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Obama's Department of Justice Funding Trolls with Taxpayer Dollars?

According to some reports, Obama's Department of Justice has been paying trolls to skulk around and find blog posts that are critical of President Obama or the Department Justice and leave anonymous comments that are designed to debunk the posts.

This got me wondering. Is the commenter Victory is Ours Wizbang's own DOJ Obama troll? Take a look at his comments. He has all kinds of quotes, statistics, and such right at his fingertips almost every time he leaves a comment. He just drums this stuff up as if they are prepared talking points. How interesting. And he seems to hang around here at Wizbang an awful lot, as if he has nothing else to do but offer comments that rebut the criticisms that are directed at Obama.

What does everyone think? Am I right?


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Could it be that hyperbolis... (Below threshold)

Could it be that hyperbolist has moved from
Canada to work for the DoJ as a troll? He
would of course need a new nic, and a new ip address...

I know how to google - and ... (Below threshold)
Victory is Ours:

I know how to google - and I guess we shouldn't be surprised that gathering knowledge and information and statistics -- ie. "facts" -- are an easy way to draw attention to oneself here.


Take a cue from the former ... (Below threshold)
John S:

Take a cue from the former Wizbang Blue and ban Victory is Ours for no particular reason. I wonder if Lee is working as an Obama troll now?

Vic, it could just be that ... (Below threshold)

Vic, it could just be that you're a disagreeable asshat. I don't remember you ever posting a positive comment here. You seem to take delight in calling people stupid and making your contrary arguments in as insulting a way as possible.

Time for Thor's Hammer, as far as I'm concerned. I'm sick of the guy.

Priestap seems to take exce... (Below threshold)
Victory is Ours:

Priestap seems to take exception to my use of quotes and statistics to illustrate my comments, Bobdog. I can't imagine why some would find that objectionable. If facts make you feel stupid that's one thing, but I think facts are helpful and add interest to some of the "emotion-based" arguments that seem to be waged around here.

As to Kim's wondering if I'm a paid troll of some sort, that is absolutely 100% false. I assure you, Kim, and everyone else here, I am not paid to be here - it's not my job to be here - nobody asked me to be here - I'm just an ordinary Joe who enjoys healthy debate.


Ah. An unpaid asshat. And y... (Below threshold)

Ah. An unpaid asshat. And you do this public service for free?

Your comments have nothing to do with healthy debate. You're insulting, condescending, and reflexively contrary. You treat everybody here - writers and posters alike - as stupid. They are not.

Your last post is proof enough, and it's a long line of needlessly disagreeable posts that earns you a spot on the list of Trolls.

Here's a suggestion: if you have a point to make, make it like a man and save the condescension for LGF, for however long that might last. You might just be surprised how much more traction you'd get around here if you kept a more civil tongue and made reasonable arguments.

As far as I can recall, you haven't done much of either.

You give Victory is Ours to... (Below threshold)

You give Victory is Ours too much credit.

It would take a certain level of intelligence to be in cahoots with anyone let alone the White House.

He ain't got it.

As an aside,I'd bet a monkey can be taught to cut and paste.

"You give Victory is Ours t... (Below threshold)

"You give Victory is Ours too much credit."

I agree, no one can be that stupid. He's got the 'cut and paste' down pat, it's the thinking part that eludes him.

Vic--There's a tro... (Below threshold)
Joe Miller:


There's a troll meeting going on right now at Democratic Underground. You're late.

All I can say is VIC has de... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

All I can say is VIC has denounced a number of "racist" statements he claims came from Limbaugh, yet he ignores my requests for him to join me in denouncing the statement, "She's your typical white person."

Where are you VIC? How much more blatantly racist can a statement be? Surely you want to join me in this. How can you not make this simple denunciation?

I wouldn't put it past the ... (Below threshold)

I wouldn't put it past the jugeared POTUS to have his scumbags troll the internet and report any anti-Obama postings. His trolls are probably awfully busy because there are a lot of internet commenters who hate Obama. Could he be trying to shut all of them down? Wouldn't put it past him. But, as far as Vic is concerned, he does seem to be rather clueless like most of Jugears' scummy trolls. Vic and SAUD could be twins. They both have no guts, just a lot of hot air to spew. Don't give them too much credit. My dogs could do better than they do.

Here's a simple way to find... (Below threshold)

Here's a simple way to find out.


Are all Your taxes paid up?

If You can honestly say yes, than Obama would'nt hire You. If no? Than Your a plant.

Maybe if he tosses his ball... (Below threshold)

Maybe if he tosses his balls in bucket number six we will have a winner. mpw

Take a cue from th... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
Take a cue from the former Wizbang Blue and ban Victory is Ours for no particular reason.

Banning people Lee didn't agree with is, in my opinion, why Wizbang Blue failed. It's the freedom in free speech that's important and it's what sets Wizbang apart from most other blogs.

Without trolls all you have is a choir singing the same tune and that quickly gets boring.

Most of the "Troll" posts I... (Below threshold)

Most of the "Troll" posts I see on here including those from Victory Is Ours, are either emotionally charged with no facts to back them up, or "facts" that only make sense "from a certain point of view" i.e. using nuance or interpretations to change the meaning of words.

They can be extremely annoying but they add to the debate and make the comments just as much fun as the actual posts at times.

VIC if you please try to argue something besides "facts" that can be interpreted in more than one way and are certain to admit when you are wrong I might actually enjoy debating you.

As for the rest of the trolls, please stop it with the "apology accepted" posts, that is the most annoying and most idiotic thing you can post and its only intention is to piss people off. Especially WHEN YOU HAVENT BEEN PROVEN TO BE RIGHT! If you wish you can always say "You always ask me to admit when I am wrong, I am waiting for your apology." And then if you don't get an apology you can be smug about that persons asshatery.

OnTopic: None of our trolls are plants, that implys way to much credit.

Do you guys take off your t... (Below threshold)

Do you guys take off your tinfoil hats when you go out in public? I assume some of you have jobs to go to. So a guy comes on here and backs up his posts with LINKS to FACTS that are AVAILABLE to ANYONE with an INTERNET CONNECTION that shows all of you how stupid you are, and he's a plant. OH, how convenient.

By the way, How are things going GOPers?


Good will always prevail over evil, just ask Keith Bardwell in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana.

"- nobody asked me to be... (Below threshold)

"- nobody asked me to be here -"

Incontrovertible FACT.


Ryan, you're as bad or worse. You, the champion of free speech. Obama hasn't shut us up yet. That must really have you upset.

Good will always prevail... (Below threshold)
Rob Crawford:

Good will always prevail over evil, just ask Keith Bardwell in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana.

That's the Democrat who blocks inter-racial marriages because of black bigotry, right?

Vic and Ryan are the same p... (Below threshold)

Vic and Ryan are the same person.

The left uses facts? That w... (Below threshold)

The left uses facts? That would be news to Larry Elder.






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