to change this American essence. His domestic policy is directed at increasing government control in every area, which decreases individual liberty. Here's an incomplete bullet-point list of his anti-liberty goals on the home front:

  • He wants to remove any last vestiges of the marketplace from individuals' control over their own health care, and put the government entirely in charge.
  • He's willing to give government control over American businesses (i.e., Bank takeover ands Government Motors).
  • His administration, while on record as opposing the Fairness Doctrine, is aggressively exploring a backdoor regulatory scheme that would have precisely the same practical effect as the Fairness Doctrine: it would impose government restrictions on content, rather than allowing the market (that means us, the consumers) to control content.
  • His FCC wants to control the internet, which is a humming beehive of free speech, much of it critical of Obama.
  • Although he's mostly erased the record, his dream is to create a civilian national security force, subordinate to the administration, which would be larger than the American military. The military, please note, is controlled by the Constitution and has traditionally existed as a separate entity from any government.
  • He wants to take away the right to bear arms. He'll pay lip service to supporting the Second Amendment, but his fundamental goal is to use government to remove arms from individuals. I've never held a gun in my life, but I know that the Founders understood that, for individuals, their single biggest defense against an overreaching government, is the right to arm themselves. Statists never allow their citizens to bear arms. Indeed, the first thing the Nazis did was ban guns in citizen's hands.
  • He wants to redistribute wealth. Without money, people have no choices. The more money the government siphons to itself, the fewer choices we, as individuals have, which makes us increasingly subordinate to the government.

As Bookworm also notes, Obama has sided with dictators against their citizens (Honduras, Iran, Russia, Cuba) when American presidents have traditionally sided with a country's citizens against their tyrannical dictator. Naturally, these leaders have been very upset with us over the past years but America has always been the beacon of freedom and liberty in the world. That Obama thinks it is his job to mend the rift with these dictators tells us that he does not understand America's unique role in the world. Instead of allowing America to be that one unique nation that stand out among other nations as the light of the free world, Barack Obama wants America to assimilate with these other nations, and in doing that, America loses that which makes her America.

I quoted only a small portion of Bookworm's post. Please head on over to Bookwormroom and read the entire post.


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Comments (11)

Obama's aim is to instill m... (Below threshold)

Obama's aim is to instill marxist instutions and policies in the domestic arena, and make America fail in foreign affairs.

Obama if Pro-American...he'... (Below threshold)

Obama if Pro-American...he's just Pro-Transformed-Into-Cuba-American.

Gotta define your terms.

As long as all the wealth gets redistributed per his plans, we become a People's Republik, and he gets to be President for LIFE...he's VERY "American".

Is Barack Obama Anti-Americ... (Below threshold)

Is Barack Obama Anti-American?

I would say given the attitude that most lefties have about this country. I'm more incline to say they hate/despise America.

Ob boy! This will set VIC,... (Below threshold)

Ob boy! This will set VIC, SAUD, et al off the deep end.

The "O" is text book. He is... (Below threshold)
recoverying liberal democrat:

The "O" is text book. He is so obvious that he is actually hindering his own agenda. Conservatives may get hold of the Republican party and make gains in congress in 2010 in order to slow down the slide over the cliff. Just pray, if you believe in prayer, that the conservative justices on the SCOTUS outlast "O". That would be disasterous.

I don't know if Obama is an... (Below threshold)

I don't know if Obama is anti-American or just doesn't appreciate the America that I know and love. His experiences as a black man, who lived in Indonesia for some years, and gravitated toward radicals in his youth, community organization as a job, and politics as a young adult says alot about what his perspective might be. My identity as an American came from my father and grandfather, from my parents struggle through the depression, WWll, finally successfully re-building America after many struggles. They always reminded us how fortunate we were to live in America. We studied American history, our parents added their perceptions to the history we studied. My hunch is that my experience was not Obama's. His overseas oratory tells me he has never felt fortunate to have been born here, has found very little redeeming value in this Country, probably doesn't consider himself too much American. I think he considers this country rather mediocre, as far as countries go. Other then putting a feather in his cap, I can't imagine why he wanted to be President.

Our struggle against tyrann... (Below threshold)

Our struggle against tyranny is as close to home as it has ever been in our history. The United States as a country is being tested. In our lifetime the era of Reagan brought a belief in the inherent goodness of America and trust in the people of their capacity for self-government. Now we have the era of Obama of the nihilistic Democratic Party. He believes America should be ashamed of its past. He does not believe the average citizen is wise enough for self-government and to make choices for his own well-being. Although this administration is historic from the standpoint that it is the administration of the first African-American president, for the ages it's greatest importance will be that the very essence of America is threatened - as you have noted.

Destroy the dollar: CHECK</... (Below threshold)

Destroy the dollar: CHECK

Take over as much of the economy as possible: IN PROGRESS

Reduce our defenses worldwide: CHECK

Take control of the Media and drive out dissenters: IN PROGRESS

Apologize and make nice with the countries around the world, which we will be selling out to when the budget exceeds GDP in a few years: CHECK/IN PROGRESS

Overall yeah, Obama is anti US, anti Constitution, anti Bill of Rights, anti semite, anti business, anti profits...

Anti American? Nah, there are plenty of far north, central and south American countries that he totally loves, Just not this one.

Is Obama Anti-American?... (Below threshold)

Is Obama Anti-American?

That's like asking, is the Pope Catholic?

I think Obama's anti-Americ... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

I think Obama's anti-Americanness can be summed up in his stated belief that the Constitution is a document of "negative rights". I think if more people knew that Obama actually said that and understood the implications of what Obama's core values are, he would never have been elected President.

Lucky for him 99.5% of his supporters were proven to be ignorant of basic critical facts like that.

Sic Semper Tyrannis!... (Below threshold)
John Bates Thayer:

Sic Semper Tyrannis!
Yes, I do know and SUPPORT the historical tradition behind those Latin words.






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